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“I’m watching the news and I see they’re saying, ‘Well we have to do something about this. We have to enact some sort of gun control legislation because this is what the kids are asking for.’ And I’m thinking, ‘I’m not asking for that.’ I look at my friends and I think ‘They’re not asking for that.’ I wanted to give a voice to all of the people who feel that they’re being misrepresented by the media.” – Walkout organizer Will Riley in ‘Stand for the Second’: Students across USA plan 16-minute walkout to back Second Amendment [via]

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  1. I’m curious to know how many students were reprimanded or harassed in some way by lefty school staff for DARING to challenge the narrative.
    — Free Speech for me but not for Thee…..

    • And not to mention actual violence against conservative and pro-2A groups on high school and college campuses.

      In “allowing” violence against groups considered unacceptable, a dangerous precedent is being set.

      • “And not to mention actual violence against conservative and pro-2A groups on high school and college campuses.”

        They stick together and friends close by record the assaults.

        Fox will air the video…

      • Reminds me of Hitlers brown shirts going out and attacking people that did not agree with the NAZI’s. Same playbook.

  2. I get it, and I truly appreciate the sentiment, but I can’t really condone a walkout for this reason either. The student’s job is to be a student, not an activist.

    • Agreed completely.

      Don’t be a punk like david hogg, etc. Stay in school and don’t do these pr stunts.

      • “Agreed completely.

        Don’t be a punk like david hogg, etc.”


        What’s good for the goose, etc…

    • Student… activist… regardless of the side these kids pick they’re learning more about civics via these exercises of their rights than the school would ever teach them.

      Which also brings up the point that you don’t get to decide what their “job” is. They’re citizens of the Republic and as such have rights (though somewhat limited at their age) they can exercise, such as free speech. The fact that they’re quite literally forced to go to school (until they reach an age where they can legally drop out) means that it’s even more important that they start to understand and exercise their rights.

    • And a teacher’s job is to be a teacher, not an indoctrinator nor an activist. As long as the school teachers and administrators are straying from their proper jobs, I have no objection to students doing likewise. In fact, I actively approve of it.

      • Just a thought, if teachers can fight for what is their rights why not all students fighting for their rights. Isn’t that exactly what the teacher (educator is showing [teaching them]) through their actions. Not saying it is right or wrong but it is happening no matter what the cause is. Don’t forget it is now Scouts BSA ,get the point.

  3. anything to ditch school…can’t wait for this generation to hit the work force.(boss)…whats that you are doing demostrating and not coming back from break…..your fired…… (employee) i’m calling my mommy…your a mean man….

    • “can’t wait for this generation to hit the work force.(boss)…whats that you are doing demostrating and not coming back from break…..your fired…… (employee) i’m calling my mommy…”

      You’re laughing, but HR departments are seeing that *exact* problem today. Employees disciplined have their mothers complain to HR for them…

      • true that….i see it in my office everyday….and they are still FIRED !!!!

      • “The concept of helicopter parents buzzing around the workplace, just like they hovered and swooped on the elementary school soccer field, sounds like a joke.

        No doubt you’ve heard of this phenomenon — parents sitting in on interviews or calling to re-negotiate a child’s compensation package. NBA recruit Lonzo Ball has recently received a ton of attention for his dad’s, um, involvement, in the draft process. Some of the stories are so egregious that you may wonder if these incidents are bizarre outliers, blown out of proportion by the media.

        Let me assure you: They are not.”

        “When Helicopter Parents Hover Even at Work”

      • The opposite happened at my first job. My father called, thanked them for the opportunity then told them if I was anything less than an ideal employee they should call him so he could beat my ass. lol.

      • Last week I had a phone interview for an analyst position.

        This is about a $75k/year full time gig for one of the largest consulting firms on the planet, for a specific position at one of the largest international telecommunications companies, but it’s still considered a low-level position.

        Had the interview, and it went well, and I said we’d get back to him (as is standard procedure, since I’m not in HR), when a woman’s voice chimed in asking for a commitment to respond within a few days, because her son had many opportunities available to him and he might not want to wait.

        For this kind of money (or any amount, really), if you can’t handle a phone call by yourself then you’re too useless to hire.

  4. I am so glad to see this happening
    This shows that like everywhere else in society there are pro and anti- 2 A people in every age group
    See if the mainstream media covers this at all

  5. Well at least these kids seem to understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment!! I am a firm believer that once government takes your 2nd Amendment rights it won’t be long before they take your 1st Amendment rights. My taxes aren’t supposed to pay for this kind of behavior in a public school, but then administrations and government officials didn’t seem to mind using my taxes for the bleeding hearts and their demonstrations either!!!

  6. My local news (non fox affiliate) covered this.
    Pretty good turn out in the Portland area.
    Kids were flying the Gadsden flag and the Stars and Stripes.
    It warmed my heart.

  7. Good to see! There’s hope(a tiny bit) out there for the youngin’s.

  8. Good for them! We, depend on pro 2nd Ammendment to be supported as a right, not a privilege for generations to come.

  9. Awesome Job. Exposure is key, a large amount of citizens are unaware of their natural and unalienable rights.

    • Some people think that anything they don’t have, but want for free, is or should be a ‘right’. Health care, food, housing, etc.

      If we took the same approach to the 2nd Amendment, we would be able to walk into any ATF field office and say “Hey, gimme a gun. I got it comin’ to me!!”

  10. The gentleman rises in wholehearted support of those taking a stand for their otherwise unalienable, inviolable ‘Right’ to Keep and Bear Arms.
    Certain it hasn’t entirely escaped notice on the part of many among the TTAG readership, but for the few who haven’t, allow that it be mentioned here that some among the ‘youth’ project their self image of ‘Victimization’ by laying down and playing dead, and thereafter walk around pleading for protection from ‘government’ — while others are now rightfully Standing Up for their actual ‘Rights’ by exhibiting acts which truly represent measures of personal ‘Independence’.
    With some basic knowledge of how the unarguably and provably ‘mentally-disordered’ , irrational, illogical and irresponsible “Digressives” have transformed elements of the former public education system into ‘Indoctrination Camps’ for today’s unassuming youth based upon Marxist and Socialist ideologies, those Standing Up for their actual ‘Rights’, and most especially that ‘Right’ of all Freemen / Freewomen / Citizens to Keep and Bear Arms have well-earned additional measures of respect.
    “Given there’s no longer any direct relationship discernible between the number of hours one is required under the auspices of law to be confined in today’s public schools and the types and measures of usable education derived therefrom — after the age of 13 years, much further ahead most would be to learn a trade skill, work an actual job and self-educate on their own time.”
    Philo. “One Mind, Many Perspectives”
    Do No Harm / Successfully Defend.

  11. The previous school walk-out had the full backing of many districts, from teachers to superintendents, and was well attended because it was school sanctioned time-off. This will only turn out a fraction (likely less than 5%) of the amount of students, and the optics will be terrible.

    I understand the intention to “do something” and “make yourself be heard”, but this is just poorly thought out. Then again, it’s a kid, he’s still got a lot to learn.

    Now why the NRA/GOA/SAF haven’t coordinated larger protests is a legitimate question. The protest on the capitals wasn’t bad, but they need to do more, and more often. Rallys need to be held to expand our rights, not merely counter-rallys in defense of our rights.

  12. I also think kids need to be in school learning. I mean, thats what they are there to do. But it is nice to see that some of these young kids have some sense in there head and arent being sheep herded around by the leftist shephard.

  13. I used to believe that young people were all a bunch of idiotic, entitled, whining brats. Now, I work with a bunch of kids from 19 to 27. Guess what?

    They’re hard working, relatively smart, industrious, nice and decent people who are trying to make their way in the world despite the headwinds. They are over-degreed, under-educated and in debt, which is the fault of America’s abominable “education” system that seems to have no purpose other than separating people from their money with a vague and often unrealized promise of earning it back in the great by-and-by.

    In other words, they are not all Hoggboys and Sowgirls. Unfortunately, the Hoggs and Sows and their strutting Nazi brethren give the decent ones a bad name.

    Will Riley is trying to get his reputation back. Anyone who tells him to shut up, sit down and be nothing more than a student should himself sit down and STFU.

  14. I find it interesting that the USA Today can’t seem to report all of the 5 W’s in their story. They seem to have conveniently left out the “When” part of the story. Seems that every story everywhere about the gun-control walkouts had the date prominently displayed to help the youts coordinate the walkout.

    • I keep six honest serving-men
      (They taught me all I knew);
      Their names are What and Why and When
      And How and Where and Who.

      — Rudyard Kipling

  15. I don’t care how the school deals with this walk out as long as it is the same as the last one.

  16. I can just see a teacher’s lounge room with discussion over what other issues they can get students all het up so they will walk out and teachers will have another day off.

    Seriously, it takes a bit of gumption to make a stand on an important issue and be ready to make enemies over it. Respect for the US Constitution seems to be at an all time low among the chattering classes. The people whose rights are being trampled seem utterly unaware of it. They won’t realize how far they have been duped until it’s too late.

  17. I did not see any televised news coverage of this but then again I did no expect the news media would cover it. I am speaking of outfits like MSNBC. It might have been on Fox News but that news media is such a joke I never watch it but probably should have this time just to see if even they covered it.

  18. While I normally am of the opinion that children have no rights other than their Miranda Rights when they are arrested, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride for these children that are standing up for the Second Amendment rights they will have once they reach adulthood. And like others have said, “What’s good for the goose……”

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