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Previously, on Who Wants to Ignore the Fact That Trayvon Martin Was Carrying Skittles on the Night He Died, Kirsten Joy Weiss shot a colored sweet off a pencil. As that left almost an entire bag of Skittles, and it’s hard to shoot with laser-like precision during a massive, politically incorrect sugar rush, TTAG’s resident sharpshooter decided to pierce pieces of pedestal-less candy with her Anschutz .22 at 50 feet or so. Aside from Ms. Weiss’ accuracy (and her willingness to show missed shots), this video demonstrates the importance of positioning your support hand properly when refueling your rifle to keep the muzzle on target. And breathing. And stance. And trigger control. And cheek weld. And the need to donate a tacticool ammo belt to Ms. Weiss’ kit. Or not. [Click here to visit Kirsten’s website for more trick shots ‘n stuff.]

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    • C’mon, guys – playing on the fact that it is insensitive to be shooting Skittles when Trayvon was murdered by George Zimmerman on his way home from an innocent shopping trip to pick up some Skittles for his soon to be step-brother. RF’s comment is foolish hyperbole as this could only be considered intentionally insensitive and prosecutable as a politically incorrect offense if Ms. Weiss had ended the segment by taking a sip from a can of AriZona-brand watermelon-flavored fruit juice drink. (/sarc off)

    • About as relevant has Kirsten shooting chocolate M&Ms instead, or on top of cans of Soda Shaq…

      I wish I had a fraction of Kirsten’s skill with a standing rifle…

  1. The key to succesfully making these shots is in the preparation. It is by far the most difficult part. So do you by any chance have video of the prep work? You know… the part where she goes to the store and buys .22 ammo? I haven’t seen that in a while.

    • You misspelled ‘stores,’ as in, “the five stores that were completely out before you finally found (and bought) some Eley Club 1000 fps for 0.12 a round.”

        • Oh, I know. I just thought the “store” (singular) was amusing, combined with there being a kid at my Appleseed over the weekend who was shooting Eley Club 1000 fps that would FTE and double feed every third round on his 10/22. He was a sad panda.

      • No leprechauns are real, don’t you remember the one found in the tree called by the magical flute in Alabama? It was all over the local news.

    • The fact that she has to dig DEEP into her hip pocket for individual rounds after each shot might be an indication of limited ammo availability on her part as well. Good thing she is not trying to store .454 Casul rounds back there!

  2. As far as the “tacticool ammo belt”, my vote is no. The most entertaining part of the video was the reloads.

    • Oh ya, she was workin’ it. We all know there are silicone ammo strips for holding rounds, and they stick on the gun so you only have to move a tiny bit to reload. Her reeeaaching around to retrieve another round, was no accident. From the back pocket? Ya, isn’t that where everyone keeps their loose rounds? How’s that song go? She’s sexy and she knows it. My man parts loved the reload sequence, but my shooting parts were laughing at her exaggerated reeeeeach to the back pocket. Ya, she definitely knows who her fan base is. And she seems perfectly cool with it. And….we’re totally cool with that.

      Poor thing needs a better set director. I don’t know, a length of 2×4 painted matt black for contrast? I had to “full screen” it to see the dang Skittles.

  3. I love these videos especially since she is willing to show that it took multiple attempts although i do wonder why on earth the poor girl ain’t found a bolt action with a 5 round mag.

    • Rumor has it that Ms. Weiss’ Anschutz rifle costs @ $3,000.00. Probably the addition of a five-round mag option runs another $1,000 (joke) and/or makes it illegal for competition shooting. Plus, I expect you could find any number of people who would swear that it would be detrimental to accuracy.

      By the way, I saw on Mythbusters where they lit a kitchen match with a .45 ACP. Love to see Kirsten make that shot with her .22. (Mythbusters lined up their shot with a Crimson Trace.) Might want to try it under less windy conditions.

  4. I don’t think I could even see skittles at that distance against a dirt background with no magnification hahaha 😉 ….assuming there were any left in the bag by the time I arrived at the range…

  5. I don’t know what the Treyvon Martin bit at the beginning had to do with the actual video but who the hell cares.

    Nice shots Miss Weiss.

    • Bi-Mart on lucky number Tuesday. They have .22 AND skittles!
      Ms. Weiss, that is some darn good shooting.

  6. What fascinates me the most, besides her having so much fun, is how intense her focus is once she gets into shooting mode. I like shooting, but I can’t get as focused on it as I can on other things. It’s delightful. You can see the focus slide into place as she sights in and and convert to glee afterwards.

    • Yes. The focus. That, my friend, is it.
      I’ve only seen two students over the past 25 years understand this. I joke that it is the ‘Zen’ of rifle shooting.

  7. Thank you for taking the time to comment guys and gals! I’m just learning as I go, so they are very helpful

  8. I’m sorry I was not even watching the skittle’s…I cant keep my eyes off of her! WOW…Whether she hits her mark or not is not important. She is beautiful and shooting a gun! Two things that I LOVE to look at!! Keep going Kristen and don’t focus on the negative Nancy’s.

  9. She’s and excellent shot. A lot better then me :). I would still like to see her cut a playing card in half from say 25 feet. I still can’t believe that Annie Oakley did it from 90-feet. At that distance consistency would be ballistically impossible, especially with stuff available at the turn of the century. And at 90-feet the card would have been pretty much invisible, requiring a secondary aiming point behind it. Kirsten could maybe try it a la “Mythbusters”.

    • Duly noted. I have ins at the buffalo bill museum so I plan on doing some extensive research 😉

  10. Well, to paraphrase FARK: “I, for one, welcome our new trick-shooting Overlady!”

    I’ll just say, though, that I’m glad I bought a cheap, folding, waterproof keyboard. 3 things in that video triggered caveman drool responses, but I’m not gonna list ’em b/c I don’t want a neat, little hole in my forehead. 🙂


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