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The winner of last week’s contest was Srirachapocalypse. He’ll soon be receiving a LaRue Tactical Battlefield Mixer. This week’s prize is a Zerust Vapor Capsule courtesy of Flambeau Outdoors. To win, enter the best caption for this pic in the comments by Sunday at midnight. Have at it.

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  1. Note to Viewer: It was called “Upper Lake” before “The Big One”. It is now called “Lower Lake”.

      • That’s because Asians from the SF Bay Area rent a U-Haul and poach anything they can find from salmon to bears, which they take back to the bay area to sell to restaurants, etc. They also raid the forests for mushrooms.

        • I doubt the Asians had anything to do with hunting the California Grizzly to extinction. More likely it was the Big White Hunter. Less than 75 years after the discovery of gold in 1848, almost every grizzly bear in California had been tracked down and killed. The last hunted California grizzly was shot in Tulare County, California, in August 1922, although no body, skeleton or pelt was ever produced. Two years later in 1924, what was thought to be a grizzly was spotted in Sequoia National Park for the last time, and thereafter, grizzlies were never seen again in California. They were hunted because they ate cattle, and the ranchers just couldn’t have that.

        • My son in law, pasty white, raids mushrooms all over CA and sells them to eateries. He’s also been known to, sans license or permission, to kill turkey with a crossbow.

      • Yes, that is the essence of the joke, and the reason for the appropriateness of the littlest of this posse to be the one armed.

  2. And in the news today, the California legislature has decided that, having effectively curtailed the 2nd amendment rights of all its current day citizens, they wish to extend their jihad backwards in time. Any current or former citizens of the state displaying firearms in photographical, or video evidence, shall be fined and jailed. Fines and jail time will be awarded posthumously to deceased citizens, and then applied to the nearest living next of kin. The image shown is an example of photographic evidence that will be used in the witch hunt…I mean cleansing…I mean geonocide

    • Given some of the stuff California has tried re taxing retirement funds, and is doing re rental real estate …. you may be more right than you know.

  3. Shortly after this picture was taken, the adolescent female was apprehended for possession of lead ammunition while hunting squirrels, without a permit. Law enforcement is still deciding on whether or not to press further charges for possession of an unregistered “assault” weapon but they have so far been unable to determine what that phrase actually means as it’s lost all meaning inside the borders of the union’s most populous state. She will most likely be charged…. Because guns!!

  4. Keep this photo, it’s the exact location of where our boat with all the other guns was sunk knowing the future of the State.

  5. “…pictured here with her mother and father (who, tragically, later this same day, committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head with a high-capacity tubazine Winchester assault weapon), two years later, little Dianne Feinstein would become the youngest person ever elected to the US Senate. She continues to serve to this day…”

  6. ‘And here children is a photo from California’s evil past where you’ll note that the racist and misogynistic father is smoking tobacco while the obviously oppressed mother stands comotose as a child is forced to hold an early assault weapon.’

  7. California: A State of Excitement!

    Full Disclosure: That headline was used for an article in Time magazine in 1969 to describe the state with it’s (at the time) tuition free world-class university system, stunning public works, enormous and sophisticated (at the time) infrastructure and moderate tax rates to go with a perfect climate and all the geography anyone could want.

    • Believe it or don’t. I saw CA for the first time in the 60s. Place was close to paradise. It still has its good moments. I’ve never been out of work, except when I wanted to be, since I came here.

      CA still has great potential. It just needs a housecleaning.


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