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Austin-based IDF veteran, Krav Maga instructor and gun guru Ron Grobman is offering TTAG readers a 15 percent discount on upcoming Tactical Fitness courses. Click here, choose your course, register and use promo code TTAG at checkout. Here’s what’s on offer . . .

Pistol Shooting Fundamentals is designed for new shooters and experienced shooters that want to brush up on the fundamentals. The two-hour course covers the following topics, combining both live and dry fire drills.

– Firearms safety
– Semi-Auto Pistol Mechanics
– Safe loading and unloading of the pistol
– Shooting fundamentals: stance, grip, trigger control, use of sights
– Shooting to various distances

The Urban Combat weekend will be two days of specialty courses. Day one will cover urban patrol tactics and techniques; the essentials of gunfighting in urban environments. Day two will cover vehicle close quarter battle defensive techniques and tactics both in static and dynamic environments.

Marcelo Esperandio – Owner of Esperandio Tactical Concepts, former Brazilian Army – Current SWAT officer (Santa Catarina), arial operations officer, and Special operations instructor.
Claudio Andrade – Owner of Andrade Combat, former Brazilian Marines – Current SWAT officer (Rio de Janeiro), head or Rio de Janeiro Tactical Intervention team and hostage rescue. 

Ron Grobman – Owner Tactical Fitness Austin – former IDF special Forces Sniper/ Krav Maga instructor.

Day 1 – TOPICS URBAN COMBAT – Urban Patrol

– Weapons handling
-Shooting positions
– Effective use of cover
– Multiple target engagement
– Moving under fire in urban scenarios
– Scanning techniques
– Scenario based shooting drills

Day 2 – TOPICS URBAN COMBAT – Vehicle Close Quarter Combat (Students must attend day one to participate in day two VCQC.)

– Situational awareness
– Combat mindset
– Applied ballistic in vehicles
– Shooting positions in and around vehicles
– Effective use of vehicle cover
– Multiple target engagement
– Moving and shooting around and to cover
– Shooting inside vehicles
– Immediate action techniques
– Vehicle counter-ambush techniques
– Scenario based shooting drills

Ron is an up-and-coming force in the training community, specializing in real-world close-quarters combat. Places are strictly limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn world-class skills at a healthy discount.

[NOTE: TTAG resident war hero and combat medic Jon Wayne Taylor will be attending.]

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  1. I support Robert and Co, loyal reader for 4 years Ish, but I don’t support deception. It is deceptive if you post a standard article/post and 2 posts later post a paid advertisement from a company run by the poster. Robert you have every right to do what you want, as this site and all its success are yours. I just think it leads to moral ambiguity when such business dealings are engaged in. Respect the readers enough to be direct.

  2. This Post leaves questions about dates and location that would’ve made it more effective.

  3. I read it wrong because the title was not in the red font meaning advertisement
    I thought discount meant “meh”, not monetary discount.
    I thought RF was calling us all OFWGs.

  4. Hey as long as TTAG makes it clear its paid content who cares? Looks to me like they made it pretty clear considering the whole post is red, and it says so on the top of the article. Moneys got to be made guys. No need to criticize the author for being honest about what this is. A whole lot of places genuinely try to pass this stuff off as news plus theres even a discount for anyone thats interested! I say good on TTAG for being honest, and upfront admitting what they are doing.

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