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Lawmakers advance gun control measures in response to San Bernardino massacre. Because, as places like Chicago have demonstrated so clearly, more restrictions on Second Amendment freedoms have always been such smashing successes. And making murder illegal-er would surely have stopped the San Bernardino terrorists in their tracks. Right? But don’t confuse California lawmakers with pesky details. They’ve never needed an excuse to abrogate fundamental civil rights. On the brighter side of anti-gun antics . . .

Report: The Gun Industry Has Ballooned Under Obama, Added More than 100,000 Gun-Related Jobs During His Presidency – It almost makes you wish for a third term. Wait…no it doesn’t.


Student At $63,880-Per-Year College: Mural Of Flower Gun Is ‘EMOTIONALLY TRIGGERING’ – That’s not the kind of trigger warning we had in mind.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 3.27.36 PM


Inland Manufacturing, who makes rifles like a version of the M1 Carbine, is coming out with a new Scout Rifle. “Inland Manufacturing’s new highly functional and cool-looking .30 caliber Scout Carbine is being marketed by MKS Supply, LLC. This new, all-American-made carbine incorporates design elements and benefits of the popular scout rifle popularized by Jeff Cooper in the 1980s.” MSRP: $1239. More as it becomes available.

I paid fixer $12,500 for gun license and wound up with nothing – This is what happens under a corrupt, totalitarian regime.

gun art gallery_1461106368073_1762116_ver1.0

Gun art gallery coming to Twin Cities – “The role of the artist and the role of the art in this project, is to hold a mirror up to society whether that be in New Orleans, Minneapolis or across the country and ask, ‘What is happening with guns in America?’”

Who Is Behind the Lie That More Guns Makes Us Safe? – Nation writer Ari Rabin-Havt is not a fan of John Lott’s seminal work More Guns Less Crime. His counter? “This is plainly not true—social science research has consistently shown that more guns leads to more gun violence.” The idea that the counter-studies may be fundamentally flawed never occurs.

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  1. “Who Is Behind the Lie That More Guns Makes Us Safe?”

    I think it’s something called “Facts.”

    • He may not be wrong. “More guns leads to more gun violence” could be totally accurate, while misleading people from the truth of more guns leads to less violence. What do we care about, GUN violence or all violence? GUN crime, or all violent crime? GUN murders, or all murders? The antis like to say that GUN murders are lower in countries without guns or were reduced in countries that banned and confiscated guns (e.g. the popular UK example), while intentionally ignoring the fact that the murder rate may be higher or may have skyrocketed after the ban. They don’t care about more murders, rapes, etc, they only care about how many involved a gun. Because they don’t care about you, they don’t care about safety, they don’t care about murders, they care about guns and about political power.

      • I was going to comment on just this point.

        There was, in fact, no gun violence (or, rather, violence committed using guns) prior to around the 14th century. And we all know how peaceful, nay, bucolic that period in history was.

      • Right. “Gun deaths” are a red herring, meant to distract you from the fact that guns have little to nothing to do with the actual rates of either violent crime or murder — and keep people from realizing that guns in the hands of peaceful people can actually *prevent* murder.

      • Remember, if a knife-wielding psychopath breaks into your home and you shoot him, that counts as “gun violence”, but if he stabs you to death because you’re unarmed, it doesn’t.

    • More guns may make us less safe in the same way the more nukes in the world makes us less safe on the whole…

      but I’m keeping mine, because it makes me more safe.

      • Mutual assured destruction works pretty well, assuming your opposition is relatively sane and / or doesn’t have a belief system which would make him think dying in a thermonuclear apocalypse is a free ticket to Paradise or something.

        I think it’s become a much more dangerous world since countries could get nuclear “shake and bake” sets, in effect, since the kind of mentality which allows one to build nukes from scratch, seems to be generally incompatible with either “nuts” or “fanatic” world-views. As evidence, I will point to the booming high-tech industrial base in the Middle East and northern Korean peninsula….

  2. Any of you out there think Odumbo is connected financially to the increase in guns? I guess if slick willy /the hildebeast can make many millions after 8 years in the rainbow house couldn’t Barry get a headstart? Is “the chosen dumb” really that devious? His crying jag a few months ago was pathetic. Was it another attempt to goose gun sales? Hmmm…

  3. I’d go to that gun art gallery in the Twin Cities, but those commie bastards in St. Paul won’t recognize my Iowa weapons carry permit. So I think I’ll pass. What would be the point if I wasn’t packing?

  4. I saw that story on the (unsurprising) payoff racket in concealed carry permits in NYC and couldn’t believe TTAG hadn’t heard about it, so I slid it under your door last night.

    If it hadn’t been for that one cop (who will now likely get the Frank Serpico treatment), it would still be humming today…

  5. That story about the fixer is freaking mind blowing. They gave a permit to a guy with a felony. He couldn’t even buy a gun but apparently he could buy a carry permit in the big apple.

    • Read the other 30 or so articles in that Post thread, that story just keeps getting better, and better, and….

    • Notice how much play the NYPD’s “worst scandal” Bratton has seen “since the Knapp Commission’s revelations of widespread police graft in the early 1970s” has gotten in the media.

  6. The twit who got his skinny jeans in a tizzy over the mere drawing of a gun has quite a rude awakening once he leaves the safe space confines of private school.

    Hopefully, mommy and daddy set up a trust fund for him, otherwise he might be better off looking into being a career academic. He’ll be at home with all the other tizzy getters.

  7. “Triggering” is a very revealing word choice. The Social Justice Warriors have weaponized their emotions — and they’re pointing their own personal assault weapons at everyone who values individual freedom. It’s basically emotional terrorism.

    • Yea, I was just poking around Gun Broker looking at them. The Auto Ordinance ones are cheaper but still $700-$800. The Inland Marine guns are all over a grand.

      • I’ve seen several for closer to $700. Another interesting thing is that they have this new scout rifle listed on their web site at a price that is $50 lower than reported here. But if you think the price is high, remember a few things. 1. Franklin Armor M1s are $500 more. 2. I have not heard any complaints about reliability for the Inland, much unlike the Auto Ordinance and its long history of issues with its magazines causing repeated misfeeds. 3. Have you checked out the price of an authentic M1 Carbine in good shooting condition? the beaters are $800 or over, depending on manufacturer markings, and the minty all original models are substantially more, models that you would be more likely to shove in your safe than take out shooting regularly. A new rifle built to MilSpec seems to substantially reduce the risk of getting someone else’s parts gun that may or may not run.

        The M1 Carbine is on my shopping list for this year, just in case California passes a bill (and Brown fails to veto it) that bans all semiauto rifles with a detachable magazine, only allowing all currently owned weapons to be registered as “assault weapons” that cannot legally be transferred within the state by any means.

        • There’s no shortage of people trying to get an extra couple hundred bucks out of their s#!t on Gun Broker even though anyone searching will see the real market value right below their listing.

          Good to know about the Auto Ordinance. Still probably a little more than what I’d be willing to pay.

    • I started thinking about how much it’d cost total, to set up a quality stock M1 carbine the basically the same way. From what I’ve found after looking for a few minutes, quality “tactical” M1 parts aren’t near as cheaply or easily found as those for an AR/AK/SKS. Even so, it looks like that M1 could be emulated for at least a couple hundred dollars cheaper than it’s MSRP…. and speaking of stocks, the Inland doesn’t even have an adjustable one. That’d be among the first things I’d be looking for when building a tacticool M1 “scout” carbine. And also…. why the cheap conical flash-suppressor? For that much, I’d think it should have something more modern & threaded.

      • Because it is more historically accurate. The “jungle” M1s carried by the early Special Forces trainers sent to Vietnam had this type flash suppressor.

  8. Alternative headline: Lawmakers still have not discussed how to stop the next Tashfeen Malik from immigrating.

  9. There were no restrictions on weapon purchases in the czarist Russia. After the revolution of 1905, the ruling regime basically installed the same permit system that exists today in some places in this country as well. A permit, issued by the city mayor, or the police commissioner. Those measures had everything to do with the fear of an armed uprising. Naturally, contraband, theft, and underground manufacturing went on all the way to the bloodbath of the year 1917. The “common sense” gun control did nothing to prevent anything.

  10. SO THE MUSLIMS HAVE SUCCEDED IN DISSARMING THE U.S. cool…. thats to much money for a .30 carbine, I had one it was ok, but not for 1200$ at most 400$

  11. With the 30 carbine you gotta keep it in perspective. If you want one for the sake of historical reference and amusement great. If you want to get one because you want a high performance light weight carbine forget it. There are many better options out there that are much more cost effective and perform better. Some of them are rather finnicky with what bullets they will shoot. They are also not that accurate. A friend and I recently rebarreled one that was made in the 1950’s. It is a better shooter than it was but still far from mind blowing or worth the money being asked for them now.

  12. “This is plainly not true—social science research has consistently shown that more guns leads to more gun violence.”
    Yes, and the Soviet Union was proven to be a paragon of Scientific Socialism.

  13. Sooo… do I have this right? In order to keep us safe from Islamic terrorists our government imports, the government wants us to give up our rights? If they weren’t morons, you’d almost think they planned it this way.

  14. Wow, Cali is what some may call ‘REKT’ now.

    Sorry for you guys. Since WV has constitutional carry now, I have no prob donating to other states’ Citizen Defense Leagues. Other free state citizens should do the same

  15. “It almost makes you wish for a third term. Wait…no it doesn’t.”

    Well, the guy has pretty much been beat down on the gun control front, and he’s fairly ineffective at everything else, so in a way, I can the appeal, especially if the anti’s get a fresh set of legs with Hillary. But he would still be nominating judges though, so there’s that.

  16. Re “More guns, less crime”: It’s not necessarily a matter of the “counter-studied being flawed”. When you consider that gun-grabbers like Bloomberg consider “gun violence” to include, not only suicides, but instances in which the police shoot criminals (recall those famous “gun violence victims” the Tsarnaev brothers?), the argument equating The Nation’s “gun violence” with Lott’s “crime” is fundamentally specious on it’s face. Put simply, a grabber’s “gun violence” includes a lot of stuff that isn’t crime. Lott’s “crime” includes a lot of stuff that isn’t “gun violence”. The two are in no way equivalent or comparable.

  17. “What is happening with guns in America?”

    Apparently, some of them are being ruined to make shitty art.

  18. Gun restrictions when judged against the recent Independent Citizen Committee investigating the police department in Chicago doesn’t come from the same galaxy.

    The rise of Donald Trump illustrates the anger in this country of being stepping over and/or on just to get by.

    Good seder

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