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“In general, as a family man, if a bad guy surprised me at gun point to rob me, even if I had a loaded concealed gun, I would just drop my wallet and run. My personal choice is not to risk my life when someone just wants my money. Returning to my family alive is priority, but, if someone wants my life and the life of my family, then I want to have choices in handling that situation. I advocate being situationally aware, street smart and you should have a firearm ready to prevent, get out of, or stop a bad situation (such as a mass shooting scenario). I view the firearm as a tool that gives you options, and I would rather have the options than not.” – Mike Full, CEO of Full Conceal

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  1. Can’t say for sure which I’d reach for if I were robbed at gunpoint, but I do believe that anyone that points a g un at someone in order to steal from them deserve to be shot.

    BTW, I think that Glock is broken.

    • Yup, I’ll give my money if I have any but I’m not giving my wallet with my bank card and license with my home address to be Robbed/Home invaded latter.
      Rob me at Gun/Knife point and I have a chance to draw You’re taking the room temperature challenge.

      • ‘…taking the room temperature challenge.’

        Ooo, I like it. Even better than the Tide pod thing.

        • Wouldn’t it have to be the “ambient temperature challenge”? Seems to me many if not most robberies at gun point occur out of doors (a friend of mine was robbed at gunpoint at an automated teller in D.C. many years ago). Ambient temperature works for all venues.

        • The body will be eventually taken into a room for long enough to fully thaw/cool to that temperature. Ultimately, he would stabilize at whatever constant temperature it is a certain distance below ground, commonly a cool room temperature in most of North America I believe.

          Why do I write comments like this? Sorry.

      • The moment you hand over the wallet is a good time for the draw. Likely the thug will have his concentration on the money and not your other hand. That’s why a kidney holster is the greatest, IMO. One can reach there without notice if the opponent’s eyes are anywhere else for a second. Another good trick is to drop the wallet, ‘accidentally’. That provides lots of draw time if the perp bends over after it, as he likely will. This one requires some practice as dropping things on purpose in a natural manner is a bit of a trick.

        • I’m not a robber, but I’m thinking if you’re robbing somebody at g un point you’re attention is probably going to be more on the your surroundings than on your victim. You’re expecting compliance from your victim and more worried about a cop coming around the corner or something than your victim pulling a g un out and shoo ting. I carry in the 2:30 position, just on the front side of the hip, I don’t think it would be too hard if you turn your body just a bit to reach for the gat instead of the wallet. It will take at least a half a second for it to register that that’s not a wallet. Anyway, I think this is largely why it seams that so many robbers end up on the losing end of the gunfight. Their attention is not on the victim and it takes a second for the reality to set in that your shit just went downhill in a hurry.

        • Gov. William J Le Petomane – Actually NOT! Go to youtube and watch the hundreds of videos of armed robberies and the criminals are watching the “MONEY” not the victim or their surroundings – that is why in 99% of the videos, the victim or a bystander is able to take the perp down, even with a bat, broom, or bottle. Criminals are criminals for one reason – they are STUPID!!!

    • It looks like they were trying to fix the Glock’s terrible grip angle, but overdid it a bit.

      P.S. I got your joke.

  2. It’s urgent that we contact President Trump directly and tell him NO ON GUN CONTROL, specifically no ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN. Remind him that gun owners and specifically the NRA got him elected. Tell him he won’t have to worry about a re-election in 2020 because with this historical betrayal, he’ll lose the House in 2018, at which time he’ll be impeached. https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

    • Trump on reciprocity: “You’ll never get this passed if you add concealed carry to this, you’ll never get it passed.”

      He’s right. Concealed carry reciprocity will never pass if added to this bill, because this bill isn’t going to pass, and Trump knows it. Yes, I’m playing with the words a little bit. Or am I?

      Everyone take a breath and relax. I think this is a Trump ruse to the Democrats, who he knows hate him. If it is, we’re good to go. If it’s not, well, Trump can’t pass legislation on his own, and we’ll know what side he’s truly on come his re-election. All signs so far point to Trump realizing that his base is the American hinterland, which will evaporate if this bill gets passed. Has he been that stupid so far? Time will tell.

      Regarding the original content of this post, I agree with that guy. Options are why I carry.

      • ” If it’s not, well, Trump can’t pass legislation on his own,…”


        The Republican housemembers are already hearing from their *very* unhappy constituents about this.

        My money’s on it never even hitting the House floor for a vote…

        • What a coinkydink… it’s almost like I #calledit

          I’ll take apologies from everyone who went into full SJW hyperventilation mode yesterday. Queue starts on the left, thank you gentlemen, keep it orderly.

        • Trump showed his true colors, Instead of fighting for us he folded like a cheap Chinese suit.
          Don’t give me that he was playing that 3D chess bullshit, Say what you mean and mean what you say.
          Trump Isn’t draining the swamp, Hes the swamp monster.

        • F Trump sideways. Two very clear red lines for me were Amnesty and 2A. He flirted with the first and now is giving full-throated support to the second. I will never vote Democrat, but doesn’t mean I’ll vote for Trump again. He can take his “4D Chess” and shove it up his tail.

          Play cutesy games with other subjects. Praising Dianne Swinestein and promoting her “legislation”? Dead to me. Even if nothing passes this was an unforgivable betrayal. I hope he is impeached or otherwise dynamically removed from office to make way for Pence, at least I still believe what he says.

        • Uh-huh and Big E – Do you really think that Trump just “gave in” to the leftists? Trump didn’t become a billionaire by accident – businessmen/investors like Trump play “chess”!
          Funniest thing about it is that the libturds don’t see it or get it! Do you really think that Piglosi, Schummer, Bernie, Wasserman, Frankenfeinstein, or even McLame (the RINO) understand they’ve been played, NOPE, they’re like you, they don’t think Trump is smart enough to play them. He beat Hil-LIAR-y didn’t he?!!

    • Thanks for the link. Here’s what I sent:

      At the most fundamental level, firearms ownership is a civil right and the birthright of all Americans, as are freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right not to be forced to self-incriminate. The current slate of proposed restrictions are not acceptable, any more than it would be to attempt to legislate the maximum duration of a phone call, character count in a newspaper article, or words that are not to be used in a personal email.

    • Please call the President immediately at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 and tell him you do not support gun control laws.
      This is your chance to actually do something.
      Be polite and courteous, dont scream these are your rights.

  3. I had a guy try to rob me after I laughed at him when he tried to sell me drugs as I walked past him in a small city. He grabbed my shoulder from behind and wrenched me around, I saw his hand reaching deep into a jacket pocket so I pulled my j frame out of my pocket and he immediately raised his hands while backing up, repeatedly said “no no no no….” and turned and sort of fast walked/jogged away. Very weird incident and definitely one I don’t want to repeat. I’m glad it was a relatively non violent encounter but to anyone who says they don’t need to carry a gun I say pish posh. That’s like saying u don’t need a seatbelt because u are such a good driver, sometimes it’s the other guy the one u have never met or previously knew existed that changes your life forever and u can’t control that chance meeting you can only mitigate the factors.

    • But according to the Bullying Mommies, your incident does not constitute a DGU, because nobody assumed room temperature as a result. (In fact, your incident represents a good 2/3 of all DGUs.)

      • I’ve used a gun to shut down attackers twice without ever firing a shot. The first discovered he needed to be elsewhere in a hurry, just like the above encounter. The second wasn’t so easy, and represents the only time I’ve ever gone into combat time warp(so far). I lack a better term, but time stopped while the perp came around the car after me with the knife, after I took cover behind it when the gun presentation alone didn’t stop him. As he came around the front, time stood absolutely still. I couldn’t even look to the left where his partner was, to check on him. I didn’t know just how this was going to play out when time started to move again, and considered every possibility, including shots to the knee. I finally decided that anything other than center mass was too dicey a shot, as he was moving. The final decision(I had all the time in the world) was three in center mass, and save the other six(.22RF hi-standard semiauto with only nine in the mag) for the partner and backup as three double taps. They were little bullets.
        Anyway, the instant the decision was made, time started forward again as naturally as water flowing downhill. The perp turned the corner, and froze one step short of where I had decided was the fire point for the three to center mass. He must have seen something he didn’t like because he dropped the knife on the ground, turned without a word, and said: “let’s go” to the partner. That’s the last I ever saw of them.

  4. I’ve seen too many “good victims” who complied with an armed robber’s demands get shot to have this mindset. Some were in broad daylight in the parking lot of a large retailer, in full view of security cameras. These have been in Georgia, not Southside Chicago. If my family were with me – say I was carrying my child – perhaps things would be different.

  5. To echo another posters comment.

    You are going to rely on the good will of the criminal that by complying with their demands to give them things that aren’t theirs, under threat of force, that they aren’t still going to shoot you?

    While an idiotic belief to have in general, it’s plainly ignorant, since many people are shot/stabbed/knocked unconscious even after complying.

    If you can do so without harming others and can get your gun into action faster than them, do so.

    • Correct. Notice the author’s comment, “My personal choice is not to risk my life when someone just wants my money.” (Emphasis mine)

      How can you claim to know that your attacker “just wants money”?

      Unfortunately, the horror that visited the Petit family in Connecticut started out the same way. The two armed robbers honestly and truly only wanted money when they started their armed robbery. Tragically, the two armed robbers decided that, in addition to wanting money, they wanted sex and murder and proceeded to rape mom and a daughter before setting them on fire and killing them.

      Trying to get the upper hand on someone who already has a gun drawn on you is fraught with danger. Assuming that your attacker only wants money and will let you go on your merry way after you hand over your cash is also fraught with danger. Any “compliance” on your part should be part of your strategy to get some sort of advantage to counterattack. That advantage could be engineering a distraction, moving toward cover, moving closer to your attacker to go hands-on, or moving away from your attacker to increase distance.

    • Throw the wallet to the robber and shoot him while he reaches for it (even if it’s in his back).

      If you used frangible rounds in a revolver and it looks like no one saw and no video, get the hell out of Dodge.

  6. “There is no backpedaling from a statement like grab the guns first, then we’ll deal with due process”.
    “He also said an assault-weapons ban should be considered”


    The orange son-of-a-bitch burned his fucking bridge with me.
    I’LL tolerate a lot of shit but blatantly and openly violating the Constitution and Bill of rights is the line.
    The only reason this horse shit didn’t pass is because there were enough “smart” republicans to not vote for it.

    • I’m infuriated he allowed these comments to pass his lips. BUT…..let’s see what happens before we crucify him. He may be just toying with the filthy, subhuman, Liberal Terrorists™️.

      • Good won’t win over Evil if good plays by Evil’s rules.
        The ONLY thing that will redeem trump in my eyes Is to fight for and pass national reciprocity WITHOUT ANY KIND OF REGISTRATION attached, All states must recognize all other states licenses to carry even if some states are Constitution carry.
        In my honest opinion states got it wrong, Last time I checked this is still one country; states don’t get to choose weather you can exercise your 2nd amendment RIGHT because you’re from another state.
        RE open small arms imports, that Obama stopped
        Re open the NFA automatic firearms registry and allow importation and building of automatic firearms (yes it should be hard and costly to obtain a automatic firearm)
        1) comprehensive back ground check
        2) Safety and competency training required to get a NFA permit

        • That’s not up to Trump. I’m sure he’d sign it if it hits his desk, but the Senate GOP would need to grow some balls first.

        • Here’s the thing. This bill only applies to states that allow concealed carry anyway…if they already have a law against it, they wouldn’t have to honor this. SURPRISE…it’s already like that! Look up your state’s reciprocity laws & see which other state you can carry in IF YOURE LICENSED. That’s the ones you’ll be able to under this bill because the other states will just make it illegal to do so…but guess what…the license itself is unconstitutional, so what would you gain anyway?
          The states that don’t allow or restrict gun ownership or carry…concealed or open…are already breaking the law of the land, the Constitution of the United States of America! They don’t give a shit about National Reciprocity!
          To the man being robbed. If you were the robber, you are already committing a felony, so killing your victim would only add a few years if you got caught. So, if you are in that situation, fight like it was your last day on Earth because if you dont, it probably will be.

        • Um… Wayne… There’s a binding circuit court decision protecting the right to carry outside the home. How do you think Illinoisistan got “shall issue”? It certainly wasn’t by the grace of our communist overlords.

    • Please call the President immediately at 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414 and tell him you do not support gun control laws.
      This is your chance to actually do something.
      Be polite and courteous, dont scream these are your rights.

  7. So how do you know the guy pointing the gun at you only wants your money? He may shoot you for kicks after you hand over your wallet.

  8. Yep drop yer wallet and run…and he shoots you in the back because you might identify his evil azz. Mike-you’re FULL of chit…

  9. I’ve been unarmed in an encounter with a pair of thieves with a big-ass (about 10″ blade) knife in Acapulco. The pesos in my wallet weren’t worth a knife fight, especially since they ambushed us and the knife-wielder had hold of my wife and had the knife against her. I could risk myself, maybe — honestly probably still wouldn’t have — but not her. I damn well would have liked to have had more options. I’ve only been in half a knife fight (in high school, other kid had the knife and I was unarmed, but he wasn’t really serious and folded like a paper bag with one snap kick to the gut), and this opponent looked a lot more determined than the previous kid. I’ve heard it said that one thing you can count on in a knife fight is getting cut. A few hyperinflated pieces of Mexican paper money weren’t worth it.

    But In general, I like to think if I was armed, in the U.S., and thought I had a decent chance of success, I’d shoot an armed robber rather than comply as a community service to the next victim(s).

  10. “Simple Common Sense on Guns: Quote of The Day”

    “Common sense will tell us that the power which hath endeavored to subdue us, is of all others the most improper to defend us. Conquest may be effected under the pretence of friendship; and ourselves, after a long and brave resistance, be at last cheated into slavery…. Wherefore, if we must here-after protect ourselves, why not do it for ourselves?
    Why do it for another?” (Thomas Paine, Common Sense, pg. 47)

    Read it again.


  11. 6 months ago we were all deciding what suppressor we were going to by at our lgs. What the fu.. happened?

  12. Years ago while still on the job, I attended a class on surviving life and death incidents. best class I ever took.

    The best bet when being robbed by a person wielding a weapon, (knife/gun/etc), is to pull your wallet out and act scared, they want compliance and cooperating victim. Watch their eyes and hands, Drop you wallet on the ground, great distraction while you draw. Just my opinion, but always fight, you may get hurt but statistics show that people who fight, live.

    And remember the first rule of a gun fight: “Bring a gun”.

    • Building upon Wally1’s comment:

      (1) Action always beats reaction.
      (2) Your attacker could have slow reflexes if he/she is high.
      (3) About 45% of attacker’s firearms do not function.
      (4) People survive about 80% of all gunshot wounds.
      (5) An attacker has a much lower probability of putting rounds into you if you are moving rapidly.

      When you combine all of those factors, it seems to me that active evasion and/or counterattack give you the highest probability of surviving the attack.

      Having said all that, it should be apparent that this calculus changes significantly if you have children with you and if you have more than one attacker.

      • +1
        I read a report once that said that you have a slim chance of dying if you run, and “zig zag”.
        First, there’s less than a 50% chance the robber will even shoot.
        Second, If your zig zaging, there’s less than a 25% chance he will hit you.
        And third, If you do get hit, there’s a very good chance you will survive.

  13. I agree with the OP in theory. Bu the reality is that I must regard anyone pointing a gun or knife at me to be an immediate deadly threat to my life, and I would defend myself with any means necessary.

  14. So… a guy’s crazy, desperate, and stupid enough to rob with a gun… is not someone I’m relating with – going psychic trying to read his feelz…

  15. “My personal choice is not to risk my life when someone just wants my money.”

    You don’t know what they want or what they intend to do, regardless what they say. Plenty of people get shot dead even after complying fully with an armed robber’s demands.

    There are sound arguments to make in favor of not attempting to fire on an armed robber. However, the assumption that they just want your money, meaning they will do nothing beyond taking it when it’s given, is not one of them.

    I wouldn’t trust your advice or training, after having made that statement.

    • There’s a lot more than “just taking the money”
      Most folks carry a bunch of credit cards in their wallet. It’s true you probably wouldn’t be on the hook for the cards, but it’s a hassle notifying all the banks and lending facilities. Then, there’s the medical card, or cards. The drivers license might be tough to replace.
      And any other personal info including pictures of you wife, and mistress (oops!).
      Last but certainly not least is your CCW permit.
      Probably one of the best solution is to carry an “extra” wallet with some old expired cards, and a few bucks.

  16. I don’t intend to run ever. If someone put a gun in my face I’d be so insulted and pissed off that I couldn’t anyway. I’d rather die than run.

    Why the Hell arm yourself if you intend to run? Wouldn’t a good pair of track sneakers be better?

    We arm ourselves because we intend to fight it out in the most dangerous arena there is, gunfights.

    Besides, obstinate, stubborn and downright controlling nature has been shown to make you live longer:


  17. Yeah, if you can’t trust an armed robber to do the right thing, whom CAN you trust?

  18. It’s cheaper to give him my wallet than pay a lawyer to defend a DGU (even if released after couple hours of questioning). I’ll give up my wallet, but I’ll be wary. If the robber isn’t satisfied with just taking my wallet, I’ll let him take a bullet too.

  19. As soon as I can read minds to KNOW if I am being robbed of my money, life, or both, then I’ll decide what I reach for. Until then, I have to go with the odds that favor me staying alive.

  20. “It’s urgent that we contact President Trump directly and tell him NO ON GUN CONTROL, specifically no ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN.”

    Trump is extremely attuned to wording. Yes, he’s a control freak. Disarming Americans, not so much. It’s not gun control, it’s disarming citizens. (Throw in MS-13 seems to have no trouble getting guns, or doing mayhem without guns, and that’s a winner.)

    It’s not an “assault weapon.” Indeed, outside a battlefield, it’s a lousy choice for doing “assault” — too hard to conceal. Carry a semi-auto carbine, everybody knows you have it. Poor choice for assaulting people by surprise. (Battlefields are different — everybody’s assumed to be armed.)

    Why do you want to ban the most effective kind of weapon for home defense? When 3 guys in masks with guns come to attack a kid they don’t like, he’s better off with an AR-pattern carbine than most anything else. As happened the same week as the the recent spree shooting by whackjob-guy.

    Incidentally one of those is darn hard to conceal n sneak in anywhere. Like a school. Or a nightclub. If there’s people there who *can* do anything, if the BG’s got a long gun, they can see the gun coming.

    I’m for “modern muskets” for people looking to protect themselves, their homes, and yes, their schools. It’s designed to be a killing machine? OK, I’d rather put the most effective killing machine we can give them in the hands of that coach who threw himself in front of his kids; that kid who died holding the door for others, the other kid who’s in the hospital with the 5 bullets he took.

    How about we give them an effective, obvious tool. Better than stupid signs, and harsh language, I think.

    Actually, not “give.” Just “allow” — stop stopping people from protecting themselves and others. People who, when we let them, already choose to protect themselves and others.

  21. “Gun control?”

    I think it’s a bit much to mandate that every high school kid and household have an AR-pattern patrol rifle, in good working order at all times. Inspections to make sure they have them? Selective enforcement of “good working order?” Discrimination against unusual kinds of households?

    A gun control mandate like that is ripe for abuse. I’m OK if we simple stop stopping people from arming to protect themselves and others, to start.

  22. I am confused. All these spree-shootings at schools happen in “gun free school zones” that turn out not to be gun free.

    How does that happen? There’s signs and everything.

  23. “Nobody needs a semi-auto.”

    I’ll bet the kid who died holding a door for his friends would disagree, if he could. Or the coach, who’s dead too. The kid in the hospital with 5 bullets in him might think he “needed” a semi-auto with at least 5 aimed shots, to even things out a bit. We may get to ask him, if he lives.

    “Nobody needs a semi-auto” unless it’s a problem that people who have done nothing wrong get shot & killed, when some whack-job has a semi-auto he doesn’t “need.” When you have stopped whack-jobs from hurting other people, if they can, talk to me about “needing” defensive arms.

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