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Ted Nugent has Tweeted his endorsement of presidential candidate Mitt Romney. (Confession: I read it kinda fast and thought the Motor City Madman was endorsing John Goodman.) Given Romney’s Domo Arrigato Mr. Roboto personality, the idea that Uncle Ted had a “heart&soul” with the former Massachusetts governor is a more than a little queasy-making—unless Ted and Mitt Skyped and played Heart and Soul on the piano. Which is an easy enough duet for anyone, really. As a National Rifle Association Director (go figure), Nugent’s nod will surely affect the NRA’s view of the aspiring president and dual shotgun owner. And no I didn’t call the author of Kiss My Glock Shirley. Heaven forfend.

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  1. Romney is a game show host. But, at least, he’s not Obama.

    I enjoy hearing what the Motor City Madman has to say but I’m not feeble-minded enough to be influenced by what he, or anyone else thinks.

  2. Ted Nugent endorsed Mitt Romney for president….I think Romney should have endorsed Nugent for president. Either way, I’d vote for an old shoe before I’d vote for Obama.

    • So you’re going to foolishly rush out and vote for Romney (aka White Obama) who supports the same policies, but unlike Obama, actually has a history of passing anti-rights laws?

      • It’s all rather self-congratulatory here, but nhtesoly, given what was predicted when he first came to office over what actually came to pass? It’s like a 2 out of 10. Guns remain un-grabbed, the usual amount of legislative BS has continued, nothing has changed much at all.Of all the things people blame presidents for, the claim of excessive gun control is unsupportable. What’s wrong with you people? I don’ t care much for Republicans, Democrats or Libertarians (or politicians in general), but given that the guy is a Democrat, he’s done nothing in the way of gun control by those standards.I love guns, but do any of you ever question the groupthink that surrounds them?

  3. Nugents endorsement doesn’t mean squat to me. Heck, I don’t even vote for him for the BODs. But I noticed the other day that the upcoming NRA annual meeting does not list Mitt Romney as a speaker at the leadership forum. Just wondering if that is some sort of message? Cause we all know what a strong supporter of the 2A he is…LMAO

  4. Mitt is not as bad on guns as common wisdom says and he is much better than all of his opposition. He in fact protected guns owners in Mass from the antis. Check out these links for evidence:

    In regard to the AWB, here is how GOAL explained the situation:

    4) Permanently attached the federal language concerning assault weapon exemptions in 18 USC 922 Appendix A to the Massachusetts assault weapons laws. This is the part that the media misrepresented.

    In 1998 the Massachusetts legislature passed its own assault weapons ban (MGL Chapter 140, Section 131M). This ban did not rely on the federal language and contained no sunset clause. Knowing that we did not have the votes in 2004 to get rid of the state law, we did not want to loose all of the federal exemptions that were not in the state law so this new bill was amended to include them.

    • IMHO as someone who lives in a neighboring state

      1) Romney panders but makes no real changes and unless you are clueless, we will have 4 more years of Obama for no other reasons that many will simply not vote and the people who will vote will lean towards Obama class divide strategy and sense of entitlement. Add to that, Mitt has no plan for America — none! His healthcare reforms have not benefited the bay state.

      2) The GOAL group does very little and they grasp at straws. They are trying to reverse a law that currently makes police on par with citizens in no carry zones while at the same time many police districts and state police lick their chops in MA at the thought at taking away a gun.

      3) While likes to say that Mitt did nothing anti 2a, he also nothing much to help 2a either.

      The real race will be in 2016, all the Republicans can hope for is they do not loose the House and Senate especially since Snow has decided to call it quits.

    • Me too, I see 2 candidates for the Nov. election, Obama, and NotObama, whoever that might be. I’ll be voting for NotObama

      • Even though NotObama will likely be White Obama (Romney)? It was that same foolish thinking that got Obama elected in the first place.

  5. I like Uncle Ted, but, I don’t believe Mitt is the right choice for 2A or the country. I’ll choose for myself, thanks though Ted.

  6. Romney is Obama 2.0. Anyone voting for and sponsoring mandatory health care in their state is obviously pushing for the return of Leon Trotsky.

  7. Mitt is the John Kerry of the Republican party. I’ll probably have to “throw away my vote” again this time and write in Ron Paul.

    It’s pretty frickin’ sad when the phrase “voting your conscience” is equivalent to “throwing your vote away”.

      • Danny,I really think it is caebuse far left liberals are typically agnostic or atheists and their progressive causes serve as a kind of religion for them; hence Obama is kind of like the Messiah–futhering their pet causes, like gun control or healthcare. My problem is that many people who are not liberals buy into the Obama worship. I think caebuse he represents some kind of change over the Bush administration and this is good enough–for the moment anyway. I think people are also tired of the negativity thrown at the Bush administration and are gravitating towards a candidate who they feel will “lighten the mood.” Just think, everytime we turn on the tv or MSM of any kind, with Obama as president, the world will be a fluffy wonderful place full of possiblities instead of the hellhole it is portrayed to be now.

    • Hey, I keep seeing more and more people saying that they’ll write in for Ron Paul – I doubt he’ll win, but maybe if enough of us vote for him we can at least make a big enough impact that the media will have no choice but to publicly admit that a large portion of country has given up on the one party scam that is the Republicrats.

    • Ron Paul performs better against Obama than any other Republican candidate in straw polls conducted by many polling agencies, yet you don’t really hear that anywhere.

    • larry, im with you there. ill “waste” my vote all i want, since 1.) its mine 2.) i dont want romney or obama in office. It makes it a fairly simple deduction.

      It was sure funny watching romney, santorum, and gingrich debate with ron paul. utterly hilarious.

      “but…but…i wasn’t eligible for the draft! I wasn’t eligible for the draft” LOL hilarity!

  8. Mittens is likely to be a GWB toward 2A matters. Pay lip service to antis when politically useful, though happily let congress kill anything stupid before it ever reaches his desk, like the AWB “renewal”.

    While I would just love a let’s roll everything back to 1933 President, that’ll take a while. Right now, I’ll take GWBesque 2A support over Obama’s ban everything mentality.

    We’ve been winning a lot of battles for gun rights of late. The war is far from over. This years election will be a MAJOR battle in that war, and only the most vapid of idealist would sit at home and sulk because Reagan v.2 didn’t pop out of the woodwork.

        • Where has the explicitly stated that his intent to ban guns (or the other things youve mentioned)? I dont support him and wish him out, however if he wanted to ban guns so bad, he would have done if over executive order within the last three years. He might want to ban firearms, however he knows and realizes that he cannot.

    • wtf has obama banned? Factually you are wrong on all levels. The US is actually exporting petroleum products, the 2 amendment hasn’t been touched, and america’s industry is producing now more than ever.

      Dont get me wrong, there is a legitamite b–ch for the BS obama has pulled, such as continuing BS from bush. that alone makes him despicable. Of course, he is certainly better than mccain would have been 🙁

      • Well, let’s see, how about we start with banning drilling in the Gulf and move on dot org. I guess you never visited “” when it was up. Yeah, they took it down, but Obama stated quite clearly that he wanted to make the ban on “assault weapons” PERMANENT. O-Zero is doing everything he can to ban the constitution. You know, that nasty old piece of paper that gets in his way all the time. And, the list goes on .

    • I think that also. Makes me wonder if it is really about running because you want to make the country stronger, or are you just doing it for yourself. Makes the republicans look like Floyd Mayweather waiting for Manny Pacquiao to get older, because they are afraid to lose.

    • I’ll disagree. I’d take Mitt over W any day. He’s probably the smartest candidate we’ve had in decades, but he needs some polishing as a politician. We do face a national crisis. Clinton and Bush sowed the seeds of the mortgage-banking-budget disaster. I believe Mitt is the right guy to work on the national spending pathology.

  9. Once again I will be voting against Obama and once again the other choices are less than ideal.
    This is not the time to throw away your vote, get behind the republican candidate who has the best chance of beating BHO even if he/she is less than ideal.
    If Obama gets 4 more years it will be more than gun rights that we will lose.

    • Even if the “Republican” candidate supports the same polices as Obama? If Romney gets in, we’ll likely have a permanent “scary looking weapons” ban, along with strengthened national health care.

      • I did not mention or think that Romney is the best choice but so far he looks like the lead dog in this hunt.
        So whats my choices – BHO with scary looking weapons ban, national health care, more lib supremes, more bowing and kissing of asses and rings of foreign leaders, apologizing for burning Korans used to send messages in Afghanistan prisons, F & F, keystone pipeline, energy sec who thinks high gas prices are good .
        I could be here all night with things I don’t like about this administration.
        Or voting for the most likely to defeat BHO and if it happens to be Romney and taking my chances seems like the better alternative.
        Whats your choice for next POTUS ?

        • Ron Paul, considering he’s the only candidate who’s ever read the US Constitution, let alone support following it.

          But go ahead, keep perpetuating out one party system where the American people lose in every election. Eventually, I’ll say “F**K this game!” and eat a bullet while you’ll still be suffering the consequences of voting for tyrant after tyrant.

        • Earlier post you stated that you didn’t think RP could win. Threw my vote away one time for Ross Perot, won’t do that again.
          I will vote for who ever I think will beat BHO.
          Not a republican, I am a conservative.
          Don’t have any plans for eating a bullet.
          Tyrant after tyrant ?
          Gotta go now I have to get back in the bunker.

        • “I will vote for who ever I think will beat BHO.”

          Even when the person most likely to beat him has the same goddamn policies? It’s people like you who caused this whole mess. Instead of voting for the right person for the job, you simply vote for whoever your news station of choice tells you to vote for, which is why the Republicans and the Democrats are essentially the same party these days.

          Go ahead, vote for Barack Romney or Mitt Obama – same candidate, different skin color.

  10. I don’t want my nieces and nephews to die in more Middle Eastern wars. Is Ron Paul the only peace candidate?

  11. I don’t believe Mitt is the right choice for our gun rights or our country. It really surprises me that ted didn’t endorse Ron Paul. Looks like I’ll be burning all my ted nugent stuff

  12. So a pants-pooping ‘your kid goes but not me’ guy backed a GOP candidate for POTUS?

    Why am I not surprised.

    The Nuge is NOT my spokesman for RKBA. I’ll leave that up to those who did not get out of serving our country.


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