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Anonymous professor confesses she doesn’t want to give recommendation to student who’s into guns. – “Later, when Sarah was a student in another one of my courses, I overheard her confiding that she was looking forward to getting her concealed-carry permit. … I hadn’t known we had such permits in our state but apparently we do.” Oh dear. “So what do I do? Do I write her a recommendation because I originally said yes? Do I say no and explain myself? Do I ignore her email?” Meanwhile, at a very different institution of higher education . . .

Citadel to Allow Cadets With Permits to Have Guns in Cars – “The move comes in the wake of a cadet last month publicly asking South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley during a speaking visit to use her influence to get the school’s policy changed.”


Firstedge and Juggernaut Tactical are giving away knives and a gun. Free. What else do you really need to know?

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New Era Detroit community activist group releases ‘Street Code’ – “The list also promotes dealing directly with your enemy and nobody else, “no slinging to the children or pregnant women” and urges to not shoot any victims of a robbery.” So…their recipe for success is basically appealing to the inherent honor and decency of street gang members. How could this possibly fail?

Claim in Bucks lawmaker’s gun law mailer isn’t exactly what happened –  Santarsiero, a candidate for Congress, claims in a recent campaign mailer that he “wrote PA’s Gun Safety Law.” The campaign goes on to reference two bills that were authored by Santarsiero but that never made it out of committee. In addition, Pennsylvania doesn’t have an overarching law that governs “gun safety” and the law that does govern gun safety wasn’t written by Santarsiero. We rate the claim False.” A Democrat lying about gun control? What are the odds?


Conservatives embrace pro-gun Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill – or as David Burge tweeted, “Treasury throws founder of the Democratic Party off $20 bill, replaces with gun-toting Republican.” Now that’s change we can believe in!


Oh, and there’s this: Leftists Lose Their Lunch Over the Tubman 20 – Anyone need a better reason to get on board? We’re in!


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  1. The first story is obviously made up, just more ridiculous anti-gun propaganda with the usual “I grew up around guns, BUT…” garbage. It’s nauseating.

  2. I find the street code interesting because having been around real gangsters/bikers etc allot of the older generation does have a code. It’s unique to see that it’s supposedly making a come back. I personally have no problems with individuals who want to deal/do drugs or anything of the nature the part that bothers me is when they turn to robbery and, extortion against people who want to stay away from gangs.

    • The thing that really bothers me about the street code is it basically says that certain crimes are totally acceptable. You can rob people, just don’t shoot them afterwards. You can ‘handle your beefs’ but do it in some back alley somewhere so no innocents get shot. Apparently we’re so far behind the curve in some places we’re begging people to just obey SOME of the laws. And it is begging, since these rules have no force behind them other than ‘you’ll be public enemy #1!’, which sounds like a reward more than a threat for most of these gangbangers.

      • Looking at it in that sense I have no problem with that until it effects another human being that isn’t affiliated with gangs. If two gangsters decide they have a problem I would rather them take it out too the boonies and, shoot it out rather then in a city street. If they had to rob somebody I would rather that person not be shot afterwards. Also the #1 thing is not a place that any of them want to be. Have you seen/heard what happens to child molesters in prison? Pedophiles try to keep those stories covered up for a reason if they have to do hard time even hardened criminals thing that children are innocent and, shouldn’t be touched. Furthermore most laws aren’t all that big of a deal if they are broken nowadays these gang members know that they can spend a few years in the prison system meeting new contacts, learning new tricks and, come out with a whole new game plan. Prisons are basically street college 101.

        • “Looking at it in that sense I have no problem with that until it effects another human being that isn’t affiliated with gangs”

          Kind of. While it may appear on the surface that if say two gang members get into a beef and shoot it out with each other, harming no one else may appear to be something that doesn’t affect others, we still have laws.

          The civil society revolves around laws, and what is critical in terms of fairness and fundamental to making all in society believe they are participating in a system that is worth what they put into it and is a benefit to all, is one thing; equality under the law. Everyone must follow the same laws and punishments assigned to those who break laws are also equal, everyone must face the same fate when they stray from lawful behavior. This is the meaning of the blindfold on lady justice.

          When we have special rules for different classes of people, when we have those that enforce the rules making their own decisions on what is allowed and what is not, then in the end we really have a lawless society and such a condition will not last indefinitely.

          And this is what is happening when we rationalize away these kinds of behaviors. We are either a nation of laws, or a nation of men.

          So no, this stuff does affect all of us, and it’s not acceptable.

        • “If they had to rob somebody…”

          Ridiculous. Nobody HAS to rob somebody else. They choose to do it because it’s easier than earning a living through useful work.

        • Wow check this one out, here is a really good one demonstrating the double standard of different sets of rules for different cultures and how these things are important to all of us as a standing and underlying principle – a bedrock pillar for our society. You can’t make this shit up.

          “Barack Obama assembled a group of allegedly popular rappers (including Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, J. Cole, Wale, DJ Khaled, and others we couldn’t possibly pick out of a police line-up) to help with his “Brother’s Keeper” initiative to encourage young black men to avoid incarceration for undocumented acts of wealth redistribution.

          Unfortunately, the president had barely finished speaking when rapper Rick Ross’s court-ordered ankle bracelet went off. It seems that the man selected by Mr. Obama to serve as an exemplary racial role model is required to wear the device until his trial date for aggravated assault and battery, pistol-whipping, and kidnapping.”

          This happened in the *Oval Office* folks. I’m stunned. Well, no I am not stunned, but you get the idea.

      • “Too many black babies are being killed from random drive-bys. These random shootings already took the lives of several black babies.”

        This implies that killing white babies wouldn’t be a problem.

        These people are disgusting racists. Follow the laws of society, period, where is that point? You do not get the choice to make up your own laws, call them code or whatever, it is the same thing. Unwritten on this list is the assumption that the laws of the state, that we all follow, do not apply to them, in a way this should be considered treason.

  3. Gun on the 20 dollar bill. Hell yes. Somebody holding the gun. Why not. Some retard keeps claiming we’re losing the cultural war.

    • That would really be something if that were the actual front. No way. If it happens, it’ll be more like the first image at the Washington Times link. Would be way cool though. 😀

  4. “… getting her concealed-carry permit. … I hadn’t known we had such permits in our state but apparently we do.”

    I would usually ask if she/he had lived under rock, but it’s more than likely a gated community. What a charmed life she/he must’ve lived.

  5. Daughter of my friend hunts. I told here to keep it a secret at school and she thought I was being silly. I sent her the story.

  6. Oh look, they kept the comments section on the good professor’s article open for a whole day or two. That’s positively daring for gun control propagandists.

  7. Sad the street code is progress, but if it’s followed it is progress. You want to live that life, keep it among yourselves. Billy Badass and his thug buddies can sling at each other until they’re all gone or they second guess their life choices. It all comes down to choices.

  8. I MADE THE GUN BLOG I READ!!. I’m pretty proud the I helped get the Citadel to change their weapons policy. It was a hell of a challenge to get it changed but I couldn’t be prouder to be part of the team that made it happen. It comes a little too late for me because I graduate soon, but at least we were able to change it for ever cadet who takes responsibility for their own safety. I never thought I would see this end up on here.

  9. From the Chronicle of Higher (Narrow-minded) Education.
    Notice how quickly they cut off the readers the ability to comment on her article.
    So I will make a few observations here.

    She is a science teacher.
    She is supposed to think logically,
    yet she displays an inordinate fear of guns and obviously projects her insecurities on
    her student whom she over-heard saying that she want to take a concealed license class.

    Her student expressed the desire to the right thing and comply with the law in getting a concealed license.
    I wonder how the professor would feel if her student was in a drug gang.

    The professor does not know why her student wants to get a license.

    Maybe her student had been raped on campus and wanted to carry a gun for security.

    Another sign she harbors and inordinate fear of guns is what she said about going to the
    campus police station.

    How could that make her feel nervous?

    If the Active Shooter drills the campus trains for don’t make her feel safe who does she think
    will come to rescue her when real shooter comes to clear her classroom?

    A suspect it would be those very same campus police.

    BTW, Active Shooter drills are a farce designed only to give sheep the illusion of security when
    actually they are fish in a barrel.

    Obviously she is not going to recomend her student because deep down, I know she is
    more political about this matter and she is not going to keep her word.

    When political ideology is involved (even for a scientist), what does keeping your word or maintaining your honor mean?

    • Indeed. Science always takes a back seat to leftism. If the science doesn’t support their ideals, they fudge, lie, or come up with some complete bs about how it really means something other than what it says.

    • Deep down she is projecting her father’s suicidal tendencies onto the student. She as much as says it. More troubling — it is no business of hers what the student does in her spare time. Either the student did well enough in class to merit a recommendation or not. Education is really badly missing in education. When I was in college in the early 70’s the best debates were in economics classes among socialists, communists, and laissez faire capitalists. The arguments were thought provoking, and no one got hurt by the differences of opinion — not even their egos.

    • Nah, I’ll bet she does write the recommendation, if the student follows up and asks again. I suspect that she’s a terrible coward, and couldn’t deal with having to explain her reasons for not wanting to write it. The woman is obviously an emotional mess. Her “strong convictions” will come to a screeching halt when they threaten her comfort level, and boy, would that be an uncomfortable conversation.

  10. “So what do I do? Do I write her a recommendation because I originally said yes? Do I say no and explain myself? Do I ignore her email?”

    No. What you do is kiss her ass for being a better person than you will ever be. Got it, you abominable excuse for a woman?

  11. New Era Detroitis one of the most racist websites I have ever seen. All black towns, all black owned business, etc., etc.,. Isn’the this the segregation that AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are always wailing about? They mention how many black millionaires there are, yet they began for donations? What the hell has happened to our country?

  12. About the first article…about the professor and “Sarah”…I was actually pleasantly surprised that the pro-2A comments vastly outnumbered the anti-gun comments…maybe that’s why they closed the comments?

  13. So, we take the greatest president the US has ever had off the $20, replacing him with a historical footnote, and the GOPe thinks it is a good thing? Trump cannot kill the Republican party fast enough.

  14. I wonder if that anonymous professor ever thought of the possibility that her article would have gotten this much attention. I see that comments are closed. Typical. I bet at this point, her biggest fear is that her identity will be revealed, exposing her complete lack of integrity.

  15. “Certainly my predicament raises the whole issue of what letters of recommendation mean. But this whole thing just feels so, so … so much like creeping up the attic stairs, unzipping the padded case and running my fingers over the tendrilled grooves etched into the barrel of that old Browning shotgun. Peering down the chamber, I didn’t know how to say it then, but tools for killing will always be sacred.”

    Seems to me that the issue is the Perfesser.

  16. This teacher is relatively new to the profession and apparently received her training in the midst of the leftward drift of American high ed. Her combination of stupefying ignorance and naive hubris is all too typical of the current generation of college professors. I retired several years ago and haven’t set foot on my old campus since then. When I look at what’s coming along behind me, I shudder. Once upon a time professors could be counted on to be reasonably worldly. The people I studied under, many of whom had been in war or government or both, and my old colleagues, now mostly retired, were light-years beyond the life-experience of this delicate flower. This woman is a twit. But, then, so are the people who hired her. American higher ed. is doomed. I’m just glad I left when I did.


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