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“The NRA is a terrorist organization.” – Michael Ian Black [via]

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  1. I would mock his tweet by simply saying “Michael Ian Black is a retard.” But or would probably get deleted as a flame.

    • The article is correct but for the wrong reasons. The NRA caused this mass shooting to drum up support for gun rights and NRA support due to a lack of interest in the NRA and its declining membership.

      Nothing gets the panties of gun owners in a bunch faster than a threat to the AR15th Ammendment.

      Don’t get me wrong. I own plenty of AR15s and AR10s among many other assault weapons (gotta call em what they are), but the gun lifestyle is not for the wishy washy. Got to decide now if there will be 2A infringement for those whose only major infraction is being expelled from school.

      • NRA membership has been rising by 3% a year for 15 years. It is way higher than it has ever been. NRA Gallup approvals were 32% a generation ago and are 58% of all Americas today.
        Gun ownership is likely at about 60% of Americans. Modern self and home defense training has included for a couple of decades, repeatedly, not to tell a stranger you have a gun at home, all we are seeing is that as a result a good portion of the growing number of Americans who own guns will now not tell a pollster banging on their door and holding a form with there name on it, if they have a gun in the house.

      • Pretty sure being a member of a domestic terrorist organization (ANTIFA) is a bigger issue than being expelled from school.

        • Your stupid is showing…
          The Republic of Florida, a white nationalist militia, confirmed Thursday that the man charged in Wednesday’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, was involved in some of its activities.

          Jordan Jereb, a leader within the group, told The Associated Press that shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz had participated in the group’s paramilitary drills in Tallahassee.

          • The “militia” person said, “…one or more…” Dead giveaway. Given the leftist view of “militia” members, none would talk like that. Second, anyone who is that vague is not to be trusted. Later in the linked statement, the shooter was claimed to have participated “…in at least one…training exercise.” Vague again. All this sounds suspiciously suspicious.

            Anyone can claim anything.

        • Whatever you say Jenkins, it’s not like we have photo evidence of his ANTIFA involvement or anything… oh… wait… we do.

        • Where’s your link, you “know” Your ass telling your head those things doesn’t count, they are so close 7/24 that its not even a whisper.

          IF your talking about this picture, which has been going around from Laguna Beach Antifa (a fake account by the way) is also not the same guy, doesn’t even look a little bit like him. But because a fake twitter account claimed it, you’d rather shoot you ass, I mean mouth, off before you actually take the 5 seconds it takes to know something. But we all know by now, you find knowledge and facts evil.

          PWRSERGE, making stupid cool again

        • So your saying the law enforcement agency in Tallahassee, who isn’t where the shooter was, and isn’t in the white supremacist group, is saying they have no evidence that he was in this group, that they have no contact with. Wow, great.

          I’ll still go with the word of the guy who runs the white supremacy group over a sheriff from a random unrelated Florida jurisdiction.

        • Yeah… Because we should totally trust the word of a white supremacist “leader” of a group that contains a grand total of about a dozen people. Not to mention that the only people supporting his bullshit are the ADL… aka commies r’us.

        • How about both of you STFU until there are some known knowns. Why babble about “he was this or that” when you know for a fact he was a nutter, no one is debating that.

      • “for those whose only major infraction is being expelled from school.”

        he had major violent crimes. He had at least two cases on two incidents, both when he was an adult, of directly threating to kill specific people at a specific place.

        Those kind of threats are slam dunk felonies. Two felonies reported to school authorities who it seems did not report them to police.

      • Guns and the nra are the the problem. Every mass shootings to date is linked to experimental pysch drug doses which is very primitive and the core of the problem.
        We need to put the mental health industry under a microscope. This mental health field is changing the brain chemistry in these people.

      • “Assault Weapon” is a fictitious term. There is no such thing.

        If you disagree you are welcome to try and explicitly define what an Assault weapon is. (Spoiler alert – you can’t).

      • Extractor,

        “I own plenty of AR15s and AR10s among many other assault weapons (gotta call em what they are)…”

        Except that they aren’t. Were they select-fire, you could call them “assault rifles”, but that’s as far as that goes.

    • He would whine to Twitter Safety and get your account locked at the very least. At worst he would get you banned. The blue checkmark leftist brigade is always protected.

    • AFAIK, there hasn’t been a single one of these spree killings perpetrated by a NRA member…

      It must be that the NRA keeps rejecting these folks from membership and that rejection pushes them over the edge and they snap.

      • NRA members can’t afford the ammo for a spree ’cause the NRA has taken all of their money. 😉

    • Your stupid is STILL showing…
      The Republic of Florida, a white nationalist militia, confirmed Thursday that the man charged in Wednesday’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida, was involved in some of its activities.

      Jordan Jereb, a leader within the group, told The Associated Press that shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz had participated in the group’s paramilitary drills in Tallahassee.

      • So you really felt the need to post this twice? Did you read the articles? I did.

        The Republic of Florida Militia, whose leader claims the accused Parkland school gunman was associated with …”

        The Anti-Defamation League, a civil rights watchdog, told ABC News they have information they believe to be credible…”

        Leroy, go Google ‘weasel words’ and learn something new.

        John Fritz, HMFIC indicated that Leroy Jenkins…”

        See what I did there? Will the information in the two stories you reference eventually prove to be true? Maybe. Let’s not get our panties in a wad before then. The way I read it currently it’s speculation.

        • If you start off by posting the same lie twice, we should only post the truth once. That’s stupid.

          And yeah, the leader claiming the guy was a member kinda makes a bit of a difference. Unless you think that he’s doing it to claim the act for his organization, as opposed to trying to get in front of something that is going to come out.

          So your point is superfluous.

        • Superfluous. Thx for the compliment.

          Shortened that ‘thanks’ up for you. Don’t want to be more than necessary.

  2. I don’t know who this blowhard is but he’s obviously ill informed.

    How about the POS behind the trigger? People (guardians) had indications for YEARS he is a whackadoodle. Yet, no one thought to intervene in some constructive fashion?

  3. He was funny in the early 90’s then after a series of failures in the early 2000’s he disappeared only to return as an author of “I’m a dad now so listen to me” type books. I wonder when he flipped full retard and decided people cared about his shallow opinions.

    • I wasn’t aware he was writing easy reading books nowadays, but as for the rest I would say the same thing. He’s been up for big gigs before, like the various late night talk show host jobs when those have come open, but he’s been repeatedly passed up. Seems like he was perpetually in second place among those considered.

      The last thing I saw from him was a stand-up special on Netflix, maybe not from 2017, but recent. That sucked; we turned it off after 10 minutes. It was sparse on actual jokes and very heavy on filler and set-up in between, like he was stretching 10-15 minutes of material to fit an hour long show. I guess now he’s doing the “let me get loud and proud and ultra liberal and maybe someone will notice and hire me” thing. Sad.

  4. Yep, let’s officially declare NRA to be a terrorist organization opposed to the values of the Communist Party and the collective desire of the workers to follow the wise leaders of the Party into the bright future. Let’s just put those miserable 5-6 million members (and their supporters) against the wall, and get rid of the plague forever. For the children.

  5. Michael Black: I’m sure you will be speaking with geo soros, who funds terrorist orgs, so please ask him what specific terrorist activities he has paid the NRA to perform, and ask him how satisfied he is with his Return-On-Investment. [Or ask CNN, or MSNBC, or whomever you get your libel from].

    • Winner winner chicken dinner…. I think this guy is angling for a new job. The fact that we all have our panties in a twist over a five word tweet will get him hired by the Bond Villain GS.

  6. It’s really simple, It’s parents and schools that are churning out these monsters. Parents need to held accountable. Totally UNHINGED media types blaming the NRA? For what? NRA teaching gun safety and standing up for gun rights is somehow wrong in their twisted thought process. Blame parents and teachers. Have you seen the type of people that become teachers? They are way to lazy to get a real job. They have advanced degrees but can’t change a flat tire, you want these losers teaching your kids.

    • Few of them have advanced degrees. Those that do are usually the good teachers.

      I’ve posted the educational process for your average K-12 teacher here before. It’s well below the average person with a BS/BA. In fact, most teachers were rejected from normal undergrad programs before joining the teaching track.

      It’s pathetic and kinda frightening.

  7. Here are two simple and undeniable facts:
    (1) The school expelled the attacker for violent behavior.
    (2) Students reported the attacker’s propensity to attack the school.

    Did administration periodically present his photo to staff and students with an explanation of his propensity to attack the school? That simple action alone could very well have enabled staff and students to identify the attacker and sound the alarm before he started maiming and killing — and could have significantly reduced the number of casualties.

      • Ha or that… I know I shouldn’t find that comment funny but what else can you do. Obvious solutions to obvious problems.

      • BUT the Febs DIDN’T. No credible information or were they just too busy abusing the Constitution and colluding against President Trump?

        • He bragged about planning to be a “professional school shooter” on YouTube almost six months ago. The YouTube creator reported it to the FBI. The FBI just happened to call him back yesterday.

        • I’d like to know how he was able to just walk into that school and open fire.

          Do they not lock the doors?

          *Harden* the soft target to entry…

      • What he said on Youtube wasn’t legally actionable. Tucker Carlson had a segment on the FBI “dropping the ball” last night. The short answer is that they didn’t. You can probably find the long answer on Youtube.

          • Yeah, before I posted my comment I had only heard about the Youtube comment. The phone call from the person who knew the killer is a different story.

  8. It is clear this guy had at least two separate incidents of direct threats to life of specific students , which are criminally chargeable offenses. These are not threats to steal cars, these are direct threats of bodily harm or murder. The school as far as we know at the moment, never referred either serious crime to the police.

    His mental problems are also interesting. Thanks to the ACLU it is harder to remand for mandatory mental health screening, and after screening, the thresholds for adjudicated mandatory hospitalization and treatment are higher in the US than in Australia, the UK, Canada, Japan or any other developed democracy.

    you can thank the ACLU terrorist organization for this and most mass murders in the US

    • Josh,

      The school and/or law enforcement definitely dropped the ball with respect the attacker’s previous threats.

      For contrast, consider an event a few months ago at my teenager’s high school:
      Two or three students took exception to my teenage child’s position on a highly charged subject and began threatening great bodily harm, on social media no less. My teenager ignored their threats (thinking it might just be stupid bluster) and then informed a counselor when the other students steadily escalated, with no end in sight, over the next 30 minutes. Within the hour, the high school discipline vice-principle and school resource officer pulled their @sses out of class, informed them that they were facing felony prosecution for making terroristic threats, kept them locked in a room until their parents came to pick them up, and explained to the parents why their children were suspended from school. The school resource officer also explained that if those two or three students so much as looked cross-eyed at anyone, including my teenage child, they would be prosecuted and sent to prison. Of course the school and the resource officer also began monitoring social posts from those two or three students and asked me to inform them immediately if my teenager heard any hints of further action or retaliation. We have not heard so much as a peep out of those two or three students.

      In summary: my teenage child’s school and local law enforcement did not mess around. They were all over threats like a cheap suit. As far as I can tell, they handled it well. And, as far as I can tell this early, the school and local law enforcement in Florida did not handle the attacker’s previous actions and threats well.

      • Good job by your school and its administrators. If more of this was done, the bullying would stop and free speech would return to our education system.

  9. Michal Ian Black is a mediocre entertainer who mistakenly thinks his opinion matters and desperately craves attention to resurrect his stalled career. He couldn’t even come-up with an original condemnation of the NRA, so he only parroted something he had heard elsewhere. Guess that kind of illustrates why his career is failed.

    Reports being aired about the 19 year-old shooter indicate another disturbed youngster who was given a “hall pass” by everyone around him
    …same old storyline, and nothing to do with the NRA.
    CORRECTION: NOW it is just being reported that NJCruz actually was the owner of the AR 15 he used.

  10. Oh hey that’s that idiot they get on all those VH-1 I Love the (insert decade here) shows. I always wondered what happened to him. Guess he couldn’t handle obscurity anymore.

  11. Gee does ANYONE ever blame GOA or 2nd Amendment Foundation?!? No?There’s a reason for that. Big Dog for good or bad. Time to send in my next free NRA membership(courtesy Taurus-a Brazilian co.)

  12. When you mandate that kids be in school, which tends to create large groups in confined spaces, yet refuse to allow teachers or others to be sufficently capable of protecting that group of vulnerable people, it creates a massive target for crazies. They can blame the gun and the GOP all they want, but until it’s admitted that gun free zones and disarmament of good people is REALLY bad policy, that blame is just a cop out.

    • Yea sure arm all the students who are not yet mature adults, arm the teachers who may have never handled a gun in their life and then you will not have any more problems. Only a Moron or a Lunatic would advocate such nonsense.

      • First of all I don’t think anyone is advocating that most of the students be armed.

        Second, I don’t think anyone is advocating that staff/teachers with no training and no skills be armed.

        How about something simple: staff, teachers, and parents with basic training and skills AND WHO WANT TO can be armed at school.

        Remember, popular handguns are simple tools that are simple to learn and simple to operate — which is why they are popular. Average people need a few hours (not weeks) of training to learn how to operate a handgun responsibly and proficiently at close range.

      • Only a moron thinks humans operate without choice. Nope, the two options are disarming *everybody* or arming *everybody”* without any consideration for their individual desires or capability. Human beings without agency, the lofty goal of communists everywhere.

      • Did you even give a thought to the irony of “gun violence” in a gun-free zone? Is murder illegal? Is possession of a gun in a gun-free zone illegal? What is the common denominator here?

      • “Yea sure arm all the students who are not yet mature adults, arm the teachers who may have never handled a gun in their life and then you will not have any more problems.”

        Nobody said that at all. You are a dishonest person.

      • man you can almost see the stupid grow with each post in this troll

        keep going ‘cisco kid’…fling more poo-poo at the bars —entertain us all!

    • Forced mass institutional incarceration with inadequate supervision… what could go wrong? These aren’t the local public schools of a few hundred population from 100 years ago. Any other mass public gathering of 3 or 4 thousand would have more than a few LE in attendence.

  13. I’ve been scanning the MSM moring “news”. ABC and George Snuffleupagus for the “win”. The twit was AT THE SCHOOL. He must have been on the company Gulfstream before the ambulances arrived at the school. I wonder if he was able to dip his little midget fingers in a pool of still warm blood? Pathetic

  14. Yes, these mass shootings are “insanity”, but the cause is not simple, and not something people really want to deal with. Without taking too much time, let me use some bullet points to just touch the surface:
    – crumbling moral imperatives
    – crumbling families
    – use of psycho drugs to serve as babysitters
    – rampant selfishness and mindset of entitlement
    – – no one should be denied anything they want, nor made to feel bad
    – children used as fashion accessories
    – three generations of children raising children to remain children
    – lack of fear of punishment for harmful acts
    – lack of fear of being caught during or after harmful acts
    – gathering of large numbers of people in close quarters, without the means to defend themselves (“gun free zones” mean only criminals will have guns – you rarely read of a police station being the site of a mass shooting)
    – a life of plenty is not enough
    – lack of respect for others
    – leaving obviously mentally incompetent people free to walk the streets
    – lack of a sense of personal responsibility
    – a belief that government, can, should and must provide everything anyone wants, at any time, including protection from “bad things” happening
    – the insanity of believing evil doesn’t exist; just people who make “unfortunate” choices

    Florida governor just announced, “…we have to make sure no one with mental illness ever touches a gun”. Watch closely, someone in the legislature will create a bill to declare that if a person is adjudicated (as in a medical professional, or a bureaucrat following a checklist) mentally ill (declared to have one of more of the symptoms of psychological disorder listed in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”) they be identified and labeled a permanently prohibited person.

    Then watch the leftists tie themselves in knots trying to make it non-threatening for a person to seek treatment for mental illness, all the while foaming at the mouth to deny millions access to a firearm.

  15. The real truth is that in civilized countries like Japan this tragedy would never have happened. In Japan in order to get a firearms i.d. card the police interview your doctor and your neighbors and their professional vetting system would also have detected the killers prior mental health problems as well. Contrast this to our own totally incompetent FBI that was warned twice about this nut case and they sat on their hands drinking coffee and ready porn magazines rather than go out and pick this nut case up for questioning.

    The NRA is also to blame as they have consistently pandered not to the majority of their members but to the minority of their hard core base who believe in no gun laws regardless of high the dead body count gets.

    Safe storage laws would have prevented the majority of school shootings (not this one) because if guns were locked up then the distraught kid could not take his daddy’s assault rifle and commit mass killings. This is not rocket science and as previously noted every other civilized country has safe storage laws to prevent theft, accidental child shootings and kids committing mass shootings.

    Vetting of all gun purchases again would prevent lunatics and criminals from buying guns with no paper work at gun shows or from private sales which are legal in the majority of states. We already have the Brady Bill in place it would not cost very little to simply implement it for all gun sales.

    Because the NRA has prevented all of this from happening we as gun owners stand to lose everything and the corrupt Supreme Court along with the back stabbing corrupt Conservative Justices last summer reversed the Scalia decision due to public pressure and by letting the lower courts ban or restrict the right to own semi-auto weapons in Maryland and the other states like California now have the green light to start confiscating them and that is exactly what California now is about to do with no worry about the courts stopping it as they know now that the Scalia decision and the Second Amendment is now totally trashed and is ancient history and that now they can ban anything and everything they want to.

    Its the end of gun ownership in the U.S. as when the Dem’s regain control of Congress and the Presidency its a no brainier on what they are going to do and gun owners have no one to blame but themselves and the nut cases at the NRA as they all fought well established gun control measures that other counties put in placed decades ago that have prevented such school shootings from happening. Britain had just one School shooting in the 1980’s and they put an end to such horror as well as Australia and Germany as well. They and other countries dealt with the problem they did not just wish it would go away.

    • As I constantly remind by left-wing, racist, demoncrat brother-in-law, you have two choices: amend the constitution; move to a nation of enlightened sheep.

      If you think having demoncrats in control of congress and senate will result in gun confiscation, you are suffering a mental illness that needs attention. Long ago, people like you tried a legislative end-run to circumvent the constitution. Those people knew their agenda could not get sufficient votes to amend the constitution, so they thought they could just use simple legislation to achieve the goal of denying people their natural, human and civil rights to self-governance, self-determination. The result of all that was most unpleasant. Passing legislation to confiscate guns from the law-abiding (you people show your inherent racism by refusing to address the “gun violence” in the inner cities, but getting your lace panties in a twist over nice people in the suburbs), is likely to be quiet messy. Do you really want to have another go at it?

      Underneath your fraudulently proclaimed concern for the victims of mass shootings, you have already determined that every person who was saved by a defensive gun use had the moral obligation to be dead, rather than allow private citizens to legally possess a firearm. Liberalism/leftism is not only a mental disorder, it is a death cult.

      Comparing other cultures/countries to the US is disingenuous. Laws do not change the underlying character of the people. Japan is historically a nation of rulers and peasants. The people are long accustomed to obeisance, subservience to the ruling class. The ruling class carefully controlled the means of the people to overthrow the rulers. The Japanese culture and history cannot be overlaid on the US. The Australian ambassador to the US answering a question about imposing Australian gun controls on the US said:
      “Australia and the United States are completely different situations, and it goes back to each of our foundings. America was born from a culture of self-defense. Australia was born from a culture of “the government will protect me.” Australia wasn’t born as a result of a brutal war. We weren’t invaded. We weren’t attacked. We weren’t occupied. That makes an incredible difference, even today….Well, like I said, our histories are completely different. The U.S. had a horrendous civil war, with more casualties than every other war combined. We didn’t have that history. It really went to the core of what it means to defend your people.”

  16. We are breeding a new generation of children that are totally against gun ownership as the children interviewed today and yesterday in the Florida massacre are all saying they have seen their comrades laying in pools of blood with their brains splattered all over the walls. They want something done to stop the madness and they will do it when they turn 18 by voting out Republicans and supporting more common sense gun control. To them the older hillbilly generation cannot die off of old age fast enough. When you have looked into the eyes of a madman with an assault rifle your views on gun control change very quickly.

    • Really? all it did for me was make me wish I controlled mine better by having it on my person. Certainly didn’t wish for more barriers or restrictions that clearly did nothing to stop the drunk felon on the trigger of the one pointed at me.

  17. Our Founding Fathers were most likely considered as terrorists. In a world rapidly becoming more and more socialistic, I would be proud to be like them.

  18. The nra has only 5 million dues-paying members. they did not have a billion dollars for election campaigns. What does it say about the appeal of gun control if such a resource-strapped organization as the NRA can overwhelm and defeat Soros, Bloomberg, Gates, Cuomo, et alii ??

      • “Average voters still matter?”

        Thinking more along the line that the anti-gun crowd is lying. The anti-gun crowd is spending extraordinary money to achieve nothing. The anti-gun crowd supports a bunch of scam artists. The anti-gun crowd is literally “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight”.

        Maybe there’s hope the anti-gun crowd will continue to focus on NRA so we can win more elections on the flanks.

  19. Well they’re mostly right…. but it’s not because the NRA has fought to prevent infringements against the 2nd Amendment and 10th Amendment…. they’re on record going back to 1910 advocating, writing and lobbying to get the anti-2a unconstitutional laws passed.

    Sadly true…

    The NRA support gun control for much of the 20th century, its leadership in fact lobbied for and authored gun control legislation, 90 years of authoring the very unconstitutional federal laws that they claim to advocate against,
    > 1920s, the National Revolver Association, the arm of the NRA responsible for handgun training, proposed regulations later adopted by nine states, requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon, five years additional prison time if the gun was used in a crime, a ban on gun sales to non-citizens, a one day waiting period between the purchase and receipt of a gun, and that records of gun sales be made available to police.

    > NRA assisted Roosevelt in drafting the 1934 National Firearms Act and the 1938 Gun Control Act, the first federal gun control laws. These laws placed heavy taxes and regulation requirements on firearms that were associated with crime, such as machine guns, sawed-off shotguns and silencers. Gun sellers and owners were required to register with the federal government and felons were banned from owning weapons. Going so far as to testify before Congress, Karl T. Frederick, the president of the NRA, testified before Congress stating, “I have never believed in the general practice of carrying weapons. I do not believe in the general promiscuous toting of guns. I think it should be sharply restricted and only under licenses.”

    > Gun Control Act of 1968, was advocated by the NRA, with NRA Executive Vice-President Franklin Orth going before Congress and testifying. The NRA, however, blocked the most stringent part of the legislation, which mandated a national registry of all guns and a license for all gun carriers.

    > NRA also supported California’s Mulford Act of 1967, which had banned carrying loaded weapons in public in response to the Black Panther Party’s impromptu march on the State Capitol to protest gun control legislation on May 2, 1967.

    > the 1986 Hughes Amendment…

    The list goes on…..

    what about the 100,000 to 2,000,000 almost victims every year that use a gun in self defense? [Stats from multiple independent research, including those from anti-gun groups, and the DOJ (1 report created by the Clinton administration, whose hopes didn’t line up with the results of the research).

    What would you say to this people? Who far outnumber the amount of victims of mass shooters, of course there’s the record of every mass shooter being stopped by another person (LE or citizens) just LE response usually adds 30 minutes to the length of the event before being stopped with a gun.
    while some technology would be new to them… the founding fathers were well aware of fully automatic weapons (Puckle Gun 1719) and high capacity magazines (Louis and Clarke expedition, Gun given to them by President Thomas Jefferson)…. as well as the 90% of the US naval fleet was all privately owned battle ships, and artillery and grenades were provided by private citizens, as was the capability of private boats having enough firepower to bombard city seaports for hours and days….. So other than technology making things easier to build in 2018, the actually technology and products existed in the 1790’s….

    Technically the 2nd Amendment didn’t give us the rights, the 2nd Amendment exists to protect our natural born civil liberties from government infringements. If the 2nd Amendment gave US Citizens rights they be called privileges that can be restricted on a whim.

    Since, the police aren’t really there to serve and protect…. multiple lower courts, the laws and SCOTUS decisions have affirmed this, only you are responsible to protect yourself, your family and your community. The police exist to only investigate after a crime has been committed, when not doing that their primary job is revenue enforcement (tickets, fines etc….).

    The police have only the duty to protect you if you are under arrest, if your not being held by the police they have absolutely no duty to protect you or your property.

  20. Does anyone else have a problem with seeing the kids getting marched out of the school with their hands up like they are criminals being walked to their cells?

    • Nope.

      Hands in the air makes it quite difficult for an accomplice to operate a bomb or firearm. Hiding among the victims is a classic sapper/terrorist tactic.

      • SamIAm: Yet that is apparently how cruz got away, I guess it’s time to re-think response to classic “march victims like criminals to prevent escape of criminals.”

        • I do not know how the shooter got away. Maybe he was gone before police arrived.

          When faced with a large crowd, and the possibility of accomplices, I think it quite appropriate to treat everyone as a suspect. “Cuff ’em”, lay them on the ground, guard them until they can be individually searched. Active shooter situations should be treated like an infantry squad/platoon digging snipers out of a market in Baghdad; everyone a suspect until you “clear” them all, or arrest/neutralize the bad guy (stop the threat). These mass shootings have moved into the realm of combating insurgents.

          • SamIAm: I agree, but that does not seem to be how it was handled. I believe the trauma of triage/ clearing wouldn’t have been any worse on the victims than the march across the parking lot (with book bags) to what appeared to have been a cursory inspection of active shooter suspects and later their possessions. When it’s all finally sorted out, we may learn more, but probably not, just compacting of the official narrative, without adding insight on handling the next situation (and I believe there will be more).

            • “I believe the trauma of triage/ clearing wouldn’t have been any worse…”

              Not disagreeing, but if I am LEO, should I really care if the “victims” (of what?) are traumatized by being treated as suspects? If I am LEO, and am serious about ensuring no further threat exists, protection and security is my priority. If, as a LEO, I pamper the “victims”, and there is an accomplice who kills more “victims”, the added dead (like their predecessors) are wholly uninterested in whether they, or the others, might have been emotionally traumatized by being treated as suspects.

              About all the care concerning “being traumatized” that I have is to notify the school districts that students are to be informed, personally (group or single) that if there is a shooting event, they WILL be treated as suspects, and the methods used to sort out the threat are not designed to be comfortable for anyone. When lives are at stake, manners are not “a thang”.

      • SamIAm [LEO first concern should be safety]: Yes, you’re exactly right, I guess I watched different news-feeds that focused much more concern with the ‘trauma’ of them walking in the open, than on danger of not inspecting the bags and people coming out of the school. Pastels and unicorns seem to be favored diversions, but rarely are able to help face reality.

  21. Democrats will take your rights away at the drop of a hat, which is why you should never elect one.

    And you should choose your Republicans carefully.

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