Triple homicide suspect Christopher Gattis (courtesy Chesterfield Co. Sheriff's Office)
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Some Thanksgiving dinners turn out worse than others . . . Virginia youth pastor guns down family in Thanksgiving triple murder

A domestic dispute turned deadly when a man shot and killed his wife, her daughter, and the daughter’s boyfriend at their Virginia home on Thanksgiving evening, police said.

Christopher Gattis, 58, was charged with three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

His victims were Jeanett Gattis, 58, her daughter, 30-year-old Candice Kunze, and Kunze’s boyfriend, 36-year-old Andrew Buthorn.

All three victims died of gunshot wounds.

Flag sale at Sportsmans Shop in East Earl, Pennsylvania (courtesy

Facebook is not a friend of ours . . . Facebook Removed This Small Town Business’s Ads For American Flags Because It Sell Guns

The Sportsman’s Shop, a small town business that has been in operation since 1954, says it can no longer advertise products like American flags or outdoor clothing on Facebook because its Facebook page promotes the sales of guns . . .

But the American flag sale promotion, which was purposefully removed, didn’t contain any such content; it’s a benign ad for a benign, patriotic product. And why would one post cost the shop all of its Facebook-granted ad functions?

Keffer said she was told it’s due to their Facebook page, which also incorporated a link to their gun store’s website, not the particular American flag advertisement.

"Officers say they would like to be trained in handgun use" (caption and photo courtesy

Check out the gun (above) the used as an example of the handgun it thinks Scottish cops want to use . . . Two thirds of Scottish police officers want access to HANDGUNS

Almost two-thirds of Scotland’s police officers want access to a handgun, according to research.

A survey by the Scottish Police Federation found that 64 per cent of officers support such a move.

The finding came as about an eighth of the workforce said they believe their existing personal protective equipment is “ineffective”.

Federation bosses said officers feel “vulnerable and ill-equipped”.

UK vs. US violent crime rate (courtesy

And for good reason! U.K. Begins Another Gun Surrender Initiative Amid Increase in Gun Crime

The United Kingdom’s National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) is conducting a new gun surrender program from Nov. 13 to Nov. 26 after gun crime in England and Wales increased by more than a quarter in the past year.

The Office for National Statistics found a 27 percent increase in crimes involving firearms during its most recent review of crime data. Despite a near ban on the civilian ownership of handguns the review found crimes committed with handguns increased by 25 percent and accounted for the majority of gun crimes. The agency said the increases in 2016 were part of a multiyear trend.

OK, that IS an arsenal.

Netflix's The Punisher (courtesy netflix)

Jon Wayne Taylor loves him some The Punisher. Gun control fan Caroline Siede not so much . . . The Punisher tries and fails to start a conversation about gun control

After Lewis plants some bombs as part of his anti-government, pro-gun agenda, Karen is brought onto the Ricky Langtry’s radio talk show alongside Senator Stan Ori, who is pushing for more gun control laws. But rather than let the characters have an actual debate about the nuances of the issue, the show reduces Karen and Ori’s positions to a simplistic pro- vs. anti-gun debate.

The problem is, that’s not actually the debate people are having in the real world. Mainstream politicians aren’t asking to repeal the Second Amendment, they’re asking for common sense gun laws—like banning the kind of assault-style semiautomatic weapons and attachments that allowed the Las Vegas shooter to fire more than 1,100 rounds in less than 11 minutes. Or they’re asking to close loopholes in background checks in order to prevent domestic abusers from purchasing weapons.

Missouri car registration (courtesy

Uh, you might want to check that with the NRA . . . Need registration of guns, similar to that of cars

By merging gun control with the existing vehicle registration system, Missouri would be able to feed data to all 50 states forming a single car/gun database. The yearly process would include the registration of all personal property, including purchase, sale, and theft or confiscation.

This should satisfy the National Rifle Association that they still have all their Second Amendment rights.

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  1. Scotland has strict gun control laws. Why do the cops need guns there?

    Is gun control an abject failure? Again? Still? Always?

    The Daily Digest works best for me between 12.03 pm and 12.11 pm. See to it.


    Tell me what you think if we regulated firearms the way we regulate cars.

    Because we now regulate guns like we regulate cars, each state and city now recognizes your drivers license license to carry concealed.
    -We can finally buy and sell our cars firearms across state lines.
    -I can walk into a gun showroom and drive away with my new firearm in minutes.
    -You can rent a gun for the afternoon if your gun is in the shop.
    -You and your friends can drive shoot all you want on your own property.
    -You can now own all the guns and ammunition you want.,. and you can store them anywhere you have room.
    -Several people can own and operate the same firearm.
    -Because we now regulate guns like we regulate cars, there is no age limit to own a gun. Parents, grandparents and relatives can now freely give guns to small children. You mail in a piece of paper, and the state sends you a new title for your gun in a few weeks. Now that is sweet.
    -The city provides gun-storage locations free of charge in front of no-gun zones in order to attract customers to downtown. About time.
    -Courts will no longer take your cars guns away during a bitter divorce.
    -You can rent a gun at the airport if you didn’t want to fly with your gun.
    -A gun dealership will lease you a firearm on a five year payment plan.
    -Now you can ship and buy gun part in the mail.
    -Now you can walk into the post office with your gun or gun parts.
    -Now that we regulate guns the way we regulate cars, even convicted felons can own a gun once they are off probation.
    -You can now own a gun of any length without having to ask the government for permission.
    -You can now put a muffler on your guns without having to ask your sheriff or police chief for permission. (My neighbors thank you.)
    -Your 16 year old can bring a gun to school, and to his after school job.
    -When your goofball nephew shoots a gun in public without a license.. he now gets a ticket.. and you get a phone call to come pick up your gun.
    -You can have gun stores and shooting ranges next door to schools, daycare centers, hospitals and churches! Hallelujah, we’re free at last!
    -We will finally have gun shops on every other corner to sell ammunition and Doritos. Your local convenience store changes its name to Shoot-and-Scoot.
    -Now kids can get their concealed carry permit at 16 years of age.
    -Schools now offer gun safety and defensive shooting classes when kids are 15 years old.
    -Kids can carry concealed with adult supervision once they are 15 ½ years old and have their learner’s license.
    -Some old people loose their concealed carry permits when they can’t pass the vision test.
    -There are no more gun safe and gun lock regulations!
    -You can assemble your own gun in your garage.. from a kit.
    -Just like a truck, you will need a special firearms license to operate guns that weigh more than 26 thousand pounds.
    -Gun dealers and gunsmiths don’t need federal reporting requirements any longer.
    -You and your friends decide who will be the designated concealed carrier if you’re going drinking.
    -We finally get rid of national gun registration.
    -I might even get a tax credit if I buy a small and efficient gun. I love this country!
    If Cars Were Regulated Like Guns

    Are you legally eligible to own a car?

    -In this world, you need a permit to own a car. The permit includes a national background check, a thumb print and two forms of identification before you’re allowed to buy a car. This is because we want to keep criminal from driving. No one drives without a permit, do they?
    -You can’t own a car if you or your wife were ever charged with yelling at each other. That way we won’t let people who were accused of a hostile domestic outburst have access to a dangerous car. It is worthwhile if we save one life.
    -In some states you must show that you have a locked garage before you can buy a car. We have car storage laws want to make sure cars are safely kept away from children.
    -Car dealers and mechanics are federally licensed and their records are inspected each year.
    -Even if you already own several cars, there can still be a 14 day cooling off period before you can bring your new car home from the dealer. This stops dangerous impulse driving.
    -You can only buy one car a month.
    -Police can come and seize your cars and your gasoline if you or someone living in your home are proscribed certain medicines by a doctor. We can’t be too careful with incapacitated drivers.

    What cars can you buy?

    -There are limits on the size of the car you’re allowed to own. The car can’t be too small or too large. Who needs a dangerous motorcycle or a truck!
    -The gas tank can not hold more than 10 gallons.
    -Portable gas cans over 10 gallons are illegal in some states. Only arsonists need that much gasoline!
    -Once you get your car home, the gas tank must be drained, the car must be secured in a locked garage, and the gasoline must be stored in a separate building if children are in the home.
    -You need a special permit to own a car with a muffler. We need loud cars so you can’t hide your driving.
    -Adjustable steering wheels and seats are outlawed in some states but not others. Ignorance of the law is no excuse as you travel. Get advice from your lawyer who specializes in car-law.
    -You can’t own a car that looks like a car owned by the government even though your car isn’t as powerful and doesn’t go as fast.
    -There are limits on gasoline.

    -In some states, you need to show your Car Owners Identification Card to buy gasoline.
    -You might be reported to state law enforcement agencies of you buy over 20 gallons of gas. Gas kills people!
    -It could be illegal to take gasoline from one state to another because the gasoline that is legal in one state might be illegal in your neighboring state.
    -You can drive the family van at 16 years of age, but you need to be over 21 years old to buy gasoline for a small car.

    There are limits on using your car.

    -You need a new car owners permit when you move to some states, and you can’t bring your car into those states until after you register it.
    -Some states will let you own a car at home, but you can’t get a permit to take it out in public.
    -Some states will let you drive across the state as long as you don’t stop. If you break down, then the police can arrest you if you try to have your car shipped out of state.. unless your car is already registered. This stops illegal car trafficking.
    -In some states you can’t show your car to a friend in public. That is called brandishing.
    -Some states won’t allow you to have your car outside your home even if you keep it covered. You need a special concealed car permit for that. You probably need to know a politician to get one of these special permits. You’ll have to transport your car in a locked car carrier.
    -In some states you can’t let your friend sit in your car on your own property, nor can you sit in his car on your -property. That makes me feel safer already.
    -Cars can be rented or loaned at the track, but only by car clubs that are part of an incorporated outdoor conservation organization.

    • If cars existed in 1779 I’m sure there would of been an amendment addressing them. I wish the 3rd amendment read that we had a right to privacy that wasn’t infringed instead of soldiers quarters. That was a short sighted rule on a temporary problem.

      • No, it was intentional. There is no such thing as a right to privacy, because it would/could lead to incidents that affect national security.

        There is also no amendment or constitutional wording regarding your right to happiness… pursue all you want, you’re just not guaranteed it.

        I think I can see the argument for leaving both of those out as they would be impossible to enforce

  3. I was surprised to see his face on the front page of this site, I work PD for the jurisdiction it occurred in. We have shootings every year on thanksgiving, it’s kind of a tradition. 2012 I responded when a dude went on a rampage and shot his GF and her two kids.

  4. We should amend the Constitution to ensure that the right of citizens to own and operate a motor vehicle shall not be infringed.

    Also, the right of citizens to defend themselves, by any means necessary, against an attack by a non-human shall not be infringed.

    Just thinkin’ ahead…..

  5. The gun-car comparison is important for another reason. Scratch most gun grabbers and you will find a nanny state safety wonk who would regulate your personal transportation in the name of safety and global warming. You are required to cram yourself into a public transit system, poorly maintained and replete with social undesirables, with no means of personal protection. But never fear. The cameras are everywhere.

    • Minus making the guy lying about his service a NRA supporter and a tool. At least Jon Bernthal didn’t have any gun handling mistakes like he did in Daredevil. I’m only on episode 6, so a few more to binge today, but overall I’m enjoying it.

      • Everything about that guy was a leftist caricature of pro-2A people. I almost quit watching.

        If they had divorced him from an actual real life gun group it would have worked a little better. I’ve never seen an NRA pamphlet with “GUNS” scrawled across the top of it like that. The real life focus is on ideas, not objects.

  6. I’m not sure. I like it in the morning and at night. So how about you do both? Go big or go home. This is the era of Trump. Start the day off with some covfefe. Big league!

  7. Whether it gets posted in the evening or the morning, it’s still part of my morning reading. You might call it my regular constitutional reading.

  8. What isn’t properly appreciated here in the US is what a violent, thuggish and drunken nation the UK is.

    The Brits love to go on (and on and on and on and on) about their gun control… but they also love to go very quiet about their rates of rape, assault, stabbings, theft, robbery, etc.


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