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This is what political operatives on the right have done so well for decades: They work the refs and move the goalposts until any objections to their aims are no longer recognized as legitimate. That “well regulated Militia being necessary” becomes (courtesy of the NRA and Scalia) no militia need apply becomes a tradition with deep roots in our culture becomes a God-given right.

It would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic, and if guns weren’t now the leading cause of death of younger Americans.

Young people recoil at the Second Amendment argument even more than they cringe at that out-of-fashion furniture their parents have piled up in the basement and are now offering them. Thanks, but no thanks.

We parents would like our children (and grandchildren) to be safe when they are at the movies, in a mall, in church, at school. All of us would like to feel safe in public spaces. We don’t need to hear a single damn thing from a criminal organization like the NRA or from politicians in the pockets of that criminal organization.

The Second Amendment is an antique curiosity — laughably outmoded for our times. It’s time for it to go.

We must say it precisely because we have been so bullied for so long into believing that we must not or cannot say it. One day, if we can keep our democracy intact against the frantic efforts of the self-proclaimed American “patriots,” younger Americans will band together to do what they did with laws against marijuana and will do in short order with restrictions on reproductive rights: They’ll put the Second Amendment right where it belongs, in the dustbin of history, already piled way too high with spent shells and needless deaths. 

— Kirk Swearingen in The Second Amendment Is a Ludicrous Historical Antique: Time for It to Go

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  1. At some point we will have to permanently physically remove these people. They are telling us constantly that will never leave us alone.

    • Gun Control sickos like jerk swearingen who really should be red flagged is why I keep a baseball bat handy just in case such a pathetic deranged pompous pos shows up at my door. By his own words sicko jerk swearingen drools over visions of the next generation following a path paved by Gun Control racists and nazis.

      Make no mistake about it….What these demented democRat Gun Control zealots have done is erase their Jim Crow Gun Control Playbook N-word and insert Gun Owner.

      • “We parents would like our children (and grandchildren) to be safe…”
        pretty much the whole point of the 2a.The “Second Amendment is an antique curiosity…”
        your mom is an antique curiosity.
        totally replying to line jumping buttinski.

        • Yup.

          “We parents would like our children (and grandchildren) to be safe when they are at the movies, in a mall, in church, at school. All of us would like to feel safe in public spaces.”

          That’s why I carry. The anti-gunners will be safer in public spaces if I (and other good POTG who carry) are there alongside them, even though the sheep never even know the guns are there.

      • If you’re replying to someone, then reply to something they’ve written, rather than just to get your post at the top.🙄🙄🙄


        • “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”― Ronald Reagan
          This is exactly what Liberal/Progressive Democrat Anti 2A Zealots have been waiting for. They always play the long game, while screaming for immediate action. They began their war against Freedom and Liberty in the 70’s. By taking over what we forma;;y known as Public Education and turned it into the Liberal Educational Indoctrination system. Along with as of the last decade Progressivism to further show how g=far they are willing to go to Destroy the nation that 100’s of Thousands of Men and Woman fought and Died to Found and Preserve. I fear Mr. Swearingen isn’t that far off the truth and ‘We” may well be the last generation that prevent that from happening.

    • “At some point we will have to permanently physically remove these people.”

      Mighty big talk from someone too cowardly to identify its self, little boy.

      Why are you so afraid? Why do you want someone else to do your dirty work for you?

      Grow a pair and set the example for everyone else.

      (Nah, you’re far too gutless.)

      • Mighty big talk from someone too cowardly to identify its self [sic], little boy.

        OK, what does the L stand for, little girl?

        • Now I have a stalker?

          I don’t care how much you beg, I’m not interested in having sex with you, Alan. Just deal with rejection like everyone else.

        • Alan, don’t you think it’s time to grow up? Or is that too much to ask from a Leftist hoplophobe.

      • Why are your bitch panties so in a bunch in defending Communist rats who want to end the 2nd Amendment…and thus, the Republic? Anyone attempting to end the 2nd Amendment MUST be physically destroyed. It will be a truly sad day if the tree of liberty needs watering, but clearly necessary. No 2nd A, no USA. And what is with you dirty leftists and painting homosexuality on everything?

      • Why you so hung up on protecting evil leftists who wish to destroy the Republic by taking out the 2nd Amendment (which indeed would end the USA)!?! Wise up and stop increasing state “Big Gov” power over the individual.

    • Indeed, Haz. How many times has this idiot fool been standing next to someone who has been armed (concealed carrying) and not even known it? Dumb a** has never lived in a country where everyone is unarmed, defenseless, and living in fear, because he has been free his whole damned life to exercise his right to suffer diarrhea of the mouth without consequence. He can pound sand, because until he moves to China or Mexico, he can go straight to hell with his anti-gun crap. Those I know who are Second Amendment supporters are smart enough to teach their kids about guns early on. One father I know, his son got so tired of it (hearing the safety stuff, etc.) over the years. And yet, as an adult, is grateful for the teaching. Oh yeah, and by the way, “Kirk”, we are a Republic, not a Democracy.

  2. well if they end up doing that they will pay the price they will live under government tyranny and become slaves of the government worse than they are now. it will be at the end of America and they are too dumb to see it. he’ll need to read the Bible and get some wisdom in their head.

  3. Talk about moving the goalposts.
    It would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic, and if guns weren’t now the leading cause of death of younger Americans.
    The “children” lie was causing them trouble so they switched to “younger Americans?”

    • Yep, and even if you make it “young people” instead of “children” the largest killer is still abortion. They didn’t shift it far enough out.

    • I find it laughable he expects the kids to do it.

      The very same kids that spend literally hundreds of millions every year buying first-person-shooter video games, downloading to their smartphones urban music glorifying violent revenge, Glocks, full-auto ‘switches’, who watch Hollywood movies where the hero rights the wrong, saves the day, and gets the girl, all while using a gun. (Looking at you, Mr. Borne, Mr. Wick, and Mr. Bond!) Guns are cool.

      Their irrational hatred of guns is noticed by their kids, and kids wanting to rebel against their parents, is likely the primary driver in booming gun sales to young adults.

      A Commie bastard POS once said, “The capitalists will sell us the rope by which we will hang them.” How right he was, but not the way he thought it would turn out. If they really wanted to turn the tide against guns, all they have to do is get Hollywood to never, *ever* show a gun doing something good. Get the urban music scene to stop glorifying guns with songs of revenge.

      They will never do that, since it makes a few of them stinking rich.

      Hollywood, don’t change a thing, babe. Suckers.

      When’s John Wick 5 coming out, anyways? The next Jet Lee movie?

  4. Some people are just delusional.

    ALL the gun problems in America are ONLY due to criminals, felons, illegal aliens, drug dealers, human traffickers, thugs, punks, gang bangers, addicts, thieves, crooks, mentally ill folks! NO LAW ABIDING US CITIZEN HAS EVER CAUSED ANY PROBLEM WITH A GUN! End of Story.

    Now, let’s understand that the ONLY people trying to ban guns are the Far Left Wing Radical Communists, Socialists, Democrats because they want to RULE America without the Loyal American Patriots being able to defend themselves.

    That is the Truth! Arm UP America, we have a battle coming! And Biden and friends are the leaders in the Battle against a FREE AMERICA!

  5. The aim is the re-apportionment of property. A time when our government is too bankrupt to support a nation and they’ll order who lives in someone else’s space..They know they can’t achieve that goal if confronted by an armed owner.. Notice lately the scourge of squatters?

    • “Notice lately the scourge of squatters?”

      Birth rates are plummeting, world-wide. That will lead to a growing surplus of un-occupied housing.

      As nature abhors a vacuum, Rather than bulldozing them, I’ll wager a crafty politician will legalize squatting as form of ‘equity’ redistribution.

      Seen those videos of the Ukraine conflict? How rundown and tattered their working-class citizens housing appeared, even before the Russian shelling? That’s what the USA will look like in 100 years. Most Americans will be dirt-poor, while the elite will live in cities… 🙁

      • 100 years, hell America is just about there now.
        Most rural towns I’ve visited look like ghettos, businesses closed, houses needing repair.
        And they, whoever they are, will doze the houses down to save from paying the taxes.
        Once robotics an AI become more advanced this world will eliminate the “poor”(working class) so the rich will not have to deal with them.
        Soros is evil

        • possum,

          Not saying your view of their ultimate goal isn’t correct, just saying – the “elite” (our financial and political masters) are fundamentally ignorant about the real world. They’re going to have an interesting time trying to feed themselves. That’s WHY they are pushing “lab-grown” foods – they think they can run the labs, and have no clue what’s involved in running a farm (and it involves all those nasty, smelly animals, who s*** everywhere, and then using their s*** to fertilize the garden).

          Good luck with that, chumps.

  6. The leading cause of deaths in America are Car Accidents, Suicides, Drug Overdoses and medical conditions unrelated to guns in any way. The majority of gun deaths in America are from Criminals, Felons, Drug Dealers, Gang Bangers, Illegal Aliens, Crooks, Burglars, Bank Robbers, shooting innocent American Citizens.

    • Yet on the news last night a reporter said that there is an “epidemic” of homeowners shooting at other persons innocently on their property. (e.g. the kid shot in the head looking for his siblings, the young woman shot when the driver of her car turned into the wrong driveway, etc.) Three people shot and another killed, and suddenly it is an “epidemic” instilling fear in all Americans. Um hmm, well OK then. (Shakes head.)

      • Among a population of 350+ million, four events is hardly an “epidemic”. Not even a statistical blip.

      • Mark N.,

        Surely you are not thinking that the media are reporting actual news, objectively and without an agenda, are you???

        The events occurred in the country – 350 million people. During the same period of time, how many people were shot by gangbangers in Chiraq, or Atlanta?

        Yes, armed and otherwise-innocent people sometimes do stupid things – intelligent people recognize that as ‘being human’. Neither excusing them, or condoning their actions – that will be judged by our justice system – but, as we all used to say, back in the day, “Shit Happens”. Doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences, doesn’t mean it was “OK”, it just means that rational people recognize that bad things happen, and include that in their evaluation of their environment.

        Go look for the statistics on numbers of killings (don’t even factor in race) that DON’T involve gangs or crime. Can’t find anything? Gee, neither could I! I wonder why that is??

        VERY few people are killed every year not engaged in a domestic dispute, a crime being committed, suicide, or gang activity. Fainting couches do not outweigh reality and statistics.

  7. I live in a deep blue state and yet despite all of the nonsense, not only do I see a lot of young people at the range, but get interest from a lot of young people about owning firearms. I just don’t see it. If it’s like this in a deep blue state, then I wonder what it’s like in a deep red state?

    I do think a lot of these ‘journalists’ or ‘opinion makers’ really think that they are talking to the youth today? The people at Salon have no idea at all of how to reach out to young people today or what motivates them. So magazines/sites like Salon are becoming the boomer site for whatever is left of the 1960’s hippie movement. Once the boomers die off then Salon will go the way of the do do.

    When it comes to weapons and guns, the left really has no reach on today’s young people. There’s no way to reach them. All there really is are old timers shaking their fists at Hogg on Twitter. The left’s assault on the second amendment is still just as much as thud as it was in 1994 when the AWB was passed. I actually supported it (yes I know I’m dumb) and yet today I love AR15s and totally get why people want them.

    The left’s continued and ongoing war on gun ownership is assuring that in the future we will be at parity, meaning everyone will walk out of their house with an AR15, a handgun and their wallet and phone to go grocery shopping. That’s obviously the world that the left wants to create, because that’s what they’re getting.

    • Where in the deep blue state? Inside a metropolitan city? Or elsewhere?

      Keeping voting clean will also be important.

      • “Keeping voting clean …”

        Farmer Mark, there’s a call for you from home.

        They say your horses have all escaped from the barn, so they closed the door.

    • I blame Fortnite, just made guns and first person shooter games too popular with the kids…….. joking aside lot more kids are figuring out the government doesn’t give a shit about them and will abuse them at the request of the teachers union. Rough lesson to learn that early but a lot of interesting questions crop up.

    • “The left’s assault on the second amendment is still just as much as thud as it was in 1994 when the AWB was passed. I actually supported it (yes I know I’m dumb) and yet today I love AR15s and totally get why people want them.”

      You are the actually ‘woke’ one, you woke up to their lies… 🙂

  8. “The Young People of the Next Generation …”

    … are going to do just what your liberal racist left wing idiots have empowered them to do – be weak and whiny and ‘me me me’ and have zero respect for anyone who doesn’t think as they do and continue to employ ‘cloaked’ passive racism and sew dissent and continue victimizing children by the thousands every day like they do now and try to maintain a tyranny – its one big gang presided over by the ‘mean cool kids’ who are cool because they say so.

    Kirk, you need some serious mental health help. Your imagination has grown out of control.

    • One thing about young people I have seen is rejection of this gender ideology stuff. It doesn’t seem to resonate. It’s only on the left itself, so preaching to the choir. But hey the left wants to sterilize themselves into oblivion then who are any of us to say no to that?

      You just got to remember when was the last time you saw a 19 year old talking about a Salon article or any magazine? They don’t. There’s no appeal any more. They have an imagined reach. The problem is the right does nothing to reach out to young kids. Nothing at all. So all the hear and see is left wing nonsense and assume that’s all there is to the world.

      • The bulk of the gender ideology worship is happening around larger cities. Normal, grounded people elsewhere see it for what it is.

        • We noticed a huge overrepresentation of bipolar mothers with trans kids. Not going to say cause and effect but damn is it a third rail to mention.

      • “But hey the left wants to sterilize themselves into oblivion then who are any of us to say no to that?”

        It’s bigger than that. Their birth rate is plummeting, and the recent immigrants from places south are devoutly Catholic, and are politically-conservative. The ones from central America have recent memories on what happens when a country turns Leftist Scum ™. In 30 years, the Latino vote will be solidly conservative…

        • Yet in the entire history of this country, Latinos have never majority supported a Republican president, unlike whites, blacks, and Asians. Don’t buy the propaganda. Flooding the country with both legal and illegal immigrants is a Democrat strategy which they’ve openly admitted and written about.

        • “Yet in the entire history of this country, Latinos have never majority supported a Republican president,…”

          Not yet, but look at the trend. The rate of conversion is picking up speed. Support has nearly doubled in something like 5 years. They are the ones actually waking up…

        • Then they flood the country with millions of illegals per year. “Oops. there’s so many we have to give them citizenship now.” And like magic, that trend gets wiped out. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Every baby born from an illegal immigrant is an American citizen. Statistics tell us they’re likely to vote for Democrats. Democrats didn’t lose their mind over Trump’s border enforcement policies because they were upset he was keeping future Republicans out. There’s a reason we now have an open border. It has nothing to do with trying to help the needy. That’s propaganda for the sheep. It’s about power.

        • Most of the Hispanic folks streaming across the border are coming from places where they voted based on whoever had the best promise for their next meal. However, regarding at least the ones who had a family life back home, if their lives become stable, and they get a bit of education and can better themselves, they will tend towards conservatism.

        • hawkeye,

          I would be interested to see, if anyone could (or would) come up with the statistics, how many new immigrants, of intact families, continue to register as Dimocrats ten years later? Guessing the number is much lower.

  9. I mean, it’s Salon. For those of you who don’t know, this is a relic from the early days of the internet. If it was ever profitable, it isn’t now and hasn’t been for a long time. They’re effectively a tax haven for coastal white collar criminals. Best just to ignore them and refuse them clicks

  10. Just another left-coaster who has no clue about fly-over country, and doesn’t care, either.

  11. militia
    An army composed of ordinary citizens rather than professional soldiers. <<<<< gun owners
    A military force that is not part of a regular army and is subject to call for service in an emergency. <<<< More gun owners working together
    The whole body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service. <<<< Organized gun owners who kicked British butts.
    (The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.)
    Apparently Kirk Swearingen missed the separate statement, "the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed" key word there is PEOPLE not militia, which the PEOPLE comprise the militia… Some of these highly over-educated morons have a comprehension problem with the English language.

  12. The laws on marijuana were not overturned by a new generation so much as by people that figured a way to profit from it. Growing it yourself(even for personal use)is frowned upon – it is the regulated edibles and oils that are generally accepted. How long before smoking it will be criminalized?
    Just like Tesla, giving power to the people, was not what Westinghouse wanted. If there was no profit for commercial sales, it should just remain illegal. Regulation is capitalism by decree.
    Capitalism is a good thing, but laws protecting and excluding others are not so great.

    • Ya know we all notice the hoards of gun owners & new owner’s buying & shooting. Setting records month after month. A lot are very young. And they are all color’s & nationalities. The 2A isn’t going away. Old guy’s like me won’t be the last man standing despite all the Dims & commies!

        • i harbor no disdain for you.
          nor contempt.
          you make one post with no variations and insist on placing it above all the others, where no one reads it.

        • Maam you are incredibly annoying and you only really have one comment here. You may as well be Dacian. It could just as well be cut and paste.

  13. This is a liberals’ pipe dream. They need to know that reality bites really hard on the butt.

  14. How to lower gun deaths in three easy steps, going from short term to long term:
    1. Prosecute and lock up criminals
    2. Change government policies that are contributing to misery and hopelessness
    3. Change the culture

    Guns were easier to obtain in the 50s. Gun ownership increased after the mid 90s while violent crime fell. Guns aren’t the problem. But that isn’t a secret, is it?

  15. There is a lot of truth to that article. In my state many local small gun shows cannot even sell enough tables to fill out the building. I was discussing this with a long time colleague of mine only several weeks ago and our own little gun show has lost so many old men to the inevitable grim reaper that our shows see only 1/2 of the crowd that used to be there, mainly because the other half are now all dead and none of their off spring is the least interested in owning guns. This younger generation has been so terrorized of guns and maniacs shooting up their schools they see the Far Right for what they are, paranoid , bigoted , prejudiced fear mongers who are making life miserable for everyone.

    I think too that the rise in mass shootings and nut case paranoid gun owners gunning down people who accidentally knocked on the wrong door or accidentally pulled into their drive way has made the majority of people start to realized that the madness has got to stop before we destroy ourselves as a society.

    So what has caused all this madness? The Republican party being a minority party has used fear to galvanize and terrorize its largely uneducated and racist and bigoted base. When you couple this with their mouth piece Fox News and other radical far right propaganda machines their base is convinced that they are in mortal danger of being attacked day and night by the people they are prejudiced against. This is why we have seen the large increase in gun buying during the pandemic as it was fueled by the daily Far Right News Medica much to the delight of the “merchants of death” the gun industry and of course the corrupt NRA which raked in millions during the pandemic and during the Obama years when they tried to pass some rather anemic but sane gun control laws.

    Lets face cold hard facts the paranoid Far Right amount to about 3% of the population but own over 50% of all the 400 million weapons. The Paranoids are convinced they are in mortal danger 24 hours around the clock but in reality only 3% of all gun owners ever use a gun in self defense and even that figure is bogus because the gun owner often exaggerates or deliberately lies about the reason he used a gun to shoot someone when often the shooting was not even necessary. This is why Europe outlawed concealed carry and such nonsense as the castle doctrine or stand your ground laws as they are in many cases just legal excuses to shoot someone that you fear or hate. Last weeks 5 shootings of innocent people who knocked on the wrong door or pulled into the wrong driveway has shocked and shown America that the insanity of the gun problem has gone completely out of control.

    The Far Right (the 3 percenters) are terrorizing the other 97% of Americans by refusing to let the corrupt Republican Party agree to sane gun laws. If more guns made us safer we as a nation with 400 million weapons would be the safest place on earth not “the most dangerous and unsafe industrialized country on the planet whose streets run rivers of blood every day from mass shootings.

    Fewer that 3% of all gun owners ever use a gun in a self-defense situation but 47% of all the American people know someone who was killed or crippled by a maniac with a gun.

    Lets face facts the Far Right believes in training their children that they are about to die from being attacked by immigrants and or minorities which breeds, hatred , fear and anxiety. And the other 97% of American children are fearful to even go to school or attend any large gathering of people. Their parents are now also afraid to go to a movie, parade or any other large gathering of people. In other words the Far Right 3% are terrorizing the entire country with their own paranoia, fear mongering and opposition to sane gun laws.

    The Far Right use every excuse to justify their paranoia of gun ownership, screaming its mental health care, not guns, but they then refuse to spend any money on social programs making Health Care affordable. The Far Right refuse to take guns from mentally disturbed people through the passage of Red Flag Laws or enhanced background checks for all guns sales. In other words the Far Right are always their own worst enemies because they actually promote draconian bans on all gun ownership due to their inaction to solve the gun problem.

    In conclusion the Far Right are deathly and irrationally afraid of anyone “not of their tribe or politics and so they have become a threat and menace to the majority of all Americans.

      • Guessing some fan fiction on how there are fewer gun owners or interest in shooting sports despite considerable evidence otherwise. Actually have a few high school trap shooting teams up my way now so even NY is slowly getting firearms back in schools.

        • Not always, sometimes more is necessary to clarify a point. Not defending that asshat though.

          It’s no manifesto, just bullet points his handler places in front.

    • darcydodo…You highly exaggerate the demise of gun owners. Instead of Gun Shows its internet sales nowadays. And you act as if no one showed for the NRA convention, etc.

      Furthermore the biggest Gun Salesmen in US History are democRats bill clinttoon, b.h. obama and joe biden…you must have forgot.

      Frankly dodo…According to the History of Gun Control and you being a Gun Control zealot makes you the Jim Crow Gun Control kkk and Gun Control nazi third reich all rolled up together like a tamale.

    • And yet the mass shooters are left leaning whacked out Liberals, ie Leftists. Riddle me that please…

    • The number of new, first time purchasers of firearms are not some fringe right wing group that you see around every corner, around every tree.
      They are women and minorities, namely people of color.
      A number of those minorities are people who escaped from socialist and communist countries.
      They all say the same about what liberals and the Democrat party are pushing: The came to America to escape those countries.
      Get a clue.

    • Used to be you could go to a gun show or a pawn shop and get used things at bargain prices now everyone is asking premium marked up prices. That is the true cause of declining crowds.

    • @dacian
      You have gunm shows but yet you want all the gunms banned?
      You trash talk semi automatics but yet you brag on your scoped AK?
      dacian you do realize that if you get your wish your not going to get to keep your gunms either. And why do you even have gunms in the first place?
      Gee damn, your more fcked up then I am and that’s scary

      • Scoped AK?. Mist be one of those precision. 000000001 MOA AKs that only Jerry can master.

    • DACIAN the “BRITISH SUBJECT” claiming to know somebody in the USA, who sells guns..

      Say hi to the US FED AGENT you are cahooting with, to try to destroy the US CONSTITUTION!!

      Your butt still hurts from over 200 years ago!!!!

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, what state do you live in? Here in NYS even with our draconian laws we have many gun shows, with lots of tables and well attended.
      You must be living in the State of your own mind.

      • Selection can be a bit sparse east of Syracuse (hopefully checking it out on the next one) but still good for accessories and finding shops you didn’t know existed.

        • Herkimer County Fair Grounds has a gun show coming up May 20th and 21st. Albany usually has two shows as well as Pattersonvile. and Unadilla
          There is a news letter you can get to tell you about when and where.

      • Walter,

        “You must be living in the state of your own mind.”

        Or, in other words, a state of insanity. Yeah, I’ve been saying that for a long time. Dude is not only stupid and uneducated, he’s crazy as a s***house rat. Oops, I said “dude”; I shouldn’t have assumed ‘his’ gender.

    • dacian the demented dips***,


      Now, let’s talk about reality. Look at the stats on first-time gun buyers (we all KNOW the stats on gun sales). And thanks for outing yourself as a millennial-or-younger, basement-dHouse.welling punk that you claim not to be. If you ARE who you claim to be, you have no more authority to speak on behalf of another generation than do I, and if you are not, you’re a damned liar.

      Gun sales, and the people they are being sold to, tell the story, dumbass. We have more guns, more new gun owners, more women/black/hispanic gun owners, than ever, and the trend has only accelerated since Black Chicago Jesus scammed his way into the White House.

      Reality bites, @$$clown. Go suck-start a shotgun.

    • DUNDERHEAD, Clearly you must live in a city where they have a petulance for hoplophobia. I invite you to go to the Syracuse Gun Show this September at the NYS Fair Grounds. They have well over 1000 tables. All full of firearms.

    • DUNDERHEAD, Wrong as usual. I have had several inquiries from young folks about training with firearms. You see we normal people in upState NY are not hoplophobic. We enjoy going to the range with our young folks who are interested in firearms, hunting, target shooting and competitions.
      But you and you kind are scared still of firearms. Do you still claim to be an “expert” on the subject of firearms? I note you still haven’t been able to tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge.

  16. The Liberals and the left want the government in your bedroom. They have always wanted the government in your child’s bedroom. They want the government in every room of your house. It’s amazing how they demanded h0m0sexu@l marriage be recognized. And at the same time, worked to destroy heter0sexu@l marriage, using the “welfare Industrial complex”. They also publicly disagreed with the Christians. When the Christians said a father is necessary in the home.

    H0mosexu@l lawmakers like California’s Tom Ammiano, worked to get elected to the SF school board. To specifically shut down Second Amendment education and terminate the Firearms teams had the high schools in San Francisco. People like him who had no children have worked long and hard, to prevent other people’s children from learning about their second amendment civil rights.

    They are a danger to your kids and future generations of children. And for some “strange reason” the FBI refuses to release the manifesto and other documents from the proud gay woman, who shot up a Christian School??? And murdered three 9 year old kids. Including 3 adults as well.

    But they do want your children to be “flashed” during dr@g q u e e n story hour. They do want your children to be given an abortion, without your knowledge or consent, while in school. They want your children to be able to use drugs in school, without your knowledge or consent.

    All that and more but they do not want your children, to learn how to handle a firearm safely. And shoot it accurately.

    • H0mosexual is such an old-timey, quaint word. Words like that no longer have meaning because it would require us to define men and women. There are only so many biologists.

      “the FBI refuses to release the manifesto”

      And the White House immediately began talking about the need to protect the trans community after a trans identifying woman shot up a Christian school. That tells us all we need to know about their priorities.

      • Well to be honest I am an old Timey guy. So I’m quite “g@y” about using the word h0m0msex@l, to describe someone who wants to take my civil rights away. And who has sex with a person of the same sex. Notice I don’t use the term “gender”. And I don’t have a problem answering the question. What is a woman?

        Which I guess makes me much smarter and more qualified to be on the Supreme Court. Compared to the last person that was just appointed there. Who was not educated enough to answer that question.

        And yes I do understand the priorities of the current administration. Because I remember when they were against the Genitalia mutilation of little girls. But now it’s OK for them to want to mutilate children just like the Aztecs used too, mutilate children hundreds of years ago.

        • possum,

          To quote Sheriff Bart from “Blazing Saddles”, “And you heard right!”. The senile idiot in the White House did, indeed, meet with Dylan Mulvaney. Still hasn’t met with a SINGLE parent from the murdered children from the Christian school. But, he’s a “devout Catholic”, just ask him.

  17. It would be nice to be able to actually form an organized militia without the government infiltrating it as a terrorist group.

    • Andrew Lias has just been added to the DHS JCTF DVE list.

      There is an entire branch of “Honeland Security” that concentrates on that little militia problem.

      • Before that it was the Feeble Bastion of Incompetence’s job.

        Imagine being so daft as to call patriotic militia’s terrorists… Nice of them to declare themselves the peoples enemy.

      • Ragnar,

        Anyone on here who doesn’t think the Feebs, the Dog Killers, et al. regularly search this blog and the comments is living in a fantasy world. EVERYONE who comments here in defense of the 2A is on some sort of internal government “watch list” (other than MajorLiar and dacian the demented, who are planted shills).

        If you think otherwise, you are living in fantasyland.

        • It would make sense, and why not? They, too, are “keeping their enemies closer”, just as I would. I regularly troll the anti-gun sites, particularly the “Everytown For Gun Safety”, to see what they are up to. It is comforting to know that my state ranks a solid “F” in their eyes.

    • we could call it swearing in the young people.
      there are the occasional “nobody needs” hiccups; the vast majority of my friend’s children and my children’s friends have a healthy curiosity towards familiarization.

  18. Sounds like a somewhat hateful, delusional mental patient. Just another Constitution hating leftist who wants to put the Constitution itself into the “dustbin of history”. For left the Constitution IS the problem.

    • And is still upset about their favorite ideology also ending up in “the dustbin of history” in the early 90s.

  19. So this guy studied “journalism” in Missouri, and he’s swallowed the gun control platform hook, line, and sinker. Take “Show Me State” off your license plates.

  20. The man has a point, unfortunately.

    To paraphrase Lenin, Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.

    Or, as our Dear Leader Joe Biden said yesterday, “‘There’s no such thing as someone else’s child, no such thing as someone else’s child, our nation’s children are all our children.”

    This Country now has several generations of voting citizens who have been indoctrinated by our “education” system. In their view we don’t have individual Constitutional rights, our rights are really privileges granted to us by the collective assent of the majority, and revokable by the will of the majority. They buy into the idea that a centralized, all powerful government run by “experts” is a good thing.

    Barak Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” the United States and he did. The reality is that the true fundamental transformation has been in the realm of culture, notably in matters of sexual orientation, marriage and family, and politics. The shift there has been unprecedented and far beyond anyone’s imagination and that is where the deepest impact will be felt. The change in this Country seems irreversible except by some sort of a religious or political revival or dramatic shift in spiritual-moral thinking.

    What’s so amazing to me, as someone who grew up in the 1950’s -60’s, is how easily we’ve lost not just the freedoms we took for granted, but the attitude that made us a unique and successful people. Judging by the current generation, and those that will arise in the foreseeable future, the blood, sweat, tears, and hard work of all the Americans who came before us and built this Country turns out to have been for nothing.

  21. That is rather amusing.
    Last week Resume Builder surveyed some 1,300 managers. They found GenZ was the lest productive, least technological skill sets, least motivated, hardest to work with and easily offended.
    More than just a few said they had to fire that person within a week of their start date.
    That is going to be the generation that changes the 2ndA? How and from where? Their parents basement? They throw temper tantrums or meltdowns if you use the wrong pronoun. One of these weaklings is going to push or shove the wrong person and it is not going to end well.

    • Will be interesting to see how they react as pandemic related benefits get cut as they are no longer running under emergency funding. Evictions are trending towards being epic up here as well.

    • The generation that is supposed to start a s0cial rev0lution in reality can’t even start a lawnmower.

  22. I’m convinced articles like this are written by paid propagandists. Look at the NICS statistics – over a million NICS checks per month….for years.

    Americans speak honestly with their wallets. Americans overwhelmingly support the second amendment and their right to keep and bear the tools of self-defense. A majority of states no longer require a government permission slip to exercise that right.

    The trend is clear – Americans love the second amendment and the rights that it protects. Ignore the wishful thinking of a few paid propagandists. They are on the wrong side of history.

      • It’s nearly the same thing. I’ll take what I can get.

        The hope is that young people value liberty for themselves to start. As young people become old people with the weight of the world on their shoulders – they start to see the wisdom of liberty for all.

  23. This brilliant pseudo intellectual clearly hasn’t seen all the statistics of millions of new gun owners of all races, ages, and sexes. I live in the heart of the leftist beast (Los Angeles) and have seen a massive uptick in new gun owners, Interest in guns from those you wouldn’t expect, and young folks at the range.

    I have folks I know who are true believer lefties getting their first firearm and asking me to take them to the range.

    For me personally, getting into firearms was the start of me realizing all the leftist crap I was brainwashed with was bs and turning me into the Christian conservative I am today. More folks that wanna own guns the better.

    • SoundsLike,

      I can testify that it is POSSIBLE to purchase and own a gun in KKKalifornia; I did it for years. Hell, at one point, long ago, I even used a then-available dodge, and used becoming an auxiliary deputy volunteer to get a concealed carry permit. Unfortunately, that dodge went away. But California, Washington, NY, NJ MI, and a few others are doing their utmost to thumb their noses at SCOTUS, because they know any case will take YEARS to get to SCOTUS. They know damn well that none of the legislation will pass the Bruen test, and they just don’t give a shit – passing unconstitutional legislation is a feature, not a bug, for them.

      Why deal with a state government that demonstrably hates you, is running the state into the ground, and will ignore/defy the Constitution as long as they are permitted to get away with it. Do what I did, and GTFO.

      • Individual situations may dictate choices. I still have over a decade till retirement so I plan on taking as much money from the state as I can and using some of it to fund targeted lawfare to make such restrictions impossible in other states that I will inevitably retire to because fuck paying for how elders are treated here.

        • SAFEupstateFML,

          Sure, circumstances can dictate actions. I stayed longer than I should have.

          KKKalifornia is a toxic s***hole, and needs to be neutron-bombed. At some point, particularly in a Senile Joe economy, securing your retirement will mean diddly squat. I understand your conundrum.

          OTOH, how much good is your pension going to do you when bread costs $200 per loaf, and the “automatic inflation adjustment” to your retirement doesn’t even come close? I should have GTFO years ago; I would be miles ahead if I had.

          It’s a race to see who will manage to get down the drain, first – CA, NY, or IL. Just because Gavin “Hair Gel” Gruesome managed to avoid recall, my money is on CA. Interestingly, there is a serious legal debate about whether it is even possible for a state to declare bankruptcy. CAs unfunded pension liability (last estimate I saw) was around $45 billion. CA also takes the interesting position that they can tax your pension even IF you move out of CA (SCOTUS needs to bitch-slap that into the weeds). They have declared themselves an abortion, “gender-affirming care”, and illegal immigration sanctuary.

          I stayed longer than I wanted to – and, frankly, I made a mistake.

        • Lamp unironically better than what I could do private sector at double pay even with hyperinflation (medical coverage in retirement is amazing). Now if NY as a state collapses that is a different story but at that point I would be similarly fucked even if I already moved absent some national divorce/civil war fanfiction (hopefully).

  24. Considering that Constitution hating liberal communists have infiltrated and are taking over education and the propaganda media this may not be far from the truth. Then it will be those same dupes that put the final nail in the coffin which transforms the U.S. into the next totalitarian dictatorial ruled cesspool along the lines of Venezuela. Seig Hiel comrades!

  25. “The Young People of the Next Generation …”

    I tried but failed to determine how old Mr. Swearingjeans is, but failed, so I am not really sure to whom he is referring as the “next generation.” I have children (both adults now), and both are shooters.

  26. We all like to react to opinion articles like this. A far better response would be to get off the keyboard and find some adults with kids and take them shooting. I do this on a regular basis, and often try to hook people who are a bit left of center, who also know I own, shoot guns, and spend a fair amount of time trying to preserve the Second Amendment, both in IA, MN and at the national level.

    I’ve yet to introduce anyone who didn’t have an absolute ball shooting and most have now bought firearms and go out with me occasionally. Sitting around quoting the 2A gospel does little to preserve it- people owning and using firearms, if only for personal enjoyment, is key to passing this on.

    When the US was a primarily rural nation this was NBD; plenty of open spaces to hunt or shoot. Now that we’ve become urbanized, people need encouragement and help to find places to shoot (and hunt), and a fairly large number of 2A people constantly referring to anyone not as pure as they, as Fudds, does little to promote guns, the 2A, or any future activites for us. Ignoring them is even worse. Rather than ridicule people, we would be far better off to try to move them gradually in our direction by inviting to take them shooting and welcoming and encouraging them into the ranks.

    Around 1960, Nikita Kruschev bragged that the commies would eventually take over the US. He even told us how: They wouldn’t worry about the adults, they’d just start indoctrinating our kids through the educational and other systems we adults take for granted and don’t spend much vigilance in monitoring. He was spot on, and this country is now in the battle for its very existence. History will prove the author of the original editorial unless we start acting, soon, and with resolve.

  27. So how d0es the author explain the number of firearms being sold currently? Hate to break it to the disarmament anti gun crowd, but more people are buying firearms because of the Progressive policies they promote. Honestly, the small scale gun shows in the area down here on the Gulf are picking up in attendance. The last show I went to had the largest crowd I’ve seen in years. As did the fall show in Pensacola Fl. Sales are at or near records for for quite some time now. Not all old white guys buying them. The fastest growing segments of the market have been women and various minorities.
    As for violent crime, the solution is actually simple. Take those who commit violent crimes off the streets and keep them off the streets. Skin color or national origin should play no part in law enforcement or the courts.
    Next issue is education. Stop the crap and allow schools to enforce discipline and actually teach instead of forcing political indoctrination. And shut down the public employee unions.

  28. Funny they mention their parents basement, because that’s exactly where this “powerful” generation is living

  29. And as soon as they relegate it to the dustbin of history, theyll be relegated to the dustbin of history.

    Also abortion and marijuana arent quite as coded into out DNA like the small matter of the 2a being in the constitution and all

  30. LOL, Kirk Swearingen wrote, with absolutely no sense of the irony of his own words, “Younger Americans will band together to do what they did with laws against marijuana and will do in short order with restrictions on reproductive rights.”

    So he’s saying younger Americans will do band together to eliminate gun-control laws and restrictions on gun rights? Hooray, I’m glad to hear it!

    Either that’s what he’s saying, or he’s a total hypocrite who’s too dumb to see the hypocrisy of his own words.

  31. not in the roughly 90 percent of the land mass of america that voted for donald trump in 2020 they wont

    • Even negating land area for population differences currently favoring lefties there is some simple math (not common core) where #of guns produced > guns destroyed/turned in and has been that way for a long time to the point where disarmament if pushed seriously could take generations before a meaningful impact is noticed

  32. theres over 40 states in america right now
    that have some form
    of legalized
    open or concealed carry
    and that number is on the rise
    and its not ever going back down again
    ever ever ever

  33. drats are the biggest cause of death in America: abortion, fentanyl, revolving door da’s in obiden s-holes, vaxx, etc.

  34. You should see the opinion pieces this cuck swearingdegenerate wrote on the Salon website. What a moonbat! It’s as if they took the parts of regular moonbats and built this Super Moonbat.

  35. I think the young people will get rid of the gunms and then when they become older they are going to be sorry they did.
    Maybe? No future.
    Saint ETWAGIOW and UniversEndingPerpetualFussionNuetrinoBlomb

  36. This guy Swearingen must live in the state of his own mind with Albert L J Hall, dacian the DUNDERHEAD and MINOR Miner49er.
    The 2nd Amendment is alive and well.

  37. As soon as the next generation prohibits gun ownership, they will learn why we have that right. We will be invaded by the Chinese and North Koreans, with the help of the Russians and Iranians. The American Communist party then in power will welcome them warmly.

    I do hope they are all learning to read, write and speak Chinese.

  38. As soon as the next generation prohibits gun ownership, they will learn why we have that right. We will be invaded by the Chinese and North Koreans, with the help of the Russians and Iranians. The American Communist party then in power will welcome them warmly.

    I do hope they are all learning to read, write and speak Chinese.

    Sorry about the repost of a deleted post, admin. I was trying to keep my comment from being a reply to another comment.

  39. From the Salon article byline:
    “Kirk Swearingen is a poet and independent journalist. He is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, and his work has appeared in Delmar, MARGIE, Bloom, the American Journal of Poetry, Riverfront Times, Medium and Salon.”

    Oh, he’s a poet, now I understand why he’s an expert on guns!
    Whenever I have a gun question, I always seek out the neighborhood poet for advice.
    Who needs NRA-certified firearms instructors when there are poets to inform us about guns?

  40. And as soon as the 2nd Amendment is rushed to “dustbin of history,” the 1st Amendment will fall soon after. Along with a host of other freedoms we enjoy in this country.

  41. The authors bio & published articles don’t indicate that he has any expertise in the subject of the 2nd Amendment. He isn’t a social scientist with knowledge of <under 30's Americans. I a 77 year old boomer probably know more because I have four 20 something grandchildren. All of of them love shooting firearms. It is a shame he didn't take any polysci conlaw at UM like I did at UCB in the 60's. That experience left me with a life long interest in the subject. His premise that <30 Americans will sweep the 2nd Amendment into the dustbin of history is not plausible. This is due to the text of Article V of the Constitution. Once 2/3rd's each of house of Congress or if 2/3rds of state legislatures request a constitutional convention to propose amendment Congress shall call for a convention of states to propose amendments. A proposed amendment must be approved the legislatures of 3/4ths of the states to be ratified. With 50 states that means all it takes is 13 states to defeat an amendment to strike & replace the 2A's text.
    P.S. If had read the majority opinion in Heller (including footnotes) he would have a harder time assuming the minority opinion is correct. His interpretation that the prefatory clause limits the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed is incorrect for 1791 when the 2nd Amendment was ratified. Membership in a militia has never been a condition of keeping arms.

  42. When you read articles like this that start out with incorrect claims they should be immediately dismissed as nothing more than anti-gun propaganda. The only fact that the Left needs to deal with is an explanation of why they think the monthly total of NICS applications exceeds 1 million per month and has done so for many years now? Waiting for the answer!!!!

  43. Swerigen makes a good case for eliminating the 1st Amendment as it has become a support for damaging all our other rights. It is used to spread dangerous, seditious and anti-Constitutional lies in order to confuse and ultimately control the people.
    Too many forget that the Revolutionary War, and eventually our Independence, was sparked into armed conflict by a British Army attempt to disarm the Colonies by destroying it’s gunpowder supplies. So, in a nutshell the Revolution was basically begun due to a Crown effort at gun control.

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