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Every year around this time, the editors of various firearms-related publications retreat to their respective smoke-filled back rooms to count up their receipts and determine which companies paid them the most money produced the best products. TTAG doesn’t play that game . . .

Instead we ask you, our gentle readers, to tell us what impressed you the most. We then tabulate the results and announce the results here for all the world to see. Well, it’s that time again.

We invite you to use the system below to enter your vote in the 2017 TTAG Reader’s Choice Awards. You get one vote per IP address. PLEASE only vote for products that came out this year. While great guns like the IWI Tavor, SIG SAUER’s MPX or the Smith & Wesson 642 are certainly worthy, they weren’t intro’d in 2017.

I’ve gotten things started by populating the system with some of the new products that came out at this year’s SHOT Show and the NRA Annual Meeting this year, but feel free to write in anything else I may have missed.

You get one vote per category, and once you’ve voted the system will lock you out (third party cookies might also need to be enabled in your browser). Any write-ins you enter will be presented as options to all subsequent voters.

Cast your vote before December 24th and we’ll report the results after the holidays. Thanks!

For those having trouble seeing the embedded version below, please CLICK HERE.

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  1. I’m not really impressed with anything on any of those lists.

    Screw it, writing in the Ian/Karl WhatWouldStonerDo rifles. Hopefully some builder takes notice and figures out how to mass produce those cheaply, some of those parts are a bit on the expensive side.

  2. I’ve got the Leupold LRP. I’m taking it back so they can install a different reticle and have the Custom elevation dial made.
    Love it.

  3. *SMH*

    There’s no such thing as a “silencer” except for what you see in the movies and grand theft auto.

    • While suppressor is a better word, the legal term the ATF uses is “silencer,” as Hiram Maxim called his device a “silencer” 100 years ago.

    • Most people who would chastise others for calling it a silencer, usually do not own any silencers themselves.

      The correct term is silencer. There is no such thing as a suppressor, which is a PC term invented by a gun writer.

      • The words are essentially interchangeable when describing screw on / clamp on devices with baffles designed to reduce the sound signature of firearms.

      • I always preferred suppressor simply because it’s more accurate. The devices in question don’t “silence” the gun shot. However, I truly abhor the annoying assholes that feel the need to correct someone on such a trivial matter. I’ll call it a fuckin gun muffling turd enhancer if I damn well please. This is America.

  4. Wew lads. That was a rough looking list. Not because of lack of selections this year.. not that. I LOVE TTAG– but the site itself is ROUGH. Just saying, I could really help clean up your site. There’s lazy coding and suspicious links and pop ups galore, and this end of the year list was just sloppy: multiple blank selections, bad formatting, unattractive presentation, confusing selections (why does the Pistols category include “ALL MPs” and then blank columns, and further down you have “SW — M&P 20 compact”? That’s just unappealing and confusing, especially considering that’s one of the premier pistol entries of the year.

    If you guys want some help, I’m here.. I’d be glad to give you guys help polishing up the site. This is in my opinion the premier source for firearms news on the internet in 2017. It’s presentation should reflect as much.

    Happy holidays!

    (PS who is the magenta-haired lass I see in the pic above? I’ve seen her before but cannot place her at the moment.)

    • Clic bait , and a channel to acquire information about firearms owned and what circumstances it would take to use that firearm!. ….. I know for a fact that this site is monitored by the FBI.

    • Yeah, it’s not my best work. Like I tell Robert and Dan, I can do functional — I can’t do pretty.

      Maybe we’ll class it up a bit next year. This year the gun review DB function got a facelift, I might be able to do that here too. But for now, it works acceptably well.

  5. I wasn’t sure where you would put a PCC or pistol-caliber-should-be-carbine-but-sold-as-pistol-so-either-add-brace-or-sbr guns, eg b&t GHM9… Doesn’t seem right to put it in the pistol category next to more conventional pistols. Same as those NFA skirting shotguns that aren’t shotguns or pistols, I guess there should be an other firearm category.

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