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“Human rights are, by definition, those fundamental freedoms inherent to every person in the world. They include the freedom to move about freely, to obtain an education, to worship as one chooses and to generally participate in society without fear. When people are prevented from following these pursuits on a wide scale, and the government does nothing to stop it, that constitutes a human rights crisis.” – Amnesty International USA Executive Director Margaret Huang, Gun violence is not a political issue. It’s a human rights crisis impinging on Americans’ freedoms. [via]

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  1. Freedom to worship as long as it isn’t Christianity.

    These people are nothing but hypocrites.

    • Well, human rights are individual, inalienable rights. But she assigns the problem of violence with guns as a societal problem. She is blaming society for the actions of a few criminals. No one has the right to kill someone, that is already illegal. So then she thinks that if the government isn’t taking people’s rights away, her human rights are being violated. It’s just a game she’s playing to try to take the “freedom” argument away from guns owners by acting like taking people’s things on a societal wide level is somehow “freedom” because a select few people abuse the instrument she dislikes.

      • Exactly. It’s the exact same non logic used to attack other individual rights. Ask pwrserge to explain his position on mandatory vaccines and you will hear an identical statement from him.

        • Well Pg2… looks like you’ve gotten at the paste again… Now be a good boy, put your special helmet back on, and be quiet while the grownups are talking.

        • I believe that some things shouldn’t be compulsory such as, Seat belt laws, helmet laws, vaccinations. If your over 18 and want to splatter your brains on the road when you wreck your motorcycle with no helmet or fly through the windshield from not wearing your seat belt that is up to you. If you want to die of polio because you don’t want to vaccinate again up to you.
          I will still wear my seat belt and vaccinate myself; I Instill the importance of both but when my kid turns 18 she will decide if her Life is worth protecting.
          My point is I don’t like Most compulsory govt. laws; Lets have less Big (govt.) brother and a little more personal responsibility.

        • The problem with vaccinations is not the idiot who doesn’t get vaccinated, it’s the fact that he endangers all the people who CAN’T get vaccinated.

        • SheepDog, the vaccinations in question are those given to children and whether those should be mandatory or a prerequisite for compulsory school attendance. Debates over vaccines for adults do take place, but that’s not the primary focus. Now, what is your opinion on mandatory vaccinations for minors?

        • Lol, as pwrserge falls back to posting fiction when he gets called out for supporting communism. Good little troll you are pserge.

        • . The pickup was upside down in a river,with the top of the cab smashed to the seat , had I had a seatbelt on I would have drowned

        • The problem with vaccinations is not the idiot who doesn’t get vaccinated, it’s the fact that he endangers all the people who CAN’T get vaccinated.

          Why can they not get vaccinated?

        • Certain vaccines can have horrible side effects, or give people the sickness that they’re supposed to prevent. This “vaccines cause autism” stuff is pure tinfoil-hattery, but some people can have allergic reactions and die from certain vaccines. I voluntarily got all the vaccines I could when I was in college, so I could theoretically travel to nasty shithole countries that my classmates were from, but so far I’ve only been to Canada, France, and Japan.

        • For the umpteenth time:

          The problem with vaccinations is that this is a situation where individual rights run up against cold, hard biology in a way that can kill a fuckton of people if the wrong choices are made/bad luck occurs. The problem with refusing to take certain vaccines is not that the person refusing the vaccine is a threat to those who “can’t” take the vaccine but rather that they are a potential threat to everyone.

          Viruses and bacteria can go through many generations in the course of infecting one person. If you allow them to do this you are allowing them to have hundreds of generations, maybe more, to mutate in ways that may make the vaccine effectively useless against them which means that the infection in question can come back with a vengeance and in a way in which we have few if any defenses against it. Call it a “superbug” or whatever you want. It’s fucking dangerous and it can kill a HELL of a lot of people.

          Could that happen even with people taking the vaccine? Yes, but the statistical chances are much lower. Allowing people to have their children in public schools and not vaccinated is effectively letting them allow their children to wander around as little bio-weapons labs (although based strictly on evolution rather than having people direct/manipulate the bugs) that can cycle through lots and lots of generations of the disease and greatly increase the statistical chance that a “superbug” that is “vaccine and drug resistant” is created.

          It’s a shitty situation and mandatory vaccines, while not my preferred choice, are basically the only way to deal with this situation at this point in time. It’s really not a political question IMHO because, once infected, the infected person has no free-will as to what the bug responsible for the infection will do. It’s not like you gave the kid a gun, trained them and told them to be safe or taught them English and impressed upon them not to yell “FIRE!” when there is no fire. The kid has no say in what the virus/bacteria does at this point. Maybe it just dies off with the right Rx (bacteria generally), the kid’s immune system kills it off or maybe it mutates into something really nasty that kills a few million people. It’s not up to the kid he’s just the vector origin at that point. Unfortunately the responsible thing to do is do everything we can to prevent/reduce the statistical chance that the kid becomes the vector origin for the new bug.

        • @styrch9 ” individual rights run up against cold, hard biology in a way that can kill a fuckton of people if the wrong choices are made/bad luck occurs.” Explain exactly what “hard biology” is, and then I’ll be happy to tear apart the rest of your 100% fictional post. You and serge compete with each other to see who can make up the most crap? it will never get old watching allegedly pro 2A people repeat/drone out almost word for word the exact anti-gun, collectivist agitprop when it comes to attacking and surrendering other civil rights.

        • @ Jonathan-Houston
          “”SheepDog, the vaccinations in question are those given to children and whether those should be mandatory or a prerequisite for compulsory school attendance. Debates over vaccines for adults do take place, but that’s not the primary focus. Now, what is your opinion on mandatory vaccinations for minors?””

          I think people should be able to opt-out BUT, IF you want your kid in a PUBLIC school vaccinations help prevent pandemics. Find a private school where vacc’s aren’t required or home school.

        • There ought to be no compulsory education laws. The old argument about not having ignorant voters is obviously false. The latest “march” clearly demonstrates a metric fuck-ton of morons in society even though compulsory education has been in place for a long time.

        • @pg2:

          My post explains it. If you can’t be bothered to read the actual post then that’s not my problem.

          I laid it out (multiple times). So now we’re down to a few options. You’re too lazy to read it, don’t comprehend it or you don’t have a counter argument.

          I’m leaning heavily towards #2 combined with #3 because I’ve posted this a few times before and you never respond with anything close to “tearing it apart” instead you accuse me of posting fiction but never even come close to explain how it’s fictional or even why you might believe it to be fictional.

          At this point you’re like the 400lb guy sitting there at his computer blathering about how it’s not the 7000 calories a day of pizza and soda, combined with 0 exercise, that’s making him fat. It’s flu contrails! It’s those damn flu contrails and the next person who says it’s the five large Papa John’s pizzas and four 2L Mt. Dews, well by God, he’ll show them with a post full of FACTS… which he never gets around to actually posting.

          So by all means, tell us about how bacteria and viruses don’t reproduce many, many, many times faster than we do and how each successive generation is not actually slightly different than the others. Explain how selective pressures don’t really exist. Let’s see your little post that proves Darwin, 159 years of evolutionary science and 472/346 (depending on how you count and who you really care about) of germ theory along with 130 or so years of virology are all wrong. Tell us all about how thousands of scientists and their peer reviewed work with demonstrable results is wrong but you’re so right because you’re so much smarter than all those people in their lame little lab coats.

          Don’t worry. I’ll wait with bated breath for your Earth shattering post that will forever change the course of science and history.

        • @strych9, I read your entire post, unfortunately, and feel dumber after having done so. “Hard biology” is a fictional phrase you made up, much like the rest of the nonsense you posted and tried to pass off as “science”. You cheer-lead for the mandatory use of a product that is not known to improve the health of the public, and has absolutely NOT been studied for safety. All the while you pretend to uphold the concept of individual liberties. Keep posting and making crap up styrch9, you do provide comic relief value, very much needed in these times.

        • You called it s9. Pg2 said nothing to rebut your argument. Not a shred of facts or evidence.

          Makes me think he has none.

        • @free schools…what “argument” did strych9 even put forth? Let me guess, strych9 and free schools are same poster?

        • Yes. Pg2… we are all one giant Russian bot farm looking to take over your mind with our insidious microwave mind-control devices with the help of the Chinese… Better stock up on tin-foil.

          Epidemiology and the benefits of mass public vaccinations are settled science. Have been for almost a century. (Don’t see polio around much anymore, now do you?)

        • Ahh… “Pg2” Our latest Dunning-Kruger trophy winner!!!

          Please, brilliant one, post your argument. I know you can’t, I know you have no refutation, but I find it amusing to challenge you.

          C’mon! Sources, cites, something, anything….

        • @serge, “settled science”, funny coming from a profile who has never cited a single piece of this science despite being asked multiple times. And genius, science is never settled. Youre a troll and a fraud. I’ll steal strych9 line and post for the “umpteenth” time there are no evidence based vaccine studies. None. There is no evidence vaccines improve the health of any population. But we do have the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which has paid out almost $4,000,000,000 in damages to people damaged or killed by these products.

        • @Dr. Evil(pwrserge)….BTW, how many profiles do troll this forum with? Noticed a troll bot reply to one my posts last week after I slammed you for making a ridiculous post. The troll bot replied to me on post I never made, and was not even made by another poster in the thread. I’m certain your function on these boards is to make gun owners appear angry, unstable and ignorant.

    • Freedom to worship is a totally different thing than freedom of religion. Freedom to worship is a way to dishonestly undermine freedom of religion, while tricking people into thinking you are upholding it.

      Freedom to worship means that you can worship as you want, but that is it. You have no freedom to teach your religious views to others. You cannot teach your children. You cannot evangelize. You cannot print religious materials. You cannot meet with other believers. You cannot allow your religious views to affect your real life in any practical way. In addition, the State has the authority to force you to violate your conscience any time, and in any manner It chooses.

      It is somewhat like saying “you can have a gun” but:
      You can only have one, and it must be a .22 bolt action. In addition , you may not have any ammo for it. Furthermore, you may not take it out of your house. Also, you must not ever show it to anyone.

      That isn’t freedom. It is Communism.

      • You can have freedom, but not in any way that inconveniences The State, or really in any way that matters. But you can smoke herb, or be sexually deviant/promiscuous, or destroy your baby out of convenience, or live a delusion as a man in a dress, or believe you’re a 300lb beauty queen. None of these things threatens the superiority of The State the way free speech, gun rights, privacy rights, property rights, due process, and fair elections do.

    • The twat can shout out her moronic beliefs all she wants. But she is also protected by armed security forces that carry those firearms she so despises. Being the liberal female she is, her position requires no brains. Just a big mouth. I would love to see her put her moronic ideas to task in the back streets of Chicago, LA, and NYC! She wouldn’t last 30 minutes!

    • Check your statistics carefully. Why because more people are kill each year by a knife or other sharp instrument than by guns,

  2. So you want to be enslaved by a dictatorship? Ok, not my problem. Please move to California and wait for the unfolding implosion.

  3. Right.. Well the criminals know now that her stupid ass is unarmed so let’s see what happens to her stupid ass after a home invasion.. Screw these commie brown shirt globalist scumbags… NBC should have its FCC license pulled for being anti constitution… What a load of globalist crap!!!

  4. Let’s all thank the authoritarian elites for defining our rights and so graciously permitting them.

  5. I have a problem with their list of human rights. It is not a human right there move about freely. Nor is it a human right to obtain an education. nor is it a human right to participate in society without fear because fear is inherent in the minds of individuals. There is nothing society can do about fear. To remove fear would be to remove human nature. So no, you don’t have a right there live without fear.

      • To declare participating in society without fear as a human right means you violate your own human rights by being afraid. Fear isn’t even an action performed upon you by someone else. It is your reaction to something. Other people can intend to cause fear which is intimidation which IS a violation of your rights, but simply being afraid of something that is not intended to cause you fear is your own problem.

        • Exactly.

          Personally I have an admittedly irrational fear of spiders. It’s not up to society to rid the world of spiders so that I can live without this fear. It’s up to me to deal with the fear.

        • Guess who gets a box of spiders in the next post? 🙂

        • @16, FACT: there are no evidence based vaccine safety tests. NONE. FACT: There is no conclusive proof or evidence that vaccines improve the health of a person, a community, or any population of any size. FACT: We KNOW vaccines kill and permanently injure some people. We don’t HOW MANY are killed and injured by vaccines because it has never been studied. Want any more FACTS 16V?

        • So pg2, please explain how the polio vaccine wasn’t, at least, kinda helpful. I think everybody is rather familiar with this one, limited, example. Of the dozens that have worked beyond any (sane) argument.

          There’s a mountain of statistically provable fact, you have nothing but making ridiculous statements and shouting ” ITZA FACT”. With absolutely no documentation. Or even appeal to common knowledge….

          Have you considered suicide for your mental deficiencies? (Just hopeful. And do please get on with it…)

        • @16V, just saw this, and how cute, trollserge uses multiple profiles here. Polio was.not eradicated by vaccines. You show the data you stated exists and I’ll explain EXACTLY why. The correlation between the decline of infectious disease and mass vaccination programs last century is weak at best. Most of these infectious diseases had precipitously declined prior any mass vaccine campaign, as well as many infectious diseases we didn’t have vaccines for, including scarlet fever , typhus to name just 2. When polio vaccine was released, polio rates actually increased, until they changed the diagnostic criteria for polio, which made diagnosing polio much more difficult and made the vaccine appear effective. That’s a fact. Look it up trollserge. You can try to post misinfo, but expect to be called out as the clueless troll you are. Feel free to cite any data or studies or real science you feel supports your opinions, I look forward to debunking it.

    • That’s because she is reciting a manifesto, not referring to our system of government or morality.

    • Freedom of travel is a thing. Obviously, that’s not exactly what she meant. However, people have been successfully indoctrinated against the individual right to travel.

    • I could maybe see a right to seek an education, but that would fall under the Constitution’s freedom of association. (I’m aware that the text of the Constitution does not indicate “freedom of association” anywhere. I just don’t have time and space here to lay the entire legal foundation for that freedom.)

      The problem is that such “rights” to education, to health care or even freedom from fear, inevitably impose obligations upon others that one has not right to impose. A right to education and health care means what, that I have the right to compel you to attend college, even medical school, and to invest in all the premises, equipment, and instruments of education and medicine, and to perform those duties on my behalf? We’re not talking about mutual, voluntary freedom to associate here.

      In fact, replace all that with something like “pick cotton” and the fullness of what that situation is all about becomes abundantly clear. Nobody has the right to enslave anyone else. That’s what so many of these progressives’ really intend. They couch their authoritarianism as freedom.

    • You very much have a right to move about freely and to obtain an education. Government has no right to restrict either except in very limited circumstances (for example, if you want to educate yourself on the specifics of Air Force One’s inner workings or the launch procedures for our nuclear weapons, etc…). But otherwise, travel and information acquisition are very fundamental human rights.

      Now that said, you do not have a right “to” an education, i.e. the State has no obligation to provide you with a free college education.

      I agree that there is no right to “feel safe” in society, as otherwise, government could infringe on all manner rights with that.

  6. participate in society without fear. When people are prevented from following these pursuits on a wide scale, that constitutes a human rights crisis.”
    The Five Freedoms were goals articulated by United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt on Monday, January 6, 1941. In an address known as the Five Freedoms speech (technically the 1941 State of the Union address), he proposed five fundamental freedoms that people “everywhere in the world” ought to enjoy:
    Freedom of banning hate speech
    Freedom of worship for Allah
    Freedom from want as approved by the state.
    Freedom from fear of libertarians
    Freedom from freedom.

  7. NBC’s credibility is zero, the same network that knowingly harbored Valor Thief liar Brian Williams for ratings and profits over truthfullness and integrity. How a once respected news outlet became a sham is inexplicable to me. NBC has become the definition of fake news. Thanks NBC for reminding me to donate to or join a pro 2nd civil rights org. Was thinking that ASA (supressor rights) or would be worth joining.

    Ref on Brian Williams lying and NBC collusion.

  8. This is sedition. Note the part about “moving around freely” (open borders) and “free” education (socialist people control). These useful idiots are working against our constitution, jobs for American citizens, and our form of government. In times past they would be prosecuted and should be today. Their goal is to bring in millions to destroy the job base for most Americans, to strain the social welfare and education systems until they break then to impose a new socialist dictatorship to manage everyone’s lives. Welcome to Progressive Fascist Utopia where the wealth of the nation is controlled by the political elite and there’s no hope for a better life for millions of citizens and illegal aliens alike.

    • “Note the part about “moving around freely” (open borders)”

      People have been indoctrinated against the individual right to travel.

      Government is mandated to repel foreign armies. What is accepted nowadays is wrong and dangerous. Make no mistake, I’m no snowflake welcoming those who hate me into my home. But, misuse of government is not the answer. Building walls that will eventually keep a free people in is very dangerous to liberty.

      What the left calls “open borders” is not the same thing as right to travel. It is indeed a communist tactic but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    • Good News! The best actors make you THINK their emotions are real. I’m a subscriber to huff-po [know your enemy better than you know your friends] and it’s exactly the same from the leaders, their sheeple may believe, but not those writing the narratiive.

  9. “…to generally participate in society without fear.”

    Dumb as a five gallon bucket of rocks!

    The entire point of the Second Amendment is that every single American (2A is not age restrictive) has the absolute right that shall not be infringed to keep and bear arms…


    In any community (Chicago excepted) there are at least 1,000 good guys for each bad guy. If even half of those good guys walked around armed the bad guys would be standing in line at the U-Haul dealerships.

    • She simply hasn’t thought it through, or thought it through in an illogical manner. Freedom from fear=an inherent, individual human right of self defense, NOT a right to demand that the government protect you from all harm, like the imaginary threat posed by lawful gun owners. What these folks are doing is equating lawful gun owners with, and blaming them for, the actions of psychopaths and criminals.

      My right of self defense is NOT contingent upon the good conduct of others. If history teaches us anything, it is that we can safely bet on the MISconduct of others.

  10. Trump has backpedaled on immigration and the RKBA. Commies in the streets get his attention while he backhands the NRA. Open borders, busted budgets and street thugs dominate discussion.

    You wont have to move to Venezuela, its coming to your street soon!

    • With annual TRILLION dollar deficits the Venezuelization of America is inevitable. And when it comes those without access to firearms and plenty of ammo will discover quickly what Charles Darwin meant about “Survival Of The Fittest.”

  11. Isn’t Amnesty International the folks using actors and propaganda ministers to promote wars- just another kind of a London based clinton-global-initiative?

  12. 4/19/1775. The anniversary grows nigh. Perhaps people of the gun need their own march. To the state capitals of all 50 states or at least to your local county seat. Let your presence be your voice. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  13. Harranged by a Huang huh?!? I bet plenty of evil commies f##ked HER family. Emigrated to the best country on earth to eff it up😩😖😧

  14. Why should I care what the executive director of an anti-Semitic organization thinks?

  15. This entry ids from the United Kingdom though from the ignorance disl played in some of the posts here I doubt that many of you could find that on a map.!!! Every country in the world except for the extremes of iSLAM and the USA has GUN CONTROLS in place.

    Consider this. In any major American City there are MORE DEATHS by Gun Crime that in the Whole of the European Union in any given year. The rest of the world looks on with puzzlement at the sheer number of guns especially Military type ones in Private Hands in the USA I suppose it’s understandable when you also consider that America has one of the ,lowest number of Passport Holders on a per. capita basis in the developed world so very few Yanks ever experience what life is actually like in other countries. Personally one other thing about byou lot is behond my comprhension.

    You make great store of condeming the barbaric activities of ISil?DEASH you’ll probably have to google that as well!!] whilst at the same time it is legal in the USA to use LETHAL INJECTION, The ELECTRIC CHAIR, The GAS CHAMBER and in special circumstance the FIRING SQUAD to execute criminals AND before members of a selected PUBLIC AUDIENCE are cthey any worse than the SWORD STROKE?? and while we may be disgusted at the crimes that warrant such executions are we entitled to make laws for other nations?? It hasn’t worked up to now vern successfully has it?? .

    The Gas Chamber, Lethal Injection and the Electric Chair are more about the wish for PUBLIC VENGENCE that they are for punishment and judging by American Urban Crime figures not very effective ones at that. Does the USA really neede iunexcess of 400,million firearms in private hands?? And to repel invasion/ Are you quite mad?? Invasion from who?? Canada or Mexico??

    BY the way up to the mid-’30’s the uSA had PLAN RED – the invasion plan for the BRITISH EMPIRE through Canada. IAirfields were constructed and stockp-lies of CHEMICAL WEAPONS laid by within range of Canadian Cities. The Canadians got wind of it and implanted intelligence the the British Empire wqs capable of landing uo to 500,000 menwithin 3-6 months and advance maybe as far as Seatle before the woefully unprepared American Army could stop. them if then.

    JESUS H CHRIST maybe you do have a reason to give arms to lunatica after all!!

    • 1. Go back to grammar school, you have a second grader’s comprehension of the English language at best, and
      2. *FLAME DELETED*, shill (don’t worry Farago, I did the censoring myself on this one)

    • Maybe we are all that you State but, I doubt you have met enough of us to have an informed opinion. All you need to know is, we are Citizens of the Republic and not Subjects of the Realm. Right or wrong, we will make our own choices and forge our own paths.

    • STFU! You’re just mad (still) because we schooled your a$$e$ back in 1764. Don’t make us do it again.
      Do we neede (sic) 400 million guns? Probably not…but we have them if we do & guess what…that’s our right. We don’t NEED cars that will go 120+ mph either…but guess what…
      I agree with the comment about your education too. Feel triggered yet?

    • Odd, on a recent visit to the range I encountered two Brits on a business trip who were there with their American counterpart shooting evil black rifles. Had a delightful conversation. They didn’t seem to have their knickers in a bunch over what they were doing, to the point of mentioning how they despise the direction of the UK, your loss of freedom (comedians going to prison for offensive jokes ring a bell?), and that even if Brexit succeeds they are likely done as a society.

      This is probably lost on you, though…I can tell by your odd punctuation and grammar that you’re fake AF and likely just some semi literate high school student from the US.

    • We rightly and correctly don’t give a rat’s ass about where you come from. We have every reason to disbelieve anything and everything you have to say, and that’s because we already know better than you. Allow me to demonstrate that for you, assuming your apparently piss-poor grasp on the English language will allow you to follow along. First thing’s first: Most Islamic countries have some very stringent gun control laws in place, and had you done even a femtosecond of honest research into the matter, you’d know this. But, you don’t, because you actually didn’t.

      Oh, and don’t sit there and continue to lie to us by saying you did, either, because you actually didn’t.

      So, no, now you get to consider this, seeing as how you have less than nothing for us to consider. In any major European city, there are MORE DEATHS caused by terrorist attacks by Jihadis armed with box trucks, rocket-propelled grenades, bricks of C4, and no-shit machine guns than in the whole of these United States in any given year. These United States actually look upon the rest of the world with puzzelment at the sheer number of rapacious predatory economic migrants and self-radicalized islamists Hell-bent on your destruction, and wonder why you allow it to happen. It’s not even remotely understandable when you also consider that it’s actually Europe, not these United States, that has one of the lowest rates of passport holders on a per-capita basis in the first world. So, very few of our very distant and wayward European cousins ever experience what like is actually like in these United States, or even outside of their own continent, for that matter. Not the other way around.

      One other thing about you lot is beyond our comprehension.

      You not only downplay the very real barbarity of ISIS, up to and including the roving grooming gangs snapping up thousands of your young daughters to sell them into sex slavery right under your very noses, but go so far as to defend the proclivities of these sub-human scum and allow them to run roughshod over your “justice” system and very way of life. Islamic “No-Go” Zones aren’t a thing here, as they are over there. Also, we’re not the ones making laws for other nations, either, and you have no evidence for any such assertions because none exists.

      Moreover, you demonstrate only rote and willful pig ignorance of the actual driving forces behind crime here, driving forces that simply do not exist in Europe and are unique to these United States. Not that you could possibly understand that, being that you’re a definitively clueless outsider. Oh, and it’s not even about “need,” either, because we are not subjects to a crown, but (at least nominally) actual citizens of a republic that we have a voice in — unlike you with your proto-fascist European Union. We do not (yet..) have to justify ourselves in most things we undertake, and quite frankly you are simply not entitled to an answer. But, I’ll go ahead and humor you, anyway: despite the apparent proliferation of guns in these United States, crime rates have continued to fall, year-over-year, for over a quarter-of-a-century. AND COUNTING. The same can NOT be said of whatever quasi-socialist shithole you slithered out of to comment here.

      Oh, and the only reason why our federal government even planned the invasion you allude to in the first place was only as a fail-safe in case ole’ Adolf conquered you — and he very nearly did. If not for OUR interference on YOUR behalf, and this is in spite of all the tactical blunders ole’ Adolf made by the way, he absolutely WOULD have and there would have less than NOTHING that you could have done about it, either.

      JESUS H. CHRIST. You definitely do have a reason to just shut the fuck up and wriggle back into the shadows after all. So, please do so — and now preferably — and NEVER darken these comments with your piteous and shabby self ever again.

    • Capital punishment has been used in every civilized, and not so civilized, society on earth, and most still do. The principal purpose of capital punishment it indeed retribution; but importantly, it is retribution by the State and not by the mob. The State monopolizes that use of force to punish criminal acts. If the State will not act, the mob will. Would you prefer lynching and general anarchy?

    • “Now we know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall”.

      Or if you prefer a 2001 reference “it’s full of holes!”

  16. Margaret Huang shows the problem with the US failing to secure it’s borders. All immigration has been bad for traditional Americans and the rights protected by the Founding Fathers. Culture matters.

  17. Never Been Correct network is just pushing an agenda that will end with the government shutting them down. Then they will scream ‘Wait you can’t stop freedom of speech’ and the answer will be ‘How are you going to stop us’!

  18. This is just shocking. The executive director of a Marxist organization holds utterly Marxist political beliefs? Say it ain’t so.

  19. I’m sure the Westborough Baptist “Church” feels the same way about not passing “common sense” anti-sodomy laws. I’m sure the Klan feels the same way about not passing “common sense” Jim Crow.

    • Obviously, it isn’t. Moreover, education is provided on a state and local level; mandatory education laws are a creature of state law, developed as small societies here found it more efficacious to pay for one school and one teacher to school all of the children, and as population increased, so did the intrusion of the state into public education. A free public education was considered a benefit of a civilized and organized society, and from that premise, the right to an education arose.

  20. Not presenting news in an objective, impartial manner is a human rights violation. When people are prevented from learning the facts objectively on a wide scale, and the government does nothing to stop it, that constitutes a human rights crisis.

    Now tell me, MS Margaret Huang, what makes your opinion any more relevant the mine?

    And, oh by the way, your ilk has been impinging on the right to freely practice religion for decades so don’t tell me you want to protect it.

  21. I really wish these assholes would just be honest! Yeah I know you honestly want all guns banned but come out and just say that’s what you want! Then tell us why you want it stop with this “it’s for the children and it saves lives” bullshit you’re spouting now. If your ideals and desires had any merit they could withstand being debated. I have the feeling though that many Americans including a large number of your supporters wouldn’t support your true goals.

  22. What nobody seems to want to talk about is the toxic environment at that school that so warped a student that they came back after graduation to shoot the place up. The bullying must have been rampant and institutionalized.

    • Liberals think you’re supposed to sit there and take it. Then they get outraged and refuse to take the repercussions for their actions.

    • That kid obviously had some genetic issues or something. He was known to be messed up long, long before he was even in that school. The impact of his continued presence there clearly impacted the student body, though; they realized the authorities were endangering them, and now they are seeking to go over their heads and pass laws to force them to do their jobs. Cruz made them realize the need to ‘do something’ which made them easily led by the anti-gunners.

  23. Human rights are relevant to laws passed. Had we no laws we’d be free like the animals. It all started when Australopithecus formed the Fire Starters Union, they passed
    a law that only fire starters could start fires. Now look what we’ve got

    • But back then, the people without weapons plowed for those who did (and were plowed by them, as well). Today it’s the other way around.

  24. Someone needs to explain to this person what our Constitution and The Bill of Rights has to explicitly say about our Human right to Keep and Bear Arms!! In no other country is something like that explicitly stated in any government documents. That right has the effect of constraining government elites from running directly to tyranny. So if you don’t know the Constitution or The Bills of Rights shut the heck up about what you deem to be our rights. If you are not from this Country you have NO SAY in what constitutes our rights so definitely shut up! Funny how amnesty crap is all for abortion which is using medical devices to murder millions and that is O.K. Damn liberal hypocrites so willing to surrender Constitutional Rights for a political Agenda. Moron, when you give them away you don’t get them back!! These are the same people that also want to constrain another enumerated Right…Free Speech!!

    • They don’t care. They think the constitution should be replaced. Your argument is invalid.

  25. “To generally participate in society without fear”

    Anyone else starting to feel a bit fearful of these idiots? That being a gun owner puts us at risk of their machinations? That they are committed to ruining our lives for owning bits of wood and plastic and metal?

    If these people were actually afraid of us, they wouldn’t dare treat us this way. They’ve lost their fear of gun owners, and that’s probably the tap-root of the problem. And it is because of our commitment to obeying the laws they pass as a ‘strategy’ to convincing them we are no threat.

    Congratulations, it worked; they no longer have reason to believe we are a threat, and they are acting accordingly.

  26. Amnesty International is a pathetic joke that either can’t or won’t do anything about real human rights abuses, but will get pissy at America for being free.

  27. Where in the B.O.R. Does it say that being free from fear is a right? Own your own emotions.

  28. A “right” means it’s nobody’s business to stop you from doing something, if you can. Not that it’ll be done for you.

    Living unafraid is your problem. Nobody’s stopping you.

  29. these pathetic lying creeps are absolutely so despicable & so disgusting!!…The real human violation would be by trying to have our 2nd A rights taken away, which MUST & WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN EVER!!!! THANK GO FOR THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS & THE 2ND AMENDMENT, WHICH IS THE LAW, THE LAW OF THE LAND, PERIOD!! PERIOD!!!

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