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I’m not exactly sure why illegal firearms sales via the Internet are any more “bad” than illegal gun sales out of the trunk of a 1967 Buick Riviera. I would have thought that an internet sale would be a lot harder to hide than a real world physical transfer, which has to happen anyway to complete the transaction. And are we really sure any of these deals are for real? How do we know what was in those envelopes? A full-auto AK-74 for $2250? [Note: the Tavor X95 is a better choice for that caliber, although it’s a semi for you bub.] Still, this is bad news. It gives ammo to the antis, who are happy to let low-info voters believe that anyone can buy a gun over the net and have it delivered to their door. Which is how it should be, really. But that’s another story. [h/t DrVino]

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  1. Yet all the while HSBC has and still is laundering billions and billions of dollars for drug cartels and terrorists, It’s funny how there aren’t any news stories about that.

  2. Yep good point Robert more ammo for the gun control folks to use on MSNBC, NY Times or the Huffington Post. More ammo for the lets monitor the internet crowd. As a Libertarian it makes me puke. But I have faith in market forces whether it be an open market or a black market. Repression is futile in other words.

  3. The gun “content” of the story was about two seconds; one question and answer, and a screen shot of a list of guns for sale presumably at Silk Road or a similar site. This out of two+ minutes of a drug story – it was almost subliminal. No mention of gun delivery to the door at all; just the obligatory gratuitous reference to guns in the context of drug dealing. The propaganda and brainwashing continue…

  4. Now that i know criminals do illegal things, i understand the importance of making more things illegal. Thanks CNN!

  5. where can i get an ak-74 full auto for $2250?? Somehow i think at the end of that transaction there is a P.O. box with no customer service where you mail the money, or 3 black SUVs. possibly both.

  6. Some of the web sites/companies need to start suing the pants off of Bloomer et al. for libel, slander, defamation and anything else they can think of when they mislead and misrepresent the facts in a malfeasance or misfeasance way. Give them an education on the way things legally work in the process. Make siphoning off $700 M from Bloomer a teachable moment.

  7. well don’t anybody tell them that just a couple years ago I had several full-auto AK-74 rifles delivered to my house, right in a box on my doorstep, with no background checks whatsoever, for $100 a piece.

    of course, the catch is that they just were a big pile of parts that I had to assemble myself, and if I decided to use the included full-auto bits I would’ve been a felon – but, I didn’t, because I’m an honest guy who doesn’t like to break the law.

    regardless, all it EVER takes is one person who doesn’t give a shit about the law and will flaunt it in order to victimize others.

    I’m sure they would still be scared shitless of that fact, though.

  8. Imagine that, some people are willing to commit felonies. I’d have never thunk it.

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