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Well that didn’t work out so well. We’ve had some real issues with TTAG product availability and quality and order processing and fulfillment. (Other than that, it’s been smooth as silk.) So I’m suspending sales of TTAG’s shirts and caps. If you’ve ordered any products from us, I will refund your money within the next seven days and add $10 for your trouble. Ping [email protected] with some sort of proof of your non-purchase (yes, it was that bad). TTAG stuff will return once we get our you-know-what together. We’ll be going upmarket with the finest quality merch money can buy. And yes, you WILL be able to buy it and receive it quickly. Apologies for this screw-up. It won’t happen again.

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  1. Robert, can I keep my payment on the TTAG books for when shirts become available again? The twenty (or ten or whatever it was) bucks I can live without. The shirt, that I need.

  2. RF – a class act, to be sure. This is what customer service really is. The only other time I have seen this was with Remora holsters.

    On the other side of the coin – when you get 4X shirts, I am ready to buy.

  3. Let me interrupt this love fest for an important message…

    “Admitting you have a Problem is the First Step to Recovery”

    Frankly RF, your communication on this front has sucked!! If this mea culpa had occurred 90 days ago (when I first started emailing you about WTF was up), our relationship would have remained untarnished. Instead I got a couple of “We’re-working-on-its” and then silence. I felt like you were screwing me over a lousy $40.00. In short, you lost my trust and it will take more than awhile for you to earn it back. But this is a first step. My email is in your inbox.

    I have one more suggestion. Instead of relying on this public confession (which will be off the front page by this afternoon), why don’t you get off your butt and review your PayPal account to see who you owe money to and just send it today!

    We now return you to your regularly, scheduled program…


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