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You may recall that Top Shot competitor Dustin Ellerman recently took umbrage at my “tabloid style” post-elimination interview with fellow competitor and Joisey cop Paul Marinaccio. The Season Three champ (Ellerman) declared us “blacklisted.” I’m glad to report that Dustin’s declaration doesn’t exclude TTAG from offering free swag: a couple of T-shirts, Season 1 DVDs and a pack of playing cards. Or a radar detector. Or something. We’ve got three commentators who can design a suitable challenge for Season 27. You can play it straight or work the comedy angle. I’ll select the winners based on any criteria I choose by 10pm EST today (Monday). I’ll then delete the winners from this post and re-post their challenges tomorrow before the show. ‘Cause that’s the kind of guy I am, Dustin.

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  1. I’d really like to see them run through a course where there are enemy and friendly targets, like in the movies where you see a cop walking through a training course and the target that looks like Charles Bronson pop out in a window, and the cop shoots it, then they walk further, and the old lady with a handbag comes out behind a corner… then a thug pop up in a broken down VW window….

    like this:

  2. How about a paintball match? Nothing says Top Shot like frozen paint balls or even pepper balls, right?

  3. Well if this is for season 27 then I assume by the year 2030 we will be brains deep in zombies so I would like to see a challenge with something like a 20mm lahti or .50 bmg to see how many zombies in a row you can perforate with a single shot from 400-600 yards away. The kicker is that its not a timed challenge but there isn’t a fence between you and the pack of zombies they just open a gate and let them charge you over an open field so you have to balance whether to shoot early and get only a few in a row or wait until they’re right on top of you for maximum carnage but also the possibility that they will eat your tasty tasty brains.

  4. “Welcome to Top Shot Season 27” Colby says, whistling through his bright white dentures.

    Hands on broken and replaced hips, Colby reports that for today’s challenge, competitors will be hanging upside down from PHCs (Personal Hover Craft), shooting laser guns–which coincidentally “revolutionized” shooting sports in 2018–at targets across a body of water by ricocheting shots first off of 2 walls, into a steel alloy tube which “guides” the laser beams around a circle (like Mythbuster’s take on “curving bullets”), which in turn releases the beam into one of 3 moving deflectors that direct the beam based on precise timing of their pendulum like swing; finally angling the shot down to reflect off the water surface, to hit the dime sized target at the opposite end of the lake. Tiebreaker will be decided by tossing lawn darts (which revolutionized backyard gaming) into the air blindfolded, behind the back, off a cliff, towards targets located 1000 yards away at the bottom of the windy Grand Canyon. This is the final accuracy competition to determine this future year’s Top Shot title holder!

  5. Something I would like to see on Top Shot… paint gun player vs player. Team against team and one on one. They could use point-of-view cameras on the players. Last person or team standing. Or free-for-all. They could use the back lot of Paramont for the location.

  6. Being a senior citizen, how about those of us capable of good shooting on a handicap course?

    I mean really, I can’t run. Some need walkers or wheel chairs.

    My shooting ability isn’t diminished, I just can’t climb a rope to get to a platform to exhibit my skills.

    They could have wheelchair races, downhill. Walker competition, while holding on the walker with one hand, and the other exhibiting excellent marksmanship with the other.

    I watch this show thinking back in the day.

    Give us alter kakers a chance.

    Should be entertaining, which is what the show is all about,

  7. Season 27…if the gun grabbers have their way all we will have left is facing off with witty platitudes.

  8. Season 27? Season 20-Freakin’-7? Are you kidding me? If Top Snot makes it 27 years, then there is no god, no truth, justice and the American Way. The only way Top Clot could make it to year 27 is for the producers to steal the plot from “The Running Man” and have the contestants hunt each other down and kill each other for free toasters or Blu-Ray players. Hell, “Gunsmoke” didn’t last 27 years even though it was actually entertaining and there was usually some shooting, even if it was fake.

    Thanks for listening. Anyway, here’s my Season 27 Challenge: A team competition firing high-powered sniper rifles at exploding targets (just for giggles) at distances from 300 to 2000 meters. Each team consists of a two players, and both of them must take turns shooting and spotting for each other at every distance. They also alternate who shoots first at each distance. Scoring is one point for each hundred meters. A 300 meter shot = 3 points, 1000 meters = 10 points etc. A miss counts zero. Since scores increase arithmetically, a team that’s behind might still win if they make the final 20 point shot. Best aggregate team score wins, with the leading shooter from the winning team being crowned the overall winner. It’s possible that the highest-scoring shooter could come from a losing team, but he or she is SOL. The winner comes from the winning team. That keeps each of the players honest when they have to spot for another. If a player sandbags his or her teammate when he or she is shooting, the player sandbags himself. Or herself. Or itself. I feel like I’m conjugating regular Spanish verbs.

    C’mon, dontcha wanna see some actual shooting with sh!t exploding and all? I know I do.

  9. Season 27 challenge? Nah. But by Season 27 this is what I would like to see change:

    1. Live viewer feedback to determine which contestant goes to elimination. Or just who is the biggest d-bag.
    2. Instead of $2000 gift cards to Bass Pro Shops for the elimination winner, $2000 goes to the NRA as a donation in the winner’s name.
    3. Don’t have the contestants of Top Shot throw rocks at targets. That’s Top Caveman airing in 2023.
    4. I wanna see a snub nose .38spl and a pocket .32acp by Season 27.
    5. I also wanna see some multi-gun transitions by Season 27.
    6. Add a bubble female co-host who also keeps her hands on her hips.
    7. Add a UFC cage at the Top Shot compound for settling disputes.
    8. How about some pro-2nd amend. trivia before commercial break (and subliminal messages that say “VOTE CONSERVATIVE”.
    9. Ninjas. Lots and lots of ninjas.

  10. Governor Golf. A three way competition using the S&W Governor and multiple loads.
    First station: Hit 5 thrown clays using birdshot.
    Second Station: Use .45 ACP to take down moving targets. Their are 12 targets total, 8 shoot, and 4 no shoot.
    Third station:Use .45 Colt to hit 30-50 yd exploding target to stop the clock. (I don’t know how difficult this is, decide distance after testing what an “expert” could reasonably hit with first shot)
    Rules: Timed event. The course has a “par” time, i.e. 5:00 minutes. Every second is a point, i.e. 300 points for 5:00 minutes. Every second below par, you lose a point, every second above par, you get a point. Every reload you do is 30 points. Since the competition necessitates at least 3 reloads par for reloads is 90 points, with time, par for course is 390 points. Every friendly target hit in second stage adds 50 points. If one hits the third stage target (to stop clock) with first shot, 50 points are subtracted. Player with lowest point total wins.

  11. Ok how about a match where the guns work!
    Simple format single elimination 16 person comp
    The last 2 go to elimination! no voting just shooting!

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