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All UK police should be allowed stun guns, says firearms chief – The first step toward sidearms?

All police officers on routine patrol should be allowed to carry stun guns, the country’s chief firearms officer has said.

Simon Chesterman, the armed policing lead for the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), indicated he supported a wider rollout of the weapons amid fears of a growing threat to frontline officers.

The possibility of expanding the pool of staff eligible for stun gun training was first mooted last year as police leaders launched a review to examine what further measures may be needed to ensure staff could protect themselves and the public when faced with armed terrorists.

The Troubled Tenure of Scott Israel, Sheriff of Broward County – Even the far left New Yorker recognizes an utterly incompetent, self-aggrandizing political hack when they see one . . .

Particularly for those who oppose gun control, Sheriff Israel has become a handy scapegoat—the conservative columnist Michael Graham argued that he could supplant Nancy Pelosi as the G.O.P.’s “favorite Democrat to vilify.” But, even among those who agree with Israel on guns, criticism has grown.

The crime rate in Broward County dropped during Israel’s first term, and he won reëlection handily in 2016. But, during the last two weeks, in conversations with multiple former colleagues and associates of Sheriff Israel, I was told again and again that, since taking office, Israel has failed to engage sufficiently in the essential if unglamorous work of overseeing law enforcement in a large and complex U.S. county, and that he was overly focussed on the politics of prolonging his tenure. (Israel’s public-information officer, when presented with a list of claims made by people I’ve spoken to, described them as “shameful, baseless, and patently false.”)

Those concerns have deepened since the Stoneman Douglas shooting. Jeff Bell, president of the Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies Association and a deputy, who has been with the B.S.O. for twenty-two years, said, “We feel like we’ve been deserted. A ship at sea, just drifting. No sense of direction whatsoever.” A former senior employee of the B.S.O., who asked not to be named, told me, of Israel, “If he survives this, morale will never be the same. And it’s already as bad as it’s ever been.”

No bump stocks turned in to Denver police after ban – And good luck trying to locate them . . .

No bump stocks have been turned over to Denver authorities after the city banned the accessories used in last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 58 people and injured hundreds.

Denver Police police last month invited city residents to turn in any bump stocks in their possession but Denverite reports that none have been handed over.

Superstore chain Fred Meyer to stop selling guns, ammunition – Not just ARs, all guns . . .

Superstore company Fred Meyer will stop selling guns and ammunition.

The Portland, Oregon,-based chain in a statement Friday said it made the decision after evaluating customer preferences. The company sells guns at nearly 45 of its 132 stores in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska.

“Fred Meyer has made a business decision to exit the firearms category,” the company said. “We are currently working on plans to responsibly phase out sales of firearms and ammunition.”

The company, a subsidiary of Cincinnati, Ohio,-based Kroger Co., didn’t give a timeline in the statement. Fred Meyer spokesman Jeffery Temple in an email to The Associated Press on Saturday said the company wasn’t offering interviews.

Cuomo backs plan for 10-day waiting time to buy guns – Governor Fredo never met a gun control proposal he couldn’t support . . .

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Sunday threw his support behind an Assembly proposal that would extend the waiting time to buy firearms in New York.

The proposal would extend the waiting period for the purchase of guns to “up to 10 days.” Currently, anyone seeking to purchase a handgun, rifle or shotgun in New York must undergo a criminal background check. Often, that takes only a few minutes and the purchase can proceed immediately.

If the instant federal background check doesn’t clear the way for the sale for various reasons, including questions raised about the purchaser, current law allows a delay of up to three days to possess the firearm. Cuomo would delay that for up to 10 days.

When a second-grader pointed a gun at me, I’m glad I wasn’t armed – Life in Chicago . . .

When I began teaching, I taught second grade. Pokemon cards were popular then, and children often brought them to school to trade at recess. One day, a boy kept playing with his cards during class time. After two warnings, I told him that I was going to hold his Pokemon cards until the end of the day. His response? “I don’t care. I have a gun, and I’ll shoot you.” He calmly pulled a gun out of his desk and pointed it at me.

I have tried to imagine what might happen in this scenario under President Donald Trump’s “arm the teachers” proposal. I can spin out two possibilities. In the first, I’d be one of the 20 percent of teachers who would be trained and armed. I would pull out my previously concealed weapon and aim at a child. In the tension of the moment, I would, perhaps, shoot him.

Student Assaulted for Pro-Second Amendment Views, Then Suspended for Defending Himself – One of those rational conversations about common sense gun safety measures we can all agree on . . .

Another high school student, 17-year-old Christian Breault, a senior at Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School, in Middleburgh, N.Y., found himself physically attacked for standing up for the Second Amendment when his school participated in the nationwide walkout on March 14. After the school participated in the walkout, an assembly was held in the school, featuring local law enforcement and community leaders to talk to the students about school safety. Instead of safety, the assembly turned political, tensions rose, and Christian found himself targeted for defending the Second Amendment. …

The incident did not end there. Later that afternoon, Christian was assaulted by the other student while he was leaving class. Christian was punched twice in the side of the head before defending himself. The teen’s father told PJ Media, “Christian defended himself, punching the kid in the jaw, causing him to fall to the floor. The kid got up and threw an object at Christian, which he deflected.” The student was suspended for three days, and Christian for a day, just for defending himself. When Mr. Breault asked why the nurse failed to report the threat of violence against his son, no explanation was given except that “they would look into it.”


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  1. F*ck New York.

    Also mr. Progtard teacher probably shouldn’t be teaching. Seriously though how the f*ck did that 2nd grader get a gun oh wait Chicago nevermind… Perhaps yall need to frisk all the students at the start of the day.

      • Wasn’t Wyatt a guy who wanted to be elected Sheriff so he can get the big money position and control that silver town? Didn’t he want everyone, but himself and his boys, disarmed? Didn’t he go as far as killing people who refused to disarm? Didn’t he end up going on a murder spree and getting in a shootout when the government tried to arrest him?

        No surprise Hollywood and statists talk positively of such a man.

        • I know right. After looking at the Earp’s history I think Ike Clanton was right, ” your all a bunch of gawdam pimps, your all in it together”,

  2. A second grader with a gun in his desk, I’m going to have to see pictures before I believe it. Most government school teachers are still at the stage of the thingy that goes up, so I wouldn’t expect them to be able to tell the difference between a pistol and a potato.

    • Assistant Professor at the Rowan College of Education. This incident should be quite easy to prove or disprove. Publishing false information on something like this should be grounds for dismissal. Even in a place like that.

    • It is actually more hypocritical than that. They weren’t making much money off the business, not compared to all their other merchandise, and they simply took advantage of the current controversy to make it look like they were doing it for the common good.

      • Honestly, I’m very slightly less annoyed at them for tapping out of the gun business entirely rather than just restricting ARs and standard capacity mag sales.

        As mentioned, it was never their primary business if they can even be said to HAVE a primary business; in case folks aren’t familiar with the chain they’re a one stop store with groceries, auto parts, clothes, etc etc…

        They’ve carried long guns since I was a kid though, and recently started carrying pistols, so it’s disappointing but their selection was never that compelling anyway.

  3. Mr/Mrs/Ms/x-gender Teacher, you still get to decide how to handle the situation, if you didn’t kill the student (and get killed) you could still have disarmed the student while having a gun in a similar fashion. The same goes for all the “glad I didn’t have a gun when I got robbed/assaulted/raped” folk, the gun doesn’t make them kill someone. They can not use it. Or not carry it. Or not buy one. But I can. It is a free country…. Well, not if they get their way.

  4. “In the first, I’d be one of the 20 percent of teachers who would be trained and armed. I would pull out my previously concealed weapon and aim at a child. In the tension of the moment, I would, perhaps, shoot him.”

    Or, you know, recognizing that it’s a 2nd grader not shoot him. Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean the response is to shoot everything. Unless, apparently, you’re as stupid as a Lefty public school teache.

  5. “Student Assaulted for Pro-Second Amendment Views, Then Suspended for Defending Himself”


    The Leftists are employing the ‘Brownshirt’ tactics now.

    What’s next?

    A nice little ‘Night of broken glass’, perhaps?

    More steps down the road to ‘Civil War, part 2’…

    • To me what is most remarkable–and completely unnoticed by the left wing media–is that these students are using violence to reinforce their anti-“gun” violence ideology.

      • We’ve already heard the ‘Anti-Fa’ justify it.

        As far as they are concerned, an un-provoked attack is “Self-Defense”, since there is *zero* difference between speech they don’t like and actual physical violence.

        One day, one of them will pull that stunt on a concealed carrier.

        That’s when things will get *interesting*… 🙂

    • The student was hit a few times then punched the kid back. The kid that hit him got a 3 day suspension and he got a 1 day suspension for hitting back. This is a pretty standard school response. If I was the kids dad I’d tell him hell of a job, take the day off for his suspension, take him to the range and then go out and eat a steak with him. Expecting the school to do anything different is pointless however.

  6. Seems like the crime rate went down with Israels first term because they initiated the “we don’t arrest juveniles” policy so popular in South Florida.

    So it wasn’t that the crime rate went down so much as they just quit doing anything about it.

    • Is that the reported crime rate or the actual crime rate? A crime that is not reported officially never happened, except to the victim.

      The same method used by the UK Home Office since the 1960s.

      • All about the numbers that get written down.

        If they dont write it down, it didnt happen.

        And they can say that the crime rate has dropped so more tourist can come in for fodder.

        • If you are in for you job review then you pick the lowest crime numbers “look what a good job I have done”
          If you want an increase in the budget you pick the highest numbers ” I need more money to combat crime.

          I think more British police would support carrying weapons if the leadership backed them up

  7. Growing threat to frontline officers? Impossible. They have gun control, knife control, plastic ware control, flour control and egg control. The cops must be making these threats up.

  8. Go ahead and shoot me yah snot nosed brat. WTF an 8 year old with a gun, what parents that child must have. What parents?


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