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“Port Authority cop Jeffrey Haner was busted on possession of two illegal assault weapons, including the same type of Bushmaster rifle used in the Newtown massacre,” the anti-AR reports. “Haner’s .223-caliber Bushmaster and Chinese-made Norinco rifle were fitted with accessories including flash suppressors that made them illegal assault weapons under New Jersey law, police said. He was charged on Dec. 21 with two counts of possessing an assault weapon without a permit, police said. The maximum penalty for each charge is five years in prison.” The headline calls the rifles in question “Newtown-Style.” I know it’s a horrible thing to ask, but has Bushmaster become this generation’s Uzi: the evil gun? I wonder who, if anyone, is gonna buy the brand. And whether or not they’ll buy it to shut it down. Stranger things . . .

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  1. Meh.

    The UZI was a distinctive firearm. A Bushmaster AR-15 looks like any other AR-15.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow they are so anti gun in NJ they go after cops. This has got to piss off the rank and file.

    Considering the whole of freedome group is up for sale I could see bushys going out of circulation only to be rebranded under a different freedome group brand.

  3. Go to jail for owning something that’s his right to own. As it’s all our rights to own one should we desire. Go figure.

    • Hey, at least the NY Post admitted that the gun is legal, but adding non-dangerous accessories makes it illegal. That’s at least a start to getting them to admit scary looking weapons bans are all about the visuals of the gun and not the function.

      • The point is the left IS thinking about it. Its something they have stated they might do. Its not baseless paranoia.

    • go ahead, buy them. Buy Freedom, and Ruger, and SW, and hell, get Taurus outta here once and for all. Or until management takes the money and opens another firearm manufacturer. And another, and another. And boy did those ‘benevolent billionaires look stupid. Sounds like a great idea. Maybe we can raise the debt limit to infinity and then the government can buy them out. That would be awesome. Think of the jobs!

      We’re still capitalist, right? (crickets)

      FYI, GM had about 65,000 employees in the US and required a bailout, and Freedom group has about 2800. Nothing to sneeze at here fellas.

      • Watch the Biography of JP Morgan. What happens if banks refuse to provide lines of credit to gun makers? BOA already did this. Die hard Socialists control big chunks of not only the public but also the private sector.

        IF said Billionairs closed down Freedom Group and their banker buddies refused to lend money to the new gun makers then we would REALLY have a shortage

      • Check out the Bio of J.P. Morgan and his pals. I think its called the men who built America. I am honestly more worried about banks cutting off funding to gun makers. BoA cut off McMillan in April after all.

        What happens if all sorts of multi million dollar lawsuits go forth against gun makers; what happens if crazy “well mr banker you enabled them by lending them money making you liable” go forth? You know anti states like California and NY wouldnt stop them.

        • Perhaps the NRA should start a credit union for its members. The credit union could provide financial services for manufacturers as well as members. If the big banks won’t serve this valuable clientel someone will step up and make some money here. Why not us?

  4. Hopefully Mr. Haner saved some of that 175k salary. He’s going to need a good lawyer… cops aren’t welcome in prison.

    • For a time the Uzi, Tec 9 and Ak47 were to crime as Six Flags is to ammusment parks. The media is trying to do the same to the AR15/bushmaster

      • Ahhh, I see. The “assault pistol” I’ve heard tell of? Referring to the Uzi and/or Tec 9, of course.

    • it’s that gun with the big sights that looks like it could be pretty compact, but for some reason they have really long barrels in the front. 🙂

      • After a quick Google-fu session, damn that’s ugly. If I do acquire an EBP (Evil Black Pistol) it’s gonna be a Kriss.

    • They did the same after the DC sniper shootings. The evil flash hider made it impossible to find the bad guys afterall.

    • OMG, Imagine what a bayonet lug would do for an AR…make it more deadly because of all the bayonet assaults that are thwarted every year. Insert smart ass look here.

  5. You know we have gotten to the level of questioning if we as a country are on Crazy Juice or some equivalent. A deplorable crime was committed by a civilian using a stolen firearm. Sooooo in our collective fixation on the inanimate object used by a homicidal maniac the nation forgets the shooter is the killer, NOT the firearm he utilized…… is this the Uzi or Mac-9/10 of the moment?-guess so.

  6. true story overheard on the train somewhere:

    Mom: Thomas, i know you have lots of guns, you don’t have one of those Bushmaster guns, do you?
    Tom: No i don’t Mom.
    Brother: Dude, you have like 3 AR’s!
    Tom: But i don’t have any Bushmasters, serious.
    Mom: Ok. No Bushmasters? Thank God. Be careful with that stuff, ok?
    Tom: Ok Mom.

  7. This could go a couple ways, in a psotive light it will piss off a lot of cops and maybe some civillian fence sitters.


    It will be nothing more than written off as a dirty cop

  8. I wrote 9 letters today to people that represent me at the state and federal level. To both dems and republicans demanding that no further bans on weapons, magazines or styles of weapons be taken up. My wife and I both signed them.

    Tomorrow I will start my new morning ritual – calling my federal reps offices to say no to any AWB or mag cap bill. I will try to call every morning until this idiot talk is defeated.

    Have you contacted your representative yet?

    • Feinstein, Boxer, Pete Starke. I live in Alameda county Ca. I know the true meaning of taxation without reresentation. Sucks. But I can give money to pro gun groups and due. And I make as many new shooters as possible. Quite a few over the years, actually.

      • I know where you are coming from – but write them anyway even if they are slime ball liberals with no intention of following the Constitution or listening to their constituents. Doing something small in the face of great evil is better than doing nothing at all.

      • Call and write them anyway. I felt the same way about John Yarmuth, our local version of DiFi, until the folks here taught me otherwise.

      • I still think that you should write the DiFi’s, etc. if only to schew their mail statistics. They won’t be able to say 95% of their mail supports their postition, at least not honestly anyway….

  9. I wonder if calling them a bushmaster is a attempt by the media to drive a wedge. I know a lot of people who own ar15 but I don’t know anyone who owns a bushmaster. Is it a attempt to divide and conquer hoping that people say its bushmasters fault so we should ban them, not realizing that but supporting this supports a ban of all. If they are all bushmasters being used in these crimes then who the hell would want them? Three shooter CT, oregan, and aurora. All had their gun jam ct with stovepipe after 79 rounds, oregon people said he was slapping the side trying to get it to function, and aurora walked back out to car to work on the ar. I think will pass on a bushmaster.

  10. Paine is right on target about selling out to these fools and starting a new company with the huge profits. I’d sell these fools my company and then I’d start another one and continue the process forever. These idiots will just make gun company investors billionares and then they can buy them out.

  11. Why don’t they fight this crap on constitution grounds? On 2 Amendment and under 9th amendment on ground of cruel and unusual punishment. WTF is the country coming to exercise your rights and go to jail. Give guns to the mexican cartels get a free pass and blessing from the president.

    • As I keep saying, have CA, NY, HI, etc AWB bans been challenged in light of Heller? The decision precludes their bans, if not their registration of new “assault” weapons.

  12. someone buy them to shut them down? Nah. they’ll just get a a name change like Valuejet did after the Florida crash.

  13. Perhaps if we (owners of AR-type rifles) made each and every one into a copy of the Hello Kitty CPR, we could end this gun control argument once and for all.

  14. I own a evil “bushmaster” never given me trouble. could be because I maintain my equipment and train regularly. Like ask gun owners should.

    • I don’t know, every time I open my safe to get something I keep my hand ready to draw down on my Carbon 15 just in case it decides to do something evil.

  15. For all intents and purposes, Windham Weaponry IS Bushmaster. If freedom gets rid of the name they will just rebrand as DPMS or Remington but the same rifles will keep rolling off the assembly line.

  16. I just got a new Uzi. Granted its a knock-off. But man is it fun. Kind of off topic. But no one around me is excited and I wanted to share.

  17. If I wanted to make something sound intimidating, I wouldn’t go with “Bushmaster.”

    In this case, I’d go with the S&W MP15 that Batman shooter had.

    Bushmaster sounds like a gardening tool.

  18. Bushmaster was bought out several years ago so are the new models the evil ones or the old ones?
    The original Bushmaster people and now Windham Armory, are they OK?

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