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On Twitter, Teachers Trade DIY Tips on Protecting Their Students Against Mass Shooters the headline at thetrace.org teases. I’m not surprised that Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropmeisters couldn’t see the irony of a teacher bitching that he had a chair leg for self-defense, asking for other strategies to combat school shooters. Hey Ian! WHAT ABOUT A GUN? As my mother used to say, some people don’t have the brains they were born with. More stupidity . . .

Tactical Edge winter edition (courtesy ammoland.com)

Active Shooter Who Are We Preparing? – Not armed citizens.

It is simply not enough to tell people to secure in place, lock down and wait for the arrival of police. We must provide the citizens of our communities with the knowledge, authority and physical tools to fortify their positions while always looking to improve that position, or possibly transition to another response based on the situation as they see fit.

M-4 (courtesy agingmillennialengineer.wordpress.com)

“Fuck you, I like guns.”

Let’s be honest. You just want a cool toy, and for the vast majority of people, that’s all an AR-15 is. It’s something fun to take to the range and put some really wicked holes in a piece of paper. Good for you. I know how enjoyable that is. I’m sure for a certain percentage of people, they might not kill anyone driving a Formula One car down the freeway, or owning a Cheetah as a pet, or setting off professional grade fireworks without a permit.

Some people are good with this stuff, and some people are lucky, but those cases don’t negate the overall rule. Military style rifles have been the choice du jour in the incidents that have made our country the mass shootings capitol of the world. Formula One cars aren’t good for commuting. Cheetahs are bitey. Professional grade fireworks will probably take your hand off. All but one of these are common sense to the average American.

Let’s fix that. Be honest, you don’t need that AR-15. Nobody does. Society needs them gone, no matter how good you may be with yours. Kids are dying, and it’s time to stop fucking around.

OSS Suppressed Super Bowl Security setup (courtesy ammoland.com)

Minneapolis PD Selected OSS Suppressors for Super Bowl Security – That’s a sweet set-up for a very scary job.

“We had evaluated suppressors a few at a time in the past,” said Mark Kaspszak, Minneapolis PD SWAT sniper, “and we had the opportunity to finally take a hard look at most of the major brands head to head and compare factors like sound suppression, muzzle flash, blowback, weight/length, accuracy impact, attachment mechanism, and how the suppressors impacted our SBR and precision rifles. After all that, leaders for both the Sniper teams and our Warrant teams unanimously selected OSS as the suppressor we wanted on our guns.”

Miami gun show (courtesy nbcnews)

After Parkland school shooting, hundreds attend nearby gun show in Miami – Only an eyes-closed-wide-shut anti would consider this a surprise.

“We don’t want people going out to buy guns and using them to kill people,” said Fernandez. “But we do need to realize that lawfully licensed gun owners have the right to defend themselves.” . . .

While there may be a climate shift on the gun debate in some parts of South Florida, there’s no sign of a shift at all at the Florida guns expo at the Miami Dade Fairgrounds, which drew hundreds of gun enthusiasts across the state.

Despite heavy criticism on the timing of this event and heated remarks on social media, no protesters appeared to be at the event.

Governor Malloy moments after degrading Constitution State residents' natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms (courtesy nytimes.com)

In Wake of Florida Massacre, Gun-Control Advocates Look to Connecticut – Anti-gun Senator: correlation doesn’t equal causation. So what?

“Connecticut’s laws are among the nation’s toughest and homicides are down,” Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut, said. “Obviously the link is a circumstantial one; cause and effect can’t be proven conclusively. But the numbers are all in the right direction. States like Connecticut can help shame Congress into adopting common-sense measures that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.”

Lucian K. Truscott IV (courtesy afflictor.com)

How about you join the Army if you want to shoot guns – Spoil sport.

Well, I’ve got some advice for you gun nuts out there, all of you great big macho types who want to buy stuff like the Remington R15 VTR Predator and the Remington Barnes TSX bullets with four cutting petals that will “inflict enormous terminal damage along with deep penetration.”

Go down to your local recruiting station and join the fucking Army. They’ll give you a rifle for free, and all the deadly ammo you want, and they’ll train you with human silhouette targets, and they’ll send you over to Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Syria, or Niger, or some fucking hellhole where there are guys with guns very similar to yours who will be good enough to shoot at you, so you can shoot back at them and kill them, and then if President Trump feels like it, he’ll order up a big fancy military parade for you, and you’ll march down Pennsylvania Avenue. Meanwhile, put your goddamned R15 VTR Predators in a gun safe somewhere and stay the hell away from our schools, movie theaters, concerts and churches.

M1 Abrams tanks in Baghdad 2003 (courtesy popular mechanics.com)

The Evolution of the American Tank – Tanks for the memories!

The Gulf War saw the last great tank battles of the 20th century. On the February 26th, 1991, at the Battle of 73 Eastings, the superior technology and training of the M1 Abrams and its crews came to the fore as Captain H.R. McMaster seized the initiative and led a 9-tank troop straight at the heart of an elite Iraqi armored division. It wasn’t long before McMaster’s troops were joined by several more and the American M1A1s pushed through the Iraqi lines.

McMaster later recalled the battle, describing how his troop of tanks cut “a five kilometer-wide swath of destruction through the enemy’s defense…we had the advantage and had to finish the battle rapidly.”

Inside the tanks, the Abrams’ gun stabilization system kept the 120mm M256A1 smoothbore gun on target, allowing the gunners to pour armor-piercing rounds with depleted uranium penetrators, and M830 high-explosive anti-tank rounds onto the Iraqi tanks.

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  1. I actually really enjoy shooting steel targets shaped like torsos with my AR. It’s ok though because I just pretend the targets are Russian hackers trying to keep the all mighty Hillary from office all over again. Just kidding that hag was like cryptonite to any decent human being haha. Instead of f8$k you I like guns it’s more like f&$k you I have guns. Triggered yet snowflake?

    • I know it’s a joke, but no one “hacked” the DNC, at least not from out of the country, and DEFINITELY not from across the oceans. The transfer speeds were way too high to be anything other than a download onto a drive right at the computer.

      • Yup, and the probable person responsible was killed in a professional hit while in route to spill the beans. Another added to the long list of ‘suicides’.

        • So, alleged “consensus” in the same “intelligence” community that told us there were WMDs in Iraq doesn’t matter. Yes, we do know better. Q.E.D., the Russians actually didn’t hack the DNC, which is why there is absolutely zero evidence of such a crime anywhere to be found.

        • If you’re talking about the “all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies” concluded the Russians were the ones who hacked the DNC, that was a lie. I’m fairly certain the Coast Guard didn’t offer an opinion on the issue.

          According to PolitiFact: “They are as follows: Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, Coast Guard Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, Energy Department, Homeland Security Department, State Department, Treasury Department, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Marine Corps Intelligence, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency, Navy Intelligence and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

          Four out of the 17 were involved in the January assessment about Russia.”

          The article concludes that it doesn’t matter that only 4 agencies were involved because, as I implied, why in the name of all that is holy would the Coast Guard offer an opinion on the issue. The point remains that the consensus narrative was a lie pushed by Obama appointees who perjured themselves before Congress and the liberal media.

      • I do agree with the general sentiment that the “hacking” situation was created to try to defend Hillary, attack Donald, does not appreciably involve Russians (and is probably mostly/all internal), etc. However, as far as data transfer speeds, I highly question the conclusion. I heard someone of seeming credibility make this statement, but I went to look at what the speed was, as I wasn’t sure how the person who made this statement would be intimately familiar with the various network connection speeds within this specific network and/or unknown external networks. It was apparently 176 mbps, high for consumer Internet connection standards, but realistic for their network, I would imagine. This is if the metadata was properly interpreted. There are network folks here who know hundreds of times more than I, but the argument feels straw man like.

        Even if everything in the Russian Hacker hypothesis is correct (which requires a lot of imagination), I guess we’d have to thanks “The Russians”; there were plenty of foreigners who supported Hillary, so I’m not sure what the point is. (Actually, I’m sure there’s some law somewhere making the alleged intervention “illegal”, but morally I don’t see the difference between the two methods of buying votes.)

        • ” (Actually, I’m sure there’s some law somewhere making the alleged intervention “illegal”, but morally I don’t see the difference between the two methods of buying votes.)”

          Evidently, the legality depends on who’s complaining about whom.
          When Obama does it, it’s OK. When Trump might be involved, however, it’s an impeachable offense, whether he’s actually involved or not.
          See the difference?

  2. I was always curious about “military-style weapons” does that mean the bolt action rifle like the Remington 700?it is a copy of the WW2 Mauser .How about the Winchester 30/30 ? it is a copy of the Henry used in the civil war. Just about any firearm was used by the military at some time

  3. After this shooting, I talked with a friend who is a high school teacher here in Utah. He told me the policy is teachers should not be armed in school. However he also said if the teacher is a concealed weapon permit holder, the state says they have no control over that teacher if he/she wanted to carry in class. The only requirement was the weapon must be concealed at all times and also no weapon “imprint” was allowed either. If in fact this is the case, it makes total sense. Since so many folks here in Utah are CCW permit holders, I only hope the majority of the teachers do in fact carry.

    • By the way, Utah has had teacher carry since 1996, Last school shooting was in 1995. I don’t count suicides and parking lot non-school murders (an ex mother-in-law shot her daughter-in-law). If you have a CCW permit and a teaching certificate you can carry on all school property.

    • Yeah and I’m with you. I’m in Utah and I hate the blood in the streets bs about arming teachers. I’m sure a lot of them carry and that’s alright with me. If they can’t be trusted with a gun why the hell should they be trusted with my kid. As a permit holder I can also carry in a school if I have legitimate business there. So like picking up kids or something like that. Yeah a little freedom sure seems to work in Utah just fine.

  4. “Be honest, you don’t need that AR-15. Nobody does. Society needs them gone, no matter how good you may be with yours. Kids are dying, and it’s time to stop fucking around.”

    So, because drunk driving is killing people we need to ban cars and booze, right?

    Because my neighbor down the street huffs paint I can’t buy any, right?

    Guilt by association is stupid and I for one will not engage in it. I also have no patience for the fucktards that do.

    • He’s right… I don’t need an AR, have plenty of those… I do need a SCAR though, preferably gently used and less than half the MSRP.

    • “You need “arms” comparable to that of your gov’t to have any hope of exercising your right to get rid of your gov’t under the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence (a ‘turtle’ the anti’s WILL NEVER GET THEY’RE TOE UNDER). And to protect yourself from all those fv<Ktards that say you don't "need" something.

      Does that other douche really think that's how the "ARMY" works? The US Military is very judicious in how it decides to make (and later return to society) into "killers". All or most very "lethal", yes, but only a small-ish percentage are trained to be "killers".
      IMHO, the harder one works to become one of the US Military's "killers" (without being otherwise screened/selected for that by the military) the less likely you are to obtain such a situation/status.

      • During my time in the grunts, all you had to do was go talk to your team leader and let him know that you want to attend the next MARSOC / RECON / SS screener, and he would ferry that over to the squad leader, whom was probably in the same room. (Respect the chain of command!) It would then get passed up to the platoon Sergent. From there, I have no idea where it goes? maybe to Gunny? First Sergent?

        Its all a numbers game and units volunteer kids to go to the screeners. I got the short stick and got sent off to the SS screener, did my PFT, and the moment they asked who didn’t want to be there, about half the group raised their hands, grabbed their packs, and went back to their units, I was one of them and straight up told my Co.First Sergent that I didn’t want to be there. I think he appreciated me not giving him the run around. Forcing people to be there was just wasting everyone’s time. Highers in the MOS want people who are putting in the effort to be there, not people who got sent there to fill numbers. I had a second PFT right after that with my unit.

        Don’t believe the canned responses from documentary on discovery / history channel. Most of what is said is just a load of gaming the cameras and PR/Public Image. Branches offer direct to SF contracts now but you still have to go through the pre-sceener to make sure you aren’t a lard ball showing up at the door.

  5. The girl that wrote that blog is simply an a$$hole. I wish I hadn’t read even the few sentences that I did. We’re all just giving her more traffic and attention than she deserves. Robert does a good job of steering traffic to such people. I’m sure he has a really good reason though.

    • Reading what circulates through the anti-gun echo chamber is not a fools errand. It’s one way we gather intelligence to counter their propaganda.

    • Nice username. It’s true. Every human deserves a fighting chance until they have shown they can’t be trusted with the means to fight. Collectively school facility haven’t shown that they can’t be trusted so innocent until proven guilty says “allow the school staff to arm themselves”.

  6. “As my mother used to say, some people don’t have the brains they were born with.”

    I’m ging to have to borrow that!

    “We must provide the citizens of our communities with the… \physical tools to fortify their positions…”

    Duh. About time.

    “Be honest, you don’t need that AR-15.”

    I know. I have an AUG instead. Oh, and you don’t need to write your column, either, but I’m not telling you to stop. Words have power. Words kill. (Or something like that.)

    “States like Connecticut can help shame Congress into adopting common-sense measures…”

    Like turning previously law-abiding into felons? How’s that working for the Constitution State?

    “Go down to your local recruiting station and join the fucking Army.”

    First off, that conjures an interesting mental image. Anyway, what about the other branches of the armed services? Don’t they shoot guns, too?

    I dunno, RF. Quite a collection of maroons this time.

    • “Go down to your local recruiting station and join the fucking Army.”

      A lot of us did just that.
      I wonder what his advice to us is? Forget all we learned?

      • He wouldn’t have any advice for you except to FOAD. Fucksticks like him hate the military, everything and everyone it defends (including themselves), everyone in it (even their own children if that’s the case), their dependents (again even their own relatives if that’s the case), and everything they all stand for (even if they agree).

        • excedrine: You reminded me of the old “if you don’t stand for something, it only means you’ll fall for anything” adage. Good Call

          • That adage still rings true today as it ever did. Just look at any cult: they look for people whose beliefs are malleable enough to be easily-manipulated.

  7. Hey, asshole, if and when I drive a Formula One car on a public highway and pose a danger to other commuters, throw my ass in jail. Hint: it’s illegal to do that, just like it’s illegal to use an MSR to kill people.

    Knives, swimming pools and bare fists kill more people every year, individually than all rifles of all kinds. Should we limit knives to chefs, pools to Olympic athletes and mandate amputation of hands at birth because they may kill people?

    How about fertilizer and diesel fuel? Combined, they can kill hundreds of people at a time, and in fact, have done so several times in the past. Should we outlaw farming and trucking because it contributes to Petrochemical Violence?

  8. All the shucking-and-jiving coming from our political class and the national news media is a rather shameless attempt to hide the fact that each time there’s another spree killing it simply hammers home the inescapable fact that government cannot protect us. Calling 911 when someone starts shooting just means that the cops will arrive to pick up the bodies. Passing ever more stringent gun-control laws will be no more effective at keeping guns out of bad guys hands, than passing ever more stringent drug-control laws will have in stopping people from using illicit drugs.

    One thing i noticed about all the wailing and official gnashing of teeth, is that it was increasingly obvious that few—if any—of the official people decrying yet another mass killing really believed what they were saying. In almost every case their cynicism was showing.

    Does anybody actually believe that instructions like “shelter-in-place” can now mean anything other than wait-to-be-killed? I don’t. Currently, there are two competing ideologies running in America. One sees preserving government and social institutions as being so important that an obedient and disarmed population that openly attracts spree killers and terrorists is an acceptable trade off. The other ideology is rooted in our history and tells us that in times of crisis it’s always best to look to ourselves and our constitutionally guaranteed right to arm ourselves and fight back if necessary. I know which side I’m on in that argument.

  9. Back when every 5th kid belonged to a gang and most of them brought guns to school you never heard of these mass shootings. How to prevent these mass shooters in schools. The minute of the report, roll in with tanks, bustt a hole in the school, pump her full of CS gas and set fire to it. It saved the children at Branch Dravidian so it should work for schoolsi

    • Ironic: You must be Waco if you don’t think that was/is SOP (Ruby Ridge, BATF&E, LaVoy Finicum, BLM (as in Clive Bundy – although now that I think about it …), et alii.

  10. “…….they’ll send you over to Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Syria, or Niger, or some fucking hellhole where there are guys with guns very similar to yours who will be good enough to shoot at you……….”

    I thought it was shithole…. make up you mind, will ya?

  11. Soooo…is Daily Digest running on the weekend now?!? Gee I thought leftards hated the military. This dipshite wants you to join up…oh well.

  12. At the end of the day, liberals, if you want to take our guns away, you’re going to have to come do it yourselves. Good luck with that 😂

  13. “Society needs them gone, no matter how good you may be with yours. Kids are dying, and it’s time to stop fucking around.”

    Free clue, ass-wipe –

    Just like gays, ARs are here, they aren’t going anywhere, and there isn’t a goddamn thing a POS like *you* can do about it.

    Got that, ‘AgingMillenialEngineer’?

  14. “Well, I’ve got some advice for you gun nuts out there………put your goddamned R15 VTR Predators in a gun safe somewhere and stay the hell away from our schools, movie theaters, concerts and churches.”

    I don’t get it. Why is he giving this instruction to me…..and about 100 million of my closest law abiding, gun owning friends, when we have had and will have nothing to do whatsoever with committing any spree shootings? I’m a very successful, well educated, conservative, civic minded, middle aged, family man and professional.

    Aside from being male, that profile is opposite on all points of virtually all of these loser spree shooters. So what’s with the condescending admonishment directed toward regular gun owning guys like me and many millions of others?

    • I can’t read above my level. Right now I’m reading Dr. Sues’es, “Cat in A Hat Field Strips An AK”

    • I would be interested in reading his side of it. I know he did a good job overall, but I remember the initial reports and when he crested that ridge, the Iraqi’s were not the only ones surprised. Also keep in mind just how bad of tankers the Iraqi forces were compared to the Americans. You had Bradleys talking on the T-72 and winning at that.

    • Just read it. Like how he phrased that ridge crest. That’s not quite how I hear others describe it, but close enough. And I know he did not panic.

  15. “all of you great big macho types who want to buy stuff like the Remington R15 VTR Predator”

    Were they just looking at ARish guns that had a scary sounding name? I don’t know that the Remington R15 VTR predator is really at the top of the list for aspiring operator types or AR fans in general. I mean it is made by Remington, and looks like a hunting gun, advertised with a 5 Rd mag. Not exactly a milspec M4 or railed super AR. Trying to get some credibility”I can Google an AR model!” but failed. I am obviously not the macho type as I would only like to win the said gun at a raffle so I could sell it, otherwise wouldn’t buy it.

    • Yeah, I had to search for it. Image search shows some AR hunting rifle. The name “predator” would also imply a hunting market. My only thought is that selecting this rifle as an example would make those on the writer’s side assume that the folks who buy this rifle are in general “predatory”, like to kill people, are violent, etc. Obviously the readers over there are probably not going to know what the rifle’s actual purpose is.

  16. I truthbombed the hell out of the WordPress article. My personal favorites were the numerous screeching harpies who came out of the woodwork screaming about making the country “gunowner frei”. The best response to “why would you fight your own government?” Is now and always will be “ask the Jews / Kulaks / etc…” then point as the screeching harpies in the same thread for examples of modern day Nazis / Bolshevicks / Red Guard / etc…

  17. Am I tripping or did TTAG take down the post about the active shooter/ armed teacher simulator article?

  18. There are some crappy analogies in that post. The reason Formula One cars aren’t street legal is they don’t meet passengers safety standards, not because they’re too fast. There are (absurdly expensive) cars that are actually faster than current model F1 cars, e.g. the Bugatti Veyron, that are perfectly legal to drive. You could use it as your commuter if you felt like it. If you drove responsibly, it would be no different than driving any other car, except for the expense.

    On the other hand, you could quite easily endanger everyone on the road in your 1995 Camry and try to commute at 100 miles an hour, which is well under half the Veyron’s top speed.

    Behavior is what matters. All the blogger showed was her ignorance across multiple areas.

  19. The Answer? I exist in NY, where I’m kept safer by illegal immigrants, illegal Modern Sporting Arms, illegal police (that didn’t use non-existent 7-round magazines became criminals), and fully-pensioned convicted senior politicians, as well as unconvicted senior politicians that swore to uphold our Constitution. By New-York-blue-state-legislator-thinking, “Just passing another law will not only say I fixed it all, but get me re-elected, too.”

  20. States like Vermont can help shame Congress into adopting common-sense measures that will make carry licenses thing of the past. Vermont’s crime rates are actually low, not just lowER then before like Connecticut’s.

  21. Boy, do I love me some selective self serving moral outrage.

    During a typical year, around 300 people a year are murdered with a rifle of any type. During that same year 10,000 will die in alcohol related crashes. This is in addition to alcohol fueled violence, sexual assaults, and people simply drinking themselves to death (around 85,000 if you’re curious).

    What are the chances the same people screeching about gun owners, conservatives and the NRA having blood on their hands apply the same standards to any other topic? You’re pretty safe answering zero. They’re not castigating people on Facebook for drinking. They don’t refer to the local bar as a merchant of death. They don’t claim that people that drink are cowards. They don’t rail against the booze lobby in Washington. They don’t say they won’t let their children visit a house that has alcohol.

    There’s a reason for this. They have, consciously or not, performed a moral calculus and decided they can afford to be indifferent to tens of thousands of dead if it means they can have glass of chardonnay with their free range asparagus. Because, after all, many wonderful enlightened progressives, much like themselves, enjoy discussing mustache waxes over a few craft brews. If the right people, with the right opinions, enjoy something it is obviously on the up-and-up, ethically speaking. Whatever societal costs occur may be conveniently ignored.

    However, firearms are not in the domain of wonderful enlightened progressives. They are in the domain of deplorable, homophobic, neo-nazis. These are not the right people with the right opinions, they probably even live in unfashionable places and listen to the wrong music. Clearly a different moral and ethical standard should be applied to these monsters.

    In short, the lefties (and people in general) do not adhere to a principled standard of where the line between freedom and social cost should be drawn. The line moves freely based on their affinity for a given topic. What we’re seeing is opportunistic moral posturing, self-aggrandizing ego masturbation, and political maneuvering.

  22. If we can take away someone doesn’t “need” but ‘wants’ this would be a very different country.

    There are plenty of other countries out there to move to if you like that. Ones without, say, a Constitution.

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