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In a “tearful plea” to Bernie Sanders, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand advises the septuagenarian socialist to drop his support — such as it is — for civilian gun rights. ” Politico quotes her as confessing that, “I was somebody who was not as focused on this, as I should have been, as a House member. Meeting these families devastated me, broke my heart.” Author Glenn Thrush’s piece describes the Empire State pol as “a proud, passionate turncoat on guns.” Somehow they leave out the “slobbering Clinton sycophant” descriptor. Thrush, or perhaps his editor, must have inadvertently deleted that part. Oh well. In a better example of journalistic evenhandedness . . .

This surprising thing happens when AP quotes real people on guns in churches – “Moral of the story: Resist the urge, dear journalists, to turn to the same ol’ talking heads every time. Occasionally, interview actual real humans whose names readers haven’t heard before. And if those sources express a bit of nuance and defy preconceived ideas, that’s even better.” That’s just kooky talk.


NYPD holds gun buyback event in Queens, pulling in 89 weapons – “The NYPD is back in the gun buying biz.” Because it’s worked so well everywhere else it’s been tried.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 3.59.30 PM

Leupold now offers their new Custom Dial System service, customizing “your scope’s elevation dial to match your exact load, velocity, and conditions for unprecedented precision. Once you range your target, simply turn the dial to the correct position, aim dead on, and squeeze the trigger.”

Clinton calls for end to gun violence at events across N.Y. ahead of primary: ‘Guns are not the answer to anything’  – Doesn’t that depend on the question that’s being asked?

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    • Its all word games. The more you say it, the more people fill in the missing space with “violence” until both guns and violence are synonymous.

    • I believe that Adolf Hitler and Hirohito might have a different opinion on that point.

      Mosin-Nagant, Lee Enfield, M1 Garand, Thompson, M1911, Browning M2, I could go on, but I think the point is made.

  1. Ms. Clinton, what will you do to prevent violent crime?
    Well, we need to make it harder for people to get gu–.

  2. The vile incarnation of evil masquerading as a woman spewing demonic verses against lawful self defense. If guns are not the answer, what is the defense against assault, robbery and murder? Perhaps a bobble head of the she devil dog barking.

    Keep the image of Hillary, in the Oval Office, tapping her fingers on the desk, staring at the spot where another woman gobbled her mans goo. She’s been emotionally compromised and on that fact alone should be disqualified from the presidency.

  3. “Guns are not the answer to anything”

    Guess you won’t be needing that small entourage of bodyguards armed with guns, right? I mean, you can’t be that much of a hypocrite to surround yourself with the same things you claim are evil and hateful, correct?

    The bodyguards hugs and loving words should be more than e’nuff to deter any “miscreants” from getting too close, n’est–ce pas?

    /sarc off

  4. Hillary should prove her words by her actions (hahahahaha), and set the example of disarming her secret service detail, private security, and police escort, thus ensuring that there will never be any such shenanigans around her whilst on the campaign trail!

    Never gonna happen because she is such a disgusting hypocrite, she okays a foreign arms deal, then rails against the NRA, and firearm manufacturers for political points.

  5. “New York’s junior senator [Kristen Gillibrand], a passionate Clinton backer and feminist, broke down during an emotional sit-down here for POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast when I asked her about her own conversion from an upstate House member with a 100 percent NRA rating (who once stored a shotgun under her bed) to an upper-chamber anti-gun crusader.”

    A well-to-do, overly emotional, turncoat politician and self proclaimed Clinton loving feminist….

    If that isn’t enough to hate her guts, and it should be, this also happened…

    “Gillibrand pitches on the congressional women’s team, struggles to get her pitches over the plate and knows so little about the sport I correct her when she calls a “game” a “match.”

    Anyone who calls softball, and baseball by its association, a “match” should be immediately hit in the genitals.

    • The old story plays out yet again: Local/state level Dem: possibly OK on guns. Give ’em a national office: Never OK on guns….

  6. Sanders lacks the ‘sensitivity’ to understand how gun violence devastates families.

    Having grown up around guns and yes… Black rifles, not a single one of them was devastating to our family or millions of other families nationwide. We all must be doing something wrong?

    Furthermore, presidents should not be “sensitive.”

  7. Gillibrand talked up having a shotgun under her bed when she was running for office. Now that she is Senator for Life it’s ok to bash guns. Upstate NY needs to get behind someone who can retire her.

    • Same old Democrat story. The folks in West Texas finally woke up and retired a pack of so-called “blue dogs”, but I’m not hopeful for New York.

  8. “Guns aren’t the answer to anything”

    They are the answer to:

    “What am I doing fun this weekend?”
    “What I am I likely to buy with part of my tax return?”
    “What is one of the reasons I do not trust any democrats/socialists/liberals?”
    “What’s one of the ways to spell Freedom?”
    “What’s one the many reasons I would never vote for a democrat and especially HRC ?”
    “What’s tucked into the waistband of my pants?”
    etc, etc…

  9. If these morons are upset by the gun culture, wait until the death culture (Islam) becomes more brazen here in the US.

  10. “Mrs. Clinton, what sort of devices would you like for your personal, lifetime, taxpayer-funded security detail to carry to protect you?”

    See, sometimes guns are the answer.

  11. Of course guns aren’t the answer to anything. They’re not an argument, they’re an object. Objects are only part of sentences and you need at least a whole sentence to craft an argument.

    BTW, maybe not guns but perhaps explosives. Very few personal problems cannot be solved with the proper application of high explosives.

    • “There isn’t a problem on Earth that can’t be solved by the proper application of high explosives”…

  12. This is all fun, but I am in a dither, wondering how I can get the dial for my Leupold to match up with my DPMS GII Recon? I guess I need to buy a chrono? To discover muzzle velocity? Sounds like a fun project, though!

  13. Once more I feel compelled to say regarding the congresscriters and other vermin inflicted on the rest of you from / via NY state … it ain’t my fault.

    We’re outnumbered, taking the state as a whole. FWIW, every time someone downstate is foolish enough to start with: “Maybe we should just secede from the rest of NY, since they don’t like and appreciate us.” we say: “Yes, please.” BTW we’ve been trying to figure out how to secede continuously since approximately forever.

    Not my fault. Still, sorry.

  14. Of course Bernie won’t give up his support of guns. He wants his revolutionary soldiers to be armed when he calls for the revolution to begin. I wonder, who will be his Iron Felix?


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