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Brian Terry R.I.P. (courtesy

I cannot begin to know your pain. All my children are alive and well, thank God. But I understand what it means to be overlooked, ignored and belittled. Your son was shot by drug thugs wielding a firearm enabled by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). No one has been held accountable for the ATF’s illegal Fast and Furious program. No one has answered for the cover-up following his killing. The President himself has hidden documents relating to your son’s death behind Executive Privilege claims. All I can say to you on this Mother’s Day is this: thank you for your son’s service. And rest assured that some of us have not forgotten your son, nor forgiven those who betrayed his oath to the United States Constitution. And never will.

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    • I can only assume a dissenting opinion was deleted. So I’ll post my own.

      And rest assured that some of us have not forgotten your son, nor forgiven those who betrayed his oath to the United States Constitution. And never will.

      lol wut? US Border Patrol is well known to routinely violate the rights of American citizens with unconstitutional searches and inland checkpoints where they demand you show your papers, search your person and car, and if they have reasonable suspicion, conduct a body cavity search.

      In addition Terry was nothing more than a welfare queen. They get things like a $1,500 a year “uniform” allowance and “liberal retirement benefits” after 20 years on the job. When the hell did work clothes start costing $1,500 a year? Also I have 15 years working in IT and I doubt i’ll be able to retire, but if I was a welfare queen like Terry I could be collecting checks well before I’m 40.

      This man never served his countrymen, and he couldnt care less about the constitution. He only served his own self interest, and the interests of the politicians.

      • It wasn’t a dissenting opinion.

        It was a disparaging comment directed at RF.

        flame deleted

      • Brian Terry….

        U.S. Marine….

        Local police officer in his home state of Michigan….

        A United States Border Patrol Agent….

        Border Patrol’s elite BORTAC team member…..


        But a TROLL will NEVER do that, will he?

  1. No arguments on this one. That frivolous farce was a bad idea, badly implemented with a badly handled aftermath. Bad.

    I really don’t like the D.C. crowd.

  2. I’m probably being a little … something here, but somehow in my mind the phrases “I cannot begin to know your pain” and “Shout out” don’t really belong in the same article. “Message to” or “Thinking of” or something like that would probably be more appropriate.

      • I think the respect is a step in the right direction, RF. Not all who wear a uniform or work for the government are our enemies.

        I now have 40 years of federal and local service under my belt, none as a LEO. But I have known Marshals, FBI, State, County and local cops. And I have military time included.

        There are bad, even evil pols. But for the most part the rank and file folks are still just working Americans who live and contribute in our communities. We need everyone’s support to keep our civil rights intact.

  3. Hang on a second… why is the firearm and its source significant in the case of officer Terry’s murder, but not in every other case where someone is killed by an illegally purchased weapon. Do we honestly think that the criminals that committed this crime would not have attained a similarly capable weapon via other sources? Saying that a gun is a tool and that the evil lives (or doesn’t) in the person behind it has to apply to all cases. Regardless of the politics behind the case.

    Am I seeing a double standard where there isn’t one? Please help me out here. The 2A and all of our other civil liberties need to be defended against both R’s and D’s. I don’t think its worth undermining a core argument when to score political points.

    • Because of who was doing, or more specifically enabling and encouraging, the selling.

    • Are you serious or joking around?

      I don’t recall anyone ever saying the source of a weapon used in a crime was irrelevant…just that when most are sourced illegally restricting LEGAL means of obtaining firearms makes little difference.

      Would the criminals have gotten weapons from some other source? Most assuredly. But to find out that our government was allowing…no, CONDONING…the acquisition of weapons by murderous criminals is astonishing to me. This is not the first time things like this have happened. And it leaves less doubt in my mind that our government will not commit even more egregious acts in the future.

      • “just that when most are sourced illegally restricting LEGAL means of obtaining firearms makes little difference.”



    • The firearm and its source is significant in the case of Brain Terry because the very people entrusted to uphold and enforce our laws intentionally sold this exact weapon to known members of Mexican drug cartels IN ORDER TO TAKE AWAY THE 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS OF U.S. CITIZENS. They then destroyed careers and lives of whistleblowers in their efforts to cover up what they had done. In the end the only people punished were the whistleblowers. Their bosses kept their jobs or were allowed to retire with benefits and Holder and Napolitano and their boss all kept their jobs with no punishment whatsoever.

      You can argue that this murder may have still taken place with a different weapon even if our government hadn’t allowed more than 2500 weapons to be sold to known cartel members and associates, but it wouldn’t have happened with a weapon PROVIDED by the U.S. Government. The POTUS was in Mexico last week and mentioned again that U.S. weapons are killing their people! And nobody in our media or government has the balls to point out that hundreds of those deaths are his fault. Including the deaths of Americans Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata.

  4. My message to Mrs. Terry is your son suffered from believing that his chain of command cared about the same parchment he did. Maybe his immediate command did but rest assured his upper management does not. We live in a world of us & them. Them being the ones who care nothing of honor, service, nor leadership and only loyalty to themselves. Your son left this world utilizing all of his collective training, knowing the odds and moving towards harms way. From what I heard of your son, and if I could go back to that moment, would be by his side….know your heart aches, may the joy of his memories bring peace with you

  5. I don’t understand why you think anyone has demonized the gun that killed him, or the other guns that were knowingly sold to the drug cartels. Anything I’ve seen has only been directed at those who encouraged the guns to be put in the hands of known murderers.

    If you had a pistol for sale and you knew the man standing in front of you offering to buy it was going to use it to kill someone, would you justify selling it to him by saying “Oh, we’ll, if I don’t sell him MINE he’ll just get one somewhere else…”. I would NOT be mad at the gun…at all. But I WOULD think you were a POS for selling it to him.

  6. Man, this site has to be doing something right. Desperate trolls have just absolutely come out of the woodwork in the last week.

  7. Wow, this whole “service” thing is really getting sick. It meant something when we were actually in wars where countries were trying to destroy us. Going in to other countries and killing people doesn’t affect my “freedom” at all. So where’s the service? Thanking a Border Patrol officer for his service? What about the guy or gal working 40 hours a week to feed their f-ing family? They don’t deserve anything? This has to be the stupidest post yet on TTAG.

    • I’m going to take a wild guess at this and make the assumption that you work 40 hours a week at an unrewarding job that does not entail substantial personal risk to your life beyond the normal wear and tear of having to work. Let me also make the assumption that you resent those that DO have jobs that entail personal risk, such as those service jobs generally accepted by the majority of people as being a cut above the rest–firefighters, police, other armed law enforcement types, our military, for example–and due a higher level of respect because they DO put themselves in harm’s way for the general welfare, and YOUR job is not recognized in that manner.
      OK, here you go: THANK you for going out to work to feed your ‘f-ing family’ and not having the rest of us do it for you. THANK you for being man enough to support your wife and kids. THANK you for doing the right thing, that which is expected of all good men.
      And, THANK you for standing back and letting other men put themselves in harm’s way so that YOU can continue to work 40 hours a week to feed your ‘f-ing family.’

      Feel better?

  8. My sincerest condolensces.

    And to those who vilify government service in any and all of its forms, I say that it is your 1st Amendement right. It is also poor form to do so in a memorial of the deceased.

    The fact that the US government facilitated this tragedy makes it somewhat unique. The fact that the ATF and Obama administration cannot hold itself accountable in this matter is truly despicable.

    • What is despicable is using someone’s death to further a partisan political agenda. It is poor form to use the death of one goverment servant to villify other government servants.

      The ATF used this tactic on cartels during bush’s term, and similar tactics have been used by the FBI and the CIA and the DEA for *years.* Right or wrong, these behaviors happen at these agencies regardless of who’s sitting in the white house. The Bush admin would have covered it up too, as they covered up countless government screw ups in their 8 years.

      But somehow all we are reading about on this site are screwups that happened when a Democrat was president.

  9. Heart felt, so why isn’t RF doing more to get the files open? Why isn’t he suing the Government for the release of the papers like other organizations? If he truly cares, he will do something more than write a small piece on this guy or try and make some money off the death of a person. Which is what he is doing by having all the advertisement links up on this post. If he truly cared, he would of taken them down only for this post.

    • Jeez, the haters are out in force the past few days.

      OK, so first, it’s “would have taken them down,” not “would of.”

      Second, your “only for this post” idea demonstrates your ignorance of how the ads work. They are inserted by a company that’s contracted to do so, not by RF himself. It’s done by domain. There’s no switch that says “not for this page.”

      • No, he could of easily made a small link to a quick blog and posted it. Takes about 5 minutes on blogspot. Sorry, my grammar was wrong. Do you notice others? Because, I know there are many on this site. Grammar Nazi.

      • No, he could of easily made a small link to a quick blog and posted it. Takes about 5 minutes on blogspot. Sorry, my grammar was wrong. Do you notice others? Because, I know there are many on this site. Grammar Nazi. I find it funny how you only pointed out the grammar and ads and not what I originally posted.

        • I pointed out the grammar because it was one of a couple that top my list. Another is loose/lose. I don’t try to correct ’em all, just the few that really get to me.

          I didn’t speak to the rest of your OP because I thought it went without saying. Different people do different things. Some sue, some fight, some write. RF writes, and by doing so he brings light to things that others, who may be better suited, can actually do something about. Using a different example, RF can write his congressman, or he can exhort a couple hundred thousand others (who read his blog) to do the same. Which do you think has more impact?

  10. *This* is why we can’t have extensive government programs that fix hard stuff. They spill food and ding the furniture doing the simplest things.

    My government that did this screwed up thing with awful consequences under the charge of keeping illegal firearms from identified bad people. They managed to make the cartels better armed, the Mexican government pissed off, some gun dealers accomplices or possibly criminals, and several of the good guys dead. In what world is

    In what world do you sell firearms to people *who’s business is sneaking stuff around* and expect you’ll be able to track them? The cartels are a problem because despite great effort they’re sneaking stuff around just fine. And guns are easier than bulky, smelly, bio products with an expiration date.

    What were they thinking? “Too clever by half” doesn’t go nearly far enough.

    We can show respect for Mrs. Terry & her lost son by applying the adult supervision these idiots have demonstrated (again some more) they require (in yet another endeavor.)

    I’d like a link or similar is anybody has one – advocacy web site, lawyers pursuing what happened, anybody committing acts of journalism, etc. Plus, of course, we vote the children out.

    Shouldn’t there be some sort of safety training or a cluefullness test before we permit people to do government things?

  11. Fast and Furious in it’s own right should have been enough to expose this president and his administration as the pig communists they are. Unbelievable how teflon coated they’ve been. My sincere prayer is that Mrs. Terry and her son are vindicated and true justice is served.

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