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Prosecutors Admit Decade-Long Relationship With Pulse Shooter’s Father Despite Terror Tip – The modern FBI is a critically flawed, startlingly dysfunctional operation . . .

Though former FBI Director James Comey painted Omar as a “lone wolf,” prosecutors say the attack was carried out in support of ISIS and that his wife was well aware of his plans. Salman admitted to lying to the FBI about it. She is now facing trial in Orlando for providing material support to a foreign terror organization. Police shot and killed Omar, ending the attack.

Defense attorneys say the FBI wanted to “implicate Noor Salman, rather than Seddique Mateen in order to avoid scrutiny of its own ineptitude with the latter,” Orlando’s News 6 reported.

Defense attorneys are seeking a mistrial based on the government’s actions surrounding the father. “If the Government had provided this information, the Defense would have investigated whether a tie existed between Seddique Mateen and his son, specifically whether Mateen’s father was involved in or had foreknowledge of the Pulse attack. ”

Never Again: Is gun control movement too white? – Yes, please keep pushing this narrative . . .

Is the new movement against gun violence that is sweeping America too white and too rich?

It’s a question hotly debated on social media as hundreds of thousands rallied on Saturday in support of the #NeverAgain campaign that emerged after 17 people were killed in a gun attack at a high school in Parkland, Florida, last month.

Protesters are being accused of hypocrisy, as some ask why they didn’t turn out for the Black Lives Matter movement, which was set up in 2013 to end police violence against black people and highlight the impact of gun violence in ethnic minority communities.

New Jersey Assembly Approves Sweeping Gun Control Legislation – That’s an evergreen headline if ever there was one . . .

Two days after hundreds of thousands of people rallied across the world for more gun control, the New Jersey Assembly passed six bills to further toughen the state’s strict gun laws.

The bills require background checks for private gun sales, ban the sale of armor piercing ammunition, reduce the capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds, and codify regulations regarding handgun permits. The Assembly also passed a pair of bills that allow police to take firearms from people deemed to pose a threat to themselves or others.

Gov. Phil Murphy has pledged to sign the measures into law if they reach his desk. The bills must still clear the Senate before going to the Democratic governor.

The 2016 Chicago Homicide Spike – Explained – Huh. Would ya look at that . . .

Detailed regression analysis of the homicide (and related shooting) data strongly supports what visual observation suggests. Using monthly data from 2012 through 2016, we are able to control for such factors as temperature, homicides in other parts of Illinois, 9-1-1 calls (as a measure of police-citizen cooperation), and arrests for various types of crimes. Even controlling for these factors, our equations indicate that the steep decline in stop and frisks was strongly linked, at high levels of statistical significance, to the sharp increase in homicides (and other shooting crimes) in 2016.

We also explain why the possibly contrary experience with reductions in stop and frisks in New York City may be exceptional and inapplicable to Chicago and other cities. New York has comparatively low levels of gun violence—and stop and frisk tactics may be particularlyl important for deterring gun crimes.

We then qualitatively search for other possible factors that might be responsible for the Chicago homicide spike. For various reasons, none of these other candidates fit the data as well as the decline in stop and frisks. In addition, Bayesian Model Averaging (“BMA”) provide strong statistical evidence that our findings are robust in the sense that they are not due to inclusion or exclusion of any particular variables in our equations.

Lyman Products Voluntarily Issues Recall on Black Powder Rifles and Pistols – The discovery of a potential for separation in the breech plug has spurred the recall program . . .

Middletown, Conn. (March 2018) – Lyman® Products has voluntarily announced a product safety warning and recall notice on their black powder rifles and pistols due to the potential of separation in the breech plug. Lyman maintains a safety‐first approach, so despite finding only a few firearms affected and no reported injuries, Lyman is offering a recall program to have the issue corrected. Lyman regrets the inconvenience but remains committed to the safety of their customers.

The recall includes black powder rifles and pistols regardless of caliber including the following brands manufactured between March 1, 2017 to Dec. 22, 2017. Barrels with the serial number in the range of A595960 – A599025 are subject to this recall.

The NRA’s narrative about Maryland school shooting collapses – Somehow the tactical geniuses at Think Progress discount the fact that the RSO opening fire at the shooter — and hitting him — prevented him from shooting more innocents and prompted him to kill himself. Wonder why that is . . .

Six days after the National Rifle Association pointed to a school shooting in Maryland as an example of how guns save lives, the NRA’s spin fell apart.

The gun lobby argued that last week’s shooting was stopped by an armed school resource officer, proving that “good guys with guns” can prevent tragedies. But the St. Mary’s County sheriff’s office confirmed on Monday night that the 17-year-old gunman who opened fire at Great Mills High School actually died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Texas man who allegedly had weapons stockpile in Boston-area hotel says he was on a classified mission – Not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier

A Texas man who was arrested Sunday after police said they found a weapons stockpile that included an AK-47, AR-15 and bump stock in his hotel room told investigators that he was on a classified government mission, The Lowell Sun reported.

Francho S. Bradley, 59, and Adrianne D. Jennings, 40, were taken into custody after Bradley called police to the hotel room to report that someone was breaking in. Police responded and found the weapons, the report said.

Bradley called the police while away from the room and informed authorities that he had a firearm in his hotel room.

School Gun Control Texas-Style – Don’t mess with Texas schools . . .

So what should we do to protect our schools?

One solution is to follow the example set by Texas.

Arguably, the deterrence factor is even more important. It shouldn’t take an academic study to prove that shooters are far less likely to target a school that will offer resistance. It’s commonsense. Those willing to shoot defenseless children are deranged, evil men, and the only thing such men respond to is force. They are cowards, and the prospect of return fire is the only thing likely to convince them to leave a school alone.

One way Texas does this is by allowing school districts to designate administrators and teachers who act as “guardians”. These guardians are allowed to carry concealed on campus. The identities of who these guardians are isn’t publicized. In fact, in most instances, their fellow teachers and administrators won’t even know. Think of them as the super heroes of the school. Mild-mannered teachers by day, guardians when needed.

The guns debate is a culture war. And young people will win it – Well, she’s half right . . .

A lot of us adults watching the march and the walkout felt hope for the first time in a long time, and not just because of the incredible signs. We saw a generation who is succeeding where we failed, an emerging new force that thinks differently and who is willing to take the power they democratically deserve.

I, for one, am ready to take my cues from this smart new America for whom creating change comes so easily. As Haider said to me when I asked why she protested, “Why wouldn’t I? It’s insane not to.”

From the mouths of babes.

This is what happens when you have pig-ignorant media types talking to pig-ignorant gun control activists, discussing topics about which neither has anything resembling a working knowledge:

Or maybe Stelter just didn’t give a damn because he agreed with the dumb kid.

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  1. Well, one can argue forever if it was a good guy who stopped a bad guy with a gun in that Maryland school. The fact is that the shooter had only one target, as far as anyone could tell, his ex-gf. (Apparently the same bullet that shot her hit the other kid in the leg.) After that, it was suicide time, and it may have been a reaction to being shot at (given the numerous instances of students who have committed suicide when confronted) or simply a culmination of his murder-suicide plan when he shot himself in the head, such that the SRO’s appearance on the scene was serendipitous.

    • There were incidents where when the assailant was challenged by an armed member of staff they would take the quick way out and off themselves.

      • It happened here, attempted mass shooting at Clackamas Town Center was stopped when a concealed carrier pulled a gun. The maniac holed up and offed himself (unfortunately he’d already murdered 2 and seriously injured another).

        The armed citizen’s role is generally downplayed if it’s mentioned at all. The Portland cops cite it as one of their successes, although they were as usual just the cleanup crew.

    • Yeah, it can go either way on that one. The unambiguous case is Arapahoe High School. The guy there showed up with a shotgun and Molotov cocktails, but was almost immediately confronted by a Sheriff’s deputy who was on site. Unfortunately, one student did lose her life, but we have seen when killers have unfettered access.

  2. My uncle bought a used Lyman Plains Rifle about a year or so ago. It’s at least a few years old, and it is really cool.

  3. On the young people and the culture war and the ignorant media we should remembe Troy never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

  4. The whole Never Again thing is unambiguously racist: black kids die every day in Chicago, but no one gives a shit until a bunch of suburban white kids are killed.

    Of course, solving Chicago’s problems would be complicated, not like whinging on for someone to take away guns from people who had nothing to do with the killing.

  5. I’m an operator, operating operationally on a secret mission for the government. That may well be true. I still would like to have been at Paddock’s funeral, even tho wax mannequins can look pretty real. Tin foil hat tells me that some government factions murder civilians to propagate their agenda.

    • Well there do seem to be many PD that like to parrot the “life on the line” BS when eagerly draw/fire (no ROE).

  6. Looks like NJ attempting to take advantage of SCOTUS’s evasion and trying to have UBCs evade a test of Constitutional muster.

  7. And last but not least the “Gun Father” is trying to say that despite trips to Russia and huge amounts of money that flowed into NRA coffers during Trumps election from “who else” but the Russians and that the money was transferred between NRA accounts that none was spent on the Trump Campaign. Well maybe Mueller needs to look into this one but I am sure he is probably already working on it.

    • Perhaps you should read the effen article you cited.

      Accounts that report no expenditures to the FEC, or that report only some expenditures to the FEC, receive funds from foreign persons only for purposes not connected to elections, as permitted by federal law.

      Illiterates. Ugh….

      • “Illiterates. Ugh….”

        Little ‘cisco’ tries so hard to impress us with his superior intellect, without realizing we are laughing at him when he spouts that verbal diarrhea…


  8. Several members of Open Carry Texas have been attacked in Olmos Park Texas. CJ Grisham was tazed and injured. Check the Oct Facebook and multiple YouTube channels. This police chief has been arresting open carriers for weeks now. Major rally set for the 7th.
    Attack video from OCT Facebook stream.

  9. Young people always eventually win the culture war…. thankfully the emotional gun grabbers on tv lately do not speak for all young people, and who knows, even some of them may grow up eventually.

    • Without even realizing what you said in your own post you confirmed that gun bans are a certainty because the bulk of young people today do not own guns, are not interested in them and hate them with a passion because of all of the school shootings. In my state have not seen any young people at gun shows in any numbers for decades.

      • Polling on the issue says otherwise. Millennials support the RTKAB more than any other demographic while also being more heavily opposed to gun control than any other demographic.

        Gen Z has growing up to do and like every generation will get smacked in the face by reality.

        Personally, I didn’t see the point in handguns bigger than my .22 pistol until, in college, I was forced to move I to a really shitty neighborhood. 10 days later I bought a 9mm because I suddenly got punched in the dick by reality. It might not happen that way for many of them but the result for many will effectively be the same.

      • I haven’t been to a gun show in decades. Why go to a gun show when Armslist and GunBroker exist?

        • Every gun show I’ve gone to has the same junk. All the guns look like they’ve been dragged behind a truck, everything is overpriced, and there are more tables for knives and survival books than there are for guns. I’m done with them.

        • Then you need to find a different gun show.

          We have several shows in Ia that huge # of new/latest guns on most tables. Some dealers having hundreds of any description desired. Frequently before seen at the local stores. Very very competitively priced.

          All do some tables of knives, food, crap and FUDDs with their ____________. Walk on by Nancy.

      • Kids in coastal cities, maybe. Kids in ACTUAL AMERICA grow up around guns. In my community, all the home schoolers have yearly classes on firearms. Home schoolers have BIG families…

  10. Gee I just saw a reporter dude on Tucker saying IE “Mateen’s wife has a low IQ and only agreed to the FBI narrative because they threatened her child”. Between LasVegas,Southerland Springs and Parkland(not to mention Orlando ) one might surmise that there’s a CONSPIRACY…of dunces😧

  11. Bizarre.
    ‘When interviewed by police, Bradley said he brought the weapons with him from Texas because he “needed them with him for his mission.”

    “Francho went on to say he can’t tell us what he does for work or why he has all the guns with him, but that he is down in this area working for a government agency that is dealing with a virus,” police wrote in a report.’

    “Narrative for detective”:

    • PBS running a story on Ca masxist “organizing” the migrant/illegal farm surfs in the 1960s. Included a clip where Robert Kennedy ripping the local sheriff for arresting the striker/rioters BEFORE they even committed a crime. Today the demtards LOVE them some preemptive arrests/crime prevention. Just no locking up for certain colors or special interest groups.

  12. I love how Chris Christie tried to clarify NJ’s “justifiable need” clause so it would have been within the realm of possibility for anyone who isn’t a judge or retired cop to get a CCW, and now under this new bill, it’s being codified so that it truly is impossible.

    • Yeah, it’s getting bad.

      It sucks, since the sane and rational side of my family still lives there, and it won’t be improving soon.

      Even if we get a Leftist replaced on SCOTUS and they rule carry outside the home is constitutional, NJ (and New York, California, etc.) will still fuck it up somehow and make it a royal PITA to carry.

      Congrats on your recent escape from NJ Hell, what gun did you buy to celebrate your new-found freedom?

      • Haven’t purchased anything yet but I’m on the hunt for a German marked VIS or Hi Power. That or a metric FAL, we’ll see which happens first

  13. It’s not a culture war on guns, it’s a global elite that wants to disarm the popuLtion before installing full blown communism.

    • The commie’s are coming, the sky is falling, and Soros is coming to get you tonight. Too bad the last remark was not true.

  14. I think if these young people had 2 years of compulsory military service they’d straighten right out.

    • 2 years of ANY kind of service would change their attitude. They don’t even have to try in school anymore.

    • LOL, no. Let me know about your South Korean or Singaporean carry permit!

      Government compulsion to military service has zero to do with a culture of respecting the gun rights of private citizens.

      • It does have everything to do with discipline that is severely lacking in today’s young people. I’d hate to see conscripts having to serve alongside professional soldiers but they can damn well do something! Since there parents can’t teach this kids discipline or instill any kind of work ethic, a hard-nosed drill instructor might as well give it a try.

    • The LAST thing the US Army wants or needs is a bunch useless snowflakes. Unfit, unmotivated, know-it-all/nothing with attitude. No thanks.

      The mass draftees of generations past were largely wasted. You can make a useful soldier in 2yrs so put them to painting rocks and picking up trash.

      Want the vote then they serve for FOUR years and earn it.

  15. Am I the only person who, every time they see a picture of that cue-ball Emma Gonzalez, immediately thinks of Curly Howard?

  16. To all of you who used to rip on Christie, FLAME DELETED.

    He’s gone, and now we lost 15 round magazines.

    It’s NJ. He was the best we were ever going to get.

    The other stuff is mostly nothing.

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