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It’s not always easy around the holidays if you have a spouse who isn’t really gun-oriented. As is the custom at Casa de Zed, I prepared my annual list of suggested gift items I’d like Santa to leave under the tree for me while I sleep with visions of a scary black rifle sugar plums dancing in my head. So imagine my surprise the other night as I’m listening to Thursday Night Football while lining up fresh, juicy posts for the next morning, and I hear shouted at me from the kitchen . . .

Wife: Why do you want more magazines? You never read the ones you get!

Me: Huh?

W: I got you two last year for Christmas and you don’t read them.

M: I don’t want any magazines.

W: But you have them here on your list!

M: What list?

W: Your Christmas list.

M: No I don’t. Why would I — wait! I want magazines, not magazines.

W: Huh?

M: Magazines! You know, the things you use to load a gun?

W: Who’s Chip McCormick?

M: Print’s dead!

After I finished banging my forehead against the door jamb and cleared up any other questions my life-partner had about the items I’d carefully scribbled for her in red crayon, I decided I needed to catch up with Chris and Nick and get together my list for publication.

Oh, and since I think I’m a pretty average gun owner, I’m listing stuff I’d like to have, figuring they’d make any gunny happy to find them in his or her stocking. So here goes:

And by that I mean magazines, not magazines. Like money, sex and good french fries, you never seem to have enough. Doesn’t matter which gun you’re talking about, more is always better. In my case, I’d like some for my 1911. And I want better mags than some of those I have. I hear that guy McCormick knows what he’s doing.

See above. Again, never enough. I’d like more 9mm as that’s what I’m running low on at the moment, but .45. .38 or .22 would be appreciated, too. My CW-9 eats anything, but the Sub-2000 seems partial the piquant, south-of-the-border flavor of Magtech. Dunno why.

Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC
Since I’ve been using a SHTF Gear holster for my P3AT when I want uber-light, tuckable concealability, I’ve really come to like the whole IWB hybrid holster thing. And the idea of being able to buy extra Kydex bodies for other guns instead of plunking down cash for an entirely new holster has a certain je ne sais quoi, too. So after reading Tyler’s and CCW Guy’s positive takes, I’m on board.


Outers Universal Cleaning Kit
I don’t know about you, but I have an agglomeration of various cleaning brushes, jigs rods, oils, fluids and patches, all kept in an old Hoppe’s-scented metal took box. It works just fine, but I kinda like the idea of keeping all that chazerai in an attractive wooden box. One that will look nice enough to be kept out in the dedicated gun room I’m going to build. Someday. No really.

Mossberg 930 SPX Shotgun

When we were down in Austin filming our soon-to-be-released extravaganza, one of the segments featured a kind of 3-gun competition. Actually, it was a 3-gun competition. In any case, I got to shoot Nick’s 930 during the scattergun stage and liked it. A lot. It’s fast. And fun. Now I kinda have a hankerin’ to get into some 3-gun shooting. So I’d need an appropriate shotgun, right? It’d also make a wikkid home defense gun. That’s my story, anyway. Dammit.

Armalite SPR Mod LE Carbine

Well if I’m going to shoot in 3-gun events, I’ll need a proper rifle won’t I? And right now, my only rifle is a 10/22. Who knows, maybe Santa will get things a little mixed up and think he sees my name on the ‘good’ side of the list this year. It could happen.

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  1. My xmas wish list.
    1. World Peace.
    2. Brotherhood amongst men.
    3.Religious tolerence. Especially among the non religious.

    But since none of this will happen I will take ammo and mags. I could use some more solvent and oil for my cleaning kit. And a butt load of ShootnC targets, love em.

    • World peace…… We are Humans. This wish is unrealistic(fantasy/science fiction).

      Brotherhood……. We already have many brotherhoods: they all hate each other.

      Religious tolerance > esp. by non religious……. Throughout human history, Religious intolerance trumps non religious intolerant activity. Religion and tolerance go together like oil and water. Can’t happen.

      I’ll buy my own AR and Ammo for the holiday. For fun and to save your life.

      Thank you……..

      Nous Defions

      • I like boredom. Especially for my kids and grandkids. As I stated, I know it’s not gonna happen. Hence the request for more ammo and mags.

  2. Sung to the old classic ‘all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’ melody:
    “All I want for Christmas is a nice-new Winchester SXP Combo, thank-you.”

    Ah well, it doesn’t rhyme and flow as well.

  3. I want the Santa in the picture — no really! I would display it on my mantle over the fireplace having him shoot some deer 🙂

    • “What happened to Comet?”
      “He had an accident on the way to house 17,934,102. Got some squeeze on Santa’s suit. He didn’t take too kindly to that.”

  4. Number one on my list…

    Obama to be impeached, tried and found guilty as acesory to murder for the Benghazi attacks. He would of course be charged with treason as well.

    I read an article on Yahoo! the other day and was about the Obama administration and MSM wanting to know what the big deal about Benghazi is. They want to know why so many people are T’ed off over it.

    Virginia, if there is a Santa Clause, he will deliver us from evil.

  5. Here is my list:

    Stag 3g Compensator
    Midwest Industries SS Gen II 15″ Handguard
    Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block
    Geissele 3g or JP 3g trigger
    High Quality 1x Red Dot Sight
    Ambidextrous Charging Handle
    Core 15 Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group
    Lots of PMAGs
    (Can you tell I’m building an AR-15?)

    Of course, I would settle for a 930 SPX, I need one for 3 gun after I build my AR and since it’s the most lefty friendly that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (Benelli), it’s on my list.

  6. Back on topic, the 930 SPX is high on my list. I already own an 870 and a Benelli SuperSport, so another 12 gauge is a bit superfluous. Then again, so is another AR build.

  7. If magazines weren’t meant to be read, why would they have the little holes in the side so you can check your round count?

  8. Personaly I’d like some good Hornady Steel Match and Varmint ammo for my Mini-14

    And a Henry .22 and about 1000 rounds to run through it.

  9. I’m lucky enough to own a 930 SPX, a Glock 23, and a LT PredaTar; would like a set of Dueck Defence offset sights for the AR and…a lot more ammo!

  10. Not to in any way discount the 930 SPX but if you want to shoot 3-gun the 930 JMPro edition is better suited to 3-gun. It has a wider loading port, larger safety, longer mag tube and barrel, choke tubes, and some other stuff that make it ideal for 3-gun. It comes in a 9 or 10-shot model. I have the 10-shot and it actually was cheaper than the SPX that I bought a year earlier.

    The SPX is a fantastic home defense gun or maybe even a deer gun if you plug that mag tube; the ghost ring sights make shooting slugs practically cheating at longer ranges but having used the SPX and the JMPro in 3-gun that JM is the way to go.

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