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Able bodied tankerman Tucker has this to say about his gear: “Stoked about this new cover from Galen leather. It’s always good to be home, especially when you can defend your home from space invaders. God bless ‘Merica, I have that right here in NC. Bang bang, bullet bullet, gun gun.” We’ll just leave that right here. Get the details on what he carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. When you spend 2-3x as much on electronics than your chosen EDC. And your sunglasses are almost as much.

    His life, his money, I guess.

  2. “It’s always good to be home, especially when you can defend your home from space invaders.”

    Wow, does that bring back memories. I had Space Invaders for my Atari in 1981. I never got Asteroids, probably because I always drank plenty of water.

    • I like to use the Galaga method: You let the bad guys capture one of your guns, so once you shoot him you can use both guns at the same time.

  3. Well…At least you can play stuff on an IPad mini thats much more visually superior to Space Invaders…Even the more common “non-adult gamers” can slip into a fun game of a Plants vs Zombies 2, or Dungeon Keeper…
    But, for all the firearms enthusiasts…I’d recommend action titles like the Re-Booted DOOM, The Division, Tom Clancy’s new Rainbow Six: The Siege., No mans sky, Farcry: Primal, and Fallout 4: “Massachusetts.” Available on Xbox one, Sony PS4, and high-end PC’s….For “adult gamers” 20 to 30…and up…What the wife doesn’t know is better for you in the man cave…Just leave the .25 popgun alone…Happy gaming….

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