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“Speaker Corcoran helped engineer passage of SB-7026 – the gun control bill – to violate the rights of young adults aged 18-20 by denying them their constitutional right to purchase a firearm.  In addition, the bill included a 3-day waiting period on the purchase of rifles and shotguns and an outright ban on possession of bump stocks and other firearm accessories – which could be legally purchased and possessed until the law passed on Friday, March 9, 2018.

“Corcoran tried to justify his betrayal by claiming the provision in the bill to arm school employees makes it ‘one of the greatest Second Amendment victories we’ve ever had’ because it ends ‘gun free zones on school campuses.’  That is complete nonsense and ignores the unconstitutional gun control included in the bill.” – Marion Hammer in Florida Alert: We Were Born at Night But It Wasn’t Last Night, Mr. Speaker [via]

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    • The NRA is like a stockbroker. Just playing all sides. Hedging bets. Shorting America. And putting a price tag on values.

      Until we collectively make the NRA hurt, this cycle will continue because it is an effective for-profit model for the NRA. Who cares about guns?

      • I am really trying to understand your incoherent comment. Please explain your beef with the NRA.

        • I think his point is that the NRA themselves have expressed support for Gun Violence Prevention Restraining Orders (or whatever they’re called), and the NRA themselves supported the ATF regulating bump stocks. But now, just because they are against raising the minimum age for purchasing rifles (because it will cost gun manufacturers money), they’re attacking Florida legislators that passed a majority of what the NRA wanted…or least didn’t fight against. And now they can fundraise off the premise of “fighting” these new laws.

          Don’t be mistaken, I’m an NRA Patron member, and still believe that they are the biggest dog in the fight for our side, but they really screwed the pooch on some things recently.

        • It’s called job security, like what a member here said as an example regarding the NRA trying to sabotage constitutional carry in Idaho, the NRA rep said “it’s job security”.

          So fuck the NRA and fuck the turncoat bastards who support them because they are too stupid to see they are being played. GOA and NAGR are much better organizations who don’t compromise and care about the 2nd Amendment. Even SAF isn’t clean since they support universal background checks!!

        • TBH I do not think he could have been more clear. It’s his opinion so he doesn’t need citations.


          The NRA’s biggest source of income isn’t members. It’s places like Midway USA. If you want the NRA to feel it we have to boycott them until they force the NRA to do what we want. As a member you hold virtually no power.

          Give your money to GOA if you want to contribute it to somebody who will actually use it for something other than Wayne La Profit’s next beach house.

      • Are you a leftist troll? I think you are, because only a leftist would try to divide the gun community when We The People can least afford it. Like or hate the NRA, it is the only organization big enough to prevent the destruction of the 2nd amendment (and other rights) without force of arms. It makes you wonder if these leftist trolls really understand the ramifications of their actions.

  1. Isn’t this the same NRA that greenlighted a bump fire stock ban?

    And isn’t this the same Marion Hammer who penned an article about how bad outside candidates for the NRA board – like Adam Kraut – were trying to destroy it?

    • We will see if the “gun community ” in Florida is more motivated than the “gun community” in California.
      The battle is at the state level. Not national.

  2. Restrictions, laws, control. We the people turned to Them. Our government is fucked up. ….

    • It’s not a politically winning position. That’s what’s wrong with it.

      Most of the posters on TTAG would rather lose their ability to exercise their 2nd amendment right clutching to a position of “absolutism” from the sidelines than engage in the dirty game of politics and regain their lost ability to exercise those rights in a systematic way. I haven’t a clue why this is. The gun grabbers didn’t get the restrictions they have by trying to get it all at once. They’ve played the long game taking systematic chunks when they can. The inability to recognize your opponent’s strategy works and mimic it is just baffling.

      More practical POTG have gotten back some of their ability to exercise their rights (like shall issue for concealed carry) by taking small bites from the grabbers. But the folks around here would rather sit on the sidelines and clutch their absolutism and do nothing because the people out on the field playing the game don’t pass their absolute 2A purity test.

  3. Off topic but this was interesting about Brazil:

    “People Are Ready to Buy Some Guns in the World’s Murder Capital

    In the world’s most murderous country, gun control is starting to lose its appeal.”

    I thought it might make a good article here and you other folks could use for online arguments.

    • My nephew has been with the Zapatista’s for about 3 years. I recently found out a Liverpool collage grant has okayed him for Brazil. I wonder what’s going on????? He is a collage professor but doesn’t speak of what he teaches, he did mention teaching a class on land navigation with a compass. Liverpool England sending a U.S.collage professor to Brazil, don’t make sense to me. Operator operating operationally perhaps?

      • If the EZLN want to ditch Mexico City’s corrupt, cartel-entwined rule, then good for them. Even if they are commies or whatever, the Mexican government is “socialist” and really doesn’t care at all for their people.

    • He wouldn’t be hanging very long- his own weight would take his head off. He should be strung up by his ankles at a gas station.

    • Umm. Because piano wire causes the head to separate from the neck under body weight. You must use a cord 1/4 inch or larger to maintain corpse continuity and avoid decapatation.

      If there is a vertical drop involved, the forces can easily exceed the structural integrity of the spine at which point the cord diameter plays little role in the physics unless it is over an inch thick. And even then there is a risk of decapatation such as the outcome of Sadam Hassan’s execution.

      If you want to make a point, suspend the traitor upside down as the legs and feet are much stronger contact points.

      • But if you want to spill the entrails with a belly cut, the rib cage of an upside down body tends to contain the intestines like a bowl. So to make a useful gut pile, slice the abdomen prior to raising the body and rotate it longitudinally during elevation.

        Just a friendly tip.

        • Umm, remind me to never get on your bad side. 🙂 Where do you learn that stuff? Never mind, I don’t want to know.

  4. Oh NOW they’re taking action?

    AFTER it passed?

    to the NRA: Please stop being useless.


  5. Sorry but I hear “you voted him” all the time in Illinois. Be worried…very worried. Your Floriduh republitards are the WORST.

  6. Everyone seems to be making the NRA the kicking board lately. Most folks of the gun would have thrown useless bumpstocks under the bus. Myself included. Repubs here in Florida. Have almost all been contaminated by the influx of North Easterners moving here. And are almost all useless. That shouldn’t be to hard for nonresidents to understand of Florida politics.

  7. If Floridians don’t like what their elected officials have done, let them change it. The process already exists to do so.

    NRA bashers here are as bad as in the MSM and rest of gun ban crowd. They seek to portray the NRA as some big, mindless building out across the river from DC rather than 5.4 million gun owners spread around the country with a common goal.

    I suppose the detractors here get frustrated because NRA members generally would rather use the system of laws in the state and US constitutions to further the 2nd Amendment rather than press for an armed confrontation with the various governments or be able to sit around in their underwear in front of the computer and act tough. Were the bashers to get their way, the 2nd Amendment would be finished in about 6 months since they, and the gun ban crowd would be united in a common purpose.

    This debate on whether or not Americans should be allowed private firearms ownership and usage is never going to be over, not today, not 50 years from now. It’s a matter of opinions as to what the Constitution says and how the Framers put it on paper. It’s safe to say this country would be a much different place without the NRA and its members. The MSM would agree.

    • No, your wrong Colonel Sanders! The NRA has called for regulations and given cover for cowardly politicians to vote with the emotional vocal minority. NRA is great at teaching gun safety but does not represent me when it negotiates our rights away. Every oppressive gun control bill since 1934 has the NRA fingerprints all over them. If we are to save gun rights in the 21st century it will be through social media getting the word out to individuals prepared to go to meetings, call Congress critters, protest, and vote against politicians that choose to betray the Second.

      • Neat touch, st381183. Start your “intelligent response” with a personal attack. You’ve not listed one specific charge. That’ll help you win arguments and influence people…

    • “I suppose the detractors here get frustrated because NRA members generally would rather use the system of laws in the state and US constitutions to further the 2nd Amendment rather than press for an armed confrontation with the various governments or be able to sit around in their underwear in front of the computer and act tough.”

      Well said. I also tend to find the “go-git-em” comments both empty and cloying, especially in view of the obvious skill the NRA repeatedly demonstrates in its lobbying efforts. You can thank both the NRA and the president for smoothly moving the emotionally charged bump-fire stock issue out of its legislative path— where a resulting law would have proved seriously dangerous to gun-rights—and into a much more ephemeral presidential policy which is easily changed. Washington is the land of “realpolitik” and the NRA and the president just gave us a perfect example of how realpolitik actually works.

      • You are so correct.
        President Trump came up in the Big Government Maze of New Your City. I still trust him. He is dealing with anti gun people, that some, gun owners VOTED FOR. Trump can’t be like Diana Loesh. I wish he could. But he has to be a diplomat.

        • Trump a diplomat? Dude, seriously? What version of reality have you been watching over the last few months?

  8. I am hedging my bets, too, and just joined Gun Owners of America. My internal jury is still “out” on the NRA, but they NEED to produce some positive, Second Amendment favorable results soon. Same with POTUS Trump and the RINOpublicans in Congress. Getting really disgusted with the inconsistencies from NRA, Trump and COTUS.

  9. I’m sure “Hammerin” Marion Hammer will be gleefully leading the charge for Negotiating Rights Away,kind of how Floridians got here in the first place.

  10. NRA had best start using its clout more aggressively.

    “common sense gun control”, my ass.

    • Well, if you are/were an NRA member you could start by using your own “clout”, personal contact with elected reps, get on local radio talk shows, come up with an editorial response on local TV, write letters to the editor of the local paper, get up and go our and do something yourself positive in the name of the Constitution and America. NRA is its members. If you aren’t a member, stop complaining.

  11. Marion Hamner and the NRA righting for gun rights and supporting the Second Amendment…hahaha. What, are we in Opposite Land. Where was all this chatter before they even voted on it? Too little, too late! Once passed near impossible to repeal.

    • No one here. They’re all going to sit on the sidelines and throw stones at the NRA for failing the 2A purity test instead of finding ground where they can and moving the ball forward.

  12. A little late….(re: The US Constitution-Bills of Rights is Burning…And Florida is becoming Massachusetts….)

  13. Where is the plan from the gun community to begin Second Amendment education in the public schools system?????

    • Where is the plan in your own communitiy to do this? Seriously. Ever been to a school board meeting or talk to the local school about it? Is your local gun club or militia group or whom ever you associate with planning some sort of strategy short of complaining to unknown, unseen people on the internet???

      For some insane reason a lot of people out here want some sort of national effort to fix everything at once, which would likely only become a bureaucratic, large gov’t/small impact rathole into which someone would keep pouring more and more of our money with little or no satisfactory results. Fix your own state and local problems first, then pass them on. There are still a hell of a lot of great, gun-friendly communities in which to live in this country. If yours isn’t, fix it or move.

  14. I am extremely angry that I have to get rid of my bump stocks
    I have enjoyed using them for years
    Why is the NRA not joining with Shoot Center of Cape Coral in the lawsuit to overturn the bump stock ban?
    I joined NRA and GOA and e mailed and called the entire Florida State House of Representatives to get this stopped
    I plan to donate to every Republican primary challenger who runs against the RINO’s who passed this bill
    I will vote against the ones from my district
    What else can I do?

    • Organize with other like-minded people you know. Contact your reps personally, give money, even a small amount to the ones you agree with. Make certain you and your allies attend any local sessions your elected reps hold in your area, even if you have to take a couple hours off work. Go to gun shops and shows and organize a voter registration effort and also a get-out-the-vote effort as election days near.

      BTW- NRA and GOA aren’t exactly compatible…

  15. Who and/or what is the NRA?
    To the anti civil-rights bigots the NRA is an all powerful, monolithic, shadowy organization that exists to do evil.
    Some gun owners think the NRA is their “daddy”, who protects them from the bad people.
    I view the NRA as a group of 5 million of my fellow citizens, who have banded together to defend our rights and values. When we act in concert we do have political muscle. Joining the NRA did not absolve me of my responsibility to write letters, make phone calls, show up at public hearings and events, and most importantly, vote my guns.

    • THANK YOU! Finally, another person who actually “gets it”.

      That $30 membership only covers the magazine subscription and a few other benefits. If people are really as passionate about their rights and country as they try to come off on this site, they’d already be organized and moving forward. But then they’d have to talk to people and have a 2 sided dialogue, even, perhaps, make some sort of compromise about what to take on first or from which angle to embark. All this “mine or nuthin” attitude around here is really depressing if one actually wants to gain improvements.

  16. Hilarious, seeing how the NRA supported multiple things in the bill. Why is anyone insane enough to give money to the anti-gun scum at the NRA?!

  17. Will they go after turncoat NRA leaders Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox and Marion Hammer? No? Then I’m keeping my money.

    • The NRA is pro NRA. The plan has come together nicely since idiots are sending them money as hard as the can right now.

      • Well, Jason- one things crystal clear if you’ve been paying any attention over the past 40 years or so: A relatively small number of NRA members (like 4%-5% of all US gun owners) have done a pretty good job keeping the 2nd Amendment and other US Constitutional issues alive and well for the most part, for everyone, members or not. Can’t say that about GOA, NAGR, or any of the other little yapping “no compromise” groups always vying for some recognition and a life’s easy paycheck.

        It’s a lot easier just to sit around and take uneducated potshots at a group you’ve likely never been a member of and complain about things to others who are in a similar position. It’s a lot more difficult to actually educate yourself, read pending legislation (and understand what it says), drive miles and take off work to go to congressional hearings to speak for or against gun proposals, attend school board, city/county council meetings and present testimony and find others who are like-minded and organize with them and plan far-reaching strategy for the future.

        Pretty tough for negative, combative “citizens” to get to know their local, state and US elected reps and create a working relationship with them and actually have them be happy you show up to visit. Or to write them a note or make a phone call when they actually vote in favor of something positive for you, the locality or the nation. Like ’em or hate ’em, they’re the ones who will pass or reject all the things you’re complaining about and that isn’t going to change, in fact, it’s provided for in that same document that contains the 2nd Amendment

        So, you can’t find time to do these things, or you’re uneasy about public speaking or making a cogent statement that might actually influence some people with little skin in the game to come over to reason and our side? Donate some money, even $10 to a group that will represent you. That’s the LEAST gun owners could do, but many take the same attitude as you and do nothing, then bitch and moan because “the NRA didn’t went and do nuthin”.

        The vast majority of gun owners are like scabs in a union shop (can’t believe I have to use that analogy…)- they get all of the benefits without doing a single thing to help bring them about or maintain them. The NRA has a long and rich history of maintaining and recovering liberties that were either undiscovered by a modern, progressive culture or thought to be relics from the past. No one can cite a group that’s even come close.

        Go ahead and complain about NRA. And go bury your guns in the back yard and wait for Armageddon. Me? I’m going to shoot mine when I want, carry nearly everywhere I want (again, thanks to NRA’s hard work), and keep fighting for the rights of even all Americans, even people like you who admit to doing little or nothing to keep them. My goal in life is to insure that people’s kids and grandkids can enjoy the same things I take for granted today- you know,-gun shows, (legal) concealed carry, recreational shooting, self defense, being able to publicly take a stand on the Second Amendment and the American way of life, all those little things. And along with all the busy work, I still send NRA money. My way of life’s worth it.

        • You’re living in a fairy tale. Compromising on your Rights only leads one way. The NRA already took the meaning out of the 2nd decades ago with the muh sporting bullshit. You’ll be enjoying your NRA approved blunt stick soon.

  18. It’s hard to first replace politicians then Shepard a bill through to reverse something like this. It’s easy for them to build on this victory with more restrictions

  19. I have no personal need for a bumpstock. A belt loop or rubber band works just as well for me. So yes under the bus they can go if it shuts up a bunch of bleeding heart politicians.
    Anyone who lives here in Palm Beach or Broward counties. Im not including Dade as its always been a 3rd world country down there.
    Knows 1st hand how inundated this place is with North Easterners. As in from NY NJ and Conn. A few from Mass and almost none from Vermont or Maine. Id never leave those 2 states if I had lived there for this now whats become a well to do shitbox for the most part.
    I moved here from rural upstate NY to live in what was then in 1970 a rural area of Florida. Just me and a few farms here then.The last 40 years its become Long Island but hot and unfortunately these people vote.
    As for the NRA. Im a life member. Have been for 30 years. Ill take what they have done and might do in the future over yelling and screaming hang this or that person. There is a plan, and Im willing to give them a chance to follow it through.
    But Ive kept my money the last 4 years and have given to the GOA and let them do what has to be done.
    As I agree with being nice wont get me anyplace.
    Maybe my insights here might give a few non residents what life is like here in what used to be a nice. good place to live and raise a family. Before it got wrecked by money and retired interlopers.

  20. The only way to win (or at least get to a stalemate) in the long term is to get shooting classes into schools. Every year of graduations is more kids indoctrinated with leftism.

  21. tl:dr

    People don’t like being outlawed, and will do something about folks who outlaw them, if they can. Shocking.

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