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In addition to being a talented and thorough gun reviewer, Joe Grine’s a hell of a photographer, too. He’s also the lucky guy who’s drawn the assignment of reviewing the new Taurus CT9 carbine graciously provided by the The Kentucky Gun Company. So when he took it with him on a camping expedition somewhere in the beautiful Oregon wilderness, he couldn’t help but take some time to capture a couple of seksi snaps just to whet your ballistic appetite. His review’s in the works, but you’ll have to wait for him to put the finishing touches on his M+M AKM write-up first. Don’t worry, it’ll be worth the wait . . .



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      • Put the mag well in the grip, give it some integral folding iron sights, an adjustable stock, and take $100 off the price…..oh wait.

        That’s the CX4.

        • Except the Beretta cx4 has a fugly thumbhole stock as well, and no threaded barrel. It also appears to me that the cx4 is all one molded piece, whereas the CT9 appears to be somewhat modular…

    • I have a CALICO 9mm and love it. collapsable stock, and 50 or 100 rnd mag. adapter for a scope or reflex site. The recoil is straight back, so there is little climb. fun to shoot. Got to try a M961 back before the DiFi1 adventure. full auto was like a lead squirting super soaker. Belonged to our regional drug task force. Down side was some idiot over tightened a mag spring.

  1. That stock is so ugly in my opinion. They should have went with something standard that existing AR stocks could be installed on.

    This design (and thumb holes in general) have and always will be… bizarre looking. My first mod would be to chop that stock up and do something else with the design.

  2. My mind kind of rebels at the idea of a scope on a 9mm carbine. My eyes aren’t great–I need scopes at anything above about 50 yards–but really?

  3. Some after market company is going to make a killing replacing that stock and pistol grip (looks like 1 piece) with an adapter to take standard AR equipment.

      • Only if the part is not made in the US, AND assuming that the rifle has the maximum number of foreign made parts already on it…

  4. I love me some 9mm carbine. However the Taurus is ugly as sin.

    I’ll take a Beretta CX4 or for double the cost the JP Enterprises GMR-12.

  5. Looking forward to review. I love pistol caliber carbines. But for pure Gun Porn purposes I prefer the Beretta Cx4 Storm. The Beretta is Playboy and the Taurus is Penthouse and the Hi-Point is Hustler. LOL

  6. This is probably the worst of all worlds in a 9mm carbine. Not 922(r) comp so you are stuck with 10rd mags. The Mags are a butchered uzi hybrid wit a crimp to catch the mag catch/release. Said mags are exclusive to this gun so they will most likely be both hard to find and expensive. Fixed non adjustable thumb hole stock. It’s as if they looked at the USC and thought how can we this idea, and make it worse for the customer.

    • Agreed. I don’t see where this fits into a crowded market at that price. The Pontiac Aztec of firearms with less innovation.

      • The Aztec was ugly as sin but pretty darn cool with lots of silly features — heads up display, powered cooler that can be removed from the car, lots of power outlets including in the far back, a tailgate that can support a ridiculous amount of weight and a BBQ and other stuff, built in air compressor, a tent that deploys from the open hatch… probably a lot of stuff I’m forgetting, as I haven’t thought about these for many years. But I looked at one back in like 2000 or 2001 and thought all of the features were really spiffy for ‘active’ types. Put them all into a truck-based SUV that has some actual off road capability and now you’re talking.

        • Exactly why I stated “with less innovation.” The Aztec did indeed have several interesting features but was so damned ugly (and minivan based) that it was a failure in the market. Cheap carbines kind of remind me minivan based “SUV’s”

  7. Bit of a box in the middle, but we get used to anything (except the AMC Pacer).
    That mid section makes it look heavy, anyone know the Lbs?

    Ruger, can’t find
    Keltec, same
    CX4, Too expensive
    High Point, No Way
    This one, Maybe if none of the above problems

  8. It seems like it would have been more practical for that design if they gave it a horizontal magazine like the P90 considering the size of the 9mm and magazine. Also, give it a new stock, and the option for a suppressor, it could be the first VSS type rife for sale to Civilians. Cha-ching ($) Taurus.

  9. Hmmm, I bought a Keltec sub2000 for $350, and Norinco “UZI” for $500, and built a 9mm AR for $800 so I definitely like the concept of a 9mm carbine. However, I DO NOT like the looks or price of that. I think for the $800 list price I would get a CX4 Storm, or save up an extra $290 and buy a Colt AR n 9mm. I will pass.

  10. Guys – it can’t be fitted from Taurus with a flash hider or threaded barrel, or a non-craptacular pseudo-thumbhole stock. Import laws, remember? And don’t even think about putting your own on unless the aftermarket helps you out with the compliance-parts dance.

    • Taurus has a US based production plant in Miami. They could produce most of the gun in Brazil, then add on the remaining parts in Miami, and make a much better gun while getting around the import restrictions.

  11. I know I’m gonna take some heat for saying this given TTAG’s review of it but I dropped a Giessle trigger into my JR carbine, Nikon glass on top, upgraded the fore and butt stock and that thing is a joy to shoot. No functional problems and shoots straight as a laser. Bolt hold back on an empty mag would’ve been good – my only gripe.

    • I don’t understand why the gun community keeps giving this manufacturer a pass. It has to be due to the fact that they are cheaper than other gun makers or because they spend millions on advertising. My common response for someone new to guns when they ask about Taurus (people gravitate towards low cost) is to buy a Ruger.

      • Taurus makes some decent starter handguns. I have read horror stories about quality, but out of the dozen or so I have shot, they were all great shooting and reliable.

  12. I don’t know why it’s so difficult for someone to make a decent 9 mm carbine. Has to have a folding stock. Must take Glock magazines. Mustn’t look like a silly, space-age prop from the old “Battlestar Galactica” t.v. show. Neither may it be overgrown and look like an AR-15 wannabe. All with reliability, durability and a well under $1,000 price tag.

    Basically, it needs to be something that gives a little more oomph in terms of accuracy, velocity, capacity, and recoil manageability, than a full sized pistol in the same caliber, but keeps true to its carbine virtues and doesn’t try too hard to be a real rifle. Closest I’ve ever seen to fit the bill is Thureon Defense’s carbine; but I’m not 100% sold on it, either.

  13. Beautiful foh-togs.

    I’ve read a couple of less-than-flattering reviews about this rifle. It saddens me because I have been a Taurus advocate for may years. But I guess the PT92 does not a gun company make.

    • Pt92 and Judge, both are very accurate. Even the 2inch barrel public defender can give me 8 inch grouping at 15 yards with Pdx1 .45 colt.

  14. They should of just copied a Bizon and made it legal. It’s not like they’re afraid to make guns similar to others on the market.

  15. I’ve always thought that a pistol carbine was a great idea, but recent research suggests that the increased muzzle velocity is marginal, and accuracy beyond 100 yards or so is iffy. And even if they weren’t illegal EBRs in the Great State of California (most of them are except, I think, the Hi Point), we’d still be stuck with a ten round limit. For money, there isn’t a better “pistol” caliber carbine than the M1 Carbine, with double the power and twice the range. (Which is legal because it doesn’t have a pistol grip or thumbhole stock, unless that is the Governor fails to veto SB 374, a bill that will ban sales of this rifle after January 1.)

  16. No one mentioned Marlin Camp Carbine. Was it any good? I do recall there was 9mm and .45 versions and the latter used 1911 magazines.

    • I have a Marlin in 9mm and it is as named, a “camp” carbine, not an “assault weapon”. The 9mm version can use S&W mags which are still available in higher capacities than the stock mag. When I say it is a “camp” carbine, I am referring to the Marlin not being designed as a “battle rifle” and it won’t hold up shooting thousands of rounds. It’s basically a centerfire plinking rifle good for hunting, or the ocassional back yard destruction of tin cans. You can Google it and get more info on it’s durability. I personally think it is s shame that Marlin discontinued them…. Then I think it is a shame that Marlin discontinued a lot of their older models. Once upon a time, they made a really nice 12 ga. pump shotgun.

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