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“All three of us chose the paddling, with the support of our parents. I believe that corporal punishment has no place in schools, even if it wasn’t painful to me. The idea that violence should be used against someone who was protesting violence as a means to discipline them is appalling. I hope that this is changed, in Greenbrier, and across the country.” – Wylie Greer in Arkansas students punished with paddles for walking out: reports [via]

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  1. Ahhhh, the schools of my youth in the 70s.

    Where on occasion I heard the words that annoyed me –

    “Three licks.”

    And that damn oak paddle had *holes* drilled into it.

    *ouch…* ;(

    • Yeah, and the Wood Shop Teacher was obsessed with aerodynamic paddles with holes drilled in them. The school even had a display case in the hall to display his works of art. They actually were wooden masterpieces of craftsmanship. The Nazis would have been embarrassed.

    • trust me, holes in the paddle add air resistance while reducing weight. the goal of a school paddle is to leave a stinging slap with red marks, not deeper bruising’s like the canes they use in Singapore.

      like a slow draggy biplane vs a sleek single wing p-51, i know what I would rather get hit with.

    • We and they called it ” the board of education”, wasn’t fair the girls never got whacked with it. I’m suing for discrimination, a 40+ year old grievance now comes to surface.

  2. This generation isn’t playing around? They were nearly undone at the hands of Tide Pods, you damn fool. Their idol Pigg can’t even get into college.

  3. “All three of us chose the paddling, with the support of our parents. I believe that corporal punishment has no place in schools, even if it wasn’t painful to me.”

    Should have used a Singapore cane on these anti-freedom miscreants then…and their parents.

    • TWO swat? Should have been twentytwo.

      “violence” is such a pansy term. I’m tired of hearing progtards and their “violence” fetish/meme.

  4. For over 5 years now Arkansas has had teachers who concealed carry. The names of the teachers with a CCW are not listed anywhere. Only the school principal knows who has a gun.

    • I believe your right but isn’t that a private, religious school? I saw a news clip and one of a school staff member or board member was standing next to a sign that says staff members are armed and will use deadly force if needed. I think the school has a chain link fence around it.

      • That is Clarksville school district. It’s a public school. They have certified some of their teachers as private security. Started this after Newtown.

    • Ha! A paddling at school was the foreplay for me and my siblings. Still stinging and red with the holes still visible on my ass when I got home was only the begining. I got a leather strap from my mom and when pop got home, I got it again.

      They were embarrased that I got “swats” at school as they said that was not the way they were teaching me. And re-enforced that fact with this huge doubled over leather strap!

      I didnt get many!

  5. The alternative punishment to paddling was school suspension, but there WAS an alternative.

    So, “The idea that violence should be used against someone who was protesting violence as a means to discipline them is appalling…”

    Sounds a little hollow when it was the students who chose violence, not the school administration.

  6. Only 3 walked out?!? Should’ve walked a gauntlet with their fellow students beating the leftard out of them😄😄😄😄

    • It’s Faulkner county. More people voted for Ted Cruz than all Democrats combined in the 2016 Presidential primary.

  7. While the kids are wrong about guns, the walkouts at least seemed to mean something to these particular (well spoken) kids, and I agree with their stance on paddling. It’s fucked up, and having gone to grade school in Tennessee, I can attest to that personally.

    I think the reactionary, emotionally overwrought, and logically deprived response is childish and, frankly, expected and acceptable from children. It’s not acceptable from supposed adults like the Demanding Moms, Everytown liars and the Democrats.

  8. The “ol’ school board.” I got a few “licks” in my day while attending an Arkansas School. My first was in 4th and last was as a senior. All was for a senior. Mostly a waste of time. In school suspension works better, kind of like the Breakfast Club, just my opinion but I’m not opposed to pain. Spanking works better for young kids, stopped my daughter from bitting real fast.

  9. They need a good paddling by both their parents and the school disciplinarian. Unfortunately, their parents need paddling too.

    Look at what had happened since the elimination of corporal punishment. Snowflakes, safe spaces, gender identity confusion, intolerance of opposing views, and use of violence against anyone they don’t agree with. Talk about corporal punishment!

    Everything has been going downhill since the early 1960s and it has accelerated in the last 10 years. Just another symptom.

    • I started school around 1960, and not one of the schools I attended used paddling. Now home was a different story…My mother had a sorority hazing paddle, made of oak, varnished, no holes. Now that puppy really really hurt! I count myself lucky I encountered it only a few times.

      • When I was in school, the Catholic schools used corporal punishment but the public schools didn’t.

        But both schools had disciplinarians that would prevent misbehavior, by force if necessary. After one or two incidents at the beginning of each school year, everyone fell in-line.

        Now, the inmates run the asylum.

  10. The comments on the original article are interesting.

    It’s amazing to me that some people still blame (a) the gun and (b) the NRA. They completely ignore that someone pulled the trigger, that that someone could have been stopped at several times by multiple levels of goverent (with good and justfiable cause no less), and that there are other means of carrying out an attack at least as deadly.

    But no, it’s the gun and the NRA. What will they blame, I wonder, when the guns and NRA are no longer around to play the role as scapegoats?

    • They will blame “society “ as they do now when other crimes are committed, and will demand 24/7 video surveillance everywhere, monitored by computers. The government will be more than happy to oblige.

  11. Ahhh, yes in my school in Texas in the 90’s It went by many names:
    “Mr. Spanky” “The Board Of Education” “The Enforcer” “Tanner” (As in the bovine hide Tanner)

  12. Sounds like they aggravatedly assaulted and battered the student. Especially considering the power differential created by the teachers age and pisition of authority. If it were my state I’d expect someone to get an ankle bracelet and never work in public school again for that.

    • You are throwing legal terms out there that you clearly have no clue about.

      Also, did you read the part where the students chose the paddlin’ because they didn’t want the suspension or whatever the ‘standard’ punishment was?

    • It’s Arkansas. A state that also has the common sense to have a constitutional requirement for a balaneed budget.


        When I was in school, when had the same deal. You could either get after school detention for an hour each time or 1 swat for each detention. Of coarse we always took the swats…that was until the baseball/softball coach became our principal.

  13. I got my but wacked in school on a regular basis, mostly deservedly. When i got home i got it again if i deserved it, and if i didnt my parents would raise hell with the school and school board. Which is exactly the way it should have been. I am glad to see that not all schools have disposed of corporal disipline. Three wacks can expenses a lesson better than a thousand words

  14. My high school in the late 60’s did not have corporal punishment but they were creative in addressing fights in school. More than once I watched the male gym teachers dispatch kids who dissed them or got into fights with a flying tackle that left the kid sprawled out on the floor. One of the school bullies was made to have a fair fight against the captain of the wrestling team in front of the entire gym class. Ouch. They didn’t have corporal punishment in my elementary school either. They just called the parents. Ouch.

  15. The only problem I really have with corporal punishment is who is doing the punishing. I know my VP was fair enough but when I had graduated a few people I knew that were still in school said a new guy was doing it. Being the first class a hole I knew he was I would have a serious issue with my daughter being spanked by that. So in the end, if one person does it, you defiantly had it coming. If the other does it, you probably looked at him wrong.

  16. What happens when some kid or kids toss a 5 gallon can of gasoline in the hallway after pulling a fire alarm and the Halls are full? We going to ban gasoline and matches? Or maybe make murder illegal? Idiots.

  17. Paddling? Pfffft. My third grade teacher stabbed me in the back of my neck with a pencil for talking in class.

    She was re-assigned to clerical duties shortly thereafter.

  18. ““All three of us chose the paddling, with the support of our parents. I believe that corporal punishment has no place in schools…”

    So they believe corporal punishment has no place in schools but they happily CHOSE to embrace it as an option to avoid a worse punishment.

    Funny how fast their principles take a back seat when it might adversely effect them to stand behind said principles. Guess it’s only cool to protest and stand up when there’s no risk to you whatsoever, right?

  19. What Wylie and his buddies seem unable to comprehend is that the mass murderers don’t give a rat’s ass about their principled stand against violence. Refusal to fight back just makes it easier for the murderers.

  20. Wait… Your kids CHOSE an ass whippin over a suspension and you bitching that they got an ass whipping? Wtf is wrong with you?

  21. The eighth grade skool teacher takes away the pocket knives when she teaches subtraction, bloody fingers on the floor makes the broom sticky..

    • Pocket knives are a great way to teach subtraction, like when you “subtract” the end of a digit, and even division and fractions but cutting stuff up.

  22. WTF does he mean by “this generation is not playing around”? One time I also chose swats. Because my mother said if I took the suspension she would take away my car. I was totally playing around. She wasn’t, but I was, and I needed my car to keep at it.

  23. what a stupid bitch. the kids options were this:
    get suspended and possibly grounded when my parents find out which could go on for days or weeks.
    get a paddling right now, that they may NOT find out about and its like it never happened.

    DUUUHHHH they chose paddling.


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