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Ultimately, I’m a Second Amendment guy. I own guns of course. But I’m okay giving up some of that freedom, right? We had to give up some of that freedom after 9/11. I’m okay with waiting three days, five days, or whatever to get my firearm if I go out and purchase another firearm. So I’m okay with a pause to allow for weapons to be purchased and allow the government and the gun companies to look at the background and do a thorough check before that gun goes to someone.

— By Max Bryan: Tulsa police chief suggests nation transform response to gun violence

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    • Cops are toadies of the Mayor, as they are appointed. Most Sheriff’s on the other hand, elected by the people, tell it to your straight.

    • Disarm the police. Give them nightsticks and the training to use them. There is no rational or moral reason to issue cops a gun.

      Not until they have proven themselves to be morally fit.

  1. if he is willing to compromise then he is no good at all he should not be in the law enforcement at all. you do not compromise on anything there is right and there is wrong. there is no such thing as half right or half wrong. read the Bible and get some wisdom son.

    • Only a BUTT will say “but” relative to the 2nd Amendment.
      He doesn’t know the history of Tulsa or he wouldn’t be talking out his ass.

  2. …. ” now step aside while I lift this corner of the rug and sweep the RedMobGangsters and the Frankford and Garrison Hoover Blocs under it. We don’t talk about THAT. “

  3. tell me again who this guy is and why we should have any respect for him???….because I don’t, and he’s giving off the distinct vibe of The House Slave At The State Plantation…..

    • Maybe Debbie needs to tell this guy qbout the racist roots of gun control. Seems he doesn’t know the history of rot!

      • That’s right muck he does not, and unlike you if I had the chance I would let him know under any circumstances he should never hold hands with what “History Confirms” is a racist and nazi based agenda called Gun Control…I mean people do look pretty stupid trying to mix what they blindly label as “common sense” with an agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide…don”t you think?

        • The moron is from Tulsa! If this stupid bastard doesn’t know Tulsa’s history by now your blathering about it will get you nothing but the deer in the headlights stare as he stammers on about how massa says massa says.

        • I’m just going to say “thank you Debbie”.

          SOMEBODY needs to say that Gun control is rooted in racism, because God knows, none of the rest of us say it often enough.

          And the rest of the world is showing a lot more racism than the US does. Every day, without fail.

          No, I’m not joking or poking fun. We should all be dead serious about this, before we’re seriously dead, all at the hands of our government “masters”.

        • I like the idea of sending a letter as suggested by Possum.

          Y’all know what the 2A movement could use? A central location where people can go to find (or publish) mailing addresses (or links to same) for these politicians.

          I’m not suggesting doxxing somebody’s personal home address. But some of these government agencies don’t make it convenient for citizens to communicate with them.

          And then there’s the 2nd part I’m thinking of. The letter-writer needs to be able to protect themselves from what I call “retaliatory doxxing” by public officials. Because you KNOW it will happen.

  4. “We had to give up some of that freedom after 9/11.”

    Hmmmmm no. Our ‘freedom’ to do as we had been doing was restricted by Government. In other words government took …. its a little different when it comes to a constitutional right.

    “I’m okay with waiting three days, five days, or whatever to get my firearm if I go out and purchase another firearm.”

    OK, well i’m ok then with waiting three days, five days, or whatever for a criminal to get their hands on a firearm ’cause you know its only fair that if criminals have to wait then so does the law-abiding. Ya know, I think that’s written someplace in the Bill of Rights – right?


    • to Booger Brain

      Its the courts and the legislature that doles out your rights. Too bad you flunked Civics Classes.

      And Booger Brain every industrialized nation on earth has in depth background checks that require waiting periods to complete and their astronomically lower homicide rate and mass murder rate proves your smelly rectum gas rantings are just your farts in the wind.

      • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, WRONG, little fella. God gave us those rights when he created man. Frankly, we don’t give a flying frick what other “industrialized nations” do. You see we have something those other “industrialized nations” don’t have. It’s called the Constitution. Have you ever read it? Those “industrialized nations” murder rate with guns is lower than ours because they have banned guns. But their murder rate for other weapons and fists is just as high at ours total. Keep trying, eventually you will catch on that no one is going to believe your Leftist doctrine of control over every facet of our lives. If you like the way things are done in those “industrialized nations”, don’t you think it’s time for you to leave the US?

        • Hey, Walter, all of his bloviating about “industrialized nations” indicates to me that he’s not even a US Citizen.

          We shouldn’t be arguing with him, anyway. He’s not really participating in a CONVERSATION, much less an actual EXCHANGE OF IDEAS.

          We need to clean our own House. And Senate, too. That way, we’ll have a chance to get control over our illegal immigration problem. That would reduce the chances that unstable people like him to come here and gain access to firearms.

      • 3rd time trying to get this damn thing posted.

        To Osprey

        Spoken like a true Right Wing Racist. Blame everything on the immigrants when in actuality they commit far less crimes than the indigenous Hillbillies. See the stats Herr Hauptman.

        And by the way Moron I was born in the U.S.A. but you Far Right nut cases seem to think that anyone who does not follow “the jackbooted party line” is therefore a foreigner. I have got news for you and that is the majority of American people in survey after survey realize that the U.S. has a big gun problem that now is totally out of control putting you in the minority.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, and you are a fascist Leftie. Seems you have forgotten all about Giovanni Gentile, Woodrow Wilson, Margret Sanger, etc.

  5. “a Second Amendment Guy” would never say that, he’s another phony Democrat plantation product. It’s amazing to me how someone can take a oath of office and almost immediately forget it. He’s just on a power trip without regard for the people he should serve. He must have been fun on patrol…

    • Seems probable that this guy got his job by way of the color of his skin, not the content of his character.

  6. Hmm… Tulsa… Isn’t that the city that had a thriving, prosperous black community until the white people massacred them a century ago?

    • Yup.

      ‘The Tulsa race massacre, also known as the Tulsa race riot or the Black Wall Street massacre,[12] was a two-day-long white supremacist terrorist[13][14] massacre[15] that took place between May 31 – June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents, some of whom had been appointed as deputies and armed by city government officials,[16] attacked black residents and destroyed homes and businesses of the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event is considered one of the worst incidents of racial violence in American history.[17][18] The attackers burned and destroyed more than 35 square blocks of the neighborhood—at the time one of the wealthiest black communities in the United States, colloquially known as “Black Wall Street.”[19]’ –

      • Those black victims could wait 3-5 days to acquire weapons, why can’t you?

      • With all of the Tulsa history against black people and this black top cop making such an asinine statement is beyond logical comprehension., On top of that he clearly is denigrating the oath of office he took and further his statement clearly shows his lack of respect for the U S Constitution.

        • Bingo on all three points there… this guy really beggars belief- unless he’s actually a democrat.

      • From your link…

        “In 1996, 75 years after the massacre, a bipartisan group in the state legislature authorized the formation of the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. The commission’s final report, published in 2001, states that the city had conspired with the racist mob”

        T. D. Evans, a Democrat, was the mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma for the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot.

        That’s about normal for Democrats …. they have been somewhere behind every bit of ‘larger scale’ violent racial unrest or oppression involving black people in the United States since way before that and since then. But its to be expected, they tried to keep slavery going and voted against ending it, they created their ‘pet army’ called the KKK (the successor of the KKK, rebranded, today is the Democrat pet army called ANTIFA), opposed and tried to stop segregation, and created a whole set of laws (broadly called ‘Jim Crow Laws’), all designed/intended to oppress, persecute, and/or allow injury and killing of, black people. And although there may a Democrat politician that comes around every once in a while that’s not completely like that, largely its basically how the Democrat party really is and today they are just more sneaky and covert about it.

        • Yeah but Strom Thurmond switched parties so that makes Republicans the racists now.

  7. Already owns gun(s).
    Waiting to pick up another gun will prevent using already owned gun(s) in criminal act. 🤔

    Sometimes I think people believe that the oft lauded background check involves G-Men knocking on the doors of your friends, family, neighbors, grade school teachers, ex-partners and interviewing them for hours under hot lights.

    Somewhat excusable for the average moron on the street but Sheriff Jackboot here should know better.

    And what checks are the “gun companies” running on their customers?

  8. I’d take 1 gun every 5 days if there were no rules about what guns where ok. I’d feel much better having a M2, MG34 and a couple of sub guns than all the Joe Biden approved guns I could in a day.

    • Product-improved MG-42 for me (not that I could afford to shoot it much!) I’m a sucker for historical firearms…

    • “Desperation” hire? Affirmative action, you mean? Really sad, leftist, liberal thinking coming from a state as conservative as Oklahoma.

      • Could have been a desperation hire due to morale issues and defunding the po leece. But more likely an affirmative hire since he obviously has that plantation mindset.

  9. The old “I’ve got mine” kind of yes-but guy who doesn’t have clue he’s standing in Gun Control manure…Keep ’em stupid sam you are…pathetic.

  10. I’m pro Second Amendment but…

    I think perhaps we need to put on the table the idea of creating gulags for any and all government employees who are found guilty of civil rights violations. They need to be set apart from civilized citizens and kept from doing any further harm to them.

  11. ‘I’m a 13th Amendment Guy…But Giving Up Some of That Freedom Is Fine to have menial task done without the need for “refugees”.’

    I’m sure Chief Wendell Franklin wouldn’t have a problem with this?

  12. Somebody resurrect Malcolm X and send him to Tulsa to have a discussion with this guy about the importance of knowing ones history.

  13. What part of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” does he not understand???

  14. The ones that always ask you to surrender your rights…are the ones that will not lose them.. no matter what law is passed..

  15. The roots of the Second Amendment lie in fear and racism. The Far Right racists have always feared “The Other” which is paranoia about other races and religions and its not just about paranoia about Blacks but other White groups and their religions as well. At one time the Irish immigrants were feared and discriminated against. The White Far Right Racists claimed that the Irish could never become “Real Americans” and they said the same against the Italian and East European immigrants as well.

    Today the Far Right Whites are paranoid about the Latino’s, Muslims, Blacks, Catholics and any other minority group they view as “The other”. This is why the Far Right worship the Second Amendment and claim erroneously that its origin was created to protect the individual’s right to own a weapon when in reality 2A was created to form State Militia’s (to murder blacks) that were independent of the Federal Government and its storm troops.

    There is zero difference between the Republican Jackboots and Hitler’s SS Storm Troopers as they all ascribe to the same warped racist and bigoted mentality. Mein Kampf is both of their bibles and Herr Drumpf (Lord God of the Republican Far Right) even keeps a copy by his beside.

    • Once again, Mr Newman, you are wrong, and show your true colors, flazool brown and flazool yellow.. You’ve said more than enuff to be removed permanently from this board, IMO.
      Calling people nazis and brown-shirts etc is just about a bridge too far. What’s the matter with you???

      • Mental illness. He claims to be a member of antifa which is the closest thing in modern America to the jack booted SS that he’s always on about.

        He’s clearly at home with denying civil rights. Another indication that he is what he claims to hate.

    • “when in reality 2A was created to form State Militia’s (to murder blacks)”

      You are aware of WHEN the 2nd amendment was written, right? If you actually believe 10% of the garbage you post, then YOU are one sick muthrfukr…

    • One day the bear will be poked too much… and all will find out the sheer power of white marksmanship..I cant wait..

    • How many of these ‘pressed minorities have you assisted?

      Or are they just bodies for your cause?

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. That is an outright bold faced LIE! Clearly you have never read the Federalist Papers or the Anti-Federalist Papers. but I am sure you have read Karl Marx?

    • @dacian,

      Great Job! In fact such a great job that I feel compelled to repeat it so I’m going to quote in the rest of my post here everything in your post that is true…

      ” “

    • I insist that Dacian is not an American. Taking bets on which country he’s ACTUALLY from!

    • I plan to ask each primary winner to publish their plans to eliminate the Patriot Act within the first 100 days of their term as President. Looking forward to hearing their responses.

      • You understand bills/Congress/etc = LAW.

        Ask their proposal for reforming the corrupt DOJ/FBI/ATF. Taking firearms away from Fedgov agencies.

  16. I’ve been to Tulsa in the 1980’s. It seemed nice. Then again I lived in Chicago then which was not like it is now. Something something black po-leece chief & being a hired hand for the white Dims?👎🙄

  17. There is nothing worse than an ignorant cop. When you start justifying the unjustifiable it’s time to remove the badge.

  18. “…and allow the government and the gun companies to look at the background and do a thorough check before that gun goes to someone.”

    same old move towards universal checks to establish a gun registry for confiscation. Even the Giffords have finally just come out and just admitted it.

    but aside from that, … for example, name one murderer that was able to pass a background check and legally purchased a gun, in any state or by any background check in any state or by the federal government, where that backgound check kept them from committing the murder they did commit.

    If it sounds kinda silly to ask it that way…. well, thats how these people think background checks and gun control works…that some way or another a person intent upon committing a crime will stop and go ‘oh wait…I can’t do this ’cause of that background check.”

    • Funny thing about “murderers”, if they’ve never been caught, tried and convicted of murder they can pass background checks all day… Background checks don’t keep guns out of the hands of determined criminals…

  19. if he is willing to compromise then he is no good at all he should not be in the law enforcement at all. you do not compromise on anything there is right and there is wrong. there is no such thing as half right or half wrong. read the Bible and get some wisdom son.

  20. I’m totally fine with him giving up his rights, they are his alone. I would much rather keep mine.

  21. NOT MY KIND OF “SECOND AMENDMENT GUY”. What a phony-ass… What talk is this of “being willing to give up” some of our rights? You aren’t one of us, chief.

  22. I wish he could have clarified what “freedoms” I gave up after 9/11… I still went where I wanted to go, I still carried my concealed piece, I bought guns and ammo… So, what? you couldn’t take a bottle of shampoo onto a plane? Don’t care, I’ve not been on a plane since 1972 and can see no reason why I will ever need to fly again… Only real problems I see that were a result of 9/11 was the creation of another govt bureaucracy (TSA), creation of the Patriot Act (which was immediately abused by the Feds) and the hundreds of 1st responders that contracted various cancers and other health issues while searching the rubble pile of the WTC that were denied benefits and heath care by the govt…

  23. 9/11 did not happen as result of no waiting period. Guns were not even used. Thousands died that day and all without guns.

  24. “I’m a Second Amendment guy”…till I’m not.

    Tell ya what, Chief. You be you and go ahead and restrict yourself if you think you’re such a threat to society. Just don’t presume to speak for me or expect me to give up MY rights because of YOUR “feelz.”


  25. ” But I’m okay giving up some of that freedom, right? ”

    A person who speaks such words, and believes what they say, then they don’t appreciate or understand what being civilized is.

    I am not okay with giving up freedoms, even the freedoms I don’t practice that others do. Then again I am civilized and can think for myself.

  26. And my white and black liberal family members wonder why I always vote white conservative Christian???

    Because they support civil rights. And the others almost never do.


    • That’s all fine and dandy but they wont let me train while I’m drunk. So that training isn’t going to do me a lick of good.

  28. Those who would give up essential liberties for security deserve neither.
    Sorry chief, you can give up your freedom and grovel at your masters feet, but not me.
    When the police captain can give me a carved in stone, iron clad guarantee those with evil or criminal intent can no longer commit violent or criminal acts, I might be willing to talk about giving up my arms.
    Evidently, the cop has no grasp of history of the city he works for. Nor the real world consequences of disarmament. Gun control does nothing to disarm criminals, or does anything to prevent violent crime. All gun control does is make life safer and easier for criminals and tyrants.

  29. I am shocked he has the nerve to say he’s a 2nd Amendment guy. Then he calls for more completely ineffective gun control. He has no concept of the 2nd Amendment. He has completely lost touch with the reality that in most scenarios the police officers arrive after the crime has happened. He’s not the expert at protecting me. I am the one who can best protect myself and my family. I don’t need an out of touch police chief saying we need to give up any freedom.

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