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That right there is a perfectly made part of a first-class weapons system. And a Faxon Firearms 16″ flame fluted 5.56 NATO 416-R Stainless Steel AR-15 barrel. Which could be yours if you make your way to the TTAG schmoozefest at Casa de Montecristo in Austin (just off of Capital of Texas Highway) Friday at 7pm. Use the code word OFWG to gain entry.

RF, Dan, Nick, Jeremy S., Liberte Austin and other members of the TTAG team will be there to shoot the breeze. But wait! There’s more!

The first 20 participants get a free My Father Le Bijou 1922 cigar. And we’ve got a farrago of firearms-related clobber to give away: Otis 9mm cleaning kits, caps, a ballistic rubber duck, ammunition and whatever other spare swag we have lying around TTAG’s super-secret above-ground bunker.

We’ll also be bringing a selection of [unloaded, safety checked] firearms for you to ogle; including the new Smith & Wesson M2.0, FN 509, Ruger GP100 .44, a heavily modded Smith & Wesson Victory, Wilson Combat EDC X9 and a Smith & Wesson .500-firing lever gun.

We don’t expect a huge turnout (we’re ready if there is). So those of you determined/local enough to attend aren’t likely to go away empty-handed. Entrants will receive a free raffle ticket. We’ll stick its twin in a hat and have our comely assistant draw the winner for each freebie. Simple! However . . .

All winners must answer a firearms-related trivia question to claim their prize. Such as “What did FN make before it made firearms?” (Answer: bicycles.) But don’t worry: if you can’t answer, your ticket goes back into the hat for further consideration.

We’ll live-stream the raffle/trivia contest on Facebook. To those of you who can’t attend, our thanks for your ongoing support of our mission: to tell the truth about guns. [Note: guests must be 18 or over and possess no more than two legs.]

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  1. “That right there is perfectly made part of a first-class weapons system.”


    The way the Schnauzer was looking at it, I thought that was what you used to keep his ass in line…

    (Sometimes I just kill me!)


  2. Weapon system. FFS. It’s a rifle. An AEGIS cruiser is a system. A rifle isn’t.

  3. I hope that the trivia questions are multiple choice with ridiculous wrong answers such as Glock, Israeli Carry, 22nd Amendment, warning shot, NRA endorsed Democrat, etc.

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