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A great number of left-leaning California pols would prefer Governor Jerry Brown to sign the three anti-gun rights bill on his desk One of them (AB 144) would end the practice of open carry—despite the fact that firearms carried openly by civilians in The Golden State have to be unloaded (condition four). Exhibit A: Sandy Sheedy is the District 2 Councilwoman for the City of Sacramento, whose motto is Urbs indomita: Indomitable City. So much for fighting city hall, then. [h/t to ]

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  1. I hate disparaging strangers looks (not really, but I’ll stick to it), and perhaps the lighting was a bit unflattering, but she looks like she just came away from the “Night of the Living Politician” party at Madame Tussaud’s in San Francisco. Another air-head, botox addict.

    But to her defense, I’ll give her a mulligan on the unloaded gun thing. We all know that far too many people have been killled and maimed by “unloaded guns” that weren’t, you know, actually unloaded. In this case though, I don’t think that is really what she meant.

    So, is Jerry going for a pocket veto? I haven’t seen any news flashes regarding the several gun bills currently sitting on his desk.

    • “We all know that far too many people have been killled and maimed by “unloaded guns” that weren’t, you know, actually unloaded.”

      There have also been plenty of people killed with guns that actually WERE unloaded. There’s a reason why soldiers are still trained in hand-to-hand combat with their rifles.

  2. Councilwoman Sheedy could be a disciple of Jeff Cooper given her perfect grasp of Rule #1. Quoting from scripture: “All guns are always loaded.”

  3. I gotta agree — she’s one scary looking beyotch and a fitting tribute to the stupidity of the California electorate. See, Lincoln was wrong. You can fool all of the people all of the time, if the people are fools to begin with.

  4. Somewhat off topic: Last night, in my town of Portland, two toddlers (ages 3 and 2) played with a loaded .380 semi-auto while the parents where in another room. The two year old got shot and is currently in the hospital in fair condition. I’m not a parent so I’m not sure if I’m being fair or objective when I’d like to see such irresponsible adults prosecuted. I guess it all depends on the specifics to each situation.

  5. Pistol bayonets, anyone? You know those impractical, un-holsterable, and just ugly things that bolt onto Glocks?

    Maybe she referenced those hahaha. Or more likely she’s just a psychobitch. Nobody will jump her bones without ingesting near fatal quantities of liquor, that’s for sure.

  6. I am from Sac – but a different district. However, if you knew the areas that encompass her district – lots of violence and probably not the smartest of voters (based on the outcome of her election).

    This city is pretty “progressive” and it doesn’t have many conservatives in elected office. (actually, not sure we have any – but I try to ignore the locals as much as I can).

    The good news – our Sheriff is virtual “shall-issue” now, so no need to UOC any longer, for about $400, you too can carry legally (provided you meet all of the requirements).

    • 400 bucks? All you’d need to do here in PA is walk into your local sheriff’s office and hand over 20 bucks. Some even issue on the spot.

      • Hey, it is a lot better than before when you had to be a big contributor to the Sheriff’s campaign before you got a CCW.

  7. I found an article that states that Kim Mack, who ran Obama’s local campaign in 2008, is running against Sandy Sheedy in the next primary.

    Here’s the quote that had me spitting coffee: Mack said, “I’m running because sometimes you just need a fresh face.”

    • During the campaign, Kim Mack trained large groups of Obamacons how to spread the message of Obama. She told her glassy-eyed volunteers to avoid discussing policy and issues, and to focus on sharing stories about their own personal conversion experience to supporting Obama. It was all about building the cult of personality.

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