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I believe the Second Amendment precludes concealed carry permits, pre-gun sales background checks, state handgun registries, taxes on firearms or ammunition; any government involvement with firearms (other than laws re: their misuse). Which is why you don’t see me strolling the corridors of power in Washington protecting our gun rights or sipping Grey Goose martinis with Emily Miller and the Donald. But make no mistake: gun control advocates are equally “extreme.” They want to ban all civilian gun ownership. They say they support the Second Amendment. But there’s always a but. The road to hell is paved with their butts. Or something like that. The DiFi money shot came after the video above, when the Senator cites U.S. murder stats and says “you don’t have guns you don’t have those murders.” No guns, no gun deaths. That’s their plan. Whether they admit it or not. Whether they know it or not. Whether we like it or not. Anyway, here’s something we do like . . .

It’s all about the money, money, money. “While the sheriff’s posse is all volunteer, even paying for all their own guns and equipment, posse members are insured by MCSO.  The county would therefore likely be on the hook for any liability if some kind of accident happened during a school patrol.”

Why someone will buy Bushmaster from the Borg—I mean Freedom Group. Newtown Victims’ Legal Options Curbed By NRA-Backed Law [via]

Someone ought to send that link to Neal Pierce. States can lead effort to curb deadliest guns

It’s all about the money, money, money. Again. Still. “Gun buyers at the Tanner Gun Show are not too happy about having to wait a week for the [Colorado] background check to be completed. But some lawmakers think they have a solution that might make speed up the process and might be more fair to everybody — have the gun buyers pay for their own background check.”

Guns are for killing (a.k.a., stopping the threat). But if a bad guy wears body armor armed citizens are a non-starter. Go figure.

Concealed carry much? I didn’t think so. “Trying to guarantee safety via armed protection of any venue that might attract a maniac bent on killing as many people as possible before being killed or killing himself would require armed guards in many other places: playgrounds, daycare centers, amusement parks, theatres, shopping malls—anyplace where a shooter might find a crowd.”

When seconds count, the police have just left.

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  1. We will fight to keep our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights, Ms. Feinstein. We will fight you with words, with laws and, if it comes to it, with the tools that you find so “evil” to protect our rights and the rights of our children and our children’s children in tact and unmolested.

      • “We will fight you with words, with laws and, if it comes to it, with the tools that you find so “evil” to protect our rights and the rights of our children and our children’s children in tact and unmolested.”

        This………….. right now the “fight” is with words, and for those of you out there who haven’t written your Reps the NRA has a great tool for that on their website.

      • The Declaration of Independence said that we were endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, and then went on to say that governments were created to secure those rights. In other words, even if there was no government and no Air Force, I’d still have been endowed by my creator with certain unalienable rights, I just wouldn’t have anyone to secure them for me (so I’d have to do it myself). I wouldn’t argue with you that in some instances in the past members of the U.S. military have made sacrifices that contributed to Americans’ freedom to bear arms. Conversely, I would also point out that the government that controls the U.S. military is the same entity that has seemed bent on suppressing and eventually eliminating Americans’ freedom to bear arms. As a matter of fact, the last time I can remember the U.S. government seizing weapons from Americans in America, the U.S. military was one of the arms of the government performing that task:

        While I realize that there were certainly some troops who had misgivings about this mission, and even an instance of a Soldier who refused to carry out those orders, by and by the job got done and the military ignored its obligation to support and defend the U.S. constitution, didn’t they? I did my time in the Army too, so this isn’t an attack coming from an anti-militarist, but please forgive me if I don’t fall all over myself praising the military, because the military for the most part does exactly what they’re told, and maybe sometime in the not so distant future they’ll come around and take Americans’ liberties away again.

        • 1) Government defaults and has no money
          2) Military doesn’t get paid
          3) They decide to drive their tanks over the Capitol.
          4) coup d’etat

          i don’t wear a tin foil hat, read your history books, its a common theme. And all you have are rocks to throw?

        • Thomas Paine. Interesting scenario with the military coup. My question to you is this. If the military came to run barry and friends out of office would you take the guns that barry and friends are working to take away from you and risk your life to put barry and friends back into office?

        • There’s a reason the Founding Fathers warned against a large standing army; when Augustus Ceasar crossed the Rubicon with his legions and occupied Rome, the republic was dead and the Empire was born with the support of his “professional” soldiers.

          Would our own troops confiscate weapons during a national emergency?

          If we look to history as our guide, the answer is yes. New Orleans after Katrina.

          There will be isolated instances if soldiers not following orders, but they will be isolated.


          If I’m wrong, I will abjectly beg forgiveness of our constitution honoring troops.

        • thomasr, that is most certainly true.

          no offense to anybody in the military or police, as i am a veteran myself, but i dont honestly trust any government institution with my civil rights…particularly my access to arms.

          hurricane katrina was a perfect example. that is not even getting into the subject of using PMCs to enforce order in America (as a former PMC too i abhor this concept).

        • Guess we can all just ignore the War of Independence, 1812, Spanish-American War, the defeat of Mexico, WWI, WWII, Cold War, and lots of other nasty business, carried out so you can sit here and talk about how a sky fairy secured your rights, and how the blood of men, women, and children had nothing to do with it. Nope, the 50 or so members of my family that died in combat since 1900 alone played no part in it at all. People like you disgust me.

        • Air Force SRA, thanks ever so much for securing my liberty. God knows where I’d be right now if it wasn’t for you and your brave compatriots. Every morning when I get out of bed from this day forth and on into infinity until the birds no longer sing their songs, the waves stop washing ashore and the sun doesn’t rise in the East I’ll jump out of bed, hit my knees and thank the Lord on high that you’re there to save me from…whatever it is that we need you to save us from this week.

          If there’s any threat to our freedoms, it’s probably the threat of a government seeking total domination of the citizenry, backed up by an army of militarized police and a police-like military, combined with a populace that is reflexively worshipful of anyone with a uniform and a gun.

    • Second Amendment rights that the people can not afford are rights denied! Surplus ammunition and magazines as well as semi auto firearms should be sold to the people at reduced prices through the existing Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).
      He wants action on gun legislation? How about for a start, we implement National Concealed Carry, 50 state reciprocity. Then, we loosen up the regulations on sound suppressors, an environmental plus because it will reduce noise. Next, mandate federal funds for range construction. This will be a start, along with federal funding to assist local schools with training and hiring security for each and every school in the nation, the funds can come out of the TSA budget.

  2. Show how clueless Obama and his man child Feinstine say all the numbers are with us and all the people want guns banned. BUT outside of there DC bubble the facts show the opposite Polls how no majority support for a AWB. Most view NRA highly over media and Obama.

    And Senators see it Lindsy Graham said today he owns a AR-15 and will not back any ban on good people having one. The Obama Feinstine (ugly Hags) and media may get a nasty surprise in there defeat on gun bans next month.

    • Agree Lance, but I see this bill as a false flag, easily shot down. The current Rulers are much more cunning than just this bill. Much more to come. Think warped evil ala Fast & Furious x 1000.

      • I agree, personally I think she overshot it, so that she could “give” on some things and get the bill passed, albeit slimmed down. And if we fight it, we will look “unreasonable”.

        We need to get focused here and we need to all join the NRA, we can not be divided over other crap. There will be time to fight those other fights. We also need to get Chris Cox or Oliver North to be the spokes person….Wayne has done well and all, but we need him to sit this one out. Need a fresh face on this thing.

    • Quote of Sen Lindsy Graham:

      Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said he supports armed guards over more gun control and would oppose Feinstein’s legislation

      “You can’t take every sharp object out of the reach of people like this,” the South Carolina senator told Fox. “I own an AR-15 and I have done nothing wrong by owning the gun. If you had armed security, with better rules of engagement, that, to me, is a better way to deal with the situation.”

      Show we have allies help them and other kill her ban!!

      • I’m not usually a fan of his, especially the way he views some of our other rights (“shut up! you don’t get that!”), but it’s reassuring to hear something that rational come from a Congress critter.

  3. When a drunk driver kills people with his/her car, I don’t see people suing the car manufacturer. Amazing. -referring to the Huffington post.

    Feinstein is a troglodyte.

  4. I hope before January’s end i’ll be able to proudly blast Queen from my car, knowing Feinstein’s AWB has bit the dust in a dead end House subcommittee.

  5. What with all the furor over the coming ban of semi-auto rifles/hi-cap mags, I figured that buying ammo for my lowly 7 round .380 would be no problem. I get to Academy, and there are still boxes of every caliber on the shelves but .380. All gone. (I refuse to use the ASS___ word in front of rifle). I thought the .380 was the red headed step child of the defense league, and I was one of the few that would be buying ammo. Maybe the other guy bought all of it?

    • .380 is a seasonal round, Mog. The ammo makers know about how many boxes will sell in a year and the crank all that out in a short time and then that’s it for the year. I investigated this when the last ammo shortage happened when barry got elected the first time.

    • Sounds like the same problem I have finding JHP rounds for my .25auto 1910 Mauser Pocket Pistol. Can find some American Eagle FMJ but want some JHP and a set of reloading dies for .25auto.
      Anyone got a spare set of dies they would part with? Lee or RCBS would be great!!

    • Anecdotal: I’ve had a few people working at retail ammo counters tell me that customers are buying ammo in calibers when they don’t even have firearms in those calibers.

  6. Queen Wicked Witch of the Left needs to learn what her Oath of Office really means. Sadly her minions are vast and she can hold that office for life.

  7. Thankfully, Kentucky, generally speaking does whatever the opposite Obama and the other Libs want them to. Hal Does what Mitch says, and Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, well enough said. I emailed them anyway, ya never know.

  8. This is how fascism starts, if not ends. When you isolate one group of people in society, vilify them, pit the rest of the population against them and make them the source of society’s woes, that’s fascism. Andrew Cuomo needs to be reminded of the historical context of using the word “confiscation” when it comes to firearms.

    Making millions of law-abiding citizens into criminals by legislative fiat is fascism. Ignoring and infringing rights that are universal and self-evident is tyranny. History has not been good to fascists and tyrants. Gun owners, as a demographic are the most law-abiding in American society. Feinstein is counting on that kind of acquiescence. She’s not afraid, but maybe she should be. Everyone in the government should be afraid of pushing too far.


    • I’m pretty sure DiFi is clinically insane. Her arguments have either one of two outcomes:
      1. She is completely wrong about modern gun owners being irrational, selfish, destructive time-bombs; they are responsible citizens who legitimately believe in things like inalienable rights and are willing to resist her and make her career a living hell for the rest of their lives.
      2. She is absolutely right about modern gun owners being irrational, selfish and destructive time-bombs, and she is choosing to provoke them. That’s like a duck sticking its head down the throat of a wolf to try and yank its fangs out.
      Either way, this does not seem to work out in her favor. What the hell is she thinking? Oh, wait, she probably isn’t.

      • Either way, this does not seem to work out in her favor. Let’s make sure it doesn’t. I have asked my federal representatives to have her taken into custody and charged with treason the minute she introduces her “AWB” legislation.

    • Blammo what you wrote is incredibly accurate and even more incredibly profound. While your words are self-evident to me as I read them, I have never read anything along those lines before — let alone so succinctly.

      Mr. Farago, I believe Blammo’s comment here is worthy of being a post all by itself.

      And beyond that, this may be the simple narrative that ALL firearm owners need to take public. And when I say ALL, I mean every person, organization, and elected representative that espouses the right of people to have firearms. I believe this can resonate with almost the entire American public.

  9. “you don’t have guns you don’t have those murders.”

    Is she really THAT naive? How the HELL is she a U.S. Senator? I don’t even know where to start to respond to something that dumb.

    • I was talking to a friend about this recently, and he pointed something out; some of the celebrities can claim they were portraying a bad guy to show how bad guns are. What we are some video responses to “Demand A Plan” that show the UNDENIABLY hypocritical thing celebrities do; they are complaining about other people having guns while having armed body guards who protect themselves.

  10. “The road to hell is paved with their butts.”

    The Camel’s Nose? Actually, when it comes to DiFi it is more like we’re looking at the donkey’s azz.

  11. I,m glad this interview was on fox (instead of the leftist channels) for a change it was actually balanced and he gave them both a chance to talk without rudely butting in and changing the subject or trying to put a spin on it.

  12. We also need to push for gun freedom rights laws in our respective states to trounce federal bans or forced registration. Or to even to prevent those bastards from confiscation of our legal arms.

  13. What is frustrating to me is that when Difi was on the Fox News Sunday show toady with Senator Graham, she sounded damn reasonable when the topic was the fiscal cliff and getting republicans and democrats to get along in congress on matters regarding the budget. She sounded like a liberal, sure, but one who is slightly in the moderate camp. Then of course when she comes to guns, the gloves come off. I have yet to hear someone articulate to my satisfaction how any of the proposed measures to limit guns would have prevented Newton or will prevent the next one.

  14. I hate the agruement the Seattle Times and every anti uses about the first amendment and a person not having the right to scream fire in a theater. The AWB is the equivalent of banning the word fire, not preventing someone from using it inappropriately.

    • Ban cars so drunks don’t kill off families.

      Ban planes so terrorist can’t fly them into buildings.

      Ban fast food so 600,000 people a year don’t die of heart disease.

      Liberalism – ideas so good they have to be mandatory.

      • Our Great Nation was founded by Liberals.

        Don’t confuse the Statist beliefs of apparatchiks for ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ views. Regardless of their claims, they are neither.

        ‘Conservatives’ were better known as “Royalists”, “Tories”, “The King’s Men”, or worse when we were fighting for independence.

        • Liberal: another of many terms the left has flipped to mean something entirely different from what it used to.

  15. I wonder if some part or all of this AWB might be tacked onto a fiscal budget bill to help it pass.
    Would not put it past the grabbers at all.

    • No, not gonna happen. Obama would not let it go forward. There is enough issues with the fiscal cliff including having the USA rating downgraded again. He will fight one battle at a time. He has Biden to make noise on his behalf and he may have an arm up his back as his puppet master teaches him to dance. Obama’s only issue is that if the fiscal cliff is bad he will loose momentum on AWB support. If people are worried about their money or jobs it will trump much anything else.

    • Speed, I have been increasingly worried about “backdoor legislation” as of recent.

      Pascal, I hope youre right.

  16. Can someone go tell Skeletor to go back to Castle Grey-skull and leave our ESSENTIAL rights and liberty alone?

  17. FFS, she’s 80 years old. Even assuming she hasn’t suffered significant mental decline, I’ve yet to meet an octagenarian who wasn’t, shall we say, “stuck in their ways”. I’m sorry, 80 is just too damn old to be formulating/dictating policy. Advising, sure. Just the fact that she can’t retire gracefully and enjoy her enormous wealth in her golden years tells me she’s a meddling,controlling busybody who absolutely knows what’s best for everyone and is completely unable to step back and let anyone else take the reins.

  18. Oh what a plan.

    1) She wants to trash the Constitution (several parts, not just the 2’nd)
    2) To justify “theft under color of law”
    3) AND create an entire class of “Malum prohibitum” criminals with the swipe of a pen
    4) AND she wants her intended victims (and all the other taxpayers) to pay for it while it’s being done to them.

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