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Commentator James wasn’t happy with my post on Top Shot Season 4 Episode 1. To use the English expression, my fascination with Michelle Viscusi’s T-shirt [not shown] really got on his tits. “All you guys (staff included) should lay off on the “zOMG TiTS!!!11″ shit. It’s impolite, counterproductive, and frankly, pretty damned creepy. If this was a forum full of 8th graders who have never seen or touched a tit, it might be understandable. But FFS, this is the internet . . .

If you want to see tits, just go look up some damn tits already. Once in a while, I could understand a picture of some slut toting a Desert Eagle or an AR or whatever. But when there’s two or three posts every day that amount to nothing more than “tee hee hee i liek b00bies,” it’s fucking repulsive.”

In my defense, I’d like to draw James’ attention this biographical profile provided by Top Shot’s PR team:

When she’s not securing the border, Michelle works as a model for a weapons accessories company.

So Ms. Viscusi’s no stranger to sexual exploitation, however you define it. A definition that certainly includes money. And a direct appeal to the viewers’ reproductive predilections. Which makes it a free and fair trade IMHO.


That said, I get it. Just because Michelle Viscusi’s telegenic appeal factored into her selection as a contestant (and the ensuing wardrobe selection and editing process) is no reason for TTAG to harp on about it. Clearly, our mammary-minded meta-media misegos is perpetuating the the producers’ puerile pandering. We should rise above it.

And yet, as the only member of staff with a minor in child psychology, I’ve been tasked (by a ruthless, ratings-driven boss) with blogging Top Shot’s carefully manufactured human drama (a.k.a., tsuris). It appears that, for the first time in the history of the History Channel shooting show, sex will be a factor. Not the sex of the contestants, but the prospect of actual-honest-to-god man-on-woman sex.

Will anyone shag anyone on the show? And how will that impact their marksmanship? I don’t know about you but my marksmanship improves after sex. Well, it did before my second wife and I split up. Oops! So now you know the real reason I’m breast obsessed. And at my age too . . .

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    • I’m responding to a comment made on the site, bringing an editorial issue into wider discussion and defending my decision to publish material that the reader decried.

      As for making fun of James, I don’t think so. Elevating James’ comment to a post, quoting him verbatim and pointing out a perspective he may have missed (or dissed or dismissed) is not denigration. IMHO.

      BTW: As this is a housekeeping post, readers are free to flame TTAG—within the bounds of good taste. How ironic is that?

  1. I guess I’m still immature since I still crack up when I think of your comment on the Subaru Tribeca front end. Flying vagina indeed.

  2. While watching the show last night, I had the same thought….there is a chance of someone hooking up this season.Well, first I actually said out loud, “dang, she has big boobs”. I hope they don’t play the sex bit up too much, I don’t want this turning into The Real World with guns, there was enough manufactured drama last season.

  3. just as this site is to preserve the 2A there is a thing called the 1A we need to take somethings tongue and cheek and if you don’t like it just don’t look or read it….move on to the next artical..I’m sure you will find something else that will meet your standards

  4. I like pretty ladies, have since I turned 12 years old oh so many years ago. Having said that, I do find that you guys are a bit obsessed with breasts, especially after the creepy “Field strip Tec 9” video, which may have been the straw that broke James’ back. If you want to continue to show cleavage, I’ll continue to look, but you may be alienating your female members, plus playing into the stereotype that we gun owners are all a bunch of slobering fools.

  5. This is the problem you admit to taking enjoyment in covering this particular aspect of the show aka the objectification of one part of a females body, you dont talk about how she got relatively little air time when it actually got to the shooting competition, or that those breasts in that lovely shirt were only in one scene.

    on top of that the not so subtle comment about her last name in the other post doesn’t help your case it just makes you come off as something you probably dont intend to make yourself look like, aka a dirty old man with to much time on his hands.

    • You speak like that is something to be ashamed of?!?

      I am dumping as much money into my retirement account as I can so that I can be “a dirty old man with too much time on his hands.”

      • just as a heads up dirty old men generally do not get The girl, they get the leftovers.

        but seriously with how often Super models or tits get shown on a blog thats supposed to be about guns, and the politics around guns, its geting repetitive and its not constructive to the discussion. Secondly if your going to point out the obvious why not talk about the not so obvious like how the girl got no airtime during the actual shooting competition they didn’t even show her running up to the platform to take her shots. Or how she may actually be a real competitor that gets farther than 2-3 shows unlike most other seasons. Yet nope no discussion of anything other than the woman’s name and Tits. This is the problem not that there is an intrest in Tits Boobs Breasts or any other name you want to call them.

        • I thought I put the woman’s assets in the proper context in the original post. But then I would say that wouldn’t I?

  6. Readers somehow feel that the internet is “theirs” and that they have control over the content they read. Ironically the people who frequent this site are frequently pointing the finger at the younger generation for their entitlement problems. Sorry OFWG TTAG readers…The problem is you. OFWG are typically the biggiest whining blowhards of the entire American demographic.

    If people don’t like what is posted on this blog they can take a hike. It is simple as that. Seriously. If you feel butthurt by anything on this site you can drag your own useless carcass somewhere else.

  7. I like pretty people – the world is plenty ugly and it needs as much counterbalance as it can get. And the cliche is true: sex sells. Like everyone else in the media, I suppose TTAG has to be a ratings whore (in the best non-gender- specific denotation of that word). The more clicks and comments, the better, as far as TTAG is concerned.

    In the end, it depends on what this site wants to be. On the one hand, there’s a lot of high-minded talk here about “the truth about guns” and the support of the second amendment and the gravity of defensive gun use, and so forth. Those are not small or easy or cheap topics. On the other hand, there are so many sophomoric posts and demeaning articles, which undermine the ostensible seriousness of the site and practically guarantee that it will be dismissed or disregarded by some of the people you should be trying to reach out to.

    It’s your site, and if you want to chortle over pretty women, go for it. It will get you more hits and comments. Whether it makes for a better site – whether it helps the site approach its intention – is debatable.

  8. Dear James,

    If you don’t find women attractive, I’m sure that you’d be more than happy spending your time browsing Lemon Party.

    Trust me, we won’t miss you.


    The heterosexual male readers who are capable of looking at an attractive girl without going into a Tourette’s fit

    • “Lemon Party”
      Oh, dude. You went there. Here’s hoping he’s not familiar with that meme…

      • I wasn’t, but after checking the entry for it on Wikipedia, it’s in and of itself an interesting commentary on what Totenglocke spends his internet bill on, when he’s not drooling over tit pics here.

  9. I like whole chickens, then legs, but breasts will do in a pinch. But the smile is what wins my heart!

  10. Some heterosexual women enjoy seeing an attractive woman almost as much as us men. My fiancée was watching top shot with me last night and said “I’m glad the girls dont suck as bad this season, that one’s pretty hot.”

    We as a country are suffering from over sensitivity to a lot of things. This sometimes leads to passing stupid freaking laws. For that reason alone, we all need to lighten up and realize we are in complete control of the content we view.

  11. I too am annoyed by the gratuitous boobs on this blog. I know where to find bewbs on teh intarwebz, and looking for boobs is not the reason I visit here.

    • But not too annoyed to continue to post in the threads? Seriously? This blog runs the gambit of posts – the “bewbs” are actually fairly seldom and always in context of gunnery.

      • “But not too annoyed to continue to post in the threads? Seriously?”

        Yeah, seriously. You seem to be implying that if I don’t like every single thing posted on this blog that I should either keep quiet or go away.

        I tried to be lighthearted by using kiddie-slang in my post, but in all seriousness: while I appreciate and enjoy this blog, I would enjoy it more if it had less cheesecake. I also would be more likely to recommend it to others and share links to posts that I see here. As it is, I know I have friends and family members who would be less, shall we say, understanding of the scantily-clad women, which means I usually don’t share any links to this blog.

        • Well, there you go – TTAG should only be discussing the wonderful “sizes” of grips, the need of “forward assists”, and the amazing trigger of “striker”-fired weaponry. And don’t forget your “sling”.

    • Watch closely:

      Premise A: There are bewbs on teh interwebz.
      Premise B: This blog is on teh interwebz.
      Premise C: You are viewing this blog.

      Therefore, there is a non-zero probability that you will see bewbs. Q.E.D.

      • Watch closely:

        Premise A: This is a post is about a commenter thinking this blog is “breast obsessed”.
        Premise B: I agree with that commenter, to some degree. (“Breast-distracted” might be my formulation.)
        Premise C: I am in the comments section of that post.

        Therefore, there is a non-zero probability that you will see me offer my opinion in support of the referenced commenter. Q.E.D.

        • There is also a non-zero probability that someone or someones will comment on said opinion. No need to get butthurt about it.

            • Not by half. It was a clever riposte, and imitation is the highest form of flattery. However, the fact that you even replied to my post does seem to indicate that I struck a nerve, and the fact that you copied my format would seem to indicate that you thought I deserved to be mocked.

              • “deserved to be mocked”?

                Nah, just smacked upside the head (figuratively) with your own formulation. 🙂

  12. I don’t take offense, but I do wonder who you want to attract to the site. I’m not turned off by the boobs, but it does lend much more of a frat-house air to the community. If that’s what you want, cool. I also enjoy reading cracked and collegehumor. But let’s just say that TTAG is *not* the first place I send women I am teaching to shoot if they want to learn more about guns.

      • Cornered Cat. Hands down, the best female-oriented concealed carry site I’ve found. Really helped Mrs. Moonshine get comfortable with the idea of carrying.

        • That’s where I send them. I’m man enough to admit I don’t know the first thing about purses. Take my man card if you must.

        • +1. Though the site really suffered from lack of new content while the author re-purposed most of the site into a book. Still, if someone is brand new to all this, it’s a great intro site for women.

  13. I think guns and girls, mostly their boobs, go together like a fine wine and beef a roni. Perfect. Some may not agree. They would prefer their wine with something else, like a tuscan style pan seared ribeye steak, medium rare, with buttery mashed potatoes. I digress. You can pair a fine wine with spaghetti-os, and I’ll be the happiest guest at your party. Or you can just serve the wine they came for, let them bring their own food, and everybody gets drunk and happy.

    Boobs are everywhere on the internet. The truth about guns is not.

    • “I think guns and girls, mostly their boobs, go together like a fine wine and beef a roni. Perfect.”

      Simple pleasures for simple minds, I guess.

      “Boobs are everywhere on the internet. The truth about guns is not.”

      My point exactly.

  14. I got rid of my TV long ago. Thanks for filling in the gaps for me to one or two of the few good things on the boob tube. BTW, I have saved Michelle’s picture boobs, guns, and all to my desktop. Think I’ll go take a peek at her now.

    • I’m not sure that you realize just how sick that is.

      OK, save whatever picture you want. Masturbate to it until your prick is raw and bleeding. Whatever.

      From whence comes this need to publicly announce your masturbatory fantasies on a gun related site?

  15. I am one of the writers, not sure if that qualifies as “staff”.

    Bachelors have a different view of this than married men. Churchgoers will see things differently than the secular-minded. I would be less prurient in my editorial determinations, but it ain’t my site and there is plenty of posts that are boobenrein.

    That said, substitute Michelle for one of my daughters or granddaughters and I think I might be getting pissed off. I would also like to see more ladies write or give an opinion.

    Destinee – care to venture an opinion? Congresswoman McArthy?

      • Same here. I just don’t see the need to mention the fact in any public manner. Like, oh… On the most read gun blog on the internet.

    • Martin Luther said you cannot keep birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from making a nest in your hair.

      My wife is a wonderful woman and deserves my full attention. When the birds fly overhead, I owe it to her to be as disciplined and thoughtful as I can.

      I also want my daughters and granddaughters to be respected as people and not leered at. On the other hand, how a woman is treated is not completely out of their control.

      All I am saying.

      • +1

        I have a sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, and a host of young ladies who have been members of the Venturing Crew my wife and I led for 15 years.

        I know there are young women who get attention by exposing themselves to various degrees, and that different guys have various levels of response to that.

        But I do not like things that encourage that practice. I would hope that TTAG editors (whom I admire and respect for their attempts to cover all aspects of gun ownership, both positive and negative) would avoid the sexualization of womens and guns, and those images that utilize sexualized women – whether or not they consent to the practice.

        Working with teenage young women for the past 16 years (and Scouts overall for more than 20) I am quite sensitive to the struggles they have with a society that hypes sex. We could be one place girls and women can go where they don’t have to deal with that.

        Just sayin’

        • Agreed. The inclusion of frequent “hot” pictures lowers the blog to the level of a college frat house, as someone else pointed out, or the car mechanic’s garage. It should rise above those.

          But much worse is the perpetuation of misogynist attitudes which are abhorrent whether people like to admit it or not.

      • I realize that multiple people posted something similar, so I’m just picking one post to respond to.

        “I also want my daughters and granddaughters to be respected as people and not leered at.”

        Why does having a daughter make men forget that the very woman that they had sex with to create said daughter is also someone else’s daughter? You’re being horribly hypocritical to state that sex is evil, finding a female attractive is wrong, blah blah, when if you hadn’t done those same “horrible” things, your daughter wouldn’t exist.

    • Tim,

      It’s really hard to step up and give an opinion on this topic as both a woman and a daily reader of TTAG. Much like trying to carry on a conversation when everyone is wearing hearing protection, it’s easier to smile, nod, and roll my eyes.

      Is it disappointing? Immensely. Am I a stranger to disappointment when looking for non-sexualized content the covers the topic of women and guns? Hardly. Even if the writer takes his topic seriously, the comments that follow inevitably take the topic elsewhere.

      I enjoy looking at a pretty woman as much as the next person; I guess I fail to see the point of drooling over her publicly.

      All my best,

      • WTF. For all the repeated commentary about STFU, to double down with another post about this shows a lack of good judgement. Let it go already. Everybody at the bar gave you a free pass and they are about to take it away.
        Playing to most of the readership, I believe you are making a huge mistake and alot of assumptions about how people see value in your site, about who will stop using your site, and why.
        You have a great site and it is foolish to run the risk of losing readers and editors who aren’t willing to sign off on the “I’m here with Bubba” stereotype that is building like a storm around this stuff. Why not keep the huge boobs pics on your drive and off my screen? Or open TTAB and post all you want and I will know where to find what I want and don’t want.

      • Thanks Danni – I appreciate your putting in your two cents. In the never ending work of keeping a free republic, we are all in this together. Mutual respect matters.

        A certain amount of booshwah is to be expected. It really is difficult to strike the right balance between being a dude and being a prude.

      • I’m sorry Danni, but I’ve heard more than enough women talk to know that they drool over “hunky” guys all the time and we would be hearing similar comments from women if this was a picture of Ryan Reynolds with his shirt off and 90% of the readers were women. The difference is that if they did post a picture of him and women did say that, you wouldn’t have men showing up in the comments being hypocritical and ranting about the evils of commenting on whether or not someone is of above average attractiveness.

    • Boobenrein morphs to boobenverein: I see the presence of the Michellesque on the site as RF’s effort to keep his mind off Ferrari’s during coffee breaks. It can’t be easy. Isn’t it true that some feminine pulchritude balances out all the “bearded guys shooting guns” pictures in a pleasant way? OK, I’ll cut right to my complaint: The clear move, as in the Tec-9 video recently, towards hi-tech materials in everything, the models not just the guns, is disappointing. If that chick had any more silicone she’d need scaffolding.

    • Hopefully my daughter or grandaughters wouldn’t become a scantily clad model, allowing for the commentary.

      • Hopefully my daughter or grandaughters wouldn’t become a scantily clad model, allowing for the commentary.
        You have a fair point, which is why I said the leering is not completely outside a woman’s control. Still, we live in a hypersexualized society. I don’t think it is healthy.

        I am not sure how this happened, but I think it is worse post-feminism.

    • Pissed at who Tim? Your daughter or granddaughter for presenting her body parts in a display window, or the people compelled to look?

  16. I didn’t even bother reading beyond the first paragraph. When a eunuch makes a comment, I tend to disregard it. It is not representative of the overall populous that eagerly reload your page 10 times a day. If anything you should have a topless tuesday coupled with sweater kittens of the day.

    ~sum yung guy

  17. I see a great set every single day, and I never say to myself “I am tired of boobies.”

    A woman once said: “I wonder why guys are obsessed with boobs, then I look d0wn and see mine and say “oh yeah”.”

    Carry on TTAG

  18. I come to this blog to see guns and read some stories about DGUs. I can go other places to see boobs. In fact, I can go to google right now, type in boobs and voila. I don’t care if you want to have a picture of an attractive woman when it is topical, but when you’re putting it just to go “HA HA WOMEN HAVE BOOBIES”, its a waste of a picture.

  19. Modern society is too PC boring, unbalanced, and controlling of our behavior. I can go to lots of places to see guns or boobies. I can go to a few sites that mix guns and boobies in a purely shallow sexualized gun-ignorant way. There is only one site on the Internet that can mix and present guns and boobies in a classy, funny, interesting, entertaining, and educational way. That site is The Truth About Guns.

    • “Modern society is too PC boring, unbalanced, and controlling of our behavior.”

      Ah, the rebellious teenager. A rebel without a cause.

      There’s nothing, “classy, funny, interesting, entertaining, and educational” about how this goes on here.

      “Durr hurr hurr TITS!” is not at all any of the above mentioned things. To prove it, picture in your mind all of the overweight or obese, undoubtedly hairy men sitting in the dark, sweaty, likely with bits of that last pastrami sandwich still stuck in their beards, drooling over pictures of tits and hearts racing, anticipating their chance to write, “zOMGLOOKATTHOSETITS” at the bottom of the page.

  20. Are not Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and Elle women’s publications?

    Would I be amiss in saying that they have no problem with showcasing skin and exploiting the female form? By your logic the best way to attract female readers is to exclude this form of activity while turning a blind eye to the fact that our society places the female form on a unique pedestal for all to admire.

    I fail to see the problem here.

  21. Ok try this challenge, try and find a picture of Michelle Viscusi where her knockers arn’t front and centre.
    And I haven’t touched a boobie in decades, now I feel sad…

  22. If some poor men are so dominated into kowtowing to politically correct societal demands, wives, and the all-around de-masculinization of modern men, that’s their problem. The rest of us understand and accept that there’s an undeniable biological attraction to breasts, and to be ashamed of that is to deny nature. Leftist-brainwashed feminazis and the males they’ve castrated can go ruin the rest of society like they’ve been doing for decades, leave guns alone.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, TTAG, your visitor numbers don’t lie.

    • #1

      The PC-types, feminazis, and over-zealous defenders of pedestaling women and keeping all males proper school boys would have it so that all guys should be controlled eunuchs. If readers are not into a certain type of article then don’t read it. If people don’t like guns then they don’t have to own one.

    • To deny nature? Why would you do that?

      If you are stronger, put your boot on those who are weak. It is but human nature.

      If they have something you desire, take it from them. It is but human nature.

      If they are attractive? Rape them. It is but human nature.

      If they offend you to the point of wrath? Kill them. It is but human nature.

      Personally? Biology can go sit in a corner and do what I tell it to do. I’m a civilized human being first and a creature subject to biological whims second.

      I’m quite attracted to women. Part of being civilized though, is treating all other humans on equal terms. Leering at them, making jokes, treating other humans like they’re only useful for their sexual attributes? That has no place in the behavior of any civilized human being.

      So take your flawed, useless, tired and simply wrong argument, put it in your pipe, and smoke it.

  23. I don’t see anything wrong with being a little breast obsessed and the guys at work loved this photo.

  24. AW C’MON YOU DIDN’T REALLY SAY THAT DID YOU FLAME DELETED You were making a glib commentary about her calculated wardrobe choice (which incidentally is the exact sort of shirt that we always try to discourage girls from wearing to the range), and I thought it was both funny and spot-on.

    It was pretty clear that James is full of it when he said you make “two or three posts a day” regarding “boobies.” If he were capable of making a case for raining on our parade without resorting to hyperbole I might be inclined to give his stance more consideration but as it stands-

    Harden the fuck up, James.

  25. The fact that there are, as of this posting, nearly 70 comments and it is only the 3rd most recent article should tell you something about the importance of the subject matter to your audience.

  26. A legitimate practical complaint could be boobs on the screen could draw undue scrutiny at work.

    A legitimate philosophical complaint is that we strive to be the “armed intelligentsia”, not the armed knuckle-draggers, slack-jaws, salivatiors, etc.


  27. FLAME DELETED James, the rest of us can see a nice pair of boobs on a pretty lady and simply admire them and her. We don’t have to flajulate ourselves every time a set comes along. Being a grown ass man, I have no problem with the fact that I like boobs(to be honest I’m an ass man too), or the fact that I like guns, and when they come together, it is oh so nice. Just because we like the equipment, does not mean we cannot appreciate the women for who she is as well.

  28. >A legitimate practical complaint could be boobs on the screen could draw >undue scrutiny at work.
    This…oh, and so do guns on the screen. ::sad panda::

    For what it is worth I do not think most women like being objectified–monetizing objectification complicates matters however.

    • hence the complaint “could be” and not “is” legitimate.

      I work in one of those places where people’s offices are covered in curios and weirdness… it would have to be much more than guns or boobs to draw scrutiny.


  29. NOTE: I have removed the flame war from this thread. Please be respectful of each others’ opinions.

    • But, Daaaaddddddddddy HE started it!!!


      I believe one of the deleted posts – a 200 or 250-some-odd word post – asked a number of pertinent questions of someone who professes to have expertise on the matter.


  30. As someone with some training in Child Psychology, and since we clearly are dealing with a high number of people who never progressed psychologically, intellectually or emotionally beyond the levels of children, I’d ask RF for an objective analysis of what it says about a grown man that not only has such obsessions (not just admiration, but clear fixation) to the point where anything said against it causes anger and hostility as evidence in the number of posts accusing me of “projecting” my problems onto them (as if I were the one sitting here writing out my desires and fantasies over a woman who dared to wear a t-shirt) and question my manhood for not sharing in their fantasies.

    It’s your site; run it how you want, post what you want. Obviously. But to foster this adolescent mentality while trying to objectively discuss real issues and problems in Second Amendment land is counterproductive at best, and undermines a good amount of credibility you have.

    Is someone who is looking for real information going to stumble across one of your gun or gear reviews or inadvertently end up on a post of tit pics with a bunch of slobbering mouth-breathers hammering out their masturbatory fantasies?

    I think the comments under Field Stripping a Tec9, the Sasha Gradiva post, even a couple of the comments left under the Emily got her gun post are strictly about Emily’s looks and nothing at all to do with anything other than, “mmmm sexy” or whatever.

    Jesus Christ, people – you’re turning me into some kind of feminist here.

    • “As someone with some training in Child Psychology …”

      So you stayed at a Holiday Inn last night?

      And calling others obsessed? Look in the mirror. Apparently this issue is consuming you which is apparent from your need to respond to every comment you disagree with on the internet. I would say get a life but do whatever blows your skirt up.

      Seriously, coming onto a gun blog to bitch about photos of hot women who posed for that very purpose. You really may need to go see your doctor about your hormone levels. I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman quite as sensitive as you.

    • “Jesus Christ, people – you’re turning me into some kind of feminist here”.

      No one here has the power to turn you into anything. No one here can make you angry or put you at peace. You choose to turn yourself into what you belief yourself to be and want to be.

  31. Like any politically-beset minority, gun owners owe it to all other gun owners and potential gun owners, and people who enjoy freedom and freedom from subjugation by force everywhere else to set the finest example possible.

    If we are to be seen as something else other than red-neck, unintelligent, thick-witted, without class paranoid people with an obsession that seems dangerous to the point of insanity to a high percentage of the uneducated masses – we need to comport ourselves in a manner becoming what we want others to think of us.

    If views are all that matter, keep on rollin’ with the titillating subject matter. Post Michael Bay-level stuff every day – gratuitous explosions, weapons and boobs.

    If the rights of every free American and every other person in the world who wishes to defend themselves in the face of oppressive governments, violent crime, or the tyranny of the strong in whatever shape or manner it may take matter to you?

    Cut it out with this stuff. Stop here. Stop today. Don’t make another flame-bait post with a titillating lead image.

    Or continue to stoop to the level I’ve come to expect and be the sort of place that I’ve depressingly come to expect.

    • That’s pretty much my exact point, only far more eloquently stated than I did.

      Who wants to be around a bunch of men (admittedly) armed-to-the-teeth who can’t stop thinking with their pricks?

      In all honesty, if we were to have an IRL gathering of the TTAG community – maybe a summer BBQ or a party at a banquet hall or what have you – I don’t think I’d be at all comfortable showing up with my wife.

  32. Hey Mr. Fargo i love your blog. Its your blog. Post it how you want it.

    Don’t change your the thing you’ve worked so hard to create just to make someone else happy.

    Simply put, do you think there is too much boob action?

    • If I did I wouldn’t post it. But this brand/website belongs to its readers. I am a slave to the brand.

      • I will simply say that, as a now older male who developed out of the young horn-dog 20(+) years ago– my youngest just turned 18, and is quite the attractive one. For me, karma’s the proverbial bitch.

        To me, the occasional picture may provide as eye-candy, it is not why I peruse this website.

        (I reread this a few times, and it seems to say what I want– just hope it really came out right)

        speaking of my young lass, we’re going to the range tomorrow (found a range that rents guns– time for her to try a few different guns besides what’s in the household)

  33. Wow, a lot of comments here, many from the usual suspects. Pesky work and children caused me to miss out. And a Flame War! Cool.

    With men and women, it is what it is, and we’ll often disagree about that. I’m raising my daughter to be a hardcore feminist or whatever the misogynists among you want to call it. But being attractive and using that to your advantage – what’s wrong with that? Men like to pretend that their maleness has nothing to do with their success, but are quick to criticise a woman for being a babe and getting ahead. I’m not saying all is right with the world of gender relations. I’m just saying quit your whining.

    Also, I’m okay with boobs, but I’m not okay with haters.

    • I’m not going to get into the feminist debate with you since we are usually/always at odds over it. FYI, not sure if you are aware, there is the gun show this Friday through Sunday at the Expo Center in Portland. I’m getting the new Ruger SP101 357 with the 4″ barrel 🙂

      • I am planning to hit the gun show, sadly without much of a jingle in my pocket. Maybe a spare mag for my 1965 vintage Ruger Mk I.

  34. Seriously? What is the matter with some of you people? First of all, she would not have had sexually provocative pictures taken if she didn’t want people (guys) to see them. My God, it seems like a loud, not large, minority of the readership of this website is full of guys who need to get on hormone replacement therapy. My fiance loves me and I love her. I like boobs, hers and other nice ones. This doesn’t bother her because she knows that, yes, “guys will be guys!” But at the end of the day, I love her and she loves me and we are true to each other despite temptations (I’m being generous, I’m hot sh*%). At least I’m honest about it unlike, and I guarantee this, someone like James who holds all of these liberal arts views on sexuality. People like you are either hypocrites or are seriously feminized. Grow a set and put that liberal arts degree aside.

  35. I am a relative newcomer to this blog, been reading stuff for about a month or so. It was recommended to me as a source of up to date info on second amendment issues, and firearm reviews that I could trust. For the most part, what was described to me is what I found, until this week. Hey it’s your blog, but the T&A pics, and the comments they draw tend to alienate folks. Women are a growing part of the sport of shooting and they are searching the web for info on guns, concealed carry issues, etc. So they find this blog and probably dismiss what they find because of the crude and rude behavior over images of some woman’s boobs. It’s a distraction from what the primary focus of the blog claims to be. It causes flame wars and builds resentment among the bloggers here. I don’t see much positive coming from it, but that is just my lowly opinion.

  36. The field of modern psychology, along with its belief system, is often dominated by feminists and politically correct eunuchs. Those people are often emotionally dysfunctional. I don’t think a single person cares about anyone else not ‘sharing’ (love that girly word use) an interest in adult men’s stated open attraction to a hot woman posing with a gun. Feminists and PC eunuchs are often or always opposed to men being men and expressing happiness in having guy talk over an attractive woman and not focusing on a woman’s brilliant character, intelligence, contributions to world peace and prosperity, etc. Obsession indeed.

  37. Ehh, it’s all a moot point cuz the tats ruin her body anyway….HAHAHAHAHAHA! That ought to shake the limb supporting the hornets nest.

  38. Lets use a term some Experts use, a lot.
    I’m a heterosexual male; the net result (some would say) of .5 billion years of evolution. This means that ALL the women in my family tree (that would be ALL women that gave birth to males) have chosen mates that valued boobies for what they are, undeniable man lures!
    Therefore I am the net result of .5 billion years of genetic hybridization at work.
    I am the net result of women that do the nasty with men that love the Boobies!
    Ergo it is all women’s fault!

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