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In two days time, the TTAG team will gather at the Casa de Montecristo in Austin to schmooze with the firearms faithful. We’re not expecting a large turn-out but we are expecting to have, as The Flinstones’ put it, a gay old time.

There’ll be a free cigar for the first twenty folks through the door at 7pm; code word OFWG. There’s free swag (subject to trivia check), guns to ogle, homemade queso and non-alcoholic libations. And, of course . . .

Us! TTAG depends on you, gentle reader. You keep us honest and steer us in the right direction. We value your input, whether it’s through the comments, emails, Messenger, telephone or telepathy. We look forward to some FTF feedback. We’ll be live-blogging the trivia/giveaway portion on our Facebook page at around 8:30 CDT this Friday.

We’ll make this a regular event and move it to other cities at various convention spots. Once again, thanks for reading. We couldn’t do this without you, and we like doing it. A lot.

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  1. If I buy the gun AND a few cigars, would you consider moving this event to Central Joiseey??!

  2. Sorry I cant make it but sure will if the meet ups become a regular fixture ~ and while I’m happy to come to Austin, don’t forget sunny Las Vegas as a potential meeting place!

    • I believe we’re planning on making this a monthly thing at this location. I’d like to do meet-ups whenever we travel, too!

  3. I love my guns and cigars, but I wouldn’t handle cigars or my humidor after a range session or cleaning my firearms without a thorough hand scrubbing, much less place a firearm onto them like that.

  4. I’ve rounded up a co-pilot (or “someone to prevent me from talking myself out of going at the last minute” if you prefer) and we’ll be leaving Fort Worth around 3:00. We’re going the back roads to avoid I-35 BTW. See y’all there!

  5. I may be there, bringing my wife. If we come we likely won’t stay long, as I’d rather have a date night away from the kids in a restaurant and not a cigar shop. But I would like to check out the guns and swag! You can keep the stogies and give them to others who’d appreciate them more than we would.

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