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CBS’ Sunday Morning wanted Wayne LaPierre’s scalp interview for their program dedicated to “America and guns.” Instead, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization sent in Sandy Froman.

The NRA board member and past president did a reasonable job defending Americans’ gun rights, but it was an uphill battle. Clearly, CBS sees the NRA as obstructionists. From’s best moment came when she played the Hurricane Katrina card to deflect the interviewer’s suggestion that the NRA draws its power from its members’ paranoia.

“You’re asking me to predict the future,” Froman parried. “All I can tell you is about the past.” That said — and edited — I wish the NRA would point out that gun control laws are a form of confiscation (e.g. New York and California’s assault weapons bans). It’s not all about jack-booted door breakers. Yet.

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  1. There are only two kinds of gun-control. The kind that intends to confiscate the guns you have, and the kind that intends to confiscate the guns you will never have.

    • And there you go again. I’m sure someone here will bite and you’ll have your “crazy gun folks” quote to take with you.

      In the mean time, I invite you to engage in meaningful discussion. Many of the folks here (not all, I’ll grant) are happy to talk to you like grown ups if you are willing to act like one.

    • We need Muslim control not gun control.
      I suppose I dig at the Muzzies, and they are a fun loving bunch; but really you are much more likely to be killed off by a Mexican, an all American thug, a drug gang banger, or wiped out by a car or a truck.
      For some reason the Muzzies, get the media attention, but the inner city gang bangers really rack up the body counts.

      • Tha Man on TV says Sacry Muslim Virgins are baaaad. So we should be happy to hand over half our income and all our freedoms to a bunch of worthless hacks promising to “protect us” from them.

        Every time one these Scary Muslims show up on TV, all I see are God fearing, gun loving and toting dudes, and chaste, fertile women. Not necessarily sporting the most dapper attire and grooming; but as of yet, not one of them have ever taxed me a dime, nor prevented me from buying whatever gun I fancy.

        The US Government is the problem. All the boogeymen they keep inventing, are just a bunch of who-the-heck-cares.

        • “The US Government is the problem. All the boogeymen they keep inventing, are just a bunch of who-the-heck-cares.”

          Whooooo, +1000000.

          Well said.

          New boogeyman every week, it seems, especially when you include viruses, dietary scares, lead in paint or whatever.

          It never ends. And the endless stream of “bad” is by design…to keep us off kilter.

          I like the way you put this. NONE of those things have ever taxed me, or threatened me with jail for not filling out a form properly.

        • JR_in_NC

          “Fear the muslims. Fear the guns. Fear the Mexicans. Fear the gays marrying. Fear the straight people. Fear the blacks. Fear today. Be afraid of tomorrow. Fear your neighbor. Fear knives. Fear cars. Fear videogame violence. Fear the democrats. Fear the republicans. Fear the NRA. Fear all these things and more and then give us your freedoms so we can make you feel safe.”
          – US government

      • You’re right to a point, but the bangers and thugs do a decent job of primarily killing each other. Muslims want to subjugate/kill you and me. Criminals are parasites that want to live off others, but Muslims will kill the host as soon as they can.

  2. “…the NRA draws its power from its members’ paranoia.” NRA, Inc. pays the bills based on it’s members stupidity. Since when does NRA oppose gun confiscation? NRA promotes gun seizure as policy.

    NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Illinois 2013 carry bill. The Chiefs of Police wanted it, so Vandermyde handed them DTI on a platter. The police unions are in bed with the NRA building the infrastructure for the criminal police state. Froman should check the memo from Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at ILA, they’re all on the same side.

      • I think Todd et al owes demo boy some dough. They did a helluva’ good job in the Land of Lincoln…either that or he’s(she’s?) a Bernie boy.

        • Tod didn’t call like he said he would. Apparently it meant a lot more to demo man than to tod.

    • Wrong. There is only a duty to inform … IF ASKED. That’s not real DTI, like in other states (Canton, Ohio anyone? )

      The law in IL leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s a darn good first carry bill given Shitcago runs the state. Todd rammed shall issue, statewide preemption, and a ban of future AWBs down their throats. Give him some credit!

  3. Look – I really like this site – but IF YOU DON’T STOP THESE G.D. ads that flash blocker can’t stop, I’m out of here…

  4. Someone really needs to explain to everyone that federal background checks are NOT firearm laws, they are interstate commerce laws. If a firearm is manufactured in a state, and sold in that state without leaving the state federal law dose NOT apply. I know that the Feds will claim otherwise, but then I wonder why they don’t enforce it. In order to have “Universal” federal background checks they are going to have to throw The Commerce Clause under the bus (not that it isn’t becoming a running joke as it is). As it is a lot laws are build on a real house of cards when it comes to the The Commerce Clause.

  5. Obstructionism isn’t always a bad thing. Depends on what’s down stream of the obstructionist!


    • Don got it right. Most of the time gridlock is good. Most legislation that Congress considers costs us money one way or another, that or it costs us freedom in one way or another. On top of that many of it’s members are bought and paid for, purchased for a favor or out and out owned by K Street “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it!”

  6. “There is only a duty to inform … IF ASKED.”
    Oh okay. So armed citizens in Illinois only have to give up the right to remain silent, the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, and the right not to be executed by police criminals or disarmed or abducted by police impersonators if a cop feels like it.

    Who’s a cop by the way? Illinois DTI does not require a cop to be in uniform or on duty when they “ask” if you are armed. Since EVERY violation of Illinois carry bill is criminal, the cop has the option to arrest you, which means he has the option to use force, which means he can immediately escalate to deadly force, which means Duty to Inform is legalized execution for cops. OHCC has had bills to repeal DTI by way.

    If Duty to Inform were necessary for “officer safety” cops would have to inform other cops. They don’t. Which means you got conned by the same lying rat that conned Otis McDonald. Don’t feel too bad, the median I.Q. of IL gun owners is commensurate with their level of education- very low.

    “…it’s a darn good first carry bill given Shitcago runs the state.”
    If “Chicago” runs the state, why is it that Rep. Brandon Phelps from Harrisburg down in Little Egypt put Duty to Inform in his “good” “NRA backed” HB183 carry bill in 2013, and the ONLY state Reps. who opposed DTI were the “Chicago Democrat” Black Caucus Reps.? Because Phelps is a racist hick from southern IL who used and betrayed Otis McDonald, and the people who vote for him are inbred losers that are too stupid to figure out they got flushed down the toilet along with Otis.

    “Give him some credit!”
    Every gun owner in America should give Todd Vandermyde some credit for proving to the universe that NRA is a corrupt front loaded with foul scum that feast on the blood of armed citizens and deliberately set them up for rape and murder by police criminals.

    • Dog pile on the rabbit! Yeah let it go demo boy. Todd’s a hero-YOU are NOT…and what’s wrong with southern Illinois? And Cook/Chiraq DOES run this hellhole.

    • You are the very reason duty to inform is in the law, not Tod. Your dumb ass would convince a legal carrier to not say anything to the cop and then get shot by the same cop after he spots the firearm. I bet you are the same kind of jerk that will not keep his hands on the wheel when you get pulled over.

  7. Pro Gun groups with the most visibility including the NRA does not do a good job of publicizing the racist roots of gun control. This would make a huge difference with the minority demographic in the country. It is also a very difficult subject for Progressive Democrats to defend.

    • “This would make a huge difference with the minority demographic in the country.”

      Sadly, I don’t think it would make a hill of beans of a difference. At least not for a very long time.

      The prevailing attitudes among the various “groups” in the US have been nurtured for generations. If, for example, the NRA starts openly talking about the subjects you mention, folks will likely just scream “they are LYING!”

      Then you open the door to a peeing contest regarding who’s revisionist history everyone should believe. NO ONE (or very few) will do their own research to find the “real truth.”

      Wanna see this in action? Read this:

      Pay particular attention to how the wagons circled Bellesiles and the language used to silence his critics. Take a look at how much time and work it took to convince people what he did…

      And that was a ‘clear cut’ case. It was easily verifiable. It didn’t matter. People wanted to believe Bellesiles version of history, so they did.

      I suspect a similar ‘reverse’ thing would happen if the NRA started talking up the racist roots of gun control during the Reconstruction. They don’t want to believe that, so they won’t…and it will matter little how much ‘evidence’ the NRA puts before them.

  8. I got the NRaA hangin from my big azz crotch rocket. Hahaha, was a member once, got busted, on a gun deal, haaaaa, called em up haaaa. NRA aint goin stand behind you. That ICLU whateveris a joke, putem to the test. Call em up with a story, see how far they bak u. Theyvwant ur money. You all put as much money into my Fuk you foundation, we’d be shuttn rock n roll. . Its crap. Time to sht r get off the pot. N R A.. no realistic arms……

  9. The NRA is not perfect, no organization is. The NRA does at least help us and has done some good things. I am member of the NRA and GOA. Advocacy for the things I love and believe in are very important to me. It is important for all of us to stick together right now and help support not only each other, but the lobbyists that will speak up on our behalf. The folks on the left side of the aisle figured out long ago that joining together made them much stronger. I still see infighting and bickering on our side. It is almost like we have people arguing over who is the most conservative or who is the most constitutional. There is no time for that right now. We have a clear and present danger coming our way that is going to require a mentality shift if we are to defeat it. Don’t expect things to get any easier

    • Very well put. Because of all the infighting we WILL have HELLARY as our next President and she WILL stack the Supreme Court and not to our liking.

    • “The NRA does at least help us and has done some good things.” How does the NRA “help us?” The U.S. Federal Appeals Court in Chicago basically FORCED the Illinois legislature to pass some sort of carry bill with the Moore v. Madigan decision in Dec. 2012. Before the ink was dry NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde fell all over himself to put Duty to Inform in Illinois carry bill, because he already cut a deal with police unions in 2010/2011 before the Moore decision.

      Does anyone know if Chris Cox or Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA ever set foot in the state of Illinois to see what Vandermyde is doing? Vandermyde is a contract lobbyist paid by 1099, not a W-2 NRA employee. If Cox & Cunningham let him set up armed citizens to be abducted and murdered, then NRA is infested with rats. Vandermyde is not the only traitor, someone at HQ covers up for him. NRA is rotten like old garbage.

      The problem is not “infighting” the problem is treason. Who benefits from more gun laws? NRA does, it provides job security for scum like Vandermyde to “fix” the crap bills they put up. NRA made $1.3 MILLION in legal fees on the McDonald lawsuit. Dead gun owners means big money for NRA and fines for the cops and courts. It’s a business.

  10. Living behind enemy lines in California, I always find it comforting that the oathbreaker who shoved the little old lady in NOLA and took her gun was a California Highway Patrolman /sarc

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