The National Rifle Association has given more than $7 million in grants to hundreds of U.S. schools in recent years, according to an Associated Press analysis, but few have shown any indication that they’ll follow the lead of businesses that are cutting ties with the group following last month’s massacre at a Florida high school.
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AP finds the NRA gave $7 million to hundreds of schools – Only the Broward County and Denver schools have been identified by the AP has saying they’ll no longer take NRA grants. Go figure.

The AP analysis of the NRA Foundation’s public tax records finds that about 500 schools received more than $7.3 million from 2010 through 2016, mostly through competitive grants meant to promote shooting sports. The grants have gone to a wide array of school programs, including the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, rifle teams, hunting safety courses and agriculture clubs.

“Whatever I think of the NRA, they’re providing legitimate educational services,” said Billy Townsend, a school board member in Florida’s Polk County district, whose JROTC programs received $33,000, primarily to buy air rifles. “If the NRA wanted to provide air rifles for our ROTC folks in the future, I wouldn’t have a problem with that.”

The Best Way To Stop A Bad Guy With A Gun Is A Good Woman Without One – The solution to America’s gun violence problem: feminizing the culture.

It hit me Sunday night when I was watching the Oscars and Cecile Richards, Tarana Burke, and Janet Mock graced the stage alongside other high-profile activists including – yes – Nicole Hockley: Maybe it’s not about the female messengers, but the female message.

Since November of 2016, we have been living in strange and volatile times, but undergirding it all has been a swelling of momentum by and for women who are just plain sick of being dismissed, belittled and ignored; women who see too many similarities between Trump’s and Pence’s vision for America and the one premonished by Margaret Atwood; women who are done apologizing for our bodies and our viewpoints; women who have had enough. We started Marching on January 21, 2017 and we still haven’t stopped. …

The activists on stage weren’t there to cater to the male gaze, stroke the male ego, or subserve the male agenda. They were there to deliver their message – our ­message – and we all stood taller the next day for their courage. As I walked into work on Monday morning, I was hopeful: If we can realize that what gun violence reform truly needs are feminine solutions, we may actually get the #NeverAgain we all deserve.

Washington state gun control advocates' platform (courtesy

The Legal Way to Seize Guns From Dangerous People – GVRO/ERPO: faster than a criminal charge! . . .

In the fall of 2017, the San Diego City Attorney’s Office devoted a senior prosecutor, Deputy City Attorney Ryan Scott, to stopping dangerous individuals from getting or keeping guns by making intensive use of GVROs. The office believes it is the first in the state to dedicate resources in this way, according to spokeswoman Cheryl Nolan.

Over the span of three months, attorneys have filed 10 orders against local gun owners, including people who committed domestic violence, those suffering from mental illness and dementia, and those possibly at risk for suicide.

Under the program, police now refer 911 calls about armed and threatening individuals to the city attorney’s office for follow-up. If the situation warrants a GVRO, Scott files the order, which can be processed faster than a criminal charge.

IRS agent, 44, ‘handcuffed a 21-year-old summer intern and raped her at gunpoint in his government-issued car’ – and was allowed to stay at work for months afterwards – Special treatment for a special agent? . . .

Minutes after the alleged assault, the woman called 911 to report [James] Clarke at around 10:30pm.

‘Caller is a female, says he put a gun in her mouth and sexually assaulted her,’ the 911 dispatcher says over the Boston police radio system . . .

The spokesperson told the Globe it was common to not arrest a suspect and instead rely on him or her to appear in court.

‘It’s not unusual for a defendant to be summonsed in for arraignment when he or she is aware of the investigation and the likelihood of charges and makes no move to flee those charges,’ the spokesperson said.

U.S. guns smuggled into Brazil (courtesy

How Brazil’s ‘Lord Of Guns’ Armed Rio’s War With U.S. Weapons – I blame myself . . .

“This has been going on for decades and decades, because the United States is the candy store of guns for the world,” said Joseph Vince, a retired special agent for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF. “This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment, or hunters or shooters. This has to do with us creating a situation that takes a lot of lives and provides the means for organized crime to exist in these countries.”

It’s not just the guns being trafficked out of the United States; it’s the gun violence problems, too.

Japanese towns struggle to deal with an influx of new arrivals: wild boars – This is what happens to a disarmed populace.

The authorities have also been encouraging locals to get the necessary permits needed to trap and kill the animals. The town council even offers shuttle buses so they can take the required tests for permits in the prefectural capital.

This is where Japan’s aging population and its love of paperwork collide.

To cull the wild boars, farmers need to obtain not just a gun license — an exhaustive process that involves medical certificates and gun storage inspections by the local police — but also a special license to lay traps. This involves intensive study for a written test — the local university offers classes for the farmers — as well as a practical exam for using different kinds of traps.

Only then can the farmers capture the boars and shoot the animals they catch.

Samantha Bee, coming soon to a Chuckle Hut comedy club near you.

A reply.

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  1. You can’t get a rifle license in Japan. They haven’t issued them since the 1960s, so only old guys who bought them back then can keep renewing them. Miroku Corp makes a lot of rifles for Browning, but they’re all for export only. It would probably be easier to just bowhunt those boars.

    I hear pwrserge is offering free helicopter tours that those feminists would really be into.

    • “You can’t get a rifle license in Japan.”

      I’m not so sure on that one.

      Shotguns you most certainly *can*, and a slug in a rifled barrel is one “Hard, pipe-hitting” round…

      • Yeah, you can still get shotguns, air rifles, and handguns (cartridge and pellet, but those have to be kept at the local police station unless you’re going to a target range, and you’re not allowed to hunt with handguns). Buckshot on piggies is fine too. You also have to sign over any illusion of privacy that you thought you had, as the cops can raid your house without notice at any time if you get a gun license, and they come over for inspections like every 6(?) months to see if your guns and ammo are secured in separate safes. Japan is a country pretty much devoid of guaranteed rights.

        • Japan is a country pretty much devoid of guaranteed rights.
          It is such a privilege just living there. Probably why so many like to off themselves.

        • Their suicide rate actually isn’t that much higher than the US (15.4 per 100k in Japan, compared to 12.6 per 100k in the US) and theirs is dropping, while ours is climbing.
          Importantly though, Asian people generally do not care for liberty. They live quite contentedly with a strong, controlling government (i.e. low-liberty) and always have had a culture that is strictly enforced. And they’re happy like that. I’d never want to impose Western values of liberty on them, since they generally do not want that and would be far less happy for it.
          It would be like importing the third world into the US, and then all of the third worlders demanding and voting for restrictions on gun rights, free speech, increases in welfare and the general removal of liberty. Oh wait…

        • Not according to the Japan Times. They put the real number at 19.5 per 100K, as of 2014.
          The 15.1 you quoted was for France. Isn’t it lucky that because of the internet such errors can be quickly corrected, and progress towards the truth continue to be made? Fake news, no matter where one heard it, nor how prestigious the source, no matter how pretty their labcoat might be, False is still false…

        • From your own source, Kenneth, the number of suicides in Japan in 2016 was 21,897. Unfortunately there’s only population numbers for 2015 and 2017, but using the lowest population number (the one from 2017 – the lower the population used, obviously the higher a rate, so I figure it’s fair) of 126,672,000 would give a rate of 17.3 per 100k. Your own source only gives the rate for 2014. I used wikipedia originally (figured it should be close enough for a cursory glance) and I’m not sure why you claim the rate I gave is for France, given that it is a different rate and that there are several other countries with similar rates.

          Regardless, I’m not sure why you seem so bent on calling out the statistic I used as “fake news”. Suicides in Japan are, indeed, falling again. And there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between their suicide rate and their lack of gun rights or other liberties (it’s been down to about 14 per 100k in the 90s). My point was that their suicide rate has little (likely nothing) to do with their government – and I wish that people would stop trying to impose their own values on other groups of people. At no point in Japan’s history have they, nor their people, valued individual liberties. Throughout most of European history, there has been an acknowledgement of individual liberties (sometimes many, sometimes few). Really, I’m just sick of this need for globalists to flood countries with vastly different peoples (compared the native population), who then will inevitably vote for a completely different form of governance and rights. It’s a surefire way to quickly have all of our rights voted away (hell, Texas will be blue soon and it’s not because the good old boy Texans have had a change of heart – it’s because they been replaced by hispanics!). And likewise, I doubt the Japanese would be fond of a bunch of Westerners saying “hey, you need individual liberties!” (or the current crop of fat SJWs who go there and complain that the Japanese “fat shame” them).

    • There should be 29 signatures now J, if mine went thru. WTF Only 29. Im losing faith in our supposed support of the 2a or the whole Constitution for that matter. Supposed Support

  2. Well, this latest round of anti gun rage has really brought out the real liberals for the world to see. Not only do they blatantly want to confiscate guns and murder all the owners, they want to feminize those remain into servitude. I will not hand over my rifle, nor my gun.

  3. I just had a thought – (Frightening, I know, but anyways…)

    The new Florida law makes possessing anything that can ‘speed up’ the rate-of-fire of a gun a felony.

    OK, How about this idea –

    Request a determination letter from the ATF that will state ‘trigger jobs’ and drop-in trigger packs will expressly *not* be considered devices ‘speeding up’ firing the gun.

    Could this be something worth pursuing?

  4. No one on the other side of the conversation will listen to Colion. If they even turn it on, they will turn it off after they feel they have been sufficiently insulted. You know, the same way we feel when they turn us off.

    But he is right. This time it isn’t just a push, it is an all out war.

  5. “It’s not just the guns being trafficked out of the United States…”

    Well, the government stopped furiously “running” guns into our Southern neighbors some years back. Guns last a long time, so it might be a while until the damage from that dies down.

    The current administration is cracking down on elements of pan-national gangs conducting international trade (mostly drugs one direction, maybe guns the other), and wants to put up some kind of a barrier … what’s the word … it’ll come to me … anyway, wants to stop the illegal flow of people and materials across the border.

  6. So, having created a black market for drugs which has funded the cartels, incited violence, and destabilized everydamnthing, now some of out genius politicians want similar prohibition on firearms, creating a pair of mutually-reinforcing contraband markets.

    If an MBA student team submitted joint marketing, product “synergy” plan like this, they’d get flunked for such an unreasonable proposal.

  7. I read the whole gun smuggling article and while the intent was to make the US the bad guy again for our “lax laws”, it reads like a laundry list of NRA talking points if you have any idea at all about guns.

    The upshot is that Brazil is a gun controller’s wet dream. Basically, gun ownership is nearly impossible there and there are restrictions on the caliber civilians can own, a maximum number of guns a person can own, etc. etc.

    None of that means squat to the murderous drug gangs who have been at war with each other, the police, and people in general for years now. They don’t bother with following the rules, they just go to the black market. What this article was about is there apparently is a number of guns being smuggled from the US to Brazil after being legally purchased in American gun shops.

    What you’re supposed to think is the American gun industry is so unregulated, it’s killing people all over the world. What I see when I read that is economics never loses. If gangs in Brazil are willing and able to pay $20,000 for a $1,000 rifle, somebody is going to make that transaction happen. Even if a magic wand were waved, and every gun, gun shop, and gun manufacturer disappeared instantly, somebody would start digging up how to crank out STENs or something. The first person to get a steady supply out the door would get insanely rich.

    • There’s still an issue with the logic here though. There are gun manufacturers in Brazil and neighboring countries that are friendly shall we say to cartels. They can get their guns there. Hijack a truck, kidnap an employee’s family, steal em off the docks, bribe the local National Guard or police commander, and bribing a neighboring country’s general sounds a whole lot cheaper and easier than straw buying here and smuggling across multiple countries. These guys are ruthless animals but they aren’t stupid and they do want to preserve as much profit from their illegal businesses as they can.

    • How about “firesarms, ammunition and accessorises may not be imported into the US from countries that have firearms laws that are more restrictive that the average in the US.” Spread Freedom Act

  8. American’s need to MAN UP…I’m not buying that Brazilian hype. Taurus is one of the largest gun manufacturers in the world. And now they make AR’s. Are they any good? Beats me but it’s easier to buy (or steal)one in Brazil than smuggle one from the USA…

    • There in lies the issue though, I seem to remember us supplying a number of arms and training to the Brazilian police and military back in the days of Pablo Escobar and again after 9/11 I’m almost certain we still are. The guns we’re supplying are American AR15s and possibly some M16/M4 series rifles, so perhaps these guns they are saying are smuggled in are merely stolen from the local Brazilian National Guard Armory. That to me sounds much more logical than some narco paying 20 large for an ATI Omni.

      Edit: This just came to mind as well, there are manufacturers in Brazil (Taurus being the easiest to remember) perhaps employees are sneaking parts out, assembling them, and selling (or trading for caprured family members) to the cartel. Perhaps the cartels are getting them from the docks or stealing them from the shipments. Any of these seem a lot less costly and a lot more efficient than straw buying here and smuggling southward. They may be criminals but they are still a business and are still out to make a profit.

      • perhaps employees are sneaking parts out, assembling them, and selling (or trading for captured family members) to the cartel.
        I got it one piece at a time and didn’t cost me a dime, and I’ll have the only one like it around.

        • you jest but it ain’t too hard to put together an AK or an AR and there are plenty of places in South America licensed to produce those weapons for their armies. Then there’s a few companies that got licensed to produce copies of popular guns and firearms companies who bought out small manufacturers or built their own factories in South America to build their guns and ship them into the US. There are plenty of links in the manufacturing and supply chains to corrupt to get completed guns or to syphon off components to build one. I don’t think we’ve looked into that enough.

        • “you might say i went right up to the factory and picked it up; it’s cheaper that way.”

      • Umm, build the Fing wall. End remmittence support and bolstering of narco-communism. F em let em starve, or let them move to a position where they’re forced to rise up and smash the living fv<k outta their POS neighbors. THEN THEY WILL BEG US FOR GUNS, and we can say




  9. If 17 high school kids were killed by a drunk driver who slammed into their school bus at 100 MPH that would surely be a tragedy, BUT I WOULD NOT GIVE UP MY RIGHT TO DRIVE BECAUSE OF IT! (Unless, of course, I myself were the drunk driver).

  10. Excellent comment, John Thayer – most excellent comment. And we have some pretty impressive laws, social programs, social media promos and a strong societal attitude that drunk driving is not acceptable – but people will be killed this weekend by impaired drivers. Funny thing is, I don’t remember seeing anyone advocating we ban Fords or Hondas in an effort to eliminate these untimely deaths. I know, apples and oranges. Just seems like asking libiturds to pull their head out of their arse is akin to asking Hillary Clinton to write a guidebook on “Safety and Security for your Personal PC” or suggesting Bill Clinton write a Guide To Dating Young Women, or envisioning Dianne Feinstein penning a “How to Maintain Personal Security With Firearms for the Common Man” … yeah, right.

  11. that what gun violence reform truly needs are feminine solutions,
    Yeah, whatever those are.
    I am sure that this is another Moms Demand Some Action song and dance.

    • IRS agent, 44, ‘handcuffed a 21-year-old summer intern and raped her at gunpoint in his government-issued car’ – and was allowed to stay at work for months afterwards – Special treatment for a special agent? . . .
      Sounds like an opportunity for the gun violence truly needing a feminine solution.

    • If women were equal to men, they wouldn’t have to try and feminize anything to try to achieve anything. And they wouldn’t have to demand equality. If their way was any better, people would be kicking down their door to get it, instead of them having to try to sell it and force it on Society by forcing it on the youth they created without a stable male role model half if the equation, and that is simply not so. And no label of bigotry will stick to that.

      For all their whiney bullshit, women haven’t also taken the next necessary step of breeding a super-race of Amazons needed to counteract the insipid portion of male population that (still) only need women for one thing and will (readily, and easily continue to) take it by force or forceful cajoling in the back of an IRS vehicle with a gun in your mouth.
      You don’t always reap what you sew, but you might be made to eat the weeds and bugs that grew up in your improperly tended poison femism crops.

  12. Under the program, police now refer 911 calls about armed and threatening individuals to the city attorney’s office for follow-up. If the situation warrants a GVRO, Scott files the order, which can be processed faster than a criminal charge.
    Yeah, I read that Communist China has a Minority Report type program similar to this. They actually have a Department of Pre-Crime!

  13. The women are RIGHT! The elites should stop hiring men as their armed body-guards. The public is at risk that these testosterone poisoned crazy old-fat-white-guys with their LEOSA credentials will shoot women and children if they ever just FEEL that their principals are being threatened.

    We need to do something NOW! We need a law allowing only WOMEN (who must be genetically tested to ensure that they have no Y chromosome) to enjoy the LEOSA (or any State) privilege of bearing arms for-for-pay for the protection of politicians, billionaires or celebrities.

    It is ONLY by restricting the right of the People to the female of the species that the elites can be protected with an acceptable risk to public safety.

    Maybe we could then consider arming ONLY female teachers in the schools to protect their students from crazy men with illegal guns.

  14. Conventional wisdom is that policemen have a disproportionate propensity to engage in domestic violence. As such, they are vulnerable to a disproportionate potential to be named target of GVPO charges.

    Naturally, dependents of police will be more reluctant than are dependents of non-police abusers to report threatening behavior. So, clearly, something must be done; something MUST be done! Any citizen – no matter how unrelated to the accused or victim – must have standing to make an allegation (in good faith, of course) that a policeman is a threat to any female or child. Judges must render equal protection of the law to these alleged victims and dis-arm the subject policeman.

    While so disarmed, the subject policeman can perform desk duty or write parking tickets to continue to earn his salary and support the alleged victims. Non-police subjects of GVPO must be granted equal protection of the law by being afforded the opportunity to schedule an appearance before a judge First-In-First-Out; judges can not expedite hearings for policemen.

  15. Gun rights advocates need to make a case for guns in civilian hands based on agriculture use. The feral hog problem is a good example; and we need to get State Departments of Agriculture, the Farm Bureau and others to raise their voices.

    The point, here, is that if there is ANY civilian use of guns – for which there is no apparent substitute – that has widespread acceptance then the voter/consumer will see the futility of trying to ban guns or even restrict them heavily.

    There remains an image of the family farmer with his sons working the fields. It doesn’t matter that this farmer has often incorporated his agri-business; it remains the fact that running and protecting a farm is a labor-intensive operation. If guns are needed to control pests they will be used by individuals who will NOT be retired police.

    Moreover, pest infestations call for an ELASTIC response. When a problem becomes acute in Podunk those deeply invested in containing the problem will be residents of Podunk whose livelihoods are threatened. They will need to muster all their sons, and even daughters, to take to the fields at night to hunt the pests. They can’t wait for Washington to send in armed agents from the Department of Agriculture.

    If Japan, of all places, finds itself arming-up to control feral hogs why do we Americans imagine we will do without guns in agriculture? And, if we strangle farmers’ ability to act in their own defense the consequences will hit housewives in the purse.

  16. The San Diego Prosecutor’s office needs to keep track of those judged to be a danger to themselves and others due to mental illness. Many of those people actually do recover, so the state needs to assess whether they are still a danger to themselves and others, and if not, the state needs to restore all their rights. Such an assessment needs to happen more than once a year, and it needs to be judicial as well as administrative.

  17. Welcome to Fukushima Japan….population …zero….ah, but wait….there seems to be a very large feral hog population that seems to thrive in that nuclear wasteland and are breeding unchecked as they no longer have humans to control them and no other natural predators as well……they are expanding into outlaying areas beyond the Fukushima exclusion zone into populated areas and attempts to hunt them are feeble at best…they did manage to harvest some 13,000 hogs in the past 2 years, but an even bigger problem of how to dispose of the 2.6 million pounds of contaminated flesh that is unfit for human consumption due to high levels of caesium-137 that are present…..with only a limited amount of land area available for burial and a limited number of crematorium facilities with the filtration systems needed to remove radiation from the burning carcases … really sucks to be living in Japan right now.

  18. Perhaps a hot catch and release program is needed the “Blue” States.

    A few thousand feral hogs moved from Tx/Ok into the vicinity of every big blue state metro area would be a great start in illustrating the need for personal firearms ownership. Just dump them out of the trailer in the vic of Chicago, LA, SF, Portland, Seattle, anywhere in the NE, etc.

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