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Atlas Self-Defense is a Texas-based training company with a difference: mirrors. More technically, a patent-pending VIKN reflective targeting system. Under expert supervision, students shoot their gun at a reflective image of role-playing bad guys. It’s…intense. We’re inviting ten TTAG readers to join Dan, Nick and me for Atlas’ Responsible Defense 1 Course [Make the jump for a full course description.] It’s at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill (home of The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival) on Saturday, March 26 from 9am to 3pm. Click here to register. Use promo code TTAG100 for a $100 discount. Lunch at Dahlia’s is on you, but oh my the pecan pie! Sorry. Paleo. It’s a thing. See you there!

Responsible Defense 1 includes expert handgun training and advice in basic defensive shooting techniques and will significantly promote confidence in your ability to responsibly carry and use a handgun to defend yourself and your family.

The eight-hour course consists of three hours of critical classroom training modules that include:

  • Comprehensive Handgun Safety for New Owners and Carriers
  • Selecting the Best Defense Handgun for You
  • Handgun Familiarization
  • How to Interact with Police Officers while Armed
  • Post-Use of Deadly Force Procedures
  • Introduction to the Troysgate VIKN System for Live Scenarios

Classroom training is followed by both conventional handgun range skill development and the Troysgate VIKN system engagement scenarios using live role players and actual self-defense scenarios encountered in the real world.

Like all Atlas Defense training courses, Responsible Defense 1 is led by a Master Certified Instructor assisted by a Safety Director, highly-experience tactical instructors, and live role players to maximize safety and the realism of the experience.

Immediately following each VIKN system engagement participants will benefit from an improvement critique by tactical instructors.


  • Holster or carrying device (e.g. purse, fanny pack, etc.).
  • Your unloaded handgun
  • If you carry a semi-automatic pistol, bring at least two spare magazines for reloading and a magazine pouch
  • State firearms license & government-issued identification
  • 100 rounds of ammunition
  • Bring your own eye and hearing protection if you have it – Atlas Defense will provide eye and ear protection for the training course if you do not have it.
  • Bring a signed copy of the release form
  • Check-in and classroom at Best of the West Shooting Sports headquarters then we will proceed to the Atlas Defense tactical bay.

Atlas Defense Shoothouse
Atlas Defense Training

Atlas Defense Instructors

Atlas Defense

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    • For eight hours of expert instruction, the price isn’t bad at all. If only I actually had money…

      And then there’s the small matter of living 2,000 miles away from TTAG territory. Oh, well.

    • training is price less. I have spend twice, three times that much for a class shooting at target. You can’t put a price on personal safety and as close to real life experience as these guys can give. $250 is nothing compared to $50,000 to retain a lawyer.

  1. That looks like a whole lot of expensive fun! If I live in TX, and had weekends off, I’d be all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake.

    • expensive fun? really? Where else can you face an attacker with a gun pointed at your face that is not real life? This is real life training. You have to engage, use your verbal communication and decide to shoot or not. then you have to answer for your actions to the “police” on scene.

  2. Looks interesting. Especially if you have never shot at “no hesitation” targets.

    In the video the “bad guy” falls down after two shots. Does the setup allow for hit registration or is it just a “bang bang you’re dead” kind of deal?


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