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Israeli-seized Navy SEAL M-16 (courtesy

“Border Police officers located a semi-automatic M-16 assault rifle on Monday in a home in the Arab Israeli village of Ain al-Sahla in the Wadi Ara region in the north,” reports. “Making the finding of the M-16 all the more unusual was that the lethal weapon was inscribed with the logo of the US Navy SEALs [picture after the jump], likely indicating it was stolen. Adding another troubling aspect to the find is the fact that Wadi Ara was the hometown of the terrorist Nashat Milhem, who murdered three victims with an automatic weapon in Tel Aviv in early January.” And so the IDF is hyping — you guess it — gun control . . .

Israeli-seized Navy SEAL M-16 (courtesy

“This activity joins a long list of activities taken by the Israel police every day with a goal of reducing the phenomenon of possessing illegal weapons and using them for criminal purposes,” said the commander of the unit that seized the gun.

“We understand today that one of the most serious ramifications of the use of weapons by criminal sources is the harm to the lives of innocent and uninvolved civilians.”

Good luck with that.


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  1. How about a little more sensationalism in the headline? That is no US Navy SEAL weapon and everyone knows it.

  2. A semi-auto M16? Is that even possible?

    And do we really think the SEALS stamp their logo on every weapon?

    • Yes a semi auto M16 is possible, it is actually Incredibly common. You would know it as an AR-15.

      • You miss the point. If it is an M16A1, as stamped on the receiver, then it should be full auto. All M16s have a giggle switch. AR 15s do not.

        • Speaking of the “giggle switch”, it looks to be a little fubar. It doesn’t look to be a normal SAF lever, and the “magic hole” doesn’t appear to be in the right place. In fact, it looks more like airsoft that it does “real steel.”

    • It looks like it just off to the side for me, but I agree mounting it on top would be pretty silly, unless you shoot from the hip, like they use AKs.

  3. The SEALS do mostly covert operations, so aren’t going to mark their weapons like that. It looks to me like someone sold some “commemorative” lowers that were then resold to some less than wise Palestinians. “Oh look you want SEAL gun from America.”

  4. If the IDF is for gun-control, start with them.

    I used to be for oven-control, but anti-semitism is sometimes a demanded state.

      • Well played there sir. I noticed no flame deleted either way. Cool.

        But I’m a Polish Catholic, Cir. 1930 + family in Bytom, and are lesser in number for standing up to the Blitzkrieg, and following genocide protecting your (presumed) people than any of your folks who went (comparatively) like SHEEP. And it was their factories, mines, banks, and goods that Hitler had wanted.

        Poland WAS, a very modern metropolis, caught with it’s pants down on the eve of one of history’s more horrendous eras, and still, the Polish Catholics did an amazing job resisting the Germans [DESPITE BEING PARTICULARLY POOR IN ARMS (Tiananmen Square GOT NOTHIN ON POLISH CATHOLICS)] .

        So, unless you are
        a b s o l u t e l y
        nuts, you are on my side. I will support non-Gentiles, until I think they are working against me OR BINDING MY HANDS TO PREVENT ME FROM PROTECTING ME AND MINE.

        • And commenting that, means more to you. Got it, thanks.

          Poland was a modern industrialized country, even in comparison to Germany. Better ? Bytom had communications, roads, industry. Poland had a diverse (but by diverse I mean a pooling of educated industrious) people. And still they were reduced to guerilla warfare in their front yards

          Bytom’s industry and raw materials was one of the reasons Hitler started there, and why the first “train-ride” to a concentration camp happened there (anyplace more rural, Hitler would have Bataan death-marched them).

        • Congrats to your polish ancestors. Doesn’t change the fact that the poles ratted out more Jews to their beloved nazi overlords than any other occupied country. And what’s with the “sheep” comment? The old Jews didn’t fight back meme? I had family fighting in Partisan forces at just 15 years old. My great grandfather died at Stalingrad. But I’m so thankful for the nazi collaborator poles who got steam rolled in 2 weeks.

        • Egg Zachery.

          Read what you just wrote. Poles (THE FIRST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TO SEE A THING CALLED A “BLITZKRIEG”, a peaceful and relatively disarmed populace, the [Polish Catholics] being the only reason anyone who knew those who were “gone” had even been there in the first place) only held up two weeks. Damn.
          There was wholesale slaughter, Jews (by their own admission) went quietly. If you went to Bytom, you don’t have Jews holding yearly vigils to those lost, you have Catholics, who will be the ones to “never forget”.

          And, the EU is getting ready to do it again, so the IDF wants gun control.

          Say what you want about the heroism of your Vichy fighters, but don’t spread their failure around, especially at the feet of my family. Likely 100 million people died during the period leading up to (and including) WWII, only ~ 6 Million of them were Jews. Jews were NOT the ones to stop it, and it’s not safe for them to foster any ideas that will prevent people with Christian values from coming to the rescue. I refer to my first comment in this string. Sometimes anti-semitism is a begged state.

        • Those “Vichy” fighters didn’t fail. They decisevly succeeded. Hard to say the Christian world ended the holocaust when it was ended by a secular republic ( read ammendment one if you don’t believe me) and an atheist dictatorship.

          A government agency wants more power (imagine that) and all the Jews are to blame…the 2nd ammendment exists in case people like you take power.

        • For Rooster…

          Never seen data on how many Poles ratted Jews to Nazis. Where did you find it? If true, maybe because Poland had more Jews than any European country, including the USSR.

          I know Hitler sent most of occupied Europe’s Jews to Poland before he murdered them. I know there are 6,620 Polish nationals listed on Yad Vashem. 197 Russian ones.

          It’s probably harder to turn Jews over to Nazis if your country only allowed a few hundred to live there in the first place. Especially if the Nazis sent them to Poland before you had a chance to turn them in.

          I know Poland was the only occupied nation where helping Jews brought automatic summary execution for both offender and immediate family.

          I know there were five million non-Jewish victims of the holocaust and three million of the were Polish Catholics.

          PS Your “beloved Nazi overlords” is pure slime.

  5. Looks fugazi to me. I watched a documentary where illegal gun makers in foreign countries actually replicate US made firearms down to fake serial numbers and other markings. Other than this weapon being somewhat of an oddity I think the headline is misleading.

    Wait, where’s HOLDER!

    • Kyhber pass rifles and their competition have been faking roll marks for a century. really neat to see some of them range from passable (clone hi powers) to reading instructions from china.

  6. Is it just the perspective of the photo, or is that one of those shitty Tapco forends on there?

    And cheap glossy black paint. And markings real Navy Seals would never have on their guns.

  7. Yeah I’m gonna agree with Rusty here and say that there is approaching 0% possibility this weapon has ever even been in the same room as a SEAL. USN weapons wouldn’t be rollstamped like that, but there are no shortage of lower manufacturers who might. Could also be etched or engraved. What I want to know is who is the genius that decided gloss black paint was tactically advantageous… and looking at the pictures up there, it sure does look like there’s a flashlight mounted on the upper rail… 😐 Could just be the angle, but also can’t zoom in tight enough to see if there’s a backup iron sight.

    Could always look up that serial…

  8. This is a great example of why we Americans should wash our hands of the middle east – or flatten it, sow the ground with 100 lbs/acre of Diuron, and then leave.

    First, some Arab was cynical enough to stamp a SEAL trident logo on the side of a gun – probably so he could convince his customers that it was taken off a SEAL killed by a glorious jihadi, who then sold the weapon as his dying wish to support his four wives and 12 squalling whelps.

    Then this shrewd wheeler-dealer was sloppy in how he painted it with a rattle-can of enamel, and slopped the paint over onto the D-ring and (it looks to me) the forearm. Not to worry, his customers are plenty dumb enough to believe almost anything, as long as the cynical gun dealer can deliver something that presents an opportunity to deflower 72 virgins (or eat 72 raisins – it’s difficult to keep the details of Islam belief straight), they’d pay up for a M-16 in hot pink.

    We now get to our second Arab – one dumb enough to believe this crap, who bought it to enable him to shoot him some Jews, which would enable him to claim jihadi street cred with his homies, and maybe sniff some doe-eyed strange in the afterlife. In doing something like this, he attracted the attention of the IDF. Then our gullible but excitable Arab customer was dumb enough to leave his SEAL-stamped, rattle-can-painted “M-16” out where the IDF would find it.

    Dumb enough to fork up for the phony logo, dumb enough to accept spray-can enamel, and dumber yet to leave it where his enemies would find it. A trifecta of perfect stupidity.

    But then, not to be outdone, we get the typical Jewish hyperventilation over finding a (horrors!) a gun, then hyperventilating in their press to prove to other Jews that they’re socially aware and pious sheep-like victims.

    Tell me again why we got involved with any of these chumps?

    • We got involved “for oil” say the libturds, because it’s cool to use political expediency to protest a sitting ~ conservative President.

      Haven’t heard SH_T, if you noticed, from those bastards since their communist has been in office. What’s he doin’ the middle east for? Obviously, it’s to help ISIS, because he’s done more for them than they could’ve ever done for themselves.
      Plus he’s using his buddy JV team to try to make American military look weak and stupid. GW Bush’s plan took less than 90 days, we’ve been fighting in more places over there for the last 8 years and still there is DEAFENING SILENCE ABOUT IT. ABC/CNN/MSNBC/CBS can all go stuff it for the next 1000 years, they’ve all waived their right to b_tch, and abdicated their role as “press” deserving enumerated freedom.

      Further, don’t blame any sort of ‘industriousness’ on the arab people, they kill off their intelligent people and demand illiteracy for control.

        • Both Bush’s had effectively denigrated their command and control / supply / etc. within the first few days of the conflict, but it would be insane to say that Iraq’s position was anything but defensive in either conflict, and air superiority was immediate.
          But you are right (or “correct” but far-left) it really didn’t even take 90 days.

          Think he couldn’t have done it in 9 minutes?

      • If the “libturds” say we got involved in the Middle East for oil, then they’re right. Historically, that’s been the prime motivator for any U.S. involvement over there. If they didn’t have oil, there would be no reason to interact with those countries at all. We tried to use the area to play Cold War games with Russia, but even most of that was driven by a desire to deny oil resources to the Soviets.

        Or perhaps it’s just a coincidence that the U.S. decided to recognize Saudi Arabia as an independent nation in 1931 at the exact same time that Standard Oil got a huge oil-exploration concession from the Saudis… Or that U.S. involvement with the Middle East tracks in lockstep with our need for imported oil.

        • Did the WORLD, thru the UN ask us to NOT SAVE KUWAIT?


          But they did ask us to NOT DESTROY SADDAM IN GWI (’cause they wanted to do “oil for food” programs). We said ‘ok’ and the UN set up THE ARMISTICE. Saddam didn’t comply, so we upheld OUR END OF THE AGREEMENT.

          WE DIDN’T DO “RED-LINE IN THE SAND”, we didn’t help them fight us, or release their key generals from GITMO, or whittle-down our military, or tons of other intolerable leftist cr_p.

          You don’t have to pay attention to history/reality, but I certainly will, AND I WILL WARN MY GREAT GRANDKIDS that there are people out there like you.

        • None of that disproves my point that we wouldn’t give two shits about what happens in the ME in the first place if it weren’t for their vast oil reserves. Look at all the shit that goes down all over Africa and South America and all the other resourceless third-world shitholes, and we and the rest of the world don’t get involved (and rightly so). There have been plenty of military conflicts in the world that we didn’t get mixed up in, but Kuwait (to use your example) has money and oil, and we didn’t want Saddam to have that money and oil. Do you think we’d send a half million troops across the Atlantic if Mauritania invaded Senegal?

          You can even point to specific actions and claim that oil wasn’t the primary motivator for them, and you might even be right. But we wouldn’t have been involved there in the first damn place for the last 80 years if not for the oil.

          If you want to talk about learning from history, you might want to go back a little further than 1990.

        • Nearly all of the world’s wealth/goods pass through two colons on this planet. One is the Panama Canal. The other is the Suez Canal. There are many things in the ME worth fighting for, but none can be had without stability (not “Peace” as that only comes from JESUS). And man-on-man loving muslims are and have been a threat to stability since they pass through another colon.

        • “Nearly all of the world’s wealth/goods pass through two colons on this planet. One is the Panama Canal. The other is the Suez Canal.”

          WRONG, Joe.

          For goods, try the South China Sea…

    • The unholy trinity of the Scofield Bible, the Cold War, and savvy lobbyists for a foreign country.

    • Tell me again why we got involved with any of these chumps?
      We are now the World’s Policeman making everything all right for the New World Order.

  9. Not enough BS surrounding firearms here in the good ole US.

    Import more fecal matter.
    For the children ™ .

  10. Sounds like Israel is a little pissed at President Obama For the Iran deal. And is countering with some stupid BS About our soldiers getting their rifles taken from them after being killed. In a war How do you keep the enemy after losing a battle from scavaging your armament??? There is no way to do that just like there is no way for gun control to keep the us or any other country for that matter safe it’s a bunch of bullcrap. I can’t believe that the Israelis are pulling this kind of shit. When they’re surrounded on three sides by enemies. How are the people supposed to protect themselves?

  11. I call BS on the IDF to push an agenda. This is all propaganda for some cause. The IDF should consult the Chicago, LA, NYC or Boston PD to better plant evidence and make for a credible story. Total unicorn fantasy

  12. Israel would like everyone to forget about the USS Liberty AGTR-5 attack 8 June 1967 OOOOPS our bad, we didn’t see the huge US flag flying before we attacked.

    They should come off the OHMYGAWD it’s a SEAL M4 act.

    • You left out the part where Israel compensated the victims to the tune of millions of dollars, and the U.S. Navy agreed it was an accident and not intentional. But Jew-hating fucks like yourself don’t really care about the facts.

      • A few million after committing an act of war? Sounds like a deal to me. If LBJ hadn’t been an Israeli puppet Tel Aviv would have been flattened. The US Navy was involved in a cover up as directed by LBJ. Daddy McCain was eyes deep in it, ordering the Liberty sailors to keep quiet about the truth. But, America hating fucks like yourself don’t care about the facts.

      • Yeah, it was an “accident”. The Israelis didn’t want us watching, they knew damn good and well that it was a US ship, in international waters, and attacked it anyway. Then they threw the goyim some money, and pretend all is well. Please.

        I don’t dislike Jews any more than any other crazy belief system that believes it’s “god’s chosen people”.

        Here’s what I would ask you to consider… Picture if you will that the US Gov has disappeared for whatever reason. Why, unimportant. You were a good citizen, own your house, hell maybe your family has owned their farm for 200 years. Good for them. The Saudis decide they are going to take over the country since they own hundreds of billions in worthless T-notes. OK, good times. First, they carbomb local markets since former Americans aren’t really hip to Sharia, so they are resisting the invaders a bit. Then they take over in a violent war. Now, here’s where the fun comes – they take your property. Whenever the want, however they want. Doesn’t matter that you’ve owned it for hundreds of years, the new government, of foreign terrorists, is gonna take it. Because their book of religious bullshit “says they are entitled to it”.

        I know how well that would sit with me. Et tu?

  13. I like how they tell you it is a semi auto rifle and then go into how the town was home to a terrorist who killed with automatic weapons. They admit it is not even remotely the same gun yet still use it to push agenda.

    • There’s no agenda asshole. You have no idea what you are talking about and who you think the IDF is dealing with.

      • Seeing as how the comments are affecting you on an emotional level, let me politely remind you that your comments are in violation of the commenting policy.

    • Well sure, but only a genuine US Navy SEAL would have that fancy tactical sheen and……whatever is going on with that safety. Must be legit.

  14. Of course, the US government transferred THOUSANDS of surplus M-16s to the “Palestinian Security Forces” during the Oslo Peace Process, and many of them have ended up in the hands of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. – sort of like so many guns sold to Mexican Police and Army, with all the correct EUCs and export permits, end up in Cartel hands – though perhaps even more predicable.

    So this is really a total nothingburger – must have been a slow news day.

  15. Obviously not a Navy SEALs actual weapon. Or even a US military issued weapon.

    It’s often said on this site, but as a Jew I am offended and dumbfounded by Israel’s anti gun laws.

    • If I were a Jew I wouldn’t EVER give up my guns…..actually, even as a goyim I won’t either, but you get my point.

      If history teaches us anything it’s that Jews should all be tooled up, all the time.

  16. Yeah, I run around with crappy black painted semi-auto M16s with the Navy SEAL logo all the time. I am sure everybody else does as well. I especially always thought that mounting the flashlight where the sights should be mounted was very effective.

  17. “…..the finding of the M-16 all the more unusual was that the lethal weapon was inscribed with the logo of the US Navy SEALs ……. likely indicating it was stolen”?

    More like Caliph of North America Hussein Obama supplied his Islamic Jihadist brothers with American weapons, a Middle/Near East version of “Fast & Furious”.

  18. Did anyone else look at the first picture and immediately think “Awesome light placement!”?

    I mean seriously, what’s that meant to do, scare the bejesus out of someone with severe sciophobia?

  19. Not an m4 a1.
    No undercut for a nade launcher in front of the front sight base.
    Hoax… Laser engravers could create the seal.

  20. I know the “teams” have carried some shitty weapons at times but that looks like an airsoft piece of trash. Oh and I love the logo..

  21. Looks a lot like an airsoft gun the A2 grip looks wider than normal and it has bulge on the bottom which is space for a motor in an airsoft gun. Also its very common in airsoft for guns to have NAVY SEALS ARMY RANGER DELTA or what not engraved or stamped on them.


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