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I’ve held off blogging this story because it seemed pretty clear to me that the Austrian twins shot each other at a Colorado gun range because they wanted to. Austrians aren’t exactly known for their¬†spontaneity. reports that the world’s oldest foreign exchange students, 29-year-old Candice and Kristen Hermele, were in cahoots.¬†“The surviving sister has confirmed that they had planned to commit suicide together, and did in fact shoot themselves,” Captain Louie Perea said. “But Candice would not tell the police why it happened.” Maybe they should ask her about this, as well . . .

Police who searched luggage seized from a budget hotel where the 29-year-old twins stayed found magazine articles, news clippings and letters related to the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

“But there was never anything we came across to indicate that they had intended to do another Columbine,” Capt. Perea said. “Obviously, it was an interest, but nothing to indicate they were going to harm anyone other than themselves.”

Sure, it was just a hobby. Anyone seen the movie The Other?

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  1. Pretty sure they are Australian, nicht von Osterreich! BTW never met any Teutonic chicks named Candice or Kristen( spent 7 years in the fatherland) lots of Anja's, Ilonas, etc…

  2. I’m a proud gun owner who supports caerrirs concealed and open everywhere, but out of choice I actually don’t carry a firearm on me at all; so I definitely don’t have the tough guy disease you speak of. My problem with the OC crowd is that they are childish and ill mannered and jeopardize our gun rights. You’re painting with an incredibly broad brush. I can not speak for everyone who open carries, and neither can you. Everyone I have encountered who does so has been kind, calm, and very mature. Your story may be different, and I respect that. However, you can not possibly rid the country of OCers who are arrogant dicks just as you can not rid the world of arrogant people. There will always be a few bad apples in every orchard and neither you nor I can change that. all about themselves and their rights with no concern for others. This is the crux of the issue. You expect people to hide their rights out of concern for some altruistic value that in the end hurts the cause of normalizing gun rights in society. The rights of free men and women do not hold their breaths for things like population density, demographics, what city they’re in, and its sheepish residents. If it is legal in your state, you have the right to do it if you so choose, regardless of how out of the ordinary it looks to others. As long as he isn’t actively threatening other people with his weapon and thus breaking the law, anyone who claims to be afraid of that guy OCing at the coffee shop minding his own business and reading the Sunday paper has to learn to deal with it and recognize it as his legal right to do so.


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