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“Guns are not the problem. We are the problem. And until we face the ugly truth that we enable troubled individuals to commit mass killings by turning a blind eye to a social environment we created, and continue to support and perpetuate, we will again and again witness these senseless, heartbreaking tragedies.” – Mass Shootings are A Cultural Problem We Created [via]

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  1. I am an old guy. I have seen the society change drastically in my lifetime. We never had these problems when I went to school. But because it has changed to the worse, I and my wife received training and concealed carry permits just last year when we were both 69 years old. I now carry all the time, even at church.

    • When we were kids, we saw adults generally treat each other and speak to and about one another with a certain level of respect and civility. My parents and teachers never used profanity. Incivility was universally unacceptable. Even criticism had a tone of civility. Now, children grow up seeing adults around them, as well as celebrities, politicians, sports figures, etc., acting like petulant children. What can wa expect of society as a result?

      And of course, if the school shooter never had any guns, there would still be a problem. If criminals don’t have guns, they’re still criminals.

  2. WE kemo sabe?!? I don’t think so! Neither did I kill 700 in Chiraq. Sorry “societal guilt ” is BS. The very vile adopted shooter is a bad seed…

    • He’s talking about society in general. The day of this shooting, I went to the Fox News website, and there was a picture of the shooter’s mugshot photoshopped over a picture of screaming, crying people.

      “And we in the media are complicit. If it bleeds it leads.”

      There is a cultural trophy for infamy and murder, and we see it again and again, and until the putrid scum that constitute the “news media” (I include Fox in this as well as the liberal outlets) stop glorifying these monsters, the frequency of shootings will not decline.

      • One of the big turn offs to me on Fox, CNN and probably others are these non-news “news shows” where the “host” (who has his or her own agenda) invites on persons with opposing views, and then they all talk or yell over each other trying to make their own particular point. What happened to reasoned debate, civility, and common courtesy? These programs promote the ideology that if you don’t like a viewpoint, you are “entitled” to shout it down.

        • Keep in mind, too, that—with the possible exception of Tucker Carlson—the talking heads on Fox News and all the other channels are urban cosmopolites who have little or no knowledge of guns (listening to Laura Ingraham, a gun advocate, get puzzled over “clips” or “magazines” and then settling on “clips” is instructive) or even of things mechanical. They live in mega-cities and, like hot-house flowers—live in a sealed environment that is very different from were the rest of us live.

  3. WE let the Progressive left win the culture war. They force God out of the schools, out of government out of the public opinion, slaughter millions of babies on abortion tables, allow gay marriage, allow public masturbation during gay pride day in Cailf. teach kindergarden (sic) children that they are trans genered. Teach the “new morality” do what you want if it feels good. deride biblical morality because the snow flakes don’t want their conscience to be convicted for sinning. They want to get away with being immoral and don’t want to be told NO! you Can’t do that.

    • I don’t think they’ve won the culture war. What they did instead was help construct—literally out of nowhere—the conservative insurgency that elected Trump. And make no mistake: Trump didn’t create us, WE created him. Nonetheless, a fierce battle is now joined and the outcome is unclear. They haven’t yet won but, then, neither have we.

  4. While I can agree with Water Walker’s sentiment that I didn’t do it, I also am old and have seen society change drastically during my lifetime.

    When I was a kid most adult men around were veterans and they were all intolerant of kids misbehaving. Didn’t matter who’s kid, they would step up and put a stop to it. Of course it was a small town and that probably made a difference. Don’t know what Chicago was like then.

    I will lay the blame on the left. Over the last 80 or 90 years they have successfully worked their people into positions of influence and power in all facets of society, government, schools, politics, courts; even into churches, military and law enforcement.

    How can I point the finger at the military you may ask? All you have to do is look at the political correctness, changing standards and legal charges filed. This is perpetrated from the highest levels and despised by the grunts.

    So, yes, it is a failure of society and a measure of success of the left and their desire to destroy America.

    It has taken a long time to get to this point. The next left wing president and congress will complete the task or cause a civil war to everyone’s detriment.

    Would a civil war destroy or cleanse America? It would certainly change it. Only time will tell.

    Be Prepared !

    • The answer to your question…Cleanse or Destroy is Yes on both counts. Unfortunately to kill a cancer you must sometimes destroy some good flesh. This nation will either continue to die a slow death or destroy what it must to begin the healing it needs to survive. The day of that choice grows closer. Because as a people we have moved past the point of reason and civil discourse. I fear that day and many to follow will be filled with great bloodshed and sorrow as has happen before. This nation has never been and will never be immune to the strife of civil war. The question will be how it comes out the other side. Keep Tour Powder Dry…

    • I blame the weakness society had to let the PhD’s psychologists tell us we were raising our kids “wrong” when we were really doing it correctly. Listening to them we stopped prayers and saying the Pledge to our flag and they told us it was OK to let kids mouth off to our teachers and parents.

  5. You’re seeing 40 years of post-modernist cultural marxism coming home to roost.

    You’re seeing 50 years of the sort of “comedy” that was the stock and trade of people like Lenny Bruce and his successors (eg, Amy Schumer) come home to roost.

    You’re seeing 50 years of modern feminism, and the collapse of the nuclear family, come home to roost.

    You’re seeing 40 years of sexual solipsism, and the consequent literal “thinking with one’s genetals,” come home to roost.

    And more than anything, you’re seeing 50+ years of quackery that is the “mental health” industry, come home to roost.

    But the left won’t admit any of these things – because all of these things are their stock and trade.

    So they’re going to blame guns.

    • Its all part and parcel of the Baby Boomer legacy. Never has one generation done so much to subvert and destroy American culture.

      Mercifully they will all be dead soon, and we can start cleaning up their mess.

        • Nonsense. “Conservative” boomers conserved nothing. They couldn’t protect marriage, bathrooms or cakes, let alone trade, borders or education.

          The entire cohort is an abject failure.

        • The conservative “Boomer babies” were not raised to expect unending onslaught against traditional values of their grandparents. The “conservatives” went about the business of being responsible adults, earning their way, and raising children in the “conservative” traditions. They were not about “the culture war”, they were not about anti-everything about their parents. The “conservative” Boomer bagies” believed they were majority, and tough issues would work themselves out.

          They were outmaneuvered, out gamed, out flanked.

          The Boomer babies did not understand Yeats. He was a quaint relic of history, a chore and burden endured in high school literature. They did not understand…
          ” Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
          Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
          The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
          The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
          The best lack all conviction, while the worst
          Are full of passionate intensity.”

      • Wow. Which is it? Your parents or grandparents that are boomers?

        You’re hoping for their deaths? You’re a special kind of broke, ain’t you.

  6. Hey I speak for myself. And I’m sitting in a Baptist church with my wife of nearly 30years. And my grown 25&22 year old sons have NEVER been in any trouble. at all. No collective guilt!!!

  7. There’s one driving cause for these shootings that everyone seems to ignore every time. In all of these shootings the perpetrator is seeking one of two things – 72 virgins in paradise, or notoriety. This douche in Florida thought he could ‘do better’ than other spree killers and he thought that with that would come fame. In their sick little twisted minds it’s a redemption of sorts. A justification for their pathetic lives. Yes you have to be mentally ill to have such delusions, but what happens if we take away their notoriety? How famous would they become if they were dropped after they get their first two or three shots off? Nobody ever hears those names and nobody is inspired to ‘do better’ than them in racking up a body count. Take away their notoriety and you take away their motivation.

  8. Somebody is going to be looking for a new job !

    BRAVO, Yantis Green. !! Calling out generation after generation of children raising children to remain children. Generations of cheerleading for lives of sloth and dissipation.

    BRAVO !!

  9. Except his focus is on single parent families that we support through programs.

    Most of the mass shooters come from families that don’t fit this demographic.
    Is he anti poor or something?
    Now we blame video games?
    In inner city crime the perps are the minority. So the majority appears to keep it together despite their poverty.
    The poor parenting in the suburbs where you get trophies for participation and bailed out of emotional responsibility is the clearest cause.

    • “The poor parenting in the suburbs where you get trophies for participation and bailed out of emotional responsibility is the clearest cause.”

      Wasn’t that just about the thrust of the entire article?

      BTW, he is not blaming the poor, he is blaming the systems that keep the poor in poverty, and the lack of proper influences on youth for three generations. When the prevailing and popular culture adores those who scoff at traditional values (and get rich to boot), we are not talking suburb or ghetto. We are talking America.

      Pogo was, and remains, the most insightful and prescient prophet since 1950.

  10. I grew up in New York City, which at the time was probably the most dangerous city in the Free World. The danger peaked when the City had up to 3000 murders per year. To keep that number in perspective, it’s the equivalent of a 9/11 World Trade Center disaster every year.

    The whole country (except for places like Baltimurder and Chiraq) is more peaceful now than ever before in my lifetime, and yet we suffer from paroxysms of murder on a too-often basis.

    The throwback hippie burnout “educators,” idiot school administrators, left-wing power-mad politicians, lazy-ass cops and the compliant Democrat-loving, America-hating media have created a small number of maniacally dangerous lunatics intent on causing as much disaster as possible.

    There are three ways to go about making favorable changes. First, we can go after the tools by taking them out of the hands of people who have never done anything wrong with them and never would. That’s the gungrabbers’ option and it’s as stupid as they are.

    Second, we can try to identify potential mass murderers with a view to treating the underlying cause of their psychopathy or by dissuading them from acting on it. There can be no doubt that such an approach could have prevented at least some of the mass killings that we have seen. This would be a good approach that would have an impact.

    Finally, we can bring down the enablers. End the system that creates mass murderers. Drive out the vermin who are trying to tear down what has been built up for many generations. Together with early intervention as outlined above, the problem of mass murder could be resolved completely or dramatically reduced.

    Until then, we will continue to have a body count.

  11. As I posted under another article…

    “Attempts to solve the human condition and the evil in the hearts of some by passing laws restricting the tools by which they can act on the evil in their heart will forever be futile.”

    The Phad Thai nom nom monster explained it above pretty well. We live in a Godless immoral society that doesn’t value human life. One where there is no right and wrong. One where anything goes. This society is unwilling to even acknowledge that this is a decline or movement in the wrong direction.

    A gun is just one of many tools that could be used by those with evil in their hearts. Focusing on the tools, not the underlying societal illness, or even minimizing the effectiveness of those with evil in their hearts is something that’s been shown over and over to not work

    • Ugh. Us ‘godless’ folk make up a whole lotta ‘Murrica (including The Founders), and wanton killing ain’t our thing.

      Just because you need the threat of a deity and afterlife to keep your sh1t civilized, does not mean that it is a requirement for doing so.

      Humanity in it’s current evolution has existed for 250,000 years, give or take. We didn’t survive the 240K+ years until “religion” arrived by having no morals…

      • “…‘godless’ folk make up a whole lotta ‘Murrica (including The Founders), …”

        You have a handy list of the founding athiests (as in refusal to accept the existance of a single supreme being)?

        Don’t confuse Deists with Atheists (nor Deists with Christians).

  12. You cannot change the system until you change the teachers, all of whom have been taught by so-called “social scientists” who are absolutely convinced that any form of corporal punishment is child abuse, that the tender psyches of children must be nourished by encouragement, inclusion, and “participation medals” so that all are winners. (Unfortunately, the world, if anything, is all about winners and losers.) These teachers are in turn educated by an education elite in all the colleges and universities who are proud anti-American, anti-capitalist Marxists who tolerate no deviation from their totalitarian dogma. Until it is recognized that social science is not science, that math isn’t a form of white male dominance, and that hard sciences should remain just that, not cesspools for politicization, we are doomed to a society that cannot think beyond the length of a tweet and which is incapable of logical, rational thought. American children today, as demonstrated by their idiotic rantings in high school and college, think emotionally, condemning without building, tearing down society at its roots.

  13. While the link provided here has some good points to make, the author pretty much renders all of it nil by constantly wailing on video games. Studies have been done, folks, and there is absolutely no link between video games and violent behavior. None whatsoever.

  14. Guns were invented in the 1300’s. What’s changed? Shouldn’t we see mass shootings as an act of anger and start trying to understand them from there?

  15. Laws don’t teach morals, values, or principles, and gun control doesn’t mitigate the malice in the hearts of those will ill intent.


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