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Is Dom Rasso’s neck bigger than my thigh? I think so maybe yes. But then my neck doesn’t need to be that big. I’m not taking head shots from experienced fighters or running around like my hair’s on fire. Actually, Dom doesn’t do the burning man thing. The SEAL assesses threats and reacts with carefully timed evasion and counter-attacks. Kinda like I do sitting at this damn desk all day, but in a physical way. OK, yes, I’m jealous. What a cool job: breaking down Hollywood action sequences, recreating them and explaining why the techniques do or don’t work. For you! I mean, who knew . . .

that sliding across a Pledge-polished table to avoid submachine gun fire was a bone-headed idea? Of course, if you think about it . . .

The last thing I want to do is take an unknown in my environment [is to slide down a Pledge-polished table]. [I] might break, fall, get hung up on in a linear path. He’s shooting straight bullets at me. I want to be zig-zagging. I don’t want to be going in a straight line.

At the risk of inserting a homo-erotic connotation where there clearly is one isn’t one, what are straight bullets? But zig-zag away from a sub-machine gun until the President of the United States arrives with a captured sub-machine gun to ice a terrorist antagonist? That I understand. Noted and logged. That and no pirouetting before a toaster strike.

Media Lab is fun, fast-paced and culturally relevant – although Predator was shot in the late Mesozoic period. It’s ‘Myth Busters’ for gunnies, both old (really old) and new. I pronounce it a hit.

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    • Please explain why to me…

      I like when they point out what doesn’t make sense or why the scene is flawed from a real world perspective…

      So why after that do they reenact the scene? I am missing something here.

  1. A certain Canadian-based gore site recently published a combination video of assassinations. In Syria. With Kalashnikov pattern rifles. You known, the oh-so inaccurate ones. (the ones we’ve probably paid for….)
    Targets were running and shooters were in moving cars. Going over bumpy terrain. (Looked like late production Ladas.)
    Suffice it to say that even in those scenarios zig zagging was futile.

  2. My only complaint about this show is that it seems so rushed. I want more explanation, more what-and-why. Media Lab needs a little more time and less speed; Noir needs more actual gun stuff (maybe actually to shoot one sometime) and less banter.

    • What I would like to see addressed is this fascination with Hollywood every time someone has a full auto weapon to yank on the bang switch and hold it down until the mag is dry, even when there is no target visible. How am I supposed to treat this bad guy as some sort of professional when he just blows off all his ammo even though he does not have the target in his sights, or even in sight?

      I used to love “The Unit” where the operators used common sense in their gun and ammo techniques. Unless it was intentional and planned suppressive fire they never fired a round unnecessarily.

      Seems like SEALS, owing exactly how many rounds they are carrying on the mission and exactly how far it is to re-supply, would be ever cognizant of wastage.

      • I have watched all of them so far and I love them but they go so fast I feel out of breath just watching them. I wish they would just slow down and be more detailed about why thing are a good idea or not.

  3. a tired concept done in a boring manner.
    Its bad enough explaining the obviously poor logic in the firearm segments.
    The worst part is his bogus hand to hand choreography non-sense.

  4. Why no comments about the hip shooting in Predator? That’s one of the three things that always irk me about guns in movies: shooting from the hip, they’re always cocking guns for emphasis (yet no rounds eject), and whenever they raise guns, they make cocking noises (usually that of a pump action).

  5. Best question: How do I become a badass? I have three weeks.

    I like this Dom guy.

    If anyone is able to answer, I assume Dom’s charity is supportive of civilian firearm ownership. If it is, I’ll donate. If not, I won’t. I don’t donate to the Wounded Warrior Project because they don’t support civilian firearm ownership. I have the same issue with HK.

  6. RF, I’m sensing a bit of a man crush here. We already took away the Israeli super models, does Dom need to go as well? LOL

  7. It’s cool how he breaks down the “don’ts,” but he ought to follow up with the “do’s.”

    As in, “Channing Tatum redirects the pistol, then throws his back into him; don’t do that. Instead, do this…”

    He does it with the toaster pirouette, but it would be cool if, instead of acting out the scene note-for-note, he acts out the scene “corrected.”

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