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After [absent-mindedly] posting a seven-year-old article about British doctors wanting to ban kitchen knives, I figured I’d lay off the Brit bashing for a bit. And then Totenglocke sent me a link to the Economist’s article Newtown’s horror. The paper (as they preferred to be called) recommends a package of gun control laws which, by its own admission, the United State Supreme Court has already struck down. Twice. Recently. “If, as seems probable, this is held to conflict with the constitution, then the constitution needs to be amended.” Excuse me? That’s Constitution with a capital “C” you bastards. And while I’m happy that the Economist’s Oxbridge elitists prefer living as subjects in a constitutional monarchy that doesn’t have a written constitution—despite having provided one for colonies throwing off the yoke of British imperialism—well, piss off mate. We are talking about the second Amendment here . . . OK, more firearms-related news, views and videos . . .

The ATF swooped on the woman who provided felon turned fireman killer William Spengler. They’re gonna charge 24-year-old Dawn Nguyen with straw purchasing Spengler’s Bushmaster AR. Despite the fact that Spengler obtained his firearm illegally, delusions die hard; it’s still antis’ ammo for stricter gun laws.

This is the first image that comes up in my Google image search for “gun”:

“The guns are out of control and we do need to bring sanity back.” Sure, blame the guns. And who better to call for sanity than a NY politician? (the paper that published the names and addresses of NY pistol permit holders)

“It’s about living in a world that’s safe.” New York attorney sues Connecticut for $100m on behalf of Newtown student who heard the carnage over the loudspeaker. An Economist reader?

NOTE: Kenyan police don’t use the words “suspect” when referring to escaped carjackers.  (1:24 above)

You know all those AR-15 “gun crimes” in California? It’s all Nevada’s fault. 

My other always told me to clean my plate.

Zero sum game? Or some like it not . . .

Some [gun owners] have changed positions altogether, calling for an assault weapons ban and more extensive background checks. Others have been moved to speak out against a gun-rights movement unwilling to accept any form of control as illustrated by National Rifle Association head Wayne LaPierre’s Dec. 21 response to the shooting, in which he called for armed guards in schools and blamed mass killings on Hollywood and video game makers . . . Dozens of gun owners interviewed by The [Connecticut] News-Times expressed similar sentiments.

Major caveats? I’m waiting for general agreement. “A record-high 74 percent oppose preventing anyone but the police or other authorized officials from owning a handgun.”

Michael Moore Tweets “Leave Piers alone!” Only if he agrees to do the same to the U.S. Constitution. See: above.

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  1. Japan is in a death spiral i.e. a country that is not reproducing.

    Doesn’t matter if they have guns or not, there won’t be any Japanese to shoot them in a few more decades anyway. Good thing they are working hard on those robots though.

    • The Japanese government is trying to find new deer hunters to replace the current crop of… let’s call them experienced (average age 65) hunters. It seems they have a massive deer overpopulation problem.

      With the insanely rigorous gun control laws there, I am surprised to hear they have ANY hunters.

    • Japanese are pacifists…holy crap I dont believe that he said that. The sick and perverted rape of Asian countries by Japs makes them detested to this day. Millions dead because of these pacifists. 350k dead and wounded Americans. Screw you pacifist.

    • And why is it whenever any news program does a story involving a gun, they have to end with that annoying “Lethal Weapon” shot, pulling focus down the black, yawning barrel? I know it’s supposed to look all scary and dangerous, and it is — just not in the way they intend.

  2. I dont know why RF keeps posting this crap we all know the media is pooping out of there mouths. Quit making me feel sick reading them RF!!

    • Well I get the idea, we as the AI need to be aware of what those who reject our ideas are thinking. We need to understand their logic or lack there of. Only then can we frame the argument in such a way that might allow some to become excepting of the argument. Some are simply beyond help but it is still an important exercise.
      To that end I also understand your point. It is like a catholic self flagellation, and sometimes it can be well depressing to say the least!

  3. Sigh….
    Normally I would say not looking to tomorrows digest, but we have the simulations going on!!!
    So I can’t wait to see, hear news from how things go!!!

  4. I’ll beat the offers made in the L.A. gun buy back and bid 250.00 for that evil Sig. Grabbers aren’t just evil, they’re cheap.

  5. “It’s about living in a world that’s safe.”

    I’ve got news for ya, buddy. Life’s dangerous. Always has been, always will be.

    • This quote is insightful about the ‘liberal’ mindset:

      “… many people are also addicted to giving up their power, and find comfort in doing so. As long as these people believe that other people control their lives, then they can continue to play the victim role that suits them so well. Life can actually be simpler for victims because there aren’t many decisions they have to make. And if others are making the decisions in their life, then it reduces the chance of them ever having to be wrong. Life is sweet, because anything that goes wrong in their life was certainly someone else’s fault.”

      – Josh Hinds

  6. RE: If You Want to be Safer:

    Get a job as a domestic at the Wicked Witch of the West’s castle. One of ’em is pictured with the article.

  7. Didja notice that the reporter was from Al-Jazeera? I guess they want to disarm us infidels before they take over.

  8. I find it funny how they keep bringing up the Japan versus US comparisons. We’re talking about 2 completely different countries, with completely different cultures and different histories. Has no one considered that maybe the crime rate and lack of interest in firearms has everything to do with culture, and NOTHING to do with Japan’s anti-gun laws? Japan is a safe and relatively peaceful country because of established social norms that most Americans would find difficult to adhere to.

    Oh, and to the comment left by the person named “Tommy Knocker”… the 1940s called. They’re asking for your racial epithet of “J@P” back.

    • Switzerland has similar statistics along with the highest gun ownership rates in Europe. Gee I wonder why?

  9. If we are going to be more like Japan let’s: do away with the exclusionary rule, take away defendent’s right to counsel, allow forced confessions as evidence.

    • That’s on the Schedule. They aren’t just attacking the 2nd Amendment, they are attacking the whole Bill of Rights. The so called “Patriot Act”, NDAA, the list goes on and on, each one an assault on the Constitution, rubber-stamped by the Supreme Court. And trying to blame the Democrats is to ignore the facts. The Dems are in it up to their necks, true, but the Republicans are just as guilty. If you doubt it, look at the record.

      • No doubt. When it comes to those other rights, the Republicans used to be worse. It seems that the left hates guns and the right hates rights. I never got where people get the idea DiFi is a liberal. She not only hates guns, but loves the PATRIOT Act, loves the no fly list, and her old man is one of the biggest war profiteers around. She might be progressive, but she is an authoritarian, not a liberal.

        • The right doesn’t hate rights. It just adheres to a smaller list of rights. Rights are not rights which when provided to one person burden another. For example health care, education, and employment are not rights for they can’t be met without compelling another to provide them.

          DiFi IS a prime example of the “progressive” liberal. AWBs and the Patriot Act are both in keeping with big government.

          Btw, Bush was NOT of the right. Don’t confuse Republicans with conservatives.

          • The reference was in fact to the Bill of Rights. On of most egregious assaults on the Bill of Rights was the Patriot Act, under Bush. Another was creation of the TSA, under Bush. I could continue, for a long, long time, but the point is this, trying to lay the blame exclusively on either Party, on Right or Left, liberal, or self proclaimed conservative is to just play into the CenGov’s hands. Until people wake up to the fact that, despite the rhetoric, BOTH parties are committed to the same goal. the subjugation of the people in a totalitarian state, nothing will be done to stop it.
            LOOK AT WHAT THEY DO, NOT WHAT THEY SAY (Caps for emphasis, ain’t yelling at you)

        • Okay, missed your last sentence. Sorry. Who though, do you consider to be on the right. Remember also that, in fact within my memory, when newspapers spoke of the fights between liberals and conservatives, the liberals, the progressives, were Republicans and the conservatives were Democrats. The names are just something they wrap themselves in when it suits their purpose

  10. ‘Deport me? If America won’t change its crazy gun laws… I may deport myself says Piers Morgan’
    By Piers Morgan

    “I have fired guns only once in my life, on a stag party to the Czech capital Prague a few years ago when part of the itinerary included a trip to an indoor shooting range.”

    “Well, I do know a bit about guns, actually. My brother’s a lieutenant colonel in the British Army and has served tours of duty in Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. My sister married a colonel who trained Princes William and Harry at Sandhurst. My uncle was a major in the Green Howards.”–I-deport-says-Piers-Morgan.html?ito=feeds-newsxml

    — Aharon rolls his eyes and notes that PM is a legend in his own mind.

    • I probably know more about martial arts from watching action movies than he knows about guns by having a few relatives in the military. Hey Piers, what caliber (or should I say calibre) does your brother in law prefer? Did your Uncle show you how to clean a pistol last Thanksgiving?

    • Clearly PM is uniquely qualified to lecture Americans about guns, seeing how his family is military and he’s actually fired one once or twice.

      What a twit.

  11. The pacifist angle on Japan’s gun laws is CRAP! Let me (as someone who studied military history) explain why Japan has some of the oldest and strongest gun laws in history.

    Japan was a feudal nation until about 1800. Nearly everybody has heard of samurai, but most people don’t know the truth about them. The samurai were a warrior class, much like European knights, trained in battle to maintain order. Most of the time that involved oppressing the local peasants. The samurai trained all their lives to become masters of the sword, bow and arrow, and other weapons. Peasants were not allowed to own swords, and were forbidden from training with weapons. That is why there exists such a tradition of unarmed martial arts in Japan.

    When the rifle was introduced to Japan, it made the Samurai obsolete. What good is a lifetime of practice with a sword when some farmer can shoot you? So Japan passed laws banning gun ownership and manufacture. The only gunsmiths in Japan were under the control of the emperor and made guns only for the state. This was to keep the feudal lords in power. Even in industrial Japan, when feudalism came to an end (although the kept the emperor and many feudal traditions) the Japanese gun laws didn’t change.

    The Japanese people don’t own guns, not because they are pacifists, but because they have a 1000 year history of being unarmed, peasant, subjects that permeates every aspect of their collective culture.

    • “The Japanese people don’t own guns, not because they are pacifists, but because they have a 1000 year history of being unarmed, peasant, subjects that permeates every aspect of their collective culture.”

      Well said. It also applies, in varying degrees, to Europe

  12. What was Godzilla’s son named….Manilla (or Godzuki)? Of course, the good ol’ US of A protects our tiny, little friends as well. I wonder who protects us from others, or (most importantly), ourselves (which is why there is a 2nd Amendment)?

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