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Everything either grows or dies. Sometimes, like another website I started, it does both. I’ve learned my lesson. While TTAG evolves physically, functionally and editorially the basics will remain the same. Same number of posts, same commenting system, same rock garden design. Meanwhile, my Main Man Malanshak’s fixin’ glitches. We know the “Load More Entries” button on the iPhone / Mobile version is busted. We know some of you can’t edit your comments. If you could provide the M-man with details of your issues, he’ll get right on them. And then move towards Beta testing the new design. And then create the lead generation software we need to stay afloat. Suffice it to say, without you on board it wouldn’t be worth it. Thanks for reading and your patience. [email protected]

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  1. The nice thing about this website is how easy it is read what’s posted. Please don’t make it so hip, trendy, techno-cool that it becomes cluttered.

  2. Could start by fixing the “share” logo that is missing on each post, and has been since I started reading the site. Not that I’m evangelizing social networking clutter– much the contrary, but broken images are ugly.

    Also, yes, a custom publishing application would be infinitely better than wordpress. Happy to offer some suggestions along those lines if you like. (It is, among many other things, what I do.)

  3. Ah, WordPress. Being a blog owner myself I am frequently faced with these issues as well. A couple of rules I stick to religiously has helped minimize the headaches.
    1. I never update to a new version of WP until a good month has passed.
    2. I take the time (this step sucks by the way) to check compatibility of all themes and plugins.
    Love your site. Keep up the good work!

  4. My only suggestion would be to swap the position of the “Recent Comments” block and the “Gun Reviews” block. It’s a little thing, but at my resolution, the bottom of the initial page load stops at the Categories box, so I have to scroll down a half screen to see the Recent Comments. It’d be nice to see them immediately, hence the swap.

  5. What I like most about the current format is that there are always at least a half dozen or more articles on the home page and I can almost always read enough on an article to decide if I need to make the “jump”. Like others, I like that it is not too cluttered.

    My only suggestion is that I wish there was an EZ way to go back x number of days to start my reading. (re: Occasionally there are times when I cannot visit TTAG everyday.) If there is already a way that I am not using, then I’m sure you’ll respond.

  6. Okay, here’s something maybe for the far future, because it won’t be easy to implement: read/unread comments. SBNation, the sports blog network, has a feature that shows you which comments you’ve read or haven’t read on each post, and allows you to jump to the next unread comment. It’s great for keeping up with the discussion, especially as replies to replies to replies appear in the middle.

    As I said, it wouldn’t be easy to implement, and would require registration, but it would be a very cool feature to have.

  7. I would like the article image on the home page link directly to the article like title does, not just take you to the image itself.


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