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An NRA promo video for the 2012 Convention in St. Louis that starts with a sound byte from a black man? The Age of Miracles is Upon Us! Another Sign that this is The Beginning of Days: TTAG’s forthcoming coverage of the OFWG fest. We’ll be in St. Louis from April 12 ’til tax day. Following-up on our sick SHOT Show blogging, TTAG will offer unpar I say unpara I say peerless NRA coverage. In case you hadn’t guessed, our man Leghorn will be there. As will TTAG Managing Ed Dan Zimmerman. And our policy wonk Bruce Krafft. And our pistol packing preacher Tim McNabb. And a new guy named Sprague, who shares our confusion about what he’ll be writing about. And yours truly. If you’re going to be attending, join us for a beer at a get-together to be named later. Meanwhile, watch this space. And thanks for doing so.

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  1. Since April 15th is a Sunday, Uncle Sam is generously giving you two extra days to part with your heard earned cash.

    • And here’s a preemptive Latin geek strike: April 15th is not the Ides of April, so please no lame Julius Caesar jokes. Writers do it every year, and it grates every year. The Ides of April fall on April 13, and if Julius Caesar had been set to be assassinated on April 15th, the warning would have been “beware the eighteenth day before the Kalends of May”, because they were weird and counted inclusively.

  2. Hopefully everyone brings their guns to St. Louis. This place is a bastion of crime and violence, it’s a sprawling slum that makes Newark look like Zurich.

    • Note to self: Cancel vacation to St. Louis, because I’ve been to Newark.

      Seriously, I’m looking forward to your coverage of the NRA convention. You guys impressed the HECK out of me with what you did at the SHOT show.

  3. Went to an NRA convention in Reno, lo these many years ago. It will take you far more than one day to see everything on the floor, and I would recommend bringing a portable chair or at least a stick to lean on.

    Something that stayed with me from that convention: I was talking to one of the guys who worked in the convention center on cleanup duty – emptying the trash cans, keeping the place looking neat – and he was telling me how much of a difference he saw in the people who went to the NRA convention versus the ones who were at doctor’s or lawyers or business conventions in the same venue. He said “you NRA guys talk to us like you talk to each other – you treat us like people, not like part of the furniture.” I said “well sure, that’s because 95% of us have real jobs too. And what 100% of us care about is whether or not you support the 2nd amendment, not what you do for a living or how important your father is, or how much money you make.”

    Enjoy. And let us know if the Merwin-Hulbert top-break revolver guy (web site has actually started making guns.


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