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The family of outspoken Florida shooting survivor, David Hogg, is turning to the FBI after receiving several death threats online, including a particularly disturbing one from an NRA supporter.

The 17-year-old Hogg has been one of Parkland’s most vocal gun reform advocates. His mother, Rebecca Boldrick, tells us that they’ve decided to go to the FBI after someone wrote in a comment on one of Rebecca’s Facebook photos, “You can change your settings, but you can never change your faces, your whole family is exposed because of your piece of s*** kid.”

The person who posted the comment called out her son’s upcoming birthday, saying it “will be an interesting event” before co-signing the NRA and the right to bear arms, which the Hoggs are taking as a death threat.

Gov. Malloy

Connecticut Gov. Malloy Sounds a Lot Like King George III – How’d that work out for His Majesty?

Gov. Dannel Malloy declared this week the NRA is a “terrorist organization.” The second most-hated governor (only New Jersey’s former Gov. Chris Christie edged him out for the top spot), Malloy has a propensity for trying to deflect attention away from poor performance.

We’ve been down this road before. Gov. Malloy lashes out when he feels like no one is paying him enough attention. It’s understandable. After all, the governor’s policies of continually raising taxes while failing to bring bloated government spending under control have badly hurt the state’s economy, helping to push out major employers, such as General Electric, Alexion Pharmaceuticals and Aetna to other states. We’ve seen him do this before. …

(The NSSF) asked for an apology. Connecticut-based O.F. Mossberg & Sons asked for an apology on behalf of its state workforce. We’re still waiting. Nor do we expect any acknowledgment that the industry trade association headquartered in his state has made meaningful contributions to improving public safety.

Staring down the barrel of a heinous Illinois gun dealer licensing law they enabled (supposedly inadvertently), Springfield Armory is hawking its custom shop 1911’s. The unforgiven?

Two Miramar SWAT officers suspended for heading to Parkland massacre – Sheriff Israel wants to punish the police who didn’t want to go in — and the ones who did . . .

When a gunman started shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, two Miramar SWAT team members did what comes naturally: They went to help.

Now they’ve been suspended for it.

The officers did not have permission to respond to the shooting at Parkland on Feb. 14, when 17 people were killed.

And that created an officer safety issue and left them unaccountable for their actions, according to their police department.

But their union reacted differently.

“While it may have been a violation of policy to not notify their supervisors that they were going there, their intentions were brave and heroic, I think,” Broward County PBA President Jeff Marano said Wednesday.

Johnny Depp with Tommy Gun (courtesy

FDR’s Gun-Control Strategy: Tax ‘Em – “This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners.” But in this case, yes. Yes it does . . .

Would such a tax prevent mass shootings entirely? Of course not. But it would put assault rifles out of the reach of many disturbed individuals, and likely lead to the same precipitous drop in their popularity that hit machine guns after the 1934 law. That realization may help explain why a handful of cities and states have instituted modest taxes on both guns and bullets in recent years.

But these are baby steps compared to what Cummings proposed: a 100 percent tax. That scale would have a far greater consequence, one commensurate with the dangers posed by this particular class of weapons.

It would also generate considerably more revenue. But rest assured, there are plenty of deserving recipients of that money: the growing numbers of families who have lost loved ones to the AR-15 and its ilk.

The civilian disarmament industrial complex’s “March for Our Lives” will put gun control back on the front pages on March 14. Your taxes hard at work?

Second Amendment text of the United States Constitution (courtesy

The Second Amendment Does Not Transcend All Others – No it protects all others. Anyway, there are none so blind as those who will not see . . .

In adopting what became the Second Amendment, members of Congress were attempting to reassure the states that they could retain their militias and that Congress could not disarm them. Maybe there was a subsidiary right to bear arms; but the militia is the main thing the Constitution revamped, and the militia is what the Amendment talks about.

I’ve devoted years of my life to studying such ideas as the “original understanding” or “original public meaning” of constitutional provisions. No matter what anyone tells you, no one (and I certainly include myself) can really know the single meaning of any part of the Constitution at the time it was adopted.

Honest Abe's Illinois Concealed Carry License (courtesy

State Board Regularly OKs Gun Licenses Despite Police Warnings – In a fascist state the police are the ultimate authority . . .

When someone applies for a concealed carry license, law enforcement agencies like the Chicago Police Department or Cook County Sheriff’s Office can object to the application “based upon a reasonable suspicion that the applicant is a danger to himself or herself or others, or a threat to public safety.”

The governor-appointed Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing Review Board considers the objections and decides whether or not the applicant should be able to legally carry a gun. No other state allows law enforcement to object to concealed carry licenses without giving them final say.

Last year, the Chicago Police Department filed 801 objections, but at least 68 percent of those were thrown out by the board, according to CPD data.

“The system, whereby a panel can overturn police objections, needlessly and recklessly puts more guns on the streets of Chicago,” said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.

Board spokesman Matthew Boerwinkle justified the board’s decisions by saying it uses a “higher standard” than local police to decide whether or not somebody should be allowed a concealed carry license. Thus, he said, it is “predictable that many law enforcement objections are ultimately overruled by the board.”

Mike Weisser (courtesy

Our National Reckoning On Guns Hasn’t Included The Firearm Industry. It Should. – Once again, Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser bites the hand that feeds. Fed? Whatever . . .

ARs are cheap, extremely customizable and fun to shoot. They’ve become “under-the-tree guns,” meaning they’re a popular Christmas gift, said Mike Weisser, a Massachusetts-based gun dealer and lifetime NRA member who’s worked with both Debney and Killoy over his 40-year career.

They also now account for a substantial portion of gun company profits. Weisser, who has previously blogged for HuffPost as “Mike the Gun Guy,” said the industry’s marketing of assault-style rifles as recreational firearms has been deceptive.

“They’re not sporting guns,” Weisser said. “They’re designed to kill people.”

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      • A CNC mill could carve one from a raw block of aluminum.

        And the files to carve it are freely available online.

        Should we register CNC mills?

        • Don’t give them ideas … But yeah, that is one logical extension of where all this could lead.

          Before that happens, though, I think we’ll see such a tax extended to gun parts, as well as guns per se.

        • Well CNC mills are a bit pricey, but the point stands in general. For best results with that PDF I linked to you do need at least a decent mill. But you can get by with just a drill press if you’re good.

        • Regulate all machine shops, confiscate all milling cutters, stop all aluminum deliveries. Last but not least, use “mind” control over all workers to abolish the thought of any firearm.

    • May St.John the Browning have mercy upon my soul… I clicked on that Bloomberg link… and then I commented…
      I so sorry everyone! It was like I couldn’t stop myself!

    • “[The tax] would put assault rifles out of the reach of many disturbed individuals [as well as the all the common rabble, who should never have any kind of tangible power that would make their betters think twice about abusing power]…”

  1. The marches on Mar 14 are mostly being organized by public employee unions, so yes, your tax dollars are indeed at work.

  2. Not buying it.
    They can just take that troll who threatened the new Gun Bigot’s poster child and show me his NRA membership card.
    I’m waiting…

  3. Hogg needs a protection detail from Broward County Sheriff’s office. They did such good work at his school.

  4. “They’re not sporting guns,” Weisser said. “They’re designed to kill people.”

    Mike, your right and the Second Amendment is not about sport it’s about killing people, specifically tyrants.

    • Eh, it is simpler than that. All of my guns were designed to kill…period.
      I rather suppose that the revolver was a gun that was originally designed solely for the purpose of killing people, whether for dueling, self defense, war, or thuggery, and not much else. The same is true to this day for almost all handguns. Muskets were, originally, solely for war; only until they became sufficiently refined in the 17th century were they used for hunting.

      So what’s the point? To say that the AR15 was designed to kill people is really really stupid.

      • Yes, it IS very stupid–for the simple fact that a firearm is NOT ‘designed to kill people,’ no matter what type it may be.
        A ‘firearm’ is a mechanical device that uses high-pressure gas created by deflagrating chemical compounds in a cylinder or tube, sealed at one end, intended to use the energy created by the expanding gas in its momentarily-contained state to expel a solid projectile, via the path of least resistance, at high speed from the unsealed end of of the cylinder or tube in a line roughly contiguous to and aligned with the bore of the cylinder or tube.
        A ‘firearm’ is a high-speed, gas-operated drill–and nothing more.
        Granted, this particular type of ‘drill’ has longer range than most, and is capable of ‘stand-off’ drilling of holes. It can also drill holes in flesh, living or dead. In fact, it’s very, VERY good at it. Certain types of firearm ‘drills’ are better at it than others, due to their efficacy and higher rate of hole-drilling.
        No matter HOW good, though, that does not mean that a firearm is ‘designed to kill.’ It is, instead, ‘designed to poke holes.’

        If you let The Opposition control the narrative, you lose.

        • Yeah, I get it, but why did humans develop a long-distance, high-efficiency hole-poker in the first place?

          I don’t think we gain anything by getting too cute on this. Yes, firearms were developed with killing in mind. They’re weapons and that’s what weapons are used for a lot of the time. But that’s a simplistic and shallow issue. The deeper, more honest, and more important questions are what kinds of killing are acceptable and who should have the power to do that killing?

          If your view is killing is never justified, then it’s doubtful you would be comfortable with anyone having an efficient means of killing. If you believe killing in self-defense or defense of others is acceptable, then you are probably okay with people having the tools to do so.

          The gun-control people see the state, and only the state, as having that power. So they see no problem with proposing bans on ARs because ARs are solely for the purpose of killing as many people as possible as fast as possible, while making sure that ban has carve outs for all government agencies and law enforcement. For people who believe that “literally Hitler” is President, this seems beyond absurd.

        • Depending on the origin story you believe the first guns were Chinese and used to defend their castles. Later they were used by infantry to counter mounted knights in plate armor and later still were used to defend Spanish forts in the new world. Somewhere along that line they were used for hunting as well. Then the first Flintlocks came along and guns were finally used in a man portable offensive style even if they were really used as just a long heavy club to mount a bayonet to.

        • You have a right to bear arms, NOT own a “gas-operated drill” Ams, weapons, A thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage. AKA designed to kill people.

          Smart aleck comments do not help and just make the pro-guns side look stupid to the people in the middle.

      • With fighting guns the death of the target in incidental and most often not even desired. Fighting guns were designed to incapacitate. To do so reliably however requires inflicting catastrophic damage. Still, causing death is not the goal of the designs.

      • I am of the opinion that guns were, originally, designed to kill. Since then, they have been adapted for many uses, most of which consist of shooting inert targets.
        Otherwise, if guns were intended to kill people, how would the Olympics find people willing to act as targets for their gun competitions?
        Or, to put it another way:
        If guns are intended for killing people, and cars are intended to act as transportation between two places…
        You’d be pretty pissed if your car did what it was designed to do as seldom as guns do what they are (supposedly) designed to do.
        Or your TV, or your computer, or your stove, or…
        The list goes on and on. Guns are used very seldom to kill people. Out of the billions of rounds fired annually, there are, what? 30,000 people killed (including suicides, who are very adept at finding ways to do the deed)? .0003%.
        Can you imagine the whinging if someone’s new car only started .0003% of the time?

      • Even simpler than that, the legal definition of a firearm does not mention killing once,

        The term “firearm” means (A) any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; (B) the frame or receiver of any such weapon; (C) any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; or (D) any destructive device.

        Expelling a projectile does not mean killing. If you want to talk about the “original design” of something Viagra was designed as a heart medication. What something was originally designed for doesn’t mean anything.

    • Ya know, if we’re going to split hairs on this “designed to kill people” notion, we might look a little into some of the military research on the matter. A major argument in favor of the M16 was that it would wound rather than kill an enemy combatant. In such a case, that was better than a kill, because it could take two or three combatants out of the battle: the one hit and a medic and support as well. That assumes a civilized enemy. In Vietnam, when a man was down, in the units I know anyway, a medic whenever possible, had two guys covering him, as he was too valuable to the unit to risk losing. Any civilized army, and most soldiers from anywhere look out for one another, would be similar.

      So you liberal hair splitters missed again. The AR15 was not designed to kill people. One point for our side.

  5. Hmm, don’t see anything implying a death threat. I guess they want only to suppress the first and get free armed security to boot.

    • I see the message as being a vaguely threatening one, but it looks like he specifically veiled it to avoid being overt.

      • And yet people don’t realize that using force (the threat of criminal prosecution ) to seize property may make others feal threatened.

  6. Before that crap Springfield Armory pulled I would have been a Loyal customer for life, I like their pistols and rifles a lot. #neveragain

    • Same. I loved my Range Officer (now sold, because fuck those guys) and I love the EMP with the bobtail – but I can’t bring myself to own or buy one of their firearms.

    • Wow, .45mmACP, interesting screen name. I wasn’t even aware that Colt had designed a .45mm round. Is that like a Pentel pencil lead diameter? Doesn’t sound lethal, but at least you could carry a couple hundred rounds in a matchbox!

  7. FDR’s solution to getting that declared constitutional is a much longer story involving show trials, a high ranking Klansman, and a judge who really should have recused himself.

    • Nither the history of the case nor the Supreme court opinion in Miller v. U.S. support your facts. Instead, the Judge, Ragon was in favor of the gun control law and ruled the law unconstitutional because he knew that Miller, who was a known bank robber and had just testified against the rest of his gang in court, would have to go into hiding as soon as he was released. He knew that Miller would not pay a lawyer to argue the case at the Supreme Court and would simply disappear. Therefore, the government’s appeal to the Supreme Court would be a sure win because Miller and his attorney would not even be present at the argument.
      This was in fact the case. The attorney who represented him at trial was not paid to handle the appeal to the Supreme Court, and to make matters even more unconscionable, the Supreme Court gave him only two weeks to file his brief in opposition to the appeal. Then, as it is today, Supreme Court briefs must be published in a hard bound volume, and since there are so few copies, by a private publisher. There is no way that the brief could be written and published within that time frame. Last but not least, the poor lawyer was, well, poor, and could not afford to travel from Arkansas to D.C. to argue the case. So yes, the whole case was a setup to ensure that the law’s constitutionality was upheld.
      There is no hint in any source I have seen that Miller was a high ranking KKK member. There is some evidence suggesting that Mr. Miller was found by his former friends and murdered before the appeal was heard, which should have mooted the case.

      • “There is some evidence suggesting that Mr. Miller was found by his former friends and murdered before the appeal was heard, which should have mooted the case.”

        Not so. Frank Leyton (the et. al. in Miller et. al. v. US) was still alive. He wound up paying a nominal fine for the crime.

  8. Seeing that story about the department screwing cops for going in to the situation just boils my blood and I hope the union finds a way to make them pay. Policy over lives? Assholes.

    • It’s not about policy. It feels like the whole situation was carefully created and planned. So many oversights and bad judgements by all authorities involved seem suspicious. As if the sheriff needed larger body count to help him push gun control agenda.
      (Adjusts tin foil hat)

    • The policy is in place because the airport shooting was a disastrously mishandled with 2000 cops showing up and basically causing a traffic jam for the people who were suppose to respond. When that cop was shot in downtown Chicago, I saw at least 3 patrol speeding down shoulder, in heavy traffic and I was still 5 miles out on the Kennedy. I bet that turned into a mess.

  9. Maybe some libtard sent $25 to join the NRA and is planning an attack. If so, I hope that information gets out quickly.

    • You don’t need to be a member or even a supporter of NRA to say God bless the NRA… if you want your wackiness to accrue to the NRA. I could say God bless BLM and the ACLU. I wouldn’t mean it, and I have no affiliation with either, but if I put it in a threat, then some would attribute credit to BLM and ACLU. That whacko is not likely an NRA member, and probably doesn’t even have the $35 membership fee or a credit card to put it on (I’m pretty sure you can’t use your SNAP benefits to join NRA.)

      • Gotta tell Wayne about the SNAP benefits. Maybe he can get Trump to issue an executive order to allow that. /Sarc.

  10. I read S&W’s response to BlackRock today.

    Performance Center 1911 order placed. Not that I need it … but I’ve been thinking about a “semi-custom” 1911 for a while now, and thought this would be a good opportunity to support a company that speaks so eloquently for itself and its customers’ rights.

    Springfield wasn’t on the consideration list.

    • Nicely done!
      I can only hope that spring field reads your comment.
      I went with a Ruger SR1911 in commander length. And since I’ve got the tools and know how, I’m customizing it myself.
      Spring field is also OFF my list.

      • Also a nice choice, Tom. What are you planning on doing to your SR?

        As to the rest, well, one can hope, but honestly at this point what practical actions could they take to get us back?

  11. “But these are baby steps compared to what Cummings proposed: a 100 percent tax. That scale would have a far greater consequence, one commensurate with the dangers posed by this particular class of weapons.”

    Yes, because people who plan to go to jail or, more likely, off themselves after committing mass murder care so much about keeping a little money in their savings account for a rainy day instead of spending it on the tool they plan to use to unleash their evil upon the world.

    • One can only imagine the tax he wants to place on cars, cigarettes, alcohol, and the rest of the things that kill far more Americans each year…

    • Unfortunately, most people who “plan to go to jail” (although they don’t think in those terms) do not buy their guns from “regular” gun dealers. And for that matter, the vast majority don’t use ARs either.

  12. That boy is a publicity Hogg…how is that a threat?!? Um yeah Illinois is effed up. I’ve decided I don’t need an AR. Levergun,bolt rifle or even the new Hipoint 10mm. Good enough for home defense…I hope. Oh and the Indiana gunshops are concerned for Illinois gunowners. We make up a large volume of their sales. Sigh…

    • “I’ve decided I don’t need an AR.”

      You’ve been talking about getting an AR for a while. May I ask what changed?

      • Likely limited to 10round mags in Illinois SOON. A ton of evil laws voted on by legislators. And all they need is a RINO governor to sign them. I have no use for a neutered AR15. Funny but I was in an Indiana gunshop today and the counter guy couldn’t believe they would do that. Or make your mags illegal. Hell you couldn’t legally have a handgun in Chiraq until some 9 years ago. CCL less than 5 years. Illinois is ground zero…

        • Would the mag ban be retroactive? (Sorry, I haven’t read through all the proposed laws in Illinois recently.)

          If not, like Colorado, your pre-ban mags would be legal and good to go, you just gotta get them before the ban goes into effect. You can order 10 packs and larger online for GI mags at dirt cheap prices.

          That said, a lever gun is always a good choice. I love lever guns.

        • Strych9: California banned 10+ mags 18 years ago, but grandfathered in those owned prior to the effective date of the statute. Last year they banned ALL 10+ mags, including the grandfathered ones, a law that has been held up by a temporary restraining order on various Constitutional grounds, not the least of which was a taking without compensation.

        • When’s the last time you checked the capacity of a lever gun? If it is a rifle caliber (.30-30, .45-70, e.g.), it isn’t often more than 4 rounds. Carbine length (16″) pistol caliber lever guns only carry 8 or 10. Plus they take a heck of a lot longer to reload than just dropping a mag and slapping in a new one, even if it is only 10 rounds. Nor is their rate of fire anywhere close to an AR or AK.

        • Have you considered a Ruger Mini-14, Available in wood furniture with magazine of 5, 10, 20, and 30 rounds

        • fww There are devices that help compensate for a 10 round magazine size limit. See:

          Also Look at Mean and Bear Flag

          NONE of this is as good as being able to use any magazine capacity you prefer, but if you have the AR 15 and Civil Unrest (*wink…wink…nudge…nudge…know what I mean?*) II breaks out, there will likely be plenty of 20-30 round magazines “suddenly” available. Just sayin’…

        • Don’t bet on the ban yet. There are too many politicaly active pro second amendment types in Illinois. How do you think that the laws have been pushed back. Latest re-writes of the Dealer Licencing Bill are being pared down, I don’t think anyone really wants to touch the magazine ban. Yes it is likely the bump stock ban is going to get pushed, but they are cleaning up the bill so it is extremely targeted to not push lighter triggers into the mix. Most of the anti-gun side could really care less about guns and just want to stop people from killing each other. The dealer licensing is more about trying to catch straw purchasers than anything else.

        • Gee thanks for all the advice guys. I ALREADY know all that was suggested. I have great relationships with 2 Indiana gunshops. They would happily sell me 30-100round mags-no ID required. Ammo ID either. And BINDER-I hope you’re right. Part of the mag ban bill is in honor of that 53 year gungho cop commander who foolishly/stupidly chased a perp(illegally armed). While they persecute/prosecute the trigger-happy cop who shot LaQuan McDonald who was on a crime spree…

        • I’m going to have to agree with the crowd on this. . . an AR with 10rnd mags is still a vastly superior defensive weapon to any leaver action rifle. Never minding the RPM/reload speeds, the ability of the AR to be reconfigured to suit a particular task puts it in a whole different class of weapon. If it is merely a question of ‘enough’ gun, the obviously question is enough for what? However, in a straight up comparison, the AR wins hands down over leaver actions, in every category that matters at all: Reload speed, ability to mount lights and sighting devices, firing speed, ergonomics. . . frankly, if magazine capacity is the deciding factor the AR still has the edge over comparably powerful leaver guns. I don’t know of anyone who’s first choice was an AR having as a second choice any leaver gun. . . they just serve different purposes altogether.

        • The CROWD? How about a CROWD-funding scam?!? Buy me that low capacity AR and I’ll happily accept😄😋😏

        • Put up a social fund raiser page for your “need.” Perhaps the crowd might fund it for a brother behind enemy lines. Lord knows that other people get money for far, far less worthy causes. 😉

        • When Colorado passed the 15 round law, Magpul took two actions that earned my respect forever. One, they announced their plans to move out of Colorado. Two, they announced that their initial production run of 40 round magazines would only be sold to people in Colorado–so they were sure to get what they wanted before the new law’s cutoff date.

          Since then, I have bought a couple of 40 round Magpul mags and also have several 30 round Magpuls. I have my two 40 rounders coupled with a Magpul coupler. Holy cow that AR with 80 rounds hanging off the bottom is heavy–but stable. In truth though, I almost always use 20 round mags at the range. 30 or 40 are too tall with a low bipod or sandbags. Also fewer rounds encourages more care before shooting. I do better with my Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 5.56. 5-rounds, bolt action. More time and care between shots makes range visits cheaper.

          However, whenever I invite friends or acquaintances to come to the range, they always want to shoot the AR. Go figure.

    • Meh, it’s maybe half a veiled threat. If there is a threat there, then he better hope the FBI doesn’t just round file it like they did with the Parkland killer. But he’s got nothing to worry about now that he’s famous, right?

  13. Lol I knew I was a hayseed, I looked up how many people live in my county, 16,563, hell there’s small towns bigger then that, lol. No wonder I pick my teeth with a hunting knife. I had to go Bisexual cause my sister ran off and my cousin, she wants payed for it, yup I had to go buy sex you all

  14. Again, I thank God I live in Arizona. Also, I would love it if something happened to those little gun control shits. It’s getting to the point where I can’t read most of the articles on this site, it’s too depressing and infuriating that people are actually listening and capitulating to these over emotional teen actors.

  15. The “Gun Guy” has to be a fake. I can’t imagine him showing up at any range or sportsman’s club and not getting his teeth knocked out.

    • I thought he got out of the gun business several years ago. I imagine that he is bitter about some sort of failure on his part and is lashing out and makes a little extra cash via the HuffPo. He has been at it, what about 3 or 4 years now?

  16. Of course the “Hogg Family” interprets what that individual wrote as a “death threat” in order to abjectly plead with the Government to protect them. Perfect example of the American Leftist Serfs mindlessly parroting the scripted Party Line (as a good useful idiot does), then running screaming to the Government for protection as if that Government actually cares what happens to their miserable butts. Pathetic and laughable.

    As for the author of that cited comment, his message only helps those he opposes vilify the NRA and responsible gun owners. If you want to level implied or direct threats against someone else, have the basic courage to do it upfront from yourself to your intended victim directly and don’t hide behind your imagined support from the NRA, God or the rest of us.

    Hopefully, that person is just some other Leftist paid troll, as others here on TTAG have suggested.

  17. SWAT guys “didn’t have permission?!?” If your scene management can’t use qualified people who show up to help, you’re doing it wrong. “Control uber alles?” It’s like the point of all that “special” is to have better enforcers, not protectors.

    The mask slips again. Of course they don’t want people untidily protecting themselves – no guns for you. No, you can’t just decide what makes sense and do something. They would, indeed, rather you die than act without a permission slip.

  18. I’ve devoted years of my life to studying such ideas as the “original understanding” or “original public meaning” of constitutional provisions. No matter what anyone tells you, no one (and I certainly include myself) can really know the single meaning of any part of the Constitution at the time it was adopted.

    I find myself in a quandary. What difference does it make? The Bill of Rights is not a limitation upon the People. That is a fact. It matters not what was in the minds of the founders at the time. The pre-existing right, as evidenced by the simple wording: …the right of the People. It does not say, as intended: …the People shall have the right. It says …the right of the People. What right? From where? The statement itself is quite simple. The founders rightly believed that there are certain natural rights. That these rights are not given, they simply exist. And the simple wording clearly states that as self evident. The right of the People is neither given nor limited in any way. The entire Bill of Rights is nothing but a limit upon Government only.

  19. I wonder how many of the Dannel’s employees are NRA members? That would seem to make them state funded terrorists.

    • Not carrying a weapon will statistically increase the body count if a terrorist attack occurs within one’s vicinity.
      Therefore, intentionally not carrying a weapon would make one a terrorist, or certainly an accessory.

  20. One thing is certain:

    A 100% tax on any firearms would be GRRreat news for organized crime syndicates world-wide and I sincerely doubt those guys would abide by any restrictions on magazine capacity, suppressors, or even on “the thingy that goes up”!

    • Hillary had proposed a federal excise tax of 25% on all guns and ammo. She also (big surprise) talked of repeating her philandering husband’s assault weapons ban. Well, while of course supporting her opponents, I also planned for the worst. Throughout 2016, up until the election, I bought 9mm, .45acp, and 5.56mm whenever I saw a good bulk sale. I also bought a Ruger bolt action American Ranch Rifle in 5.56 in case I had to “sell back” my AR to the government. I should have picked up ammo buying again later in 2017 when the glut was pushing prices down, but I think I overbought. I still keep finding tubs in our mini storage with more ammo. I really lost track of what I had bought. At least it was in climate controlled storage. And that Ruger bolt action is great fun to shoot. I put the Nikon P223 3-9×40 scope on it from my AR and put a red dot on the AR. Everyone wants to shoot the AR, and a red dot is easier to explain to novices than iron sights.

      I wonder if I should start buying again?

  21. “The Second Amendment Does Not Transcend All Others ”


    D O E S

    It’ll be there for bona fide Americans if and when the communist MFs of the world tear down America (Fuck them all, take scalps). It’ll be there for bona fide Americans in whatever comes next.


    It’s what our country was founded on F-ers. Openly and overtly, support it, or be eradicated. History has so determined.

    If you feel threatened seek mental help, and medications ending in “zine”.


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