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Gun control hasn’t worked for Democrats in Colorado’s battleground congressional district. Why they think it will lead to Mike Coffman’s ouster in 2018.

The definition of insanity is . . .

These tragedies have produced some of the nation’s loudest calls for tighter gun control in the past two decades, yet voters in the metro Denver district have in the past five elections backed Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights and someone who has won backing from the National Rifle Association.

This juxtaposition is one that Democrats want to spotlight in their latest effort to dislodge the incumbent — a potentially risky move in a state where firearms are often a political third rail and an issue that hasn’t helped the party win the 6th Congressional District seat in years past.

But gun control advocates and others on the left say it may work in November because they see a shift in attitudes toward firearm regulations in the wake of recent shootings, such as the one at a Parkland, Fla., high school that sparked a series of marches in Washington, D.C., Denver and many other cities across the U.S. and around the world.

NRA hilariously mocks CNN with a version of its own ad: ‘This is a bitter lemon’

Not a new video, but the NRA took the opportunity to troll the media because, why not? . . .

To combat the rise of fake news, CNN released a series of ads featuring fruit. The advertisements also took pot shots at President Donald Trump.

The NRA’s ad featured a lemon and alleged CNN “colluded” with Hillary Clinton’s campaign during the 2016 presidential election. Indeed, it was revealed last year that Donna Brazile, then a CNN analyst, gave Clinton’s campaign pre-determined debate questions during the Democratic primary.

courtesy CBS News and AP

Charges: George Zimmerman made “gator” threat to private investigator

So, this guy harasses Zimmerman and his family and Zimmerman’s charged for retaliating? . . .

Warren and the documentary’s producer both said they received threatening messages from Zimmerman, who was apparently upset because his family members had been contacted, according to the police report. Zimmerman allegedly texted the producer, “Help Mrs. Warren out and give him a heads up, I’m going to find him. And I’m bringing hell with me.”

According to the report, Zimmerman also allegedly texted, “Dennis is a [expletive] who bothered my uncle in his home….local or former law enforcement officer he’s well on his way to the inside of a gator as well. 10-4?”

Warren said Zimmerman began contacting him on Dec. 17, saying he received 21 phone calls, 38 text messages, and seven voicemails in a span of just over two hours. One of the voicemails allegedly said, “Answer your phone, [expletive]” and “I’ll see you before you realize it.”

Warren contacted the sheriff’s office and said he was concerned for his safety, along with his family’s.

Semi-Auto Shotgun Cleaning How-To Video

I got to shoot with Becky on Thursday. It was a humbling experience . . .

Gather your supplies. I use a spray cleaner, like contact cleaner, rags or paper towels, a small punch, AP brush, 12-gauge bore snake or cleaning rod, and Q-tips for the tight spots. Oh, and grab your manual in case you need to check disassembly steps.

First, I take off the extension tube. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses because the magazine tube spring is compressed and can surprise you. Then I set the extension, magazine tube spring and follower aside. Next, take off the barrel and forearm. This is a Stoeger M3K, but most semi-auto shotguns disassemble somewhat like this. If you’re uncertain, watch some videos specific to disassembling YOUR gun.  

Next, I remove the trigger group by punching out the small pin in the receiver, and by applying pressure to the bolt release to make sure the lifter and trigger group can freely drop out of the receiver. I will spray the receiver out – again, remember the eye protection! I pay attention to the grooves the bolt rides in and make sure I get any carbon build-up off.

4-Year-Old Plays With A Gun At The NRA Convention While Adults Stand By Calling Him ‘Adorable’

Shannon’s in a huff, bless her heart . . .

You might recognize the name or face of Kendall Jones, a teenage Texas cheerleader known around the internet for her big game hunting accomplishments at a very young age. At 14, she became the youngest person to hunt the Africa Big 5, which means she killed a white rhino, lion, Cape buffalo, leopard, and African elephant. Animal activists are incensed by her hunting habits (and subsequent bragging/holding up of dead animals) but now, the internet has a whole new reason to find her grotesque.

Here she is at this past weekend’s NRA convention getting excited over a four-year-old boy’s extremely disturbing ability to handle a very large gun.

At the NRA convention, the letter of the law but not the spirit

It drives them insane . . .

Among these weapons and gear though, a subsection stood out: guns that, through gimmicky design features, managed to either circumvent gun regulation, or avoid it entirely.

Take, for example, one of the models of the FN FAL rifle which was on display (a type of rifle previously used by the British Army, among others). The model, pictured below, fires the same type of bullet as a regular FAL rifle, and has the same basic design. But because of its length and stock design, it technically qualifies as a pistol under U.S. gun laws.

This quirk of qualification was also true with a version of the AR-15 on display. The weapon has the same basic design as an AR-15 rifle, but because its shoulder stock can be changed to an arm-guard, it too qualifies as a pistol, not a rifle. This is even though, as a vendor admitted to me, most people would change the arm-guard back to a rifle-style stock.


Dunblane Primary School massacre survivor wants to tell Donald Trump ‘he is wrong on guns’

At least someone wants Trump to come to the UK . . .

Aimie Adam, 27, said she hoped the US president does come to Scotland when he visits the UK in July, because she wants to meet him.

She was shot twice by gunman Thomas Hamilton as he opened fire on a class of primary one pupils at Dunblane Primary in 1996, killing 16 children and their teacher.

A ban on handguns was introduced in the wake of the atrocity, leaving the incident as the only mass shooting at a UK school.

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  1. Ah, the letter of the law.

    California pols have been dancing this dance with firearms owners for, what, decades now?

    Unfortunately, the lawmakers will win in the end unless they are brought to heel.

    • Funny how the progthinker forgot to mention that you will face felony charge and 5 years in slammer if you simply own a rifle with 15 3/4″ barrel and can’t produce paperwork proving you paid $200 tax. How’s that for “normal”?

  2. I don’t care for the opinions of a people whoes asses we kicked some 240+ years ago. They can go pound sand.

  3. Makes them a handgun, and thus harder to purchase, and completely banned in some areas, and6 the libs are against that ?

    • Someone needs to make ‘Scanners – 2016 Presidential Election Edition’ using all those ‘Crying Hillary Supporter videos’ out there…

  4. Do Diamond & Silk has swag/ T-shirts?!? I’d LOVE to buy one😄George Z is an idiot…

  5. I find it hard to have any sympathy for George Zimmerman. Most of the awful shit that has happened to him is the result of his own poor decision making ability, and he seems to dumb / ignorant to realize it.

  6. All the dems need is a really big murder, in a gun-free zone in a blue state, involving an AR15 and someone with at least 50 red flags and no explanation for how so many warning signs got deliberately ignored, sometime in October.

    • The dems are working to organize that event now. I’m sure they will schedule it to occur no more that a couple of weeks and no less than three days before the election so they have time to gen up the media storm.

      Actors already identified and memorizing the script. Probably have a perp lined up and ready to go as soon as they give the push.

      Dead children fit their script, to be used to push their agenda of disarming the citizens.

      Be Prepared !

  7. I will happily call that fal a rifle if they can remove the $200 SBR tax and nfa registration. I would actually just like to say firearm. Maybe even arm. As in, keep and bear arms. Short barrels, long barrels, stocks, no stocks, brace, US parts, sporting purpose, ATF points system, assault weapon, firing from open bolt, bump stocks, “Florida bump stocks” that aren’t stocks and don’t bump but might be a kit to shoot faster… Switch blades, silencers, auto knife, machine gun, taser. Just arms. Baton, fists, karate chop. No difference.

    Stop making up stupid rules to make certain arms more scary and banned and we don’t have to have all these work arounds for over regulation. Don’t prosecute the law abiding for keeping, possessing, bearing, or carrying arms. Prosecute people who commit crimes with weapons or crimes in general. Can we not have this in our national conversation?

  8. In other (actually important) news, NY’s insanely anti-gun Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has resigned after four women accused him of physical abuse. Schneiderman was also working with Special Counsel Robert Mueller in his attempted coup d’état against Pres. Trump.

    Bye bye, Schneiderman. Burn in hell.

  9. I would have loved to have a “pistol” FAL when I was in army signals. Full size was a pain to carry with radio, extra batteries etc.

  10. “But gun control advocates and others on the left say it may work in November because they see a shift in attitudes toward firearm regulations in the wake of recent shootings”

    Attitudes haven;t changed however some worthless politicians are going to.
    Case in point,a worthless RINO governor,trying to curry favor with the Left.
    He currently finds his amateur stock car racing gig is on hold because of protests at the track and his reelection plans for this fall are now dashed as he will face a primary challenger,what’s a RINO who enacts gun control to do.

  11. 5,790 American children receive medical treatment each year for a gun-related injury; 21% of those injuries are unintentional. About 1,300 children die annually from a gun-related injury in the US.

    …if 21% of those injuries are unintentional, 79% are deliberate.

    Either teen suicides are up, or Shannon’s calling teenage gangbangers ‘children’.

  12. What pisses me off most about Warren, is the bastard will probably win. At which point, Zimmerman may as well kill Warren for harassing him and his family, because I guarantee Zimmerman will get shived in prison. He’s screwed either way. Even worse, Trayvon the thug will still be revered as a saint. This situation sucks all around, with no good endings in sight. 😡

    • The charge is a misdemeanor, and rather low on the prosecutorial list, unless they were gunning for him on a parole violation.

      As far as I know, that will be his first criminal conviction. He may even qualify for some type of pre-trial intervention to keep a conviction from showing up on his record.

      Does anyone know if the charge on its own is grounds to pull his carry permit?

  13. “Warren contacted the sheriff’s office and said he was concerned for his safety, along with his family’s.”

    Good, good. Scumbags should be concerned for their safety.

  14. They always think “this time will be different,” but it’s because they didn’t get the memo from their superiors that the polls, protests, and news stories are all fake. They buy into their own crappy propaganda.



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