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“Tubman carried an old percussion pistol for protection against slave-catchers and their hound dogs. This violated an 1806 Maryland statute, which forbade ‘any negro or mulatto within this state to keep any dog, bitch or gun.’ The pistol was also a threat against any faint-hearted fugitive who wished to turn back. As Tubman knew, any slave who returned would be tortured into revealing everything about the remaining fugitives, which would result in the whole group being captured. Pointing her gun at one escapee, who was exhausted and hungry after a day of hiding in a swamp, she told him, ‘Move or die.’ She delivered him and the others to freedom soon after.” – Dave Kopel in Freedom Fighters [via]


Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: License All Gun Owners">Previous Post
Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: A Professor Has Second Thoughts About Writing a Recommendation for a Student Gun Enthusiast">Next Post


  1. Since he (Jackson) was against paper money it is ironic that he is on the 20. Maybe it is punishment for something and this is a commutation.

    • Oh, and it sure would have been nice if she had the gun with her on the bill. That would have been change I could really believe in.

      • made a picture of a bill using the above gun brandishing picture. It’d definitely (IMO) be best image on a bill in circulation.

    • On the other hand, his administration was also the only one to eliminate national debt, I always saw it as giving him credit for that.

  2. Curency and its embelishment are just empty symbolism that represents whatever the majority wishes it to.
    There is no reason whatsoever to believe that anyone knows jack shit about any of historical realities which surround Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, Franklin, and soon Tubman save the most superficial of info.

    Which means we’ll see an awful lot of this:
    BLACK WOMAN on MONEY #winz4feelz
    Harriet who? She sewed a flag right? Sat on a bus?

    • Ain’t gubermint edukashun grate?

      Safe spaces for all……..unless you’re conservative, then death to you.

    • This is a big step for african americans. The sybolism is not empty although im sure it will be twisted to fit narratives. And this is the kind of thing that can show black people they dont live in an entirely racist country without taking things away from those who deserve it most, like affirmative action does. How about you show a little fucking respect for that woman who “sat on a bus” while you’re at it.

      • Another Sanctimonious White Guilt Apologist. Man! Some liberal mouthbreather laid a heavy guilt trip on you telling you are still responsible for your great-grandaddy’s sins!????.

  3. An old percussion pistol? Wouldn’t percussion pistols be relatively new back then?

      • According to Wikipedia… the percussion cap was invented in 1820. Technically the revolver dates back to the 16th century. There was a flintlock revolver invented in 1814, a percussion revolver in 1820 and a percussion cap revolver in 1833 (not sure what a cap-less percussion revolver is). Sam Colt patented his revolver in 1835. Harriet Tubman was born in 1822 so technically the gun could have been older than she was.

    • no about 1820 percussion system was introduced… 45 years before… albeit these were initially single or multiple barrel affairs, not revolvers as we know them. It took Col Colt to popularize the percussion revolver, which reached their zenith about the time of the Civil War

    • Exactly. Her “heroics” are mainly imagined exaggerations of her white ‘biographers’ of the day.

      One of my many times sent to the principal’s office was over arguing the historical unsupportablility of her mythology.

      I take some issue with making our money another poster for mindless PC sloganeering. I take more issue with putting someone who was in reality, pretty much nobody on it. Just because she was a figure in your indoctrination books, doesn’t mean she was actually somebody.

      Lots more important figures in the anti-slavery movement, but whatever. Repeat the lie often enough….

  4. So what I am seeing is, people who violate gun laws turn into hero’s and get their picture plastered on a piece of paper.

    • So long as all it takes is to be a hero, not a martyr, I’m okay with it.

      They start putting Muslims on the money, then I’ll be worried.

      • Just wait until Obama’s on the $100, and our money is so inflated that $100 then becomes what $1 is today.

        • Then I could call my parents up and proudly inform them that their son is officially a thousandaire. Progress!

      • She may have been a muslim, shes got a rag tied around her head. Yeh Obama only wishes he could get his pic on currancy, Barrack Obama, sounds like an old time christian name to me. Just like John Standish is sooo Arabic

  5. Tubman carried an old percussion pistol for protection against slave-catchers and their hound dogs. This violated an 1806 Maryland statute…

    So what you are telling me is:
    1) Gun control is used to suppress good people
    2) we should support and endorse the breaking of gun control laws as Tubman does in this example.


  6. Hmm. A lone young woman was escorting male strangers through wilderness areas where no one would ever come to her aid if one of those strangers decided to indulge himself with her. Something tells me that Miss Tubman’s primary reason for carrying a handgun was to ensure that none of her male charges would rape her. Other incentives, like being able to repel a stray dog or stopping a male charge from going back to the plantation, were probably secondary considerations.

    • Im guessing, liveing on the run, dodging bounty hunters, grubbing for food, saving yourself and kids, working together to make it, kinda put the damper on rape. I reckon them slaves had seen enough rape n all.

  7. Meh, I still think that Jackson is the one of the few people on money you shouldn’t be replacing. We need another Jacksonian presidency.

    “My only two regrets in life are that I did not hang Calhoun and shoot Clay”

    • Well, except for that whole Indian Genocide thing, but what are some dead brown people among friends, right?

        • Exactly, slavery and imperialism had been around for all of recorded history up until very recently relatively. Who knows how history a few hundred years from now will judge us…

        • What Jackson did was morally repugnant by 19th Century standards. He deserves no place on American currency.

        • Well, the Choctaw tribe described it by coining the term “Trail of Tears” for a reason. Had they been blasé and down with it as just another episode of subjugation in a long line of historical instances of such, they more likely would have called it the “Trail of Same As It Ever Was” or the “‘Well, What Are Ya Gonna Do?’ Path”, don’t you think?

          What’s modern is the open rejection of the obviously self-serving notion that one has the right to own another. That underlying idea itself, however, was always ever fraudulent. That’s why rulers since time immemorial have had to fabricate phony origin stories, fancy titles, religions, and various -isms as rationalizations for their reign. It has forever been B.S. and many have known so, but just gone along with it.

          The morality hasn’t changed, only the honesty has.

        • @Russel

          Bullshit. Jackson was wildly popular during his time. Again, retroactive morality is the worst form of historical revisionism.

      • Right. It’s called “founding a country’, not ‘politically correct negotiations with the current residents’.

        Did we do unsavory things by today’s standards? Of course we did.

        Was there another way? Sure, we could have let the natives run us off. Perhaps your white guilt will have you grant title to all you own to some Natives. Go right ahead, I’ll be keeping what we rightfully took thank you very much.

        • The indians were quite versed in slaving and genocide of opponent tribes well before white people showed up. Evil has been present since day 1.

        • +1. Progressive historians have this hilariously false idea that slavery, genocide, killing of women and children, etc were entirely absent from the Americas/Africa until Europeans showed up, which is an outright lie. To native peoples everywhere, the arrival of whites meant the arrival of another, very well financed warrior tribe. Look at how many Africans and Native Americans sided with their new neighbors in exchange for guns and other commodities with which to settle even older tribal grudges. Whites changed nothing, fought on the exact same terms that had been practiced for centuries, and won.

          Prog historians just hate the west because it exacted the same brutality that every other human society has for thousands of years, but as a result it invented and perfected tech, engineering, meds, and science on a vastly superior levels where other cultures, especially Marxism, failed outright.

    • Jackson’s administration was infamously corrupt, and, uh, genocidal. We absolutely don’t need another Jacksonian presidency.

      He also hated the idea of a central Federal bank, and closed down the Second Bank of the United States. There’s no way this guy would have wanted to be on FRNs, and it is vaguely hilarious that they chose to put him on the $20 at all. Tubman, all things considered, seems a reasonable, non-controversial choice to replace him.

      • “He also hated the idea of a central Federal bank”

        So, he was on the right track, then.

        • If you want your 18th century agrarian society with limited power for capital formation industry and international protection you can keep your 18th century agrarian society

          At least until somebody comes and takes it

      • “non-controversial choice to replace him.”

        Prepare for my best Inigo Montoya or is my sarc detector broken? It it was non controversial we probably wouldnt be talking about it.

    • Jackson was the first Democrat, and was a large part of the creation of the Democratic Party. The most destructive, freedom hating, and genocidal political party to ever grace this great nation. As the oldest political party in the world, they’re the same party now as they’ve always been.

    • Jackson famously used executive power to override the supreme court and congress… something you probably criticize Obama for doing.

      • Depends on the circumstances, now don’t it? Lincoln suspended habeas corpus and FDR threw people into concentration camps.

  8. The story has to be a myth. No one carries a gun in an area with a gun ban in effect. No one.

  9. Good. Jackson was a democrat. That’s enough reason for me. Democrat is synonymous with Nazi as far as I’m concerned.

  10. Aww. I thought they were going to put Hillary on the $20. Maybe they’ll put her on the $10, next year…

    • Maryland had to be occupied thru out the civil war by Union troops because they backed the south.

  11. Another solution in search of a problem. No reason to change the pictures on currency. Another money wasting project by the government to justify their salaries, pensions and benefits. At present, Dot Gov chooses methods for their projects that can shut down any opposition by calling us racists. Hence, the Harriet Tubman choice. Plus, Obama can snicker at us unwashed Flyover Folk.

    • This is a very good point. We have lots of real problems in our society, most all of which are dwarfed by the uncontrolled spending coming from the state at all levels, spending and debt and inflation – if we don’t get this under control then before long there won’t be any reason to worry about anything else.

      And the way they are going it’s quite clear that the spending will only increase until they are stopped. Best analogy I have heard is this; the US is like a speeding 18 wheeler truck going 90MPH and approaching a 1000ft cliff. The Republicans make noises about slowing down but do nothing at all to do so. The Democrats are standing on the accelerator screaming ‘Eff this, I am gonna make this truck fly!’.

      And these morons think we need to put efforts and money into changing the pictures on our paper currency?

      They are exactly like spoiled children, no thoughts or cares for the future, no understanding at all about setting and keeping to priorities. All they think about is one thing, party party party with borrowed money.

      • +1000, My thoughts exactly. I’m not impressed with these PC/ social justice solutions to imaginary injustices that don’t amount to a hill of beans difference to but a small number of sensitive liberal snowflakes looking to “make a difference in the world.” If they really want to make a difference let’s put the brakes on this government’s out of control spending and submit a balanced budget (again, what you said)! Yeh, I know, I’m holding my breath….

      • Only part I disagree with is that it’s borrowed money, or rather, only borrowed money. With a high five figure tax bill I just paid going to Obamaphones and whatever else the welfare state squanders my money on for other people’s personal benefit, I’m thinking theft is more prominent than borrowing.

        • Point taken of course.

          Irregardless, we all know that the high level economic numbers are all just so much bullshit it would be funny if it weren’t true.

          We are very nearly to the point where all the real money we pay into taxation is just going to service debt; for all we know in reality we are already there, and functionally it doesn’t really matter where that line is, because we are so close anyway it might as well be true.

          That’s the cliff coming at us and we cannot really avoid it. Very bad, very bad.

        • You know, .308, you might not be far off with that. Good post.

          There actually is an economic theory in macroeconomics called the “Barro-Ricardo Equivalence” proposition. As always, in the severity of brevity here, my absurdly oversimplified explanation of it is that government spurring economic activity is essentially a wash, regardless whether it’s done by borrowing or by taxation. It can’t really spur aggregate demand by borrowing, for example, because people will curtail their spending by an amount necessary to pay for the taxes required to repay that borrowing.

          There are arguments to be made pro and con regarding the validity of the theory, but the extremely basic and relevant point is the same that everything in economics boils down to: there’s no such thing as a free lunch. One way or another, you’re paying, no matter how elaborate the government illusion.

  12. The link above only shows exaggeration concerning the bounty. The rest is not myth.

    She shouldn’t be on the bill because she had seizures?

    She did fight for women’s suffrage toward the end of her life.
    (That work was often left out of Helen Keller’s biographies.)

    Tubman was an American who did some heroic work. She can be on the bill.

    You need to read your history if you equate Jackson’s Democratic affiliation with Nazism. The Democratic Party of his time was essentially the Republican Party of today.

    If you get defensive about learning your villains are now heroes and your heroes are now villains, that’s about you, not history.

    • H, You might want to consider reading more than one link.

      No one is alleging Tubman to be bad. But the tales of her accomplishments have been, ahem, overstated. The stuff in children’s schoolbooks is notoriously poorly-vetted from a historical viewpoint.

      • I was referring to the above link. It is not my sole source on history. 🙂
        I included the reference to Helen Keller because American history is quite distorted.
        If you don’t include the European immigrants, women, African slaves and Native American’s experiences and contributions in children’s and adult’s history texts you tell an incomplete tale.

        It foments resentment when the poorly educated white American suffering in today’s economy has to wrestle with the facts. Facts that this country wasn’t made for them. They just get to be here like the other classes. The 1% have been using them for cannon fodder while telling them that every other religion, race and nationality is to blame for their condition. Even here on TTAG you see extraordinary interest in inner city violence that rarely affects a white person. Meanwhile my Chrysler job is gone, my Singer job is gone and we are worrying about bathrooms. Hillary in one breathe says we will help coal miners find jobs in renewable energy then says we will close mines and shut down coal production. “Help” you find a job? Where? 1000 miles away? 100? Meanwhile she supports fracking.

        I wish our history had been taught correctly the first time. But hey, the winners get to write it their way. Are you going to rebel when we find some immigrant Pole who advocated for workers to put on the $5?

        • Liberal Arts degree I see.

          Like it or not, the US was very much founded for whites. It was 100% founded by white Euros – I’m not sure how you want to “racially balance” the Founders. This Great Republic was founded by a bunch of white men for the benefit of those like them. Get the eff over it.

          We’ve accepted (and embraced) many groups of people over the centuries, as long as they become part of the USA – which already has plenty of room for ‘different’ cultures. We already have dozens of cultures which are distinctly American. East Coast, West Coast, NYC, Upstate NY, Southern, Southern White, Southern Black,.Upper Midwest, Lower Midwest, NO, Texas, Tex-Mex, NorCal, SoCal, PacNW, Great Plains, Alaska, Gulf Coast. I could do this for hours.

          We have rich cultural diversity already. More than any other nation on earth.

    • That’ll show ’em! What, I don’t know, but it’ll show that clerk something.

        • It also may show that he is sick of our Dot Gov spending money on meaningless nonsense…Not enough of you folks ignore the smoke and fog to simply ask “Why?”.

        • Right, I’m sure you were all about that government waste before and during the Iraq War.

        • Highly oppose the Iraq War, and every other Middle East intervention. Thank God we stayed out of Syria so far. Thanks for playing though!

      • NWA has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Structure and order are apparently irrelevant anymore.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m old enough to have bought Straight Outta Compton when it was very fresh. I still listen to it occasionally. But it’s like inducting the Beatles into the Rap Hall of Fame.

    • ditto – they gonna have to shovel those tubbies off on someone else – Old Hickory was my boyhood hero

  13. Jackson was a bada$$ who didn’t take crap from anyone. They didn’t call him “Old Hickory” for nothing.

    While I don’t condone how he treated the natives, I still think we could use a few more people like Andrew Jackson in Washington.

  14. I’m fine with this. And so is my pretty black wife. Pretty sure all the spirits of dead Cherokee’s also like this. Slave owner and genocidal jerkweed. Famous for winning a war already won. Sorry I don’t share the redneck racist ethics of some of you. 19th century indeed…the 1st incarnation of slick willy dumbocrats.

    • FWW: how do you feel about more tax dollars (or helicopter money) being spent on feel good nonsense?

      • I FEEL I don’t give a rat’s azz. Part of the reason is the need to “change ” bills to be more “secure” every year. Whatever-cashless in a few years and presto! Tracking everyone with a 666 chip in your head. Welcome to the future whoever the heck you are Junk troll(1st time here?) It beats sending tax $ to Afghanistan…

        • Been here a lot longer than you, Sir! I just don’t feel the need to tell the world my personal business as often as you do. Seriously, how many times do you have to tell us your Wife has a higher level of pigmentation in her skin than you do. We don’t care!

      • I FEEL you’re an azzwhole-and a troll who just showed up today. I lurked on here for quite awhile before I took took the plunge .You do realize I mention her mainly to pizz off you dumb rednecks? Don’t like me or my chocolate bunny? Don’t read what I write troll…and by “we” do you mean “me and my boyfriend”?

        • You seem a bit more obsessed with race and sexual orientation than the average bear. You kiss your Wife with that mouth?

    • Riiiight… Because the fact that Jackson was responsible for many of the precedents that allowed the liked of Lincoln and Reagan to exist is completely irrelevant.

      Jackson was the Ronald Reagan of the 1800s.

  15. This whole thing is like someone deciding to fix the crooked painting on the wall of their house, AS THE HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN.

  16. If they are truly looking to put the visage of a revolutionary abolitionist on U.S. currency, then who could be better than John Brown?

    Old John planned to arm the slaves with military weapons looted from a Federal Armory so they could fight for their own freedom. He attacked “the Man”, but was put down by the establishment. As a result, he was hanged for treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  17. I couldn’t care less what color the person on our bills is. What I do care about, is that the nation’s motto “E Pluribus Unum”, is moved to where “In God We Trust” is.

    • You would spend taxpayer dollars to accomplish this change? If so, you are part of this unsustainable debt problem.

        • Sorry, taxing religious institutions on their property violates the 1st amendment protection of religious practice because it effectively puts a government tax on the exercise of a fundamental right.

        • No need to be sorry…somebody asked about a tax other than income. I’m perfectly fine with churches being tax exempt orgs. The churches in my area hand out lots of food/canned goods, tanks of gas, new and used clothes…etc- pretty much anything but guns, booze, medications and money to hundreds of needy people throughout the year. Some are passing through, some sick, some families have lost both jobs. Start taxing these churches, they can’t help as much or as many. The churches pay much more attention to abuse and waste than the gov does. Besides, tax exempt status keeps gov politics out of the pulpit…well the churches I’ve been to anyway.

        • Dude, please. Churches are about salaries for clergy. See “Vatican Bank”. The rest are just not as successful. A very visible pittance goes to the needy.

        • Easy dude. Not all churches are the same and I know for a fact at the church I attend, the Pastor’s salary as well as support staff amounts to barely a double digit percentage of the operating budget.These staff in turn pay income tax on this income so do not pretend no tax is payed on those donations. Over 40% is budgeted to overseas missions.

        • I didn’t say a word about staff. And that “overseas” stuff is called salaries for “missionaries”, or in other words, clergy salaries. Church is big business.

        • >> Please tell me how you can tax something that doesn’t have an income.

          Do the pastors eat? Where does the money to buy their food come from?

          That’s your income.

    • Nah, Barry has that reserved for the LGBT…. The “$3 Rainbow Bill” – “Queer as a $3 Bill!”

  18. Why do we put dead people on the money anyway? I’d vote for pictures of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, eagles, grizzlys, the Appalachians, etc. If we need to put pictures on our money why not have pictures of America?

    • There have been some suggestions floated around along these lines. Here’s one that tries to focus on the achievements of the American people – major works of infrastructure, that sort of thing – and puts “this noted is a credit to the … of the American people” on every banknote:

      Not a fan of that specific design, but the idea has merit. Money is a measure of wealth, and wealth is created by the aggregate labor of all the American workers. It stands to reason that this should be recognized in the symbolism of said money.

      Alternatively, how about just featuring most important quotations from the Constitution in a prominent position in the middle? Millions of people deal with banknotes every day. If every one of those banknotes says “Congress shall pass no law ..” or “… shall not be infringed” or “The right of the people to be secure”, a few more might remember those things when it matters.

    • I like beavers they are so cute, can we get one with a beaver, pleeeeease? 🙂

      I thought those dead people were Presidents, you know, like …the highest executive government office holder, representing us The People (supposedly at least ).
      Why can’t she be on a coin?

      It doesn’t roll of a tongue quite as nice: “Pictures of dead presidents and some chick”

  19. i don’t know a abut history , government, U.S. currency,–however–hasn’t just about all paper currency been changed two or three times, (I read that this current change has to do with counterfeiting also),———-doesn’t the face on the bill historically been of dead presidents?——- why the change again —-I agree it is a waste of time and tax payer’s money————-and move the current figure to the back of the bill?———–I thought they also had special meaning———————–I guess i’l use the credit n debit cards more——–

    • Dead presidents like Franklin and Hamilton?

      More seriously, why is Grant, of all people, on the $50? And (back when they existed) why was Salmon P. Chase on the $10K?

      • Grant won a war. Yes- I am aware he worked as an overseer on a slave plantation. I have held a real live $5000 bill at an auction(Direct Auction/Chicago). James Madison is the cover -boy. Father of the constitution. It sold for $63,500. Glean what you will Steve…

        • I’ve been fortunate enough to handle Salmon P. Chase (through a plexiglas cover), and despite the propaganda, not all of the 42,000 portraits of Woodrow Wilson in green are in the hands of the gov and museums.

        • 16V-from my understanding there are LESS $5000notes than $10000-they sell for as much or more. Collecting paper money is strange to me but as an antique dealer I’ve sold all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff. I don’t think the $100000 bill was ever anything but bank to bank…now gold and silver I get.

        • FWW, I sold my $500 and $1000 bills long ago, so I’m not all that plugged into that scene currently.

          Last I saw 10s were going for around 70, and 5s as you noted are far more rare in existence, were around 90.

          The 100s were for interbank transfers, back when people and families owned banks. I have no reason to doubt the veracity of the provenance of the 100 I have seen in private hands, despite Mint saying that they ‘have tracked them all’. It’s kept well secured, and you only hear about it (let alone see it) unless you have some idea of it’s importance. i know the reputation of those who hold it, and I know the reputation of the Mint. I judge accordingly.

  20. David Burge is having fun with this:

    You don’t have to agree with his politics to appreciate that he’s consistently Onion-style funny.

    Really, with a shout-out to Our Local Troll-y who reappeared yesterday, putting this kind of symbol on the currency is a fine example of politics by other means. And Trollkins is right, the pro-gun folk, and especially The Stupid Party are way, way too clueless and inept to have done this on purpose. Fortunately, the enemy is busy making a mistake, so let’s not interrupt them. Mmmm-kay?

  21. Want to infuriate anti-gunners on the left?

    Let’s get really excited about this. Celebrate and brag about it. Treat it like our victory.

    And watch them get fucking furious.

  22. Say what you will about her but – Harriet Tubman was religious. I wonder how many bills, plaques, and parks will ever mention that; her religious beliefs shaped much of what she did to help slaves. That black woman was down with God and guns.

  23. Andrew Jackson was a racist who signed “The Indian Removal Bill” which resulted in mass genocide against the American Indian. The type of person most Republicans lionize. Its about time we finally put someone on a bill that made America a better place to live in rather than a turd like Jackson whose act that he signed was responsible for killing thousands and thousands of people and it stole their land, raped their women and murdered everyone including children. Why would we ever have wanted Jackson on any bill, the rest of the world knows what he was, even if the average American has not a clue.

    • Retroactive morality is the worst form of historical revisionism. Do you oppose having Grant or Lincoln on money? (They killed far more people, and Lincoln flat out suspended habeas corpus)

      • Suspending habeas corpus is vastly preferable to a genocide.

        And Lincoln killed people who were armed and shooting back – it’s called “war”. Jackson, on the other hand, perpetrated a massacre of unarmed civilians. These aren’t even comparable, regardless of what the absolute numbers are for each.

        And no, it doesn’t require modern morality to realize that genocide is bad. Jackson was called out on what he did by moral people back in his time.

        • Once again, looking at history as though it happened today.

          Jackson did what needed to be done at the time. Horrible though that may be when viewed through the lens of a new arrival, those of us who have been here understand the necessity. The fact is that this ‘welcoming country’ wouldn’t have existed for you newbs to show up in, were it not for the “evil” that Jackson had done.

          So please, quit judging that which happened (likely) hundreds of years before your family arrived, in order to make this country what it was when you showed up.

          • Nothing that Jackson did, for which he is criticized, was necessary.

            And even if it were, the ends do not justify the means.

        • So what is it that which for ‘Jackson was criticized’ are you referencing?

          If you’re going to assert malfeasance, do be specific.

    • petru sova, The only reason you are here typing this right now is that Jackson (and others like him), did what they did. Get the eff over your white guilt nonsense. If the “Native Americans” were still running the show, you’d likely be dead, or a slave right now. Let alone playing on the interwebz.

      Seriously, grow the hell up.

  24. As others have pointed out, many of Harriet Tubman’s achievements may have been exaggerated by hagiographers, and most people are pushing for her inclusion on the bill not because they care about her achievements but because of her sex and her race, but we forget something regardless of that. Our founders didn’t want us to put people, living or dead, on the coinage and bills of our country. Maybe we need to go back to that system that was with us until the end of the 19th century of instead putting our values, like liberty and justice, in personification on our coins.

    • Our founders didn’t want us to put people, living or dead, on the coinage and bills of our country.

      Our founders didn’t want the government issuing bills. It was left to private banks. That changed in the 1860s with the various kinds of paper money (Greenbacks, demand notes, etc.) issued during the Civil War.

  25. The best bill is the hundo cause he was da best dead president. We need a 500 bill like europe. Money is moving to all electronic, all track able by bb. Get excited about who is on a small bill if u like, it’s opiate of the masses, christians fed to lions as usual. Just don’t look behind the curtain. The shell game ends when oil is no longer sold in dollars…

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