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Charlize Theron says teachers arming themselves is an ‘outrageous’ solution to gun violence – Oh, well if Charlize says so, then . . .

Theron, who grew up in with an alcoholic father, experienced the repercussions of gun violence at a young age. When she was just 15, the actress’ father drunkenly attacked her mother, Gerda, and her mother fataly shot him in self-defense. No charges were filed against Gerda after the incident.

“I just pretended like it didn’t happen,” the star confessed to French television network TF1 in 2015. “I didn’t tell anybody — I didn’t want to tell anybody. Whenever anybody asked me, I said my dad died in a car accident. Who wants to tell that story? Nobody wants to tell that story.”

Court backs Texas activist who challenged county gun ban – You can carry in the state capitol building in Texas, so . . .

The Legislature in 2015 adopted a law forbidding state agencies and other public entities from posting notices barring entry to armed concealed handgun license holders. The attorney general’s office is charged with investigating any claims that the law is being violated. Attorney General Ken Paxton wasn’t named as a party in the county’s lawsuit, and the appeals court determined that Holcomb’s complaint would have to be heard by Paxton’s office before any court action.

Holcomb is executive director of a gun-rights group called Texas Carry. He’s sent dozens of letters to local governments and others across the state complaining of restrictions placed on license holders.

In the case of courthouses like the one in Waller County, Texas law prohibits guns from being brought into courtrooms and related offices, but Paxton has issued opinions saying firearms can’t be uniformly prohibited from an entire courthouse complex that may also include tax, planning and other offices.

Despite Heightened Fear Of School Shootings, It’s Not A Growing Epidemic – But I’ve been told, time and time again, by all the most reliable civilian disarmament advocates that school shootings are a national epidemic! . . .

(James Allen) Fox and doctoral student Emma Fridel crunched the numbers, and the results should come as a relief to parents.

First, while multiple-victim shootings in general are on the rise, that’s not the case in schools. There’s an average of about one a year — in a country with more than 100,000 schools.

“There were more back in the ’90s than in recent years,” says Fox. “For example, in one school year — 1997-98 — there were four multiple-victim shootings in schools.”

Second, the overall number of gunshot victims at schools is also down. According to Fox’s numbers, back in the 1992-93 school year, about 0.55 students per million were shot and killed; in 2014-15, that rate was closer to 0.15 per million.

Superintendent Drops Hammer on 1,000 Students for Gun Control Walkout, Teaches Them Valuable Lesson – Despite the news coverage, not every school sanctioned student walkouts in support of reduced civil rights . . .

On Wednesday, thousands of students across the country walked out of their classes in protest for increased gun control one month after the tragic Parkland shooting. Students held a moment of silence for 17 minutes in memory of the 17 people killed in Florida.

In Downers Grove, Illinois, 1,000 students participated in the event, which was documented in a lengthy YouTube video. Alex Wielgosz, a Junior at Downers Grove South, told the Patch, “I think our school should be encouraging us to take action as more and more school shootings seem to be happening all over the country.”

However, once the event was over, the students found out that they had been ordered to spend an hour in detention according to Superintendent Hank Thiele.

Why We Shouldn’t Give Special Credence to the Political Views of Young People and Victims – Duh . . .

What is true of children is – though to a much lesser degree – also true of many young adults in their late teens or early twenties. They too are, on average, less knowledgeable and have less developed judgment than people at later stages in the life-cycle. For many years, surveys of political knowledge have consistently found that it correlates with age. The young, as a general rule, know less about government and public policy than other age groups. For that reason, they are also less likely to have valuable insights on how to address difficult issues.

Hear Eminem’s Studio Version of NRA-Slamming ‘Nowhere Fast’ – Pretty sure “nowhere fast” is a good description of where this washed up hack’s career is headed . . .

Days after Eminem added an NRA-slamming verse to “Nowhere Fast” during his performance at the iHeartRadio Awards, the rapper has unleashed the studio version of the extended Revival track.

“Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, another lone wolf gunman / Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to / It’s blowin’ up,” the rapper says, referencing two of the more tragic school shootings in the past decade.

Eminem then launches into his tirade against the National Rifle Association, blaming them for backing politicians who won’t stand for gun control. “They love their guns more than their children,” the rapper continues before ending the new verse on an ominous note, “Shh, I think another [gunman] just entered our building…”

David Hogg Announces He Will Not Go to College Right Away, Sets Eyes On Midterm Elections Instead – Teenaged narcissist just won’t go away . . .

Hogg later announced that he had been rejected by yet another school and that he might “have to breakout the emergency chocolate bar.” On Saturday morning, Hogg made a big decision: he was going to take a gap year and “do some internships and work on midterms.”

Hogg has made headlines for his aggressive stance on gun control and criticism of politicians backed by the National Rifle Association. On Friday, he posted a new video in promotion for the “March For Our Lives” event asking “what if our politicians weren’t the b***h of the NRA?”

Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Hudson, and Miley Cyrus Will Be Joining March for Our Lives – Obviously there are clicks to be had and money to be made . . .

The march calling for gun control is set for March 24 in Washington, D.C., organized by the student survivors of the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 people dead. On Wednesday, student survivor David Hogg appeared on CNN to speak about the forthcoming event. There, he announced that the four famous singers would be standing with the students.

“We’re gonna have four major independent women that are standing with us and walking beside us,” Hogg told CNN. “They’re gonna be standing there with us and marching with us and they’re just some of the few people that are really coming out and stepping up with us.”

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  1. I did a gap year after high school. The difference is that I did something useful: working for a school meant to help troubled teens and their families.

    Not only did it do some good it was a real eye opener to how fucked up people across the board actually are.

    • I have a suggestion for his “gap” time. The US Army or Marines, enlist young child. They will hopefully educate you, teach you responsibility for your actions, etc.

  2. Well it looks like the little Hogg will intern with the commie political activists. Seems to be a direct route to politics where you do not have to produce and you can get rich by destroying our country one piece at a time.

    • Piglet aint going to be taken seriously until he finishes law school or gets a business degree, and has an opportunity to overhaul his image. That Hitler Youth thing he did last week with his sister is going to haunt him for a while.

  3. Charlize might want to speak with the White South African farmers that are getting their lands stolen. I bet they aren’t against guns.

    • South Africa They’re getting more than land stolen they have been murdered for the last 10 years. But first they had their guns taken away. Nothing gets through the news about the situation because the libtards think they deserve what they getting.

      • Ah… the hypocrisy of the average Democommie… Illegals shouldn’t be punished for breaking the law, but white South African farmers are guilty because of the actions of their distant ancestors and need to be ethnically cleansed….

    • So, her mom was able to defend heself and her daughter from a violent attack from her boozebag father….therefore no one else should ever be able to do the same thing??? HUH? I know hollywood liberals are stupid…but thats a new level of DUMB.

      • Yeah what is her argument here? Does she wish her father had beat her mother to death instead?

        I guess so. At least then it wouldn’t be “gun violence”!

      • When she was just 15, the actress’ father drunkenly attacked her mother, Gerda, and her mother fatally shot him in self-defense.
        Well, if Mom did not have a gun, then Dad could have killed everyone and we would not have to listen to Charlize’s stupid comments.

  4. not mentioned: Universities are turning down Hogg’s application.

    Which surprises me cause he’s exactly the sort of prog agitator I’d think they would want.

    • It was mentioned. Right there in the snippet posted here on TTAG.

      ‘Hogg later announced that he had been rejected by yet another school and that he might “have to breakout the emergency chocolate bar.”’

      • The applications probably went out before he got his 5 minutes of fame. Don’t worry, his next batch will all be full of essays about how he took on the NRA and won, or somesuch.

        Not sure it’ll make up for the shit SAT scores but whatever.

    • Which surprises me cause he’s exactly the sort of prog agitator I’d think they would want.
      I have heard Evergreen University is desperate for students and their parent’s money.

  5. Theron should be proud that her mother had the fortitude and guts to protect herself against her drunken father. She should be holding that up to the masses about how important it is to learn how to use firearms, and become your own First Responder. Instead, she’s succumbed to the Hollyweird leftist diatribes. She’s totally back assward. I’ve also noticed that her anti-gun perspective has not stopped her from being in many, many movies that portray horrific “gun violence”, with her being the one dolling it out. Anyone remember Fast and Furious 8? Can she spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E?

  6. I wonder if that boy is related to the famous art collector Ima Hogg…pretty funny that boy gets turned down. I can understand why Charlie hates guns. He!! she got little Sean Penn to sell his gats. Kudos to the Downer’s Grove principal! They should be suspended though…

  7. I’m so glad that all those celebrities will be joining the March For Life. Finally there will be someone there who knows something about the issue of gun control.

    No wait a minute. I take that back.

  8. I’m pretty sure that all the school shootings of students were done by — wait for it — students! Or people of that age. I mean, isn’t that who Dickless Sporting Goods just cut off from legal gun purchases?

    So when the proggies tell me to stand with the students, which ones are they talking about? The shooters and the shootees all look the same to me.

  9. So, this Hogg kid isn’t bright enough to get into his preferred schools (full disclosure for fairness: I wouldn’t have been accepted to any Ivy League schools nor MIT, and failed to get endorsements for the Naval and Air Force Academies in the late 80’s) but he’s a credible interviewee on the subject of guns? I’m supposed to take him seriously where my civil rights are concerned? Okay…

    • But that bridge was made by third-worlders and feminists!! It was even touted as a great leap forward because white men had little to do with it citing “muh diversity, muh tolerance”!!!

      Funny how all of that was scrubbed the second it came down. Only shows the further decline of our country. If you can’t see it you have your head squarely up your ass.

  10. Arriana Grande against guns? I thought her target constituency died in mass bombings, machette attacks, and mass vehicle homicides,… not mass shootings.

  11. So this Hogg is simply an academic failure using a tragedy to further his own sick political goals. Yep, he’s a perfect democrat.

  12. don’t pick your nose and rub your eye with the same finger.
    last summer i developed an impressive chalazion; when people asked about it i told them it was charlize theron’s clitoris.

  13. Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Hudson, and Miley Cyrus Will Be Joining March for Our Lives – Obviously there are clicks to be had and money to be made . . and struggles to be made to maintain relevance in Hollyweird.

  14. Hogg made a big decision: he was going to take a gap year and “do some internships and work on midterms.”
    Still trying to pass the SAT, eh?

  15. In magic world-speak, “outrageous” just means “sucks.” She’s half right.

    Carrying a gun for self-defense sucks. Using one sucks worse. However, both suck less than the alternatives. Seeing her mother shoot drunk, murderous dad had to suck. Presumably less than watching mom murdered, b 4 Charliz turn came.

    They – the anti-own your life people – will pretend nobody ever has to choose between evils, and don’t care how many they sacrifice to the greater evil, to keep their illusion.

    “Why do you have a gun? That sucks. Actually using is would suck outrageously.”

    “Indeed. I carry a gun, because in the really real word it sucks less than not. I want the option to use my gun to protect myself, when that’s the choice that sucks least.”

    That’s the moral position for arguing citizens with guns with the anti-own your own life folks:

    “It sucks. I want the option, when this is what sucks least. In the really real world killing someone coming to kill you and your kid may be your least bad choice … if you have that option.”

    “When you have your utopia, free of murderous Theron-pere, call me. Til then, I’ll do the best – meaning least bad – I can, in this really real world as we have it.”

    If Sean Penn “gave up” his guns, but his security didn’t, well, it was all make believe, wasn’t it? Outrageous!

  16. We need to make the public aware just how disingenuous this all is. The ONLY reason anyone cares about the school massacre is that this was a school of mostly wealthy white kids. Where’s the walkouts over the daily back youth murders? Oh yes, the Left doesn’t care about them. Think about that. Let’s call this what it is.

  17. So another white woman. Another non-american someone I consider to be an invader. This person is telling me I can’t have a gun. This white woman who escaped South Africa. Before the whites were massacred. Is telling me to disarm.

    I don’t expect the white people in the American news media to question the situation in South Africa with Charlize Theron.

    Interesting how the Three L’s Libertarians liberals and the left totally support bringing people into the United States who don’t support anything in the American Constitution. With a possible exception of making a nice fat paycheck from an American company.

  18. My understanding,farmers in S.Africa will have their land confiscated. I believe she derives from Afrikaners. Hmm.

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