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Having already ruined Thanksgiving dinner by arguing about gun control with their relatives, anti-gunners have now turned their attention to bah-humbugging Christmas . . . The gift of a gun

Here we are again, on the verge of the holiday season, and if you are like me you may already be looking at what you are going to give your children. In my little classroom, there is always at least one student who wants a gun, and usually there is at least one child who gets a gun.

I am not saying that their parents don’t keep it locked up, that they are left unsupervised with it, or that their parents don’t love and care about their children. What I am saying is that they are giving their children guns. These children are 6 or 7 years old.

The guns are, of course, for target practice and hunting. It is usually a family affair, and I am sure they are watched like a hawk (at least I hope so) when they are holding their loaded gun. But they are holding a loaded gun.

I don’t care if it is your family tradition, guns are meant to kill.

I Had Never Touched a Gun Before the Las Vegas Massacre. Then I Bought One.

What happened when one lefty decided to buy a gun as “a project” . . .  I Had Never Touched a Gun Before the Las Vegas Massacre. Then I Bought One.

Though I hadn’t admitted this to myself earlier, it was perhaps inevitable that the very first thing I did when I brought the gun home and was alone with it was to put it in my mouth.

Unloaded at first, then loaded (which may account for my difficulty loading the magazine). I danced around this ritual for a long time, several hours in fact, but I knew I had to get up close to it. This was the step beyond the drive-by, beyond the parking, beyond the browsing. This was brinkmanship with the part of myself that insists my existence has no value, that things will never improve.

Things weren’t especially bad at that moment, but they weren’t especially great either. They were life. I had no intention of pulling that trigger. I kept my index finger rigidly along the barrel, in the position taught to me at the West Coast Armory.

But from a strictly ergonomic perspective, a gun most definitely does want to be shot. Your finger wants to go there. The trigger is begging to be squeezed. I put my finger on the trigger, aware that 5.5 pounds of pressure was all it took to pull it, vowing absolutely that I would not pull it. But I held it there, for a while.

I’d love to tell you that it was the sound of my dog scratching at the door or a call from my mother or some other love intervention that slapped the sense into me, but it wasn’t.

Columnist Mitch Rosen (courtesy and Stan Lim)

No. Next question . . . Mitchell Rosen: Should we take a page from Canada on gun control?

Canada has a novel idea when it comes to those applying to own a firearm: The applicant must list all current and recent partners. Police would then interview and ask about the applicant’s history of violence, anger and fitness to own a firearm. It could be argued that this process could be an easy way for a former lover to get back at the person who left them. Maybe, it also could be a better way to screen for mental stability than only checking psychiatric admissions or domestic violence convictions.

Concealed carrier stops murderer in Florida auto shop (courtesy

Oh look…another good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun . . . Auto shop employee shoots armed stranger who killed, wounded 2 co-workers, police say

A man with a .45-caliber handgun and “multiple magazines” walked to a Rockledge auto shop and shot two employees, killing one, before another employee who was armed shot him, Police Chief Joseph LaSata said.

Robert Bailey, 28, of Cocoa, is accused of shooting the two employees around 4:30 p.m. Friday in the parking lot of Schlenker Automotive in Rockledge, police said.

Police said Bailey shot and killed Roger Smith after the 50-year-old employee of the shop went outside and saw that Bailey had shot one of his co-workers.

That 25-year-old co-worker is at Holmes Regional Medical Center after being paralyzed in the shooting, police said.

Upon hearing the commotion in the parking lot, police said, a manager went outside and confronted Bailey before running back into the shop, with Bailey following behind.

Another employee in the shop, who has a concealed weapons permit, shot Bailey once he came inside, police said.

Alien Gear Backpack Holster (courtesy

Greedy Wizard, you have been warned! . . . Alien Gear ShapeShift Backpack Holster

The Backpack Holster clips onto the straps of your backpack, allowing you quick and easy access to your holstered firearm when hunting, hiking, camping, and more. This holster also works on a variety of straps such as duffle bags and range bags.

The tactical clamp wraps around the strap securely, anchoring the holster in place. This clamp is backed with a ribbed texture that provides grip and prevents any movement of the holster, so it stays right where you locked it on your strap. You can depend on the ShapeShift Backpack holster for the utmost security; several features make it a level II retention holster.

Illinois may prevent animal abusers from owning guns (courtesy

Adding to the list of prohibited persons . . . Illinois Could Prevent Animal Abusers From Owning Guns

When it comes to gun access, the evidence shows that some individuals cannot be trusted to own guns responsibly. And among that group should be animal abusers, argues Jerry Elsner, executive director of the Illinois State Crime Commission.

Elsner told St. Louis CBS Local that he believes the facts are clear: Animal abuse and the likelihood of gun violence are linked — and, therefore, a new law should prevent animal abusers from obtaining a gun license.

“People that have abused animals, every study has said they abuse women, they abuse children, they’re serial killers. … So what we’re saying is if you’re convicted of animal abuse, no guns for you the rest of your life,” Elsner explained.

Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones

The Chicago police seem to have a lot of “unconventional” cases . . . Cop acknowledges woman close by when he opened fire at bat-wielding teen, killing both

A Chicago police officer has acknowledged that he knew a 55-year-old woman was standing close to a bat-wielding teen in 2015 yet still opened fire, killing both, court records show.

In the latest twist in what has been an unconventional case, a stipulation signed by Officer Robert Rialmo’s attorney indicates that the officer knew Bettie Jones was in “close proximity” to 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier and that he opened fire “without regard” to that fact.

Lawyers for the Jones family have filed a motion arguing that Rialmo’s acknowledgment, along with other evidence and testimony, amounts to an admission of legal liability and that the case should proceed to trial to determine how much money should be awarded to Jones’ survivors.

Antonio Brown only meant to pistol whip the kid he bumped into on a school bus.

Oh, well that’s OK then . . . Police: Florida teen who shot classmate says he only meant to pistol-whip him

According to an arrest report, Brown got into a dispute with the 14-year-old victim after they “mistakenly” bumped against each other on a school bus. Brown then asked the boy if he had a “problem.”

The argument continued after the boys stepped off the bus.

Brown then pulled a handgun from his waistband, pointed it at the boy and “cocked it,” the report said. Fearing for his life, the victim reached for the gun. During the struggle, the gun went off and the victim was shot in the right foot.

Brown told West Palm Beach police that he intended only to “scare” the boy by pistol-whipping him and that the gun “accidentally” went off. Brown demonstrated to police how he wanted to pistol-whip the boy but “his demonstration didn’t corroborate his said intentions,” the report said.


Can You Split a Shotgun Slug with a Flimsy Knife?

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  1. I have never, ever had an urge to point a gun at myself, let alone load it and put a finger on the trigger. If this wasn’t all made up BS, that person needs some serious help.

    Then again, I value my own life and do not believe it has no meaning. (I’m an agnostic; this belied comes from my own philosophy and not a deity, if that matters.)

    • I read that too, and thought it’s a weird convoluted cry for help.

      Anyone that wants to copy anything from Canada can just go and live there. We might pitch in for tolls.

      • Unlike in America, you actually have to have useful, marketable skills to move to Canada or Western Europe or Japan or wherever (unless you’re an Islamist “refugee”).

      • “Anyone that wants to copy anything from Canada can just go and live there. We might pitch in for tolls.”

        Not so fast Joe –

        They did do *one* thing right with gun laws, they abandoned their long gun registry, after discovering it cost over a *billion* dollars and had next to zero results for the effort.

        The difference between Canada and the USA on gun laws is, Canada wasn’t *lying* about their stated goal for the long gun registration law – solving crime used by guns.

        When Canada discovered the money they spent was wasted, they dumped the stupid scheme – It wan’t working.

        Here in the USA, gun registration is needed for the *purpose* of eventual gun confiscation…

    • “it was perhaps inevitable that the very first thing I did when I brought the gun home and was alone with it was to put it in my mouth.”
      You know what sort of person immediately sticks things in their mouth as soon as they pick it up? An infant.
      This first instinct of theirs tells me all I needed to know about their level of emotional and intellectual development. 🤠

      • “it was perhaps inevitable that the very first thing I did when I brought the gun home and was alone with it was to put it in my mouth.”

        And *I* shouldn’t be allowed to have any guns?

        The only thing that pulled him out of his fog was a phone call? This guy needs professional help. Preferably BEFORE his new gun “just goes off” and adds someone to the “gun violence” tally.

      • I have not kept up with changes in laws, or read the entire article, but 25 years ago, writing what was posted could easily have resulted in an involuntary commitment in some locales.

      • That man is going to commit suicide.

        Maybe with the gun he promised himself that he’d get rid of, maybe some other way.

        That man is going to commit suicide.

    • I noticed he mentioned the instructors by name. I’ll have to mention that to Brett when I go there tomorrow night for IDPA.

  2. Never had the itch to start tasting gun barrels when I brought them home. So Mr. Author you have one on me.

    That being said why don’t you just be honest about why you bought it in the first place.

    You sir are a coward, you wanted the gun to end your life that’s why you bought it. You want to commit suicide but you don’t want it to hurt and you want it to be over quick so you bought the most efficient tool you could find to do the job.

    The gun didn’t make you do it, the evil NRA didn’t make you do it, and the ammo companies didn’t make you do it no you made that choice all on your own. Then you wussed out and penned this screed that a rabid anti gun leftist media will print because you put the gun in a negative light.

    You got there, on your living room floor, barrel rammed into your mouth pressing against the soft palate. Finger on the trigger, refusing to release the striker and let you end your suffering through your own choices and lack of treatment.

    You got up off that floor and took the gun out because you are too scared of death to end your life and too scared of life to actually live it.

    So you will continue time and time again to try to kill yourself and each time you will find that you can’t, but maybe one of those tries you screw up and manage to half ass it and turn yourself into a vegetable or a paraplegic.

    You are a coward and nothing will ever change that. Keep on penning your anti gun, anti dangerous liberty screed we all see through it. You’re a coward who can’t kill himself because he’s too scared to die and has no value to his life because he’s afraid to live it.

  3. Even as a writer with three novels under my belt, words fail me.

    WTF is wrong with someone when they buy a pistol and the FIRST thing they do is see what it feels like to put it in their mouth?

    And they want to pretend the rest of us are “gun nuts?” I’ll accept the Gun Nut moniker, they can keep the just plain NUTS part for themselves.

    • I just finished reading the whole article and it’s much much stupider than that. Dude is trying to CCW a Glock 17 because he wants some street cred in the argument over gun rights. So he goes out and buys a gun and gets a Washington CCW. The whole thing is one antigun meme after another. Then he gets feeling suicidal (again) been trying to commit suicide since he was 15. So he starts feeling suicidal again and decides to suck Glock like a cheap lot lizard only he can’t find the balls to actually pull the trigger, instead he gets all shaky and wusses out. Then turns it around into more antigun memery.

      • It seems to me that the article gave more leverage to why he shouldn’t have a gun rather than testifying against gun rights of the population at large.

  4. Wow so much morning digest. Here goes…not giving my kids(or grandkids) a gun for Christmas. Giving the wife one(her choice). Yeah they kill. So does fast food,doctors and lunatics on the highway. Duh. I don’t care if you off yourself with that Glock and your 5.5lb. trigger. I’ve never even thought about putting a gat in my mouth. Duh…and Chiraq is going to pay BIGTIME to Bettie Jones family. “But that boy had a BAT! A bat I tells ya’!”

  5. I am urging everyone who read Sean Nelson’s screed to call the Kings County Sherriffs office and report that Nelson is a danger to himself and possibly others.
    They should immediately pick up his gun and ammo and rescind his CCW permit. I called this morning to report him.

    • It isn’t that he needs his guns removed so much as he needs to be committed into some kind is mental health/suicide watch program. Removing guns still leaves a desperate person on the loose with other “resources” (car, kitchen knives, medication, etc) with which to harm themselves or others.

    • More than that… He says he WAS hospitalized for suicidal ideation, so didn’t he lie on the 4473 background form (question 11f)?

      • No, he didn’t lie unless his stay at a mental hospital was court ordered, i.e. involuntarily committed.

  6. Weird, it’s almost like guns are designed to fit the hand and the trigger be easily manipulated by the finger. Why do some people maintain this absurd perception that inanimate objects act of their own volition?

    • Too much Harry Potter? or maybe Adventures of Merlin?

      The Old Testament prophets made clear over 2500 years ago that inanimate objects are just that — inanimate, even if they’re fashioned with ears (that cannot hear) and eyes (that cannot see) and mouths (that cannot speak). But I bet this guy is someone who would dismiss the Old Testament as backwards and bronze age.

  7. So, didn’t that one author just publicly admit he’s a danger to himself and requires commitment to a metal institution, thus making him a prohibited person?

    On another note, once again the whole “I’m ignorant and unstable, you should look to me for guidance on public policy” approach mysteriously fails to be persuasive.

    • . . . thus voiding his 4473, that does nothing to protect any of us once signed and approved.

      Hell, I’d be happy if it would just protect us from whiney liberal bs like in the OP.

  8. Why do all the liberal (non/anti-hetero) men douche bags go weepy-fainting Sylvia Plath but avoid the oven, when the liberal (non/anti-hetero) women go all bonnie lacking clyde?

    Do these people try to ‘out-do’ each other talking to each other each day??? WTF.

  9. “I don’t care if it is your family tradition, guns are meant to kill.”
    If your car did what it is meant to do as seldom as guns do what they are “meant to do,” you’d be mightily pissed. Literally billions of rounds of ammo are shot each year in the US. What does that do to the idea that guns are meant to kill? It means they are extremely poor at doing what they are “meant to do.” Instead of complaining that they are good at it, you should be extremely thankful they are so bad at it.
    In fact, those cars do, accidentally, far worse than guns do, supposedly on purpose.

    • If your car did what it was meant to at the same rate guns in the US are involved in killings (including suicide) then your car would run for approximately one day in 30 years.

    • Damn, now the gun grabbers are going to sue the gun manufacturers because the guns have malfunctioned in failing to kill billions of people each year.

  10. Actually we should copy some aspects of Canadian gun laws!!

    That means no more talk of gun registries since Canada got rid of theirs.

    That means I can have new guns shipped directly to my house no longer being left with only a C&R to collect old guns.

    That means getting rid of retarded import bans on guns and ammo. Cheap, surplus steel-core 7.62×39 and Chinese Norinco guns would come back!! I mean if Norinco is such a threat why aren’t we pressuring our neighbors to the north to ban them too? Are we too untrustworthy to have them but not Canadians?

    That means 100% true imports not shoehorned with inferior American parts for “compliance”. I would love to get a real deal Swiss SAN SG-551 rifle!

    That also means no more short barrel shotguns on the NFA registry since Canadians can buy those over the counter.

    So not everything out of Canada is bad!!

  11. Would someone teach that girl in the first photo how to shoot with open sights. I know it’s hard to do at first, but learn how to use them before using any red dot or a scope.

  12. #commonsenseguncontrol: A label / slogan used by the anti’s to indicate exactly the opposite of what the words mean. The canonical example is “common sense gun control” which is always about a policy both nonsensical, and controlling something other than guns.

    definition 1 (by the anti’s): Controlling people who’ve done nothing wrong, to no good effect, because some idiot did something idiotic using a gun.

    definition 2 (everybody else): Keeping guns(*) away from idiots, while leaving the rest of us alone.

    • Six of those links argue for #commonsenseguncontrol: the anti’s think for banning guns, while the rest of us for banning idiots.

  13. “People that have abused animals, every study has said they abuse women, they abuse children, they’re serial killers. . .”

    This animal abuser “registry” is PITA sponsored. PITA is run by militant vegans (yes, they exist) who’s real target is farmers. PITA activists all across the country are harassing farmers by making bogus animal cruelty charges which are aimed at driving them out of business. Glad I don’t live in Illinois.

    • I’m sure you meant “PETA”, although they are really a PITA. My take on “PETA”?… People Eating Tasty Animals works for me!

    • So there is no evidence for your smear(big shock there, another evidence-free rant : D), PETA scrupulously documents their claims.

      And how much of a dunsky do you have to be to repeatedly refer to them as “PITA”!? UNREAL!! What did you think the “I” stood for!? You obviously dont know the first thing about P E TA!!

      PETA is a famously fantastic organization, People for the ETHICAL Treatment of Animals
      and while I was carving the Tofurkey I gave thanks for their wonderful work in my secular prayer : D

  14. That’s not just a DGU. Sounds to me like someone stopped a “mass shooting” at least if you go with the idea of 4 or more shot. According to that report there were two shot outside, the manager retreated inside (3) and the fellow with the concealed handgun permit (4) stopped him. Had the guy not being carrying that would be 4 shot and likely 5 counting the perpetrator once the police showed up. Sounds like the conceal carrier deserves a gun hero of the day award to me for stopping this mass shooting.

  15. Anyone notice that the person who signed the article “the gift of a gun” was a guest of Barry O at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg Oregon a week after a shooting there.

    She’s a soldier in the army of the insane.

  16. Regarding the Glock-taster, I must tell you that, as Ceiling Cat is my witness, none of the folks at West Coast Armory have *ever* recommended this course of action with any of my purchases, not pistols, rifles, accessories or care products.
    Let his fear and self-loathing forever segregate him from those he might otherwise regard as peers as he looks to the State for the protection of him and his. Perhaps some day he may be whole enough to bear the responsibility on his own.

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