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Proof that we we CAN all get along - as long as the antis don't know we're pro-gun (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“When I launched Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I understood I would encounter opposition from those who took issue with my view – the same held by most gun owners – that firearm safety and responsibility go hand-in-hand with our Second Amendment rights,” Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America jefe Shannon Watts writes at Clearly Ms. Watts would have you – well, someone – believe that people who oppose her civilian disarmament agenda don’t believe in firearm safety and responsibility. Question . . .

How many American gun owners has MDA trained in safe gun handling? How many Americans has her gun control org instructed in the proper, legal use of firearms for self-defense? None. Which organization has trained millions of Americans how and when to keep and bear arms safely and responsibly, and defend innocent life through force of arms? The NRA.

The same NRA that Watts takes to task for not reining in “gun extremists” pilloried in a recent Mother Jones article (pilloried and contextualized by TTAG here).

There has been no response from the NRA leadership to any of these events. They aren’t telling their members and allies to cool it – they’re staying out of the fight. By turning a blind eye, they’re allowing these events to continue, and tacitly endorsing this cruel behavior.

Just as MDA reins in anti-gunners who’ve issued death threats against NRA jefe Wayne LaPierre. Or not. Still, what do you expect from an anti-gun group that relies on lies, mischaracterizations and obfuscation to justify its work towards disarming law-abiding Americans?

When it comes to protecting our children, our families and our communities from gun violence – moms will never give up.

True. Which is why so many American moms and dads exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

As for Watts’ contention that MDA takes the high road while the pro-gun side wallows in the mire, a brief scan of the comments underneath her msnbc article is all you need to judge the accuracy of that assertion. I’ll leave you with this bit of commentator doggrel aimed at gun owners:

Grow some balls and then maybe you can grow a brain and get off the paranoia train.

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  1. Oh, so NOW the NRA isn’t “gun extremists”, but merely some kind of magic enabler of gun extremism?

    I never, NEVER thought this kiss-and-make-up moment would arrive! Time to sing a song together! “Michael, Row the Boat Ashore” in 3-2-1…….

    • I have to put this out there…
      Open Carry Texas, and other open carry groups are not affiliated, funded, advertised, or otherwise affiliated to the NRA. If any of the open carry protestors are NRA members that is coincidental.
      To that end TOC has initiated new protocols, which includes not going to corporate restaurants among other things.
      Of course statements made by the anti side are just fine. Especially when they start talking about my kids being shot, or the size of my manhood. I don’t go running to the press to complain. I don’t expect them to come out and denounce anything either. It just is sadly.

      • PS: Daniel, rather than thread hijack, by going OT on OC, here,

        Why dont you write an article to stand on its own- linkage to the various responsible OC groups, that dont agree with the poorly thought out ad hoc OC that happened in Chipotles, that gave MDA so much ammo, at just the wrong time, their lie and MJs article about it, was being shot down in flames…

        You will not only differentiate the nitwits from the responsible adults, but also create some momentum for helping adults educate the otherwise clueless but enthuistic young guys, like fatso and geekboy, who MIGHT be more willing to listen to other OC’ers, that really, really bad PR is just not worth them getting their ego stroked, or an Instagram to brag to their homies on.

        I’m sure I will get the predictable “FUDD” and “slave/tool of the state” smears here from the predictable OCD OC’ers, which is fine, as I have no dog in that fight anyway, since the same kind of dumb$hit manuever already got OC taken away in CA, a couple years ago.

        BUT if, as I suspect, the majority of responsible OC or Constitional carry folks agree with my point about good PR vs bad,

        and if you, Daniel, can agree that your writing is MUCH better than mine,
        since you seem to be dialed in with the right folks,
        I hope you can help them,

        by writing something here, and
        maybe win those two guns, while you are at it.

    • Standard Alinsky tactic- freeze, polarize- divide and conquer.

      Shannon wants the NRA to respond to the strawman argument, “when did you stop beating your kids”.

      Getting pretty desperate, is what I’d say.

      • “…firearm safety and responsibility go hand-in-hand with our Second Amendment rights…”

        The other standard tactic – keep promoting the idea that the Second Amendment is the source of our rights and obscure or ignore the fact that the Second Amendment only prohibits the government from infringing on a right the people already have.

  2. Sorry, but this is one of my pet grammar peeves: That’s “rein in”, as in reining in a horse, not “reign in”–although I’m sure Shannon would love to be Queen and reign over us all. Oh, and I still want to know–what’s with that baby in Shannon’s ID pic lately? Did she borrow someone’s kid to use as a prop in her “just a mom” charade?

    • Yeah, but don’t you love the attitude that all NRA members are actually employees, that the NRA can control, dictate to, etc? I mean, I am a way far out life member (Patron) and even so exalted a member pays the NRA, not the other way around. Why do you suppose Shannon can’t get that straight? If her check stopped arriving, she would be off the field in a NYC minute, until then she will do precisely as she is told. Which I would bet includes doing things which are illegal to do for money.

      • well your description is spot on her way making money now is far more “respectable” than Flat backing

      • Thats a good point, Larry- she reveals a lot about herself, and her fellow travelers by suggesting that the NRA speaks for all gun owners in some monolithic fashion, and controls them like Overlords.

        Obviously she hasn’t read TTAG much and all the bitc4ing and carping about NRA, SAF, and others…we who cant even agree on the one caliber, which is obviously 40S&W, or the OneGunToRuleThemAll-G23.

      • Well, when you’re beliefs are based on which way the progressive movement tell you to think and the target is always moving it’s likely difficult to grok that there are people out there who are independent thinkers or groups that don’t hold absolute power over their memberships thoughts and behavior. Progressive statists are collectivist by nature and subscribe to the hive mind. The concept that we aren’t organized on that level or on all topics really escapes them.

    • Yeah. I’m always very torn about the OC issue. There’s something to be said about freedom of speech and the right to carry. But at the same time showing up kitted out with their AR just makes too many people nervous in most places. It would be better for them all to just stick with their side arms. Try to be LOW key about it.

      • I’m falling in with you on this one. I think it all should be “constitutional carry”–open concealed, long, short, whatever. I am kind of offended that we are supposed to get a “permit” to exercise a specific , plainly expressed Constitutional right, while other so-called “rights” that are nowhere to be found in the text may not be “burdened” even to the extent of making folks pay for it themselves. (Yes, that’s abortion I’m talkin’ about). But in the present state of affairs, when we are in a battle for public opinion and counting on the vast majority of under-informed sheeple to at least no get mad enough at us to actually support the other side, toting ARs into family restaurants doesn’t seem like the best idea. But I do see the other side of it. Hence–torn.

        • You know I’m right there with you on that one. If i had my way it would be constitutional carry from shore to shore. I was personally somewhat apprehensive about it when AZ brought it in. But it’s been proven that there were no real problems. They were talking about that very point on the last episode of Armed American Radio. When they got it in AZ lots of people went and got trained up anyway. Just so they’d know what they were doing. If my current state of residence MS did that I’d gladly do that. Even though I’ve studied the subject enough to have a solid grounding. You can only become more skilled with certified instruction.

      • But the problem is that in Texas, where some of those OC folks are getting attention, there is no legal OC of handguns.

        THAT’s their point. That is what they are essentially protesting and why they are being a bit blatant about it.

        Yes, OC of handguns makes a LOT more sense. So change the law.

        Not everyone agrees with their methods or how they are going about it, but for them, it’s not as simple as “OC a handgun would be better.” They would if they could, I’m sure.

        • Huh. You know I completely spaced on that one. I remember that Texas had no legal OC of handguns. But I suppose I just assumed that there was no OC of rifle either. I guess I just assumed they were being civilly disobedient.

          Either way I’m going to say that they should just straight up go nation wide constitutional carry and solve all these issues in one fell swoop.

      • Those “OC Idiots” in Texas are carrying their rifles because it is illegal to OC pistols in Texas. That is why they are protesting by carrying their rifles. Got it?

    • Always beware of someone willing to feed their friends to wolves to avoid being eaten temporarily… all they truly accomplish is being eaten last.

      With people like you willing to throw open carriers under the bus just because you disagree with a subset of their beliefs and you think that somehow infringes on your ability to CCW, or own guns to Hunt or own a bbgun or wherever you put yourself on the spectrum, Shannon just needs to sit back and watch us implode. Just to be very clear… people like Shannon will not just politely go home and leave us alone one open carry is made illegal, or CCW, or once AR15’s are illegal etc etc… If you own a gun, she does not like you and will not rest her case until you do not have a gun.. period. You may not agree with open carry, but it is a right based on the same principles of the rights you practice… so be careful who you align yourself with. Any infighting weakens the entire cause, and the more you alienate those who differ than you, the fewer of us who will be there to defend you when the time comes for them to infringe on the guns you like to use.

      • The issue is not whether or not people agree with open carry, the issue is that one group of gun owners are the cause of businesses banning firearms nation wide. Thankfully the Texas open carry groups have realized they were causing these issues and released a statement that they are changing what happens on their walks/protests.

        I agree that we should not be infighting or throwing each other under the bus, but we should not tolerate people that are doing unsafe or irresponsible acts that are being used against all gun owners.

        • Open-carrying into a chain restaurant does NOT harm me as a gun owner. Repeat: NOT.

        • You have it backwards again. It is those who will willingly hide their firearms and pretend not to have them that advance the march of gun control. Out of sight, out of mind, gone tomorrow. Thank the OC people for helping your rights, the ones you wish to pretend you don’t have.

          • +100,000. What bugs me is, “Hey, You’ve Got to Hide Your Guns A-way”….

        • Absolutely correct. People advocating for open carry are looking for a bit of attention and doing it at the expense of the rest of us. There’s no other excuse for it.

      • Tex, you are missing the point, and I am being patient, assuming that you are for real, and passionate about what you believe in, for I am on your side, after all-

        so dont overgeneralize, throw up a strawman, or put words in my mouth- as in your paragraph above, as you are acting more like a Shannon than you probably mean to-

        just consider this- is it worth it to scare the crap out of people with OC? If its NOT worth it to scare the crap out of people, then how would you tone it down a bit, and work as a group, in an equally public place, that maybe isnt so full of mommies with little kids?

        See, thats called common-sense, and being smart about PR, and making it work for you, rather than against you- tactics, and strategy, son. Kind of like the old bull and young bull metaphor…

        • I’m sure Rosa Parks had a few black people who were standing and minding their own business in the back of the bus pretty upset as well. I guess sometimes you actually have to be willing to stand up for your rights, or sit down, as the case may be.

        • People are not scared forever by OC. They’re scared because it’s new to them, because they’ve been led so far astray from basic rights.

          After they see people carrying gently and responsibly, the impression changes. They aren’t afraid of cops openly carrying. That’s because they have all along.

          I don’t feel inclined to modify my rights because some Nervous Nellie has the heebie-jeebies.

          Stop trying to change OUR behavior, and work to change THEIR behavior!

    • The NRA does not get to tell me what to do! Point is, to me, carrying my AR to Chipotle is a pain in the butt. You want to do it, be my guest, but I’m not going to unless there is a reason (like a sniper on the loose).

      And Tex300BLK, Shannon has a job. She will continue attempting to improve her position and her income. If she wins and wins and wins, yes, she will continue to make even more ridiculous demands, as long as the money is coming in.

    • So MDA claims the NRA controls the minds of all gun owners yet MDA is complaining the NRA isn’t controlling the minds of all gun owners. Some women are just impossible to please.

    • You make an interesting, thoughtful point. I can tell you spent a great deal of time carefully choosing the words to best express your thoughts.

      • I agree. I was as staggered by the philosophical depth of his existential treatise as I was by his command of the written word. Kudos to you, Paul McCain, for setting the bar at a height that we common folk can only dream of.

  3. I love when people use arguments of fear against gun owners. They are essentially saying “You’re too much of a pussy to allow someone to attack you and get away with it.” I always thought that one flew in the face of “gun owners are macho tough guy bullies.” Isn’t being an abused pussy the opposite of being a bully?

    • They try really hard to get all possible stupid points possible into each and every rant.

    • Progressives are inconsistent, more at 11:00, up next, snow is cold.

      Sorry, not knocking you, just joking.

  4. So “gun extremists” (I’m assuming she means murderers) are now the NRA’s “members and allies”?

    Does she realize that the NRA (as powerful as it is) only represents approximately 5% of gun owners?

    • No, they don’t mean “murderers.” They mean, “people who believe that the constitution means what it says.” At any rate, marginally better than the term “gun supremesist” somebody tried on for size recently.

      • I used to be a gun supremacist, then I caught a bit of what TominOregon does and now I feel so puny…

  5. Anonymous to Bloomberg faction – you are turning a blind eye to dis-armament extremists. Wait! You and Watts ARE dis-armament extremists.

    • Kinda wish the greater bulk of Anonymous would jump on board with going after anti-2A grounds. Specifically in regards to blatant BS and lying. Case in point the recent ‘spitting’ incident in the Indy airport that turned out to be full on BS.

      Of course… at the same time some members of it tend to use less than legal means. And at the end of the day we just can’t be a part of any law breaking. Even if it would be funny.

  6. “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

    How about you stop BEING an extremist, then you can preach to others about them. Kthxbai.

    Also I love the “paranoia train” stuff. Like it’s not “paranoia” to believe that anyone with a gun ever anywhere is a threat to you with no knowledge of them or their intent. Hypocrites.

  7. Now hold on. Every time an MDA member or anti-gun advocate reports a death threat this site covers it and remonstrates them saying “Well if it really was a serious threat, why didn’t you call the police?” Now TTAG is reporting that Wayne LaPierre has received death threats and he… hasn’t called the police. At least not in the article that TTAG linked. We can’t have it both ways, folks.

    • There’s a big difference here. If you click on the story link, you can see the death threats leveled at WLP on Twitter.

      To date, I don’t recall seeing a single piece of evidence substantiating the threats claimed by Watts and MDA. I’m sure they have received some, as any public figure will attract some nutters, but I’m also sure they are much fewer and far between than MDA lets on.

      Also, I haven’t heard WLP make claims of assault in public places with lots of security cameras and potential witnesses around, based upon tv coverage of a press conference that wasn’t covered on any TV in the aforementioned public place, with no witnesses to report the assault and no bystanders coming to his defense.

      But yes, WLP and the NRA should contact law enforcement when they receive threats too.

      • Another point: if LaPierre and the NRA get their way, anyone similarly threatened will be able to defend themselves with the best tools available. On the other hand, if Watts and MDA win, they’ll be defenseless.

    • See also: “Airport Spit Hit” pieces and “Ninja With Super Soaker” story. Additionally: Patent BS.

  8. “Grow some balls and then maybe you can grow a brain and get off the paranoia train.”

    When one is proficient in the safe ethical moral and defensive use of a firearm there is no paranoia train. Situational awareness and confident capability derails any such train. People such as that commentor are similar to sheep to slaughter but in their blind trust never realize it until too late.

  9. Well to be fair I wouldn’t exactly call a liberal threatening the leader of the NRA a “credible threat.”

  10. Advocating that the NRA abandon the “extremists” reminds me of a pithy poem I read at the holocaust museum.

    “When they came for the…”

    • New Jersey. The single gun owner left (a retired LEO) will be a responsible person.

  11. Dear gun-grabbing liberty-phobes
    The NRA is an organization that we, the members, pay dues to, in order to support their efforts to represent our interests to the “lawmakers”.
    They work for us.
    They are not the boss of us.

  12. That picture still makes me laugh. It is still FULL of win.

    You see, Shannon? Do you SEE yourself standing there smiling next a (gasp!) man who is not harming you in any way? A friendly soul who simply asked to take a picture with you?

    Shannon, the fundamental LIE of your position is on display in that picture, and that is why I think you hate it so much and try to DEFLECT attention from what the picture actually shows to the made-up message you want people to believe.

    Shannon, you are a PR failure in every way. And, I think the more ridiculous your claims become, the more people realize that.

    I hope every single “Mom” you are trying to manipulate sees this picture…along with the implied caption: “Shannon Watts smiles while posing for picture with gentleman carrying a firearm.”

  13. Until Ms. Watts is faced with possible injury or death, she will NEVER understand why we the people believe so strongly in exercising our 2nd Amendment rights. I would never wish harm on anyone but until she has that come-to-Jesus moment, she feels invincible.
    And “feeling Invincible” will not stop a bullet. Well, maybe that .9mm thingy.

    • See Shannon feels invincible because she has her armed body guards and lives in a low crime upper income neighborhood both of which keep the icky underclasses away. Traveling and Lil’ Mikeys dime I am sure gives her private or at least superior class travel arrangements so that she can avoid all of those people when she must share a building with them. From her point of view as one of the chosen if things start to go badly in a larger scale the police should protect her and hers (her husband seems an unlikely candidate for the job) while the unwashed fall to their just reward for being unenlightened like her.

  14. I’m sorry, was someone talking? I thought that was just a fly buzzing in my ear. swat swat

    Ohhh Ms Bloomberg… Sorry, I didn’t see you there…

    walks away

  15. “I understood I would encounter opposition from those who took issue with my view.”

    pretty soon her view will be as ineffectual as a steaming pile of …..directly deposited metal (powder)

    Laser Cladding with a Kuka robot at TWI Ltd
    Delcam Advanced Manufacturing Solutions Delcam Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

  16. This is not a good photo Shannie. I am sorry, you just remind me of a hyena, not your best day, sorry to break it to you.

    What a great way to hone your skill as the shill for Mom’s Demand Action from Illegal Mayors…..speaking the truth on behalf of your former employer that is….you know….the company when typed in for a Google search, yields as the first autocomplete: “evil”.

  17. To be fair the NRA could ask its members to stop harassing Shannon and her like where as MDA cannot do the same. After all MDA would have to have members first.

  18. I understood I would encounter opposition from those who took issue with my view – the same held by most gun owners – that firearm safety and responsibility go hand-in-hand with our Second Amendment rights

    I don’t think she gets much, if any, opposition due to those views. If you go to any NRA affiliated event or class, you’ll hear speech after speech about safety and responsibility.
    I think the opposition comes from her attempts to get certain models of scary firearms banned, restrict ownership and licensing, eliminate non-licensed possession and carry, and pressure private firms to restrict customers with guns.

    But, of course, if she publicly stated those views, and her actions in pursuit of those views, most Americans’ opinions of her would go from indifferent (“Shannon who?”) to negative (“Oh, that crazy gun-ban lady?”).

  19. It is so beautiful to see what we have reduced these people to. Ever notice how, lately, all the regulars get chased off of anti-gun threads early on, leaving only the resident trolls to deal with gun rights supporters? They are giving up, they don’t even believe their own handlers when they repeat the “90%” lie anymore (snoop in on some DKos threads and you will see what I mean.) They won’t even stick around to do the “easy work” (simply ARGUING with ‘gun nuts’). They will be sitting on their couches come November. This one is ours to lose.

  20. Person 1 – “she’s lying.”
    Person 2 – “how can you tell?”
    Person 1- “her lips are moving”

  21. Well, Shannon and her ilk are totally ignoring all of the lives saved by people being armed, so I guess that evens things up a little? They also ignore the numbers of people killed with other implements, like 2×4’s and baseball bats….available with no background check or waiting period, and no restrictions on special assault features. Some baseball bats are made of high tech materials, and even have rubberized or improved grip surfaces to make them even more efficient at killing. Where is the outcry? Juveniles have easy access to these murder weapons!

  22. I would say to the guys at Chipotle: STOP IT! Although it is a right to open carry these weapons, it is certainly not helping our cause to walk into a restaurant with them. As a CCW holder, I would be alarmed to see them entering an eatery while I was having dinner. Someone may just misread their intentions and there could be an unfortunate result. We need to defend our rights, we also have to respect society.

    • I think you have that backwards….society needs to respect our rights, we need to be able to defend ourselves and our society.
      If you are afraid to show you are armed in public, you are already giving up your rights.

    • Like the queers exhibiting their perversity in public to the level degeneracy has become “mainstream” we MUST do the same and “Open Carry” (rifles/shotguns/handguns) everywhere possible until it too becomes as “normal” as the pierced, tattooed, prancing, lisping, limpwrist serving your table at the local restaurant.

        • No, I am NOT an ally or sympathizer of the despicable, diminutive, despot, Michael “I Have Armed Security 24/7/365 Bloom-BOIG nor do I support his campaign of terror and misinformation.

          I’m tired of the wimpy tactics fellow pro-2nd Amendment folks have resorted to in order to get the message across that our Right’s “Shall NOT Be Infringed”.

          I remember seeing the Civil Rights marches in the 60’s, the feminazi’s’ burning their bras on the Evening News in the 70’s, in the 80’s it was the media heralding AIDS activists, the 90’s the Rainbow Militia took center-stage demanding attention and the media eagerly complied giving them major exposure, NOW IT’S OUR TURN. Statistics on shootings at Open Carry events MUST be publicized, ie the fact that there HAVEN’T been any.

          If the Liberals don’t like the sight of “Open Carry” they can look away. Yes I’m a virulent Constitutionalist and I make NO apologies about it and NEVER will.

  23. “Grow some balls and then maybe you can grow a brain and get off the paranoia train.”
    Oh look, anti-gunners making comments about gun owners genitalia again

  24. The term “extremist,” is not an argument. It’s a personal attack designed to evade an argument.

    • Right; it’s no different than “conspiracy theorist”, which is neurolinguistic programming.

      Study find “conspiracy theorist” are better adjusted:

      “The term “conspiracy theorist” was launched into wide circulation in the 1960s by the CIA ‘s Document 1035-960. That memo, entitled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report,” ordered the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird media assets to smear people asking questions about the JFK assassination by labeling them “conspiracy theorists.” Since then, “conspiracy theorist” has served as a weaponized term. Whenever defenders of an official myth cannot argue convincingly on the basis of facts and logic, they resort to the ad hominem “conspiracy theorist” insult as a weapon of last resort.”

  25. Ka-flippin’-wow!

    [quote]…tacitly endorsing this cruel behavior.[/quote]

    That is a stretch well beyond the breaking point of color case hardened steel.

  26. I am really tired of Shannon Watts and her group. She uses Mothers as the ultimate emotional moral compass to children safety. Run an internet search for “mother kills children” and you will see pages of links as well as related searches about mothers who killed their own children.

    No one calls Shannon on this. How can Mothers hold the moral high ground when so many of them neglect or kill their children.

    An average citizen does something stupid with a gun and it is another example of irresponsible gun owners. A mother kills her children but she is a disturbed individual and does not reflect on all mothers.

  27. Shannon, “when did you stop beating your kids?”
    Say, I wonder when MSNBC will stop supporting “this woman who plainly beats her kids”.


    See, thats the trick- make something up, and wait for the other side to answer the question.

    Or simply wait for the naive and paid trolls to re-tweet it, and after awhile, the lie simply becomes the accepted truth in the StateRunMedia.

    Kind of like the 90% of guns smuggled to Mexico are from local gun stores in the US, that then Sec State Hillary Clinton cited in Mexico, in a speech, after it had already been debunked by noting how the stats had deliberately been cooked by exclusing all the guns sold to Mexico by DOD, via State, lost thru corruption in the Mexican Army, as lost or sold to narcos.

    And sadly, this deliberate lie was included in her speech was only a couple weeks before ATF was caught in their Fast and Furious gun-walking scheme, that led to the deaths of at least two US LEOs, and dozens if not hundreds of civlians on both sides of the border. Now, thats extremism, right there. A Cabinet member telling a lie, about US citizens, when she most likely HAD to have been read in, on the ATF op. After all, nothing happens with guns south of the border, or in other sovereign countries, without CIA, and DoS, involved in the sign-off. Which, undoubtedly, is why both of the latter are so desperate that the facts about EXACTLY WTF was going on in Benghazi, that the WH had to cook up the fake story of a YouTube video starting it there…

    So, Shannon- we dont really blame you- you and Bloomie have role models to emulate on the left, POTUS, SecState, and lets not forget Susan Rice, who got promoted for pimping out the lie for a week on national news, too. Why not- as the famous carny himself said- there’s a sucker born every minute.

    Thats part of why TTAG and other sites have to push back with the facts. See, Shannon- on the internet everyone knows if you are a dog. When enough people dont believe the lies of the StateRunMedia (SRM), then they start googling around, and finding the facts themselves. Thats part of what TTAG is about- calling out the SRM and MDA lies and propaganda, each and every time.

    Now to quote a famous wise man, stupid is as stupid does, so there’s always going to be progtards and ideologues out there, who dont care about the facts, only how they feel…beta males and mommies demanding action, as they say, but you dont have to be a nitwit, if you dont want to, and sooner or later, some of those people wake up.

  28. When are the two Chipotle goons gonna be identified and made certain that they are not MDA plants.

  29. Thank you, NRA, for supporting gun “extremists.” When you stop supporting us, we will stop supporting you.

    • Their lack of respect for “gun extremists” is why I drifted away from the NRA. They can compromise our rights away, but I’m not obligated to support ’em.

  30. the guy in suspenders is Bob Beckel. He is the token liberal on Foxs The Five at 5 pm. He was campaign manager for Mondale. He rambles often and is a claimed former alcoholic. Nuff said.

  31. She doesn’t care about gun safety or responsibility. She just wants our guns. When she gets the she can say; “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges we got your guns.”

    They will never give up. Neither must we.

  32. In a time when believing in the Constitution and founding principles of the country is enough to get one labeled an extremist, I’m proud to be an “extremist.” Anything that’s the polar opposite of a leftist must be a good thing.

    The hilarious thing is that sub-human trash like her don’t see themselves as extremist. A person carrying a gun legally is an extremist, but a paid leftist whore trying to oppress, demonize, and kill millions of Americans is somehow not.

  33. What’s that? Oh, Shannon’s blustering again. *Yawn*. I’m too busy spreading the gun love by taking first-time shooters out to play with my toys to care what MDA is on about now. Besides, it’s always the same drivel, anyway.

    This time I flew my firearms to another state just so I can bring my friend and his family out for an AR vs. AK showdown. His wife and son are Russian, so I’m hoping for a little home team rivalry to liven things up.

    I’m sure this qualifies me as an extremist. I’m very dangerous to MDA’s agenda since I’m teaching people to understand and respect firearms rather than fear them; their message depends on ignorance and fear, and I’m taking that away from them one person at a time. And if that doesn’t sting, I’m also having way more fun than they are.

  34. Until “People of the Gun” make it very clear, very loudly, that they regard the “Chipotle Ninjas” to be irresponsible and foolish, not at all representative of the vast majority of gun owner’s, it will be easy for MDA and other anti-2A group to paint us all with a broad brush as being a bunch of nut jobs.

    I’ve heard people saying, “Oh, they were just exercising their rights.”

    That argument is as stupid as saying a person who runs into a crowded movie theater and screams, “There’s a fire!” is just exercising his First Amendment rights.

    • Now you are just showing how big an ass you are.
      Until people of the gun stop marginalizing the existence of their rights, and hiding them under a bushel basket, why would those people opposed to your rights ever stop doing the same thing?

      • Apparently, Paul, you can only respond with ad hominem, which betrays the weakness of your point. The fact that you are either unable, or as I suspect, simply absolutely refuse to understand the point here is part of the problem.

        Nobody is “marginalizing” the existence of ‘their rights” when they say that two schlubs displaying long guns, with one holding it in low ready, are doing all responsible gun owners a huge disservice, and as long as there are people like you who refuse to understand this means that “we” are making it easy for all us to be marginalized as nut jobs.

        • No ad hominem in there at all.
          Those two “schlubs” sure sounds like one though, so there is a pot calling a kettle black around here somewhere.
          You are marginalizing. You take it that you know exactly what is happening and the how’s and why’s of that picture. Hint….you don’t. You assume. You make an ass out of yourself in doing so, don’t drag me into your crap argument.
          If you were to criticize their handling of the weapons or some technical point you would have some argument, but you don’t.
          See, I told you there was no ad hominem.
          Why don’t you go hide under a bushel basket?

        • Paul G.

          You are a good poster boy for everything wrong with some “people of the gun.”

          You go right ahead and cheer on the “Chipotle Ninja” crowd all you want and I can promise you that you, and guys like you, will only continue to do irreparable harm to the cause of expanding our Second Amendment rights.

          You can call all the names you want, but it doesn’t change the facts. You have nothing to say in response to my point other than more name calling.

          Rhetoric and debate fail.

          • I see, and all of your name calling (about people who cannot hear you and respond to your verbal assaults even) are on the up and up? Hypocrisy fits you well.
            You go on believing that shrinking from the public eye and hiding your guns is going to allow you to keep them longer. I hope that when push comes to shove and Christianity starts to end up on the chopping block, that you act similarly. Cover the cross on your church, camouflage it as a community center, have your Sunday services on Tuesdays instead, so you don’t offend those who would shut you down. After all, those Christian schlubs shouldn’t be trying to promote their religion in public. It scares people in the new agnostic era we live in. Keep it out of sight and out of mind. No fish insignia on the back of your car anymore. Don’t even wear a cross pendant or lapel pin, it offends people. Go hide it under a bushel basket.
            If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. Not just mindless, but spineless as well.

              • Where I live, I can open carry a handgun legally. Still, your question is a non-sequitur. If you are a concealed carry advocate, should I ask you if you conceal in the shower, or while sleeping?
                The point under discussion was about supporting those who do choose to OC, and choosing to do so oneself, at least at opportune times, is a show of support for our gun rights. Attempting to diminish that discussion through your reductio ad absurdum proves nothing except your need for attention.

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