Gear Review: SHTF Gear ACE-2 IWB Hoster for P3AT with Laserguard

It’s so seductively easy to talk yourself into not carrying a gun some days. Think about if for, oh, nine seconds or so and you’ll come up with any one of a dozen ready justifications for leaving your heater at home. It’s hot outside, the clothes I need to wear don’t cover my rig well, it’s uncomfortable, I might have to go into a bank/school/hospital/post office or some other designated free-fire zone, it’s heavy, I don’t like how it feels, it’s a pain in the ass. Yes, all of those can be and are sensible considerations…right up until the time when you actually do (God forbid) wish you had that mohaska on your hip.  The trick is to make the process routine, unobtrusive and as comfortable as possible. And a SHTF Gear ACE-2 rig is about as comfortable as it gets . . .

Now, just about every single holster review eventually gets around to saying the same thing: gosh, the Acme TuckWonder is so danged comfy, after a few minutes I forget I’m wearing it! Bullshit. Carrying a gun around – any gun – is an all-day dance that’s a minor inconvenience at best and, at worst, a major PITA.

Just resign yourself to it. When you carry, your gonna be re-tucking your shirt, hiking up your skivvies, holding the rig firm as you bounce down a flight of stairs and doing periodic hand-checks to make sure nothing’s peeking out at unsuspecting gun muggles. That’s just the way of the CCW world. So the only way to make that little gavotte as bearable as possible is to pick the right holster for your particular carry piece of choice.